Tim Allen Must Stop Supporting Trophy Hunting Auction

Famous comedian Tim Allen is scheduled to perform at an upcoming trophy hunting auction that will offer hundreds of permits for trophy hunters to slaughter wild lions, rhinos and other threatened species. Sign this petition to demand that he withdraw his support immediately.

Protect Returning Wolves in Europe

For the first time in a century wolves are returning to mainland Europe, only to be met with persecution and calls for their extermination. This is completely inhumane, especially as wolves are considered endangered. Sign this petition to demand the European Union preserve the legal protection of wolves.

End Diesel Emissions Testing on Monkeys

Volkswagen conducted research that involved exposing monkeys to diesel emissions for a four hour period, depriving the animals of fresh air. Afterward, the monkeys were examined for inflammation and samples of their lung tissue were harvested for research. Sign this petition to urge Volkswagen to stop this research.

Horses Reportedly Starved to Death Deserve Justice

Three horses died of starvation and one froze to death when they were allegedly neglected. The horses were reportedly so hungry that they ate the bark off of the trees. Demand justice for these poor horses.

Demand Sport Chek Return to Fur-Free Products

Sport Chek recently started selling fur products after previously banning this cruel product. Animals trapped in the fur industry are typically crudely killed before they turn a year old. Sign this petition to demand the company stop selling fur for good.

Maintain Protections for Endangered Sea Turtle

One of the world’s largest sea turtles may soon face extinction if a group of fishermen have their way. Sign the petition to demand that protections for the leatherback sea turtle remain intact.

Protect Badgers from Senseless Unregulated Killing

20,000 badgers are to be killed in the U.K., in a misguided attempt to prevent bovine tuberculosis. Some districts are considering suspending protection laws, which would allow anyone to kill badgers. Sign this petition to urge local police forces to uphold laws that protect badgers from the general public.

Stop Plastic Pollution from Killing Coral Reefs

A staggering 89% of corals experience disease when exposed to plastic pollution, versus 4% under regular conditions. Sign this petition to urge world leaders to reduce plastic waste that causes the death of coral reefs.

Injured Dog Thrown From Car Deserves Justice

A dog named Creed was apparently thrown out of a car and left behind in a shocking case of animal cruelty and abandonment. He reportedly suffered severe injuries and was covered in blood. Demand justice for Creed.

Protect Endangered Songbird From Extinction

An endangered songbird has waited years to receive the safeguards that could prevent it from going extinct. Sign the petition to demand that it finally get the protection it deserves.

Don’t Let People Who Abandon and Abuse Animals Off the Hook

Is the life of an animal in one state worth more than the life of an animal in another state? Judging by the differing standards of state animal cruelty laws, the answer appears to be yes. Help send a message to state leaders that every life has priceless value.

Stop Using Captive Tigers for Selfies

Video of a tiger being forced to take a selfie with tourists by being prodded with a red-hot poker has sparked widespread outrage. Demand that this park stop using tigers for selfies and release them to a sanctuary.

Find and Punish Sicko Who Nailed Koala Corpse to a Post

The corpse of a koala bear was nailed to a post, fooling onlookers into believing it was alive until they realized the truth. The culprit did not kill the animal, but their actions were just as reprehensible. Sign this petition to demand the culprit be found and punished immediately.

Save Apes from Merciless Smugglers

Human disregard and greed has driven many species to extinction, with little fanfare. Now some of our closest counterparts in the animal kingdom are in immediate danger of a similar fate. Help end the unforgiving ape trade that captures untold numbers of victims each day.

Justice for 550 Animals Rescued from Las Vegas Home

More than 550 animals were rescued by authorities from ‘deplorable’ conditions in a Las Vegas home. Demand justice for these animals and that the unnamed owner be held responsible.

Justice for Slain Sharks

300 sharks were found dead, gutted and mutilated at the side of a Mexico road after being legally fished for delivery to Mexico City. This is an example of the problems caused by a lack of protection for this species, as sharks are overfished and killed for their fins. Sign this petition to demand that sharks be made a protected species in Mexico.

Stop Forcing Dehydrated Animals to Carry Humans

Every year, thousands of tourists flock to the ‘Lost City’ of Petra, but unfortunately, many animals are abused at this historical sight. Nearly 1,500 animals are forced to carry humans and drag carts all day every day in the desert heat. Sign this petition and demand Jordan start utilizing vehicle transportation rather than exploiting animals.

Puppy Beaten, Shot, and Hung from a Tree Deserves Justice

A puppy was beaten, shot, and hung from a tree by her leash in a horrific case of animal cruelty. The person responsible is still at large. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Stop Keeping Sheep in Sweltering Heat to Cruelly Harvest Their Secretions

One of the most widespread ingredients in your everyday personal care products comes to you straight from overheated, miserably treated sheep. Learn the truth about this blood- and sweat-stained product and join the fight against its wholesale, insidious distribution.

Dogs Reportedly Found Starved in Wire Cages With No Shelter Need Justice

Two dogs, one dead and one still clinging to life, were allegedly found trapped in small cages with no food, water, shelter, or medical care. Demand the people responsible for this cruelty be brought to justice.

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