Justice for 63 Horses Allegedly Neglected

Over 60 horses were allegedly kept in neglectful conditions with inadequate food or water. Demand that those responsible are punished.

Force Kentucky to Strengthen Animal Protections

For the tenth year in a row, Kentucky has placed dead last in the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s annual report. The state lacks many laws other U.S. states have that protect animals from cruelty and neglect. Sign this petition to force Kentucky to update its laws.

Stop the Export of Lion Skeletons

Though lions are an endangered species, South Africa has implemented an export quota of 800 skeletons when it should instead be working to preserve this amazing animal. Demand that a zero export quota be introduced instead.

Stop Christian Rock Band From Performing at SeaWorld

SeaWorld is hosting a Christian music festival in order to increase attendance. SeaWorld steals animals from the wild and forces them to perform shows in front of large, loud crowds. Sign this petition and demand that a popular Christian rock band cancel its plans with this cruel amusement park.

Don’t Kill and Mutilate Goats During Army Training Exercises

Goats will reportedly soon be mutilated, shot, stabbed, and operated on during Army Reserve medical training exercises. Sign this petition to demand that these cruel exercises are stopped.

Punish Man Who Reportedly Abused and Killed His Girlfriend’s Cat

A cat was reportedly abused by her owner’s boyfriend, leading to the cat’s death. The cat suffered broken ribs, punctured lungs and other internal injuries. Demand that justice is served for this innocent cat.

Cancel Cruel Circus Show

A convention center is planning on hosting a circus notorious for its alleged abuse and neglect toward its animals. The circus has numerous citations with the USDA and has even had animals escape on more than one occasion. Sign this petition and demand the convention center cancel its plans with this cruel circus.

Punish Man Accused of Burning Bunny and Kitten in Stove

A bunny and kitten died after they were reportedly shot and thrown into a wood-burning stove. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Stop Using Animals in Cruel Circus Acts

Tigers, elephants, and other animals are forced to perform in dangerous acts at UniverSoul Circus. UniverSoul also works with allegedly neglectful trainers, including one who reportedly keeps his tigers in cages 24 hours a day. Demand that UniverSoul end its use of animals in its show.

Success: Park Service Plans to Relocate Grizzly Bears to North Cascades

Grizzly bears may soon be relocated to Washington to revitalize the state’s nearly extinct grizzly population. Currently, there are fewer than 10 grizzly bears in the state. Thank the National Park Service for working to bring grizzly bears back to one of their native territories.

Save The Endangered Bee Population

Bees have just been placed on the endangered list due to Colony Collapse Disorder, a disease brought on by the loss of habitat, overuse of pesticides and climate change. These creatures are vital in keeping our ecosystem running, as their existence helps our plant life and crops thrive; without them, our ecosystem will collapse. Sign this petition to help protect bees from extinction.

Demand Neutrogena Stop Testing on Animals

Countless animals endure suffering on an unimaginable scale in the name of beauty for Neutrogena’s many products. Sign this petition to demand a switch to cruelty-free practices for this major cosmetics company.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Run Over, Skinned, and Decapitated  

A dog reportedly died after he was run over by an ambulance. The EMS worker then reportedly skinned and decapitated the dog’s dead body. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Praise Vet Who Offers Free Animal Care to Homeless

A veterinarian has created free clinics to help pets of the homeless. Many animals are alive and healthy today because of her work. Sign this petition and thank the veterinarian for her innovative thinking and compassion.

Severely Punish Man Who Allegedly Killed Little Girl’s Cat

A man was allegedly caught holding a dead cat, who belonged to a little girl, by the neck after killing it. Officers found the dead animal stuffed in a box in the garage. Please sign this petition to demand justice for the innocent cat and grieving owner.

Punish Criminal Who Cut Off Dog’s Nose and Ears

Baron the dog had his nose, ears, and tail cut off by an unknown perpetrator. Make sure the person responsible for this heinous cruelty is found and brought to justice.

Protect Manatee Habitat From Dangerous Pipeline

A natural gas pipeline poses serious threats to a critical manatee habitat. Accident-prone Spectra Energy must be stopped from causing irreparable harm to the Crystal River preserve. Sign this petition to ensure that these wetlands are protected for future generations.

Protect Great Apes from Gruesome Body Part Trafficking

West Africa’s great ape populations are at high risk of extinction due to a sharply increased demand for their body parts. The trafficking of ape skulls, bones, hands, and feet is flourishing, but it cannot be allowed to continue. Demand that the president of Cameroon, where most of the trafficking is happening, do more to enforce anti-poaching laws and punish traffickers who take part in this illicit trade.

Dog Found With Nose and Ears Cut Off Needs Justice

Baron the Rottweiler was found with his nose and ears cut off and wounds all over his tail and back legs. The perpetrator must be found and punished swiftly and severely. Urge the police to seek justice for this poor animal.

Demand Horrific Zoo is Shut Down

A zoo has allegedly been neglecting its animals so terribly that several have died. The bears are reportedly so desperate for food that they eat their own feces, and a giraffe who suddenly died had forty pounds of plastic trash in his stomach. Sign this petition and demand this zoo is shut down.

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