Don’t Let Abandoned Pet Shops Become Agents of Death

A disturbing number of pet shops in India have abandoned their duty of care amidst the COVID-19 lockdown and sentenced countless rescue animals to starve in the process. Urge accountability for the individuals responsible.

Punish Butchers Who Killed Beloved Horse for Meat

A family horse in Florida was killed and butchered in the middle of the night. The family woke to find the horse’s carcass in a neighboring lot. All of his skin and meat were taken. Sign this petition to demand that the killers are punished to the full extent of the law, once apprehended.

Demand Justice for Rare White Giraffes Brutally Slaughtered

A female white giraffe and her 7-month-old calf were brutally slaughtered in Kenya. Previous to the the killings, these giraffes were two of three remaining white giraffes on planet earth. The population is now down to one male giraffe. Sign this petition to demand that the poachers are punished to the full extent of the law.

Stop Exploitation of Big Cats for Wildlife Selfies

Big cats across the United States are being exploited by owners who are ill-equipped to properly care for them. Tigers, lions, and other big cats are kept in deplorable, cramped conditions while people invade their space and take selfies with them. This is incredibly dangerous to both the animals and the humans. Sign this petition to outlaw the keeping of big cats by civilians and non-wildlife businesses.

Protect Koala Bears from Imminent Extinction

Over 50 percent of Australia’s koala bear population has been lost. More than 6,000 of the beloved species died after the nation’s devastating brushfires. Demand the species’ protection.

Protect Migratory Birds From Death By Copper Mines

Billions of migratory birds are at risk of a painful death in toxic open pit copper mines. Efforts to prevent these birds from certain death have been successful, but those measures may soon become voluntary as opposed to criminally enforced. Demand that Trump prioritize animal life over industry.

Success: Brutal Badger Culling to End in Britain

Science and medicine have once again rescued scores of living beings from a deadly fate. A promising vaccine spells the end of inhumane badger culling in Britain. Applaud the eradication of a government-mandated form of animal cruelty that has claimed over a million badgers.

Dogs Reportedly Locked in Hot Van, Slammed on Pavement, and Dragged Along Road Deserve Justice

A man is accused of locking a dog inside a hot van with no food or water, hitting and slamming another dog on the pavement many times, and dragging a third one on the ground like a piece of trash. Demand these animals get the justice they deserve.

Protect Endangered Species from Death by Raising Funds for Animal Rescue Centers

Animal rescue centers everywhere are having difficulty feeding and buying needed supplies for animals in their care as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. If they are not able to raise funds, many of these animals will sadly be put to sleep. Demand an international campaign be put into action for the purpose of raising money for these animals to better ensure they will still be around for years to come.

Demand Justice for Puppies and Dog Allegedly Dragged and Choked By Their Owner

Puppies were allegedly callously swung, kicked, choked, and dragged across the yard, while an older dog was also reportedly dragged up the stairs by his collar and choked. Demand the woman accused of this crime be given the maximum legal sentence if she is found guilty of such thoughtless animal cruelty to better ensure she will not be able to harm more animals.

Success: Eating of Dog and Cat Meat Banned

The consumption of dog and cat meat has officially been banned in Shenzhen, China, as part of a larger ban on the eating of wildlife following the coronavirus outbreak. This could save millions of innocent animal lives. Thank those responsible for this groundbreaking animal rights success.

Don’t Punish Animal Rights Activists Who Protest Hunting

Animal rights protesters who interrupt sport hunting in Poland can now be imprisoned for years. This is a cowardly attempt to punish those who work to protect and respect animal life. Demand that this shameful ruling be overturned.

Chihuahua Reportedly Stabbed While Out for a Walk Deserves Justice

Peanut, a tiny chihuahua, was allegedly stabbed by a man who approached him while he was out taking a walk. A three to four-inch wound was reportedly left on Peanut’s body. Demand that the suspect spend time behind bars if he is found guilty.

Woman Accused of Shooting Boyfriend’s Dog For Spite Must be Prosecuted

An innocent dog was apparently shot to death by a woman who was upset with her boyfriend. The suspect claimed the dog was ill, but authorities deemed otherwise. Demand that she be punished to the fullest extent of the law, if found guilty, to make sure other animals will not be hurt or killed.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Kicked, Punched, and Dragged Cow Across Property

A cow was reportedly punched, kicked and dragged in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The suspect may be assigned charges that bear minimal punishment, potentially putting other animals in danger. Ensure justice is served for this defenseless animal.

Leashed Dog Stabbed to Death Deserves Justice

A dog was stabbed to death following a fight with the attacker’s off-leash dog. The attacker is still at large and possibly dangerous to other animals. Demand that justice is served in this case.

Don’t Kill Female Grizzly Bears And Cubs to Save Livestock

Over 70 grizzly bears, including females and their cubs, may soon be killed in an effort to accommodate livestock grazing. This puts a threatened species in danger and completely ignores other strategies that could protect both the bears and the livestock. Demand that those in charge recant this death sentence.

Success: Property Owner Punished for Starving Cattle to Death

A man accused of killing or starving dozens of cattle received his day in court and did not escape legal justice. He was found criminally responsible for multiple counts of animal cruelty. Applaud the prosecutors who never gave up on justice for these fallen victims of inexcusable negligence and abuse.

Help Adopt Out More Animals During Pandemic

Animal shelters are currently struggling to stay afloat during the coronavirus, or Covid-19 pandemic. Demand the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) put together a national campaign to encourage people who are financially stable to either adopt or foster an animal during this crisis to better ensure that these animals will not be put to sleep.

Prohibit People From Spreading Coronavirus to Great Apes

Covid-19 could potentially wipe out great ape populations because these animals can catch viruses from people. Many great ape populations are already in danger of becoming extinct due to poaching and deforestation. Demand Africa implement rules to keep the public away from these animals during this pandemic and that they also set up police forces to patrol areas where great ape populations are present while practicing social distancing.

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