Demand Reform at Shelter Accused of Endangering Dogs

Target: Mr. Kim Ogg, District Attorney of Harris County, Texas

Goal: Investigate and ensure strict accountability for the alleged neglect and mismanagement at South Houston Animal Shelter, and enforce stricter animal welfare regulations.

Recent reports have highlighted alarming conditions at the South Houston Animal Shelter. Mayor Joe Soto acknowledged the lack of an animal control officer after two recent resignations, leaving the shelter understaffed with only two kennel technicians. Shelter director Jana Martinez admitted to using bleach to clean kennels while dogs remained inside and revealed that no dogs have been adopted from the shelter since 2022.

Two former animal control officers accused Martinez of keeping personal pets at the shelter for extended periods, hiding them during state inspections, and running a rescue group, Forgotten Paws of Texas, which allegedly created conflicts of interest by selling animals and using taxpayer funds for their care. Additionally, Martinez was accused of collecting fees directly from citizens instead of through city hall.

City resident Sophia Saenz and former officer Lisa Jones raised these issues during a city council meeting, prompting Mayor Soto to commit to no longer using bleach for cleaning kennels and to making necessary changes, though he noted it would take time. Prevent such alleged abuses and ensure the well-being of animals.


Dear Mr. Kim Ogg,

Recent reports have brought to light disturbing allegations of neglect and mismanagement at the South Houston Animal Shelter. Issues allegedly include the use of bleach to clean kennels while dogs were inside, no adoptions since 2022, and conflicts of interest involving the shelter director. Two former animal control officers have raised concerns about personal pets being kept at the shelter and fees being collected improperly.

These allegations highlight the urgent need for strict enforcement of animal welfare laws. We urge you to ensure a thorough investigation and hold those responsible accountable. Immediate action is necessary to prevent further neglect and ensure the well-being of animals at the shelter.


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