Rhino Shot Dead at Wildlife Preserve–Find the Killers Now

A white rhinoceros was shot and killed in cold blood in a Paris-area preserve. Demand that the poachers be found and punished severely to ensure other endangered animals remain safe.

Justice for Dog Bashed in Head and Buried Alive

A dog had a nail driven into its skull before it was buried alive and left to suffer for hours before it was found. Demand that animal welfare laws are bolstered so that offenders like the people responsible for this crime are properly punished.

Punish Zoo Curator Accused of Neglecting Zoo Animals

Many zoo animals were allegedly neglected and abused under a zoo curator’s care. Demand this case be investigated and that this curator be given the harshest legal sentence possible if he is found guilty of such abuse.

Zoo Where Almost 500 Animals Died Must Be Shut Down

Animals have reportedly suffered for years from tremendous neglect at the South Lakes Safari Zoo in England. Many have died, apparently due to the poor nutrition and hygiene, or were euthanized when no more could be crammed into already overcrowded enclosures. Demand that the owner step down and allow for the zoo’s closure.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Abandoned in Below Freezing Temperatures

A dog was reportedly abandoned next to a dumpster in below freezing temperatures with only a wet blanket for warmth. Demand that the man who allegedly did this cruel act face the maximum penalty if found guilty.

Man Accused of Stabbing Dog With Box Cutter Must be Prosecuted

A dog was allegedly stabbed to death with a box cutter. She was reportedly found with a plastic bag tied around her neck. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Stop Mutilating Pink Dolphins for Fish Bait

Pink dolphins are having their fins cut off by fishermen to use as bait, leading to painful, excruciating deaths. This inhumane practice cannot be allowed to continue. Help save these creatures from cruel deaths by mutilation.

Justice for Crocodile Stoned to Death at Zoo

Visitors at a Tunisian zoo killed a crocodile by smashing its head in with large rocks. This animal’s death could have been prevented had its enclosure been protected with proper barriers. Sign this petition to demand that the zoo do more to protect its vulnerable, captive animals.

Demand Venue Only Host Animal-Free Events

A convention center recently hosted a circus with performing bears that have allegedly been abused and neglected. Animals trapped in the entertainment industry are often subjected to severe neglect and cruel and painful training techniques. Sign this petition to demand that this venue no longer host events with animal acts.

Cancel Cruel Bear Show With History of Animal Abuse and Safety Violations

A bear show with a suspicious history of abuse and neglect citations is scheduled to appear in a major venue. The leader of the show has been cited by the USDA multiple times and has a long list of Animal Welfare Act violations. Sign this petition and demand that the venue cancel its plans with this show.

Stop Murdering Endangered Wolves

Endangered wolves are being legally hunted in Finland, despite there being very few wolves in the country. Demand these hunts stop immediately.

Demand Airline Cut Ties with SeaWorld

SeaWorld holds numerous marine mammals in small, concrete tanks, which is incredibly detrimental to the animals’ physical and mental health. Despite knowing this, a popular airline continues to support and sell tickets for this cruel company. Sign this petition and demand the airline cut ties with SeaWorld.

‘Spokane Serial Cat Killer’ Must be Caught

Dozens of cats have been tortured, bound, and murdered by an unknown serial killer. Demand that authorities take necessary action to find and punish whoever is responsible for these deeply disturbing acts before more animals are harmed.

Justice for 92 Dogs Allegedly Severely Neglected

Over 90 dogs were rescued from an apparent hoarding situation where they allegedly faced filthy conditions, illness, and severe neglect. Demand that the owners are banned from animal ownership.

Protect Wild Salmon From Rising Water Temperatures

The EPA has allowed salmon to die by the thousands each year in Oregon and Washington state due to abnormally high water temperatures caused by dams. The agency must do more to protect these crucial fish. Sign this petition to tell Scott Pruitt he must do his job and ensure the salmon runs can continue.

Don’t Host Circus That Allegedly Beats and Starves Animals

An allegedly abusive circus is currently touring the U.S. and plans on stopping at a popular convention center. Despite the allegations of beating the animals and withholding food from them, the convention center plans on hosting the circus. Sign this petition and demand that the venue cancel plans with this cruel circus immediately.

Punish Couple Who Allegedly Inbred Dogs and Denied Them Medical Care

Twenty-three dogs were allegedly inbred and deprived of necessary medical care. Four puppies had to be euthanized due to their severe deformities. Demand that justice is served for these innocent dogs.

Another Carriage Horse Collapses – Time to End the Abuse

Yet another horse has collapsed while pulling a carriage through New York’s Central Park. Dozens of other horses have been badly treated by this often cruel and irresponsible industry. Help finally ban horse-drawn carriages.

Praise Efforts to Save Marine Mammals by Banning Balloon Releases

Balloon releases lead to mass littering which often ends up in the ocean and causes severe injury and even death in marine animals. Recently, a city decided to ban balloon releases in order to preserve the ocean’s delicate wildlife. Sign this petition to praise the city for making the compassionate change.

Punish Owners of Animal Shelter Accused of Keeping Dogs in Filthy Conditions

Over 300 dogs were allegedly forced to live in their own urine and feces, without adequate food or water, by animal shelter staff. Demand that the operators are punished.

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