Cat Tied Up and Set on Fire Deserves Justice

Sterling the cat suffered severe burns and open, painful wounds when he was tied up and set on fire. Demand that his torturer be found and brought to justice.

Horses Cruelly Killed and Dismembered for Meat Deserve Justice

Five horses were killed and dismembered in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Their owners found the animals’ butchered bodies in their pastures, and authorities believe that the person behind this slaughter is selling the meat on the black market. Demand justice for these innocent horses.

Dog Reportedly Slammed Against Wall and Swung by the Neck Deserves Justice

A dog was apparently choked, hit with a shoe, and slammed against a wall multiple times by her owner. Demand the woman be punished to the full extent of the law.

Free Lolita the Orca After 50 Years in Captivity

Lolita the orca has been in captivity for fifty years at a water attraction, where she has been forced to live in a tiny space without others of her species. Demand that she be relocated to an ocean sanctuary where she can move and live freely in her natural habitat.

Success: Destructive Logging Project in Unique Nature Reserve Cancelled

Plans for destructive logging in Cameroon’s Ebo Forest have been cancelled, granting wildlife and human residents of the area a reprieve from harm and deprivation. Congratulate the government for their sensible decision to stop this needless destruction.

Elderly Dog Abandoned in Woods Deserves Justice

An old, confused Labrador retriever named Henry was reportedly abandoned at a park by his owner. Demand justice for Henry.

Save Honeybees From Voracious Murder Hornets

Asian giant hornets, aka murder hornets, decapitate and decimate honeybees by the thousands. These destructive insects are on the rise in the Pacific Northwest and mating season will only increase their army. Demand a full-on assault against this imminent threat to one of nature’s most important allies.

Stop Brutal Butchering of Turkish Frogs for Their Legs

Every day, over 17 million Turkish water frogs are captured and butchered horrifically by restaurants that serve frogs’ legs, a delicacy across many countries. The practices are gruesome, brutal, and have depleted most of the species’ population. Urge Turkey to ban the sale of frogs’ legs in restaurants at once.

Stop Sending Animals to Slaughter on Live Export Death Vessels

Millions of animals die on European live export ships annually. The spotlight now shines on these atrocities and the lacking leadership that enables their continuance. Demand urgent action in the wake of disturbing reports of mass negligence that leads to slaughter.

Stop Illegal Cockfighting in Kentucky

A black market industry for cockfighting and breeding of birds for this purpose is allegedly alive and well in Kentucky. Sign this petition to urge the governor of Kentucky to put an end to cruel cockfighting.

Ducks Reportedly Beaten to Death With Tiki Torch Deserve Justice

Two Muscovy ducks died after they were reportedly beaten with a tiki torch. This seemingly heinous cruelty served as punishment after the birds defecated in the suspect’s yard. Demand the harshest punishment for the person found responsible.

Stop Rampant Wildlife Trafficking From Extinguishing Thousands of Endangered Species

Unscrupulous traffickers are dismantling Brazil’s dazzling tapestry of wildlife. Millions of trafficked animals are snatched annually, putting 1,100- plus endangered species in peril. Help keep nearly one-fifth of the world’s wildlife free from exploitation and slaughter.

Stop Sale of Kangaroo Leather

Stores across the United States are selling products made of kangaroo leather, with only California having made any effort to ban these sales. Kangaroos are a vulnerable species. Sign this petition to ban all sales of their leather across the United States.

Sick Dog That Allegedly Died While Tied Up Outside Deserves Justice

A sick dog allegedly died alone after being tied up all day to a tree without water. Demand the people thought to be responsible for these acts be given the strictest sentence the law will allow if they are found guilty of this apparent cruelty.

Fragile Yorkshire Terriers Allegedly Euthanized Due to Neglect Deserve Justice

Two Yorkshire terriers had to be euthanized after they were found allegedly abused and neglected. Demand the person allegedly responsible for this animal abuse receive the strictest punishment allowed by law to hopefully make it so more animals will not needlessly suffer.

Dog Allegedly Kicked to Death By Family Member Deserves Justice

A loyal family dog was forcibly kicked until he could no longer breathe, according to police reports. Demand the person thought to be responsible for this act receive the most stringent punishment allowed by law if he is found guilty of this sickening animal abuse.

Critically Injured Young Dog with Multiple Skin Infections Deserves Justice

A young pit bull was found neglected, abused, and suffering from multiple infections. Demand the person responsible for this horrific animal cruelty be found and arrested so that other animals will hopefully not have to endure the same fate.

Animals Reportedly Barely Able to Move Inside Cramped, Filthy Cages Deserve Justice

Sixty-seven dogs, cats, and other pets were reportedly kept in a scorching hot basement, locked inside cages with their own waste and no adequate food or water. Demand justice for these helpless animals.

Protect the Sonoran Desert Tortoise From Extinction

The Sonoran Desert Tortoise is at imminent risk of extinction due to climate change and habitat loss. Call on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect this unique animal under the Endangered Species Act.

Stop Senseless Slaughter of Millions of Animals at Factory Farms

Industrial farmers have massacred millions of chickens and pigs in recent months as COVID-19 disrupts their businesses, with animals slaughtered even more horrifically than if they had been sold. Demand that these animals’ lives be protected with subsidies to offset economic damage.

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