Save Right Whales From Death By Entanglement

Right whales have been washing up dead on the shores entangled in fishing lines. Their population has declined considerably in the last decade, largely due to current fishing practices. Sign this petition to put a stop to yet another manmade extinction.

Dog Who Reportedly Had Tail Cut Off With Knife Needs Justice

A small dog reportedly had his tail sliced off before being violently swung through the air. The suspect allegedly then gave the animal Tylenol and walked away. Demand the man accused of this crime be prosecuted.

Justice for 26 Animals Reportedly Stuffed into Trailer

Over 20 animals were reportedly crammed into an overcrowded trailer and left to suffer. The destinations that awaited these animals are unknown, but they could not have been pleasant ones. Demand justice.

Success: Joe the Pigeon Saved from Death Sentence

Joe the Pigeon, once sentenced to death, has been spared. Thank the Australian government for listening to the public and saving the bird’s life.

Walmart: Stop Selling Coconut Milk Allegedly Produced with Forced Animal Labor

Forced monkey labor is reportedly being used in the production of a popular coconut milk brand. Demand that one big-box retailer stop supporting this horrific cruelty.

Puppy Reportedly Beaten Until His Leg Required Amputation Deserves Justice

A football star is accused of beating and kicking a puppy with such brutality that the victim’s leg had to be surgically removed. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Stop Exporting Millions of Animals to Their Deaths

Millions of farm animals are locked onboard ocean vessels, long-haul trucks, and airplanes. They suffer from unnatural and unsanitary conditions, stress and abuse as they are shipped around the world. Add your voice to stop the global export of livestock.

Dog Allegedly Left to Starve and Die in Freezing Temperatures Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly starved and left to die in freezing weather by a pet sitter. Demand the person reportedly responsible for this crime be justly punished.

Stop Puppy Mills From Keeping Dogs in Misery and Squalor

Dogs in puppy mills live in filth and are bred their entire reproductive lives until they are auctioned, abandoned, or euthanized. There are no laws to protect them. Take action to criminalize this deplorable, exploitative abuse of our greatest companion.

Justice for Elephants Set Ablaze and Hobbled by Oppressive Chains

Images of a chained elephant’s agony and the dying moments of another elephant set on fire are heart breaking. Sign this petition to protect innocent elephants from abuse.

Puppy Allegedly Tortured on Social Media Deserves Justice

A 6-month-old puppy named Max was reportedly hung on a coat hanger and sprayed with perfume at the hands of a popular social media user. She apparently posted disturbing photos of the animal being abused in different ways. Demand the person allegedly responsible for this crime be shown no mercy under the law.

Dog Brutalized With Broomstick by Unknown Attacker Deserves Justice

An innocent dog was brutally beaten with a broomstick in an attack caught on video. Now, the perpetrator is on the loose and the dog’s fate is unknown. Demand authorities capture and charge this dangerous individual.

Protect Wild Salmon Habitat From Open Pit Mining

Bristol Bay is one of the last strongholds for wild salmon and it may soon become the site of a gold and copper mine. Supporting a range of species including bald eagles and brown bears, it is far more than a treasure-trove. Stop Pebble Mine from destroying this vital watershed to mine gold and copper.

Justice for Horses Reportedly Reduced to Skin and Bones By Negligent Caretaker

Six horses were reportedly found starving and neglected, confined to a filthy “mudhole.” Help ensure these apparently severely abused animals receive the justice they deserve.

Stop Trophy Hunters From Ravaging the Prairies

Trophy hunting is a disgusting sport that threatens local wildlife and impacts rural communities across North America. Sign this petition to put an end to the senseless slaughter, and shameful exhibition, of nature’s majestic creatures.

Chihuahua Trapped in Cooler and Left for Dead in Parking Lot Deserves Justice

A tiny Chihuahua had to be euthanized after being trapped inside a cooler bag and left for dead in a Walmart parking lot. Demand the person who did this be found and immediately brought to justice.

Punish Veterinarian Who Allegedly Maimed and Killed Dogs

A Connecticut veterinary professional reportedly caused a puppy’s death and maimed a dog in his office. Demand an end to legal oversights that enable alleged lethal acts of malpractice and cruelty.

Dogs Allegedly Starved, Covered in Feces, and Restricted By Chains Deserve Justice

Four dogs were allegedly starved, chained up, and left in their own feces and urine inside an abandoned home. Demand the people found responsible for this reported act of animal cruelty receive no mercy under the law.

Save Joe the Pigeon from Certain Death

A racing pigeon made an incredible journey from the United States to Australia. Now, the Australian authorities plan on euthanizing him. Help save this daring bird’s life.

Ban Cruel & Abusive Greyhound Racing

Greyhounds are abused for human amusement and profit. The government must take action to protect the thousands of dogs who are injured, drugged, and exploited for entertainment. Sign this petition to stop this archaic sport and liberate the abused companion animals.

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