20 Dogs Allegedly Poisoned by Tainted Meat Deserve Justice

Twenty dogs were found dead, allegedly poisoned by tainted meat. Seek accountability and legal action for their tragic demise.

Millions of Dogs and Cats Slaughtered For Meat Deserve Justice

Shocking practices at  wet markets have been exposed, where dogs and cats are brutally killed. Take stringent legal actions against this cruelty.

Rally for Stricter Animal Cruelty Laws Amid Escalating Abuse Cases

An upsurge in animal cruelty cases highlights the urgent need for tougher regulations. Seek immediate legal reforms.

Enforce Strong Ban of Exotic Skins and Feathers in Fashion

Allegations of cruelty in sourcing exotic skins and feathers for fashion spotlight a disturbing practice. Call for stringent legal standards and enforcement.

Demand Justice for Dog Shot and Abandoned

A dog was found shot and left for dead on the side of the road. Demand legal accountability for this act of cruelty.

Seek Justice for Dog Allegedly Abused to Death

A dog was allegedly subjected to fatal abuse, shocking the community. Seek legal consequences for the accused.

Call for Justice for Animals Allegedly Confined in Own Waste

Over 200 dogs and cats were reportedly rescued from appalling conditions. Demand legal action against those allegedly responsible.

Cat Allegedly Punched and Kicked by Fitness Influencer Deserves Justice

A fitness influencer reportedly abused his cat in a video. Call for legal action against the alleged wrongdoing.

Demand Justice for Dog Allegedly Severely Emaciated Due to Neglect

An American Staffordshire Terrier was reportedly found severely emaciated. Call for immediate legal repercussions against the alleged neglect.

Demand Justice for Rescue Dog Found Pinned Under Hay

A rescue dog was discovered pinned under hay, having suffered for an extended period. Call for stringent legal consequences for the perpetrator.

Bear Allegedly Used as Prop for Social Media Content Deserves Justice

A bear was allegedly subjected to demeaning and potentially harmful antics in a stunt. Address this behavior with swift legal action.

Community Dog Allegedly Fatally Injured by Reckless Driver Deserves Justice

A community dog was fatally injured by a car in a negligence-driven incident, according to reports. Seek stringent legal actions against the alleged perpetrator.

Seek Justice for Dogs Reportedly Found Surrounded by Own Waste

Dogs were reportedly discovered living in squalid conditions, encased in small kennels. Seek legal consequences for the person allegedly responsible.

Demand Justice for Kittens Reportedly Found Dead in Backpack

Several kittens were reportedly found dead, abandoned in a backpack. Demand legal accountability for this alleged act of cruelty.

Demand Justice for 18 Frozen Puppies Allegedly Fed to Pet Snakes

Eighteen dead frozen puppies were reportedly found. Take legal actions against the alleged perpetrator.

Demand Justice for Cat Struck and Killed With Blow Dart

A cat was killed after a blow dart pierced its skull. Serve justice for this act of cruelty.

Stray Dogs Allegedly Poisoned and Assaulted Deserve Justice

Nine stray dogs were allegedly poisoned and assaulted, resulting in their death. Demand swift legal action against the culprits to ensure a strong prosecution and punishment.

Dead and Dying Kittens Apparently Smeared in Feces and Urine in Plastic Bin Deserve Justice

A plastic bin filled with dead and dying cats was surrendered to an animal shelter, according to reports. Apparently, most of the kittens were dead, while two barely clung to life. Demand justice for these innocent creatures.

Save Burrowing Owls From Extinction

Burrowing owls may soon be extinct if they continue to lose their habitat. Demand these owls be protected so they will be able to once again thrive.

Cows, Goats, and Horses Allegedly Killed and Endangered by Neglect Deserve Justice

Dozens of farm animals were rescued from alleged rampant neglect and cruelty. Call for strict legal accountability if the suspects are found guilty.

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