Stop Unsustainable and Illegal Fishing in Senegal

Nowhere in the world is illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing more of a problem than in the West African nation of Senegal. Overfishing here is leading a number of fish species to extinction while also jeopardizing the livelihoods of many people who depend on fishing for a living. Demand that the government of Senegal regulate fishing so as to create a sustainable fishing economy.

Stop Forcing Elephants to Give Rides to Tourists

A self-proclaimed “elephant sanctuary” continues to exploit elephants and force them to give rides to humans for profit. Elephants used for rides typically go through a cruel training process that is designed to kill their spirits and leave them submissive. Sign this petition and demand that this company stop forcing elephants to give rides.

Fifty-Five Animals With Open Wounds, Flea Infestations and Living in Feces Deserve Justice

Four people have been arrested after police removed 55 sick animals and an 11-year-old girl from a filthy, overcrowded, and unsafe home, according to reports. Demand justice for these innocent animals and child.

Justice for Paralyzed Baboon Allegedly Left to Suffer in a Pool of Blood and Urine

A baboon, named William, was reportedly left neglected by zoo staff until he had to be put down. The zoo had been warned that William would need veterinary care, but they ignored it, according to the NSPCA. Please sign this petition to that William get the justice he deserves.

Oppose Cruel Animal Circuses

Unbelievably, animals are still being used for entertainment in many Shriners circuses. Animals trapped in the entertainment industry suffer horrible mental and physical trauma. Sign this petition to demand Shriners ban all animal acts from their circuses.

Oppose Cruel Animal Circuses

Unbelievably, animals are still being used for entertainment in many Shriners circuses. Animals trapped in the entertainment industry suffer horrible mental and physical trauma. Sign this petition to demand Shriners ban all animal acts from their circuses.

Success: Shark Fin Ban Approved By Senate

The import, export, and sale of shark fins has been banned in the U.S. Sign this petition to thank Congress for taking a stand against this cruel and unsustainable practice.

Help Save Rapidly Declining Bee Populations

Bees are a vital part of many food chains, including ours, and without them the future of humanity is bleak. Sign this petition to demand that businesses be required to plant bee-friendly flowers to help endangered bees recover before it’s too late.

Demand Magician Cancel SeaWorld Performance

SeaWorld San Antonio is planning a “Magic Weekend” as an attempt to raise ticket sales. Even though the animals trapped at SeaWorld suffer mentally and physically, magician Calvin Kai Ku plans on performing. Sign this petition and ask Calvin Kai Ku to cancel his performance.

Support Innovative Approach to Acclimating Feral Kittens to Human Interaction

An animal rescue has created a new way to help socialize feral kittens and prepare them for family life. It is so effective that some kittens are ready to be put up for adoption just 48 hours later. Sign this petition and praise the rescue league for this creative and helpful invention.

Stop Trump’s Plans to Slaughter Wild Horses

Wild horses and burros could soon be euthanized or sold for slaughter due to proposed new cuts to the Bureau of Land Management’s budget. Demand that the budget remains intact in order to save thousands of equines from unnecessary death.

Stop University from Torturing and Killing Birds

A researcher at a prestigious university is allegedly trapping wild birds and putting them through incredibly stressful experiments. The research is both physically and mentally debilitating. Sign this petition and demand this cruel research is put to an end.

Dogs Reportedly Dropped from High Parking Tower Deserve Justice

One dog died and another suffered serious injuries after they were reportedly dropped from a high parking tower. The suspect allegedly claimed the dogs from a lost and found Facebook page, but he was not their real owner. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Justice for Dogs Poisoned to Death

Three dogs were recently found twitching and convulsing on the ground, otherwise unable to move, in a suspected poisoning. Demand that the person responsible is found and punished.

Stop Sucking Blood From Pregnant Horses to Induce Fertility in Pigs

Farms are literally sucking the blood of pregnant horses until they die of exhaustion, then using it to force pigs to constantly give birth. On top of this, you could be eating meat produced from this ongoing atrocity. Sign this petition to demand an end to this terrible practice.

Stop Cruel Monkey Rodeo

A baseball team is planning on hosting a “cowboy monkey rodeo” in which a small monkey is strapped to a racing dog. The event is incredibly stressful for the monkeys and can cause serious physical injuries. Sign this petition and demand the team cancel its plans to host this cruel event.

Justice for Two Poodles Thrown From Fifth Floor Garage

Two toy poodles were reportedly taken and cruelly thrown from a fifth floor parking garage. Only one of the innocent animals survived, but her legs are broken. Please sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Give Emotional Support Animals Training

Emotional support animals aren’t given the same recognition that service animals are. This leaves hundreds of people unable to function in society because they are denied their support animal. Please sign this petition to help create a training program to qualify support animals as service animals.

Create Weather App to Help Pet Parents

Pet parents aren’t always aware that the weather can severely affect their animals. Weather reports and phone apps should include tips and warnings for pet parents. These tips and warnings would keep pets out of hot cars, off hot streets and remind owners to always be aware of the weather. Please sign this petition to require these warnings on all weather reports.

Require Horse Trainers to Complete Special Training Program

Horses thrive on relationships built with trust, both within and without their herd. In order to successfully train a horse, trainers need to rely on a groundwork of trust and positive training. With a standard curriculum based on trust and positive training techniques, trainers would no longer need to rely on cruel tools. Please sign this petition to create a national training program for horse trainers.

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