Man Caught on Video Punching Dog Must be Punished

A man was caught on video punching his dog repeatedly in the head before slamming her to the ground. The vicious attack occurred in broad daylight on a public street. Demand that the poor dog be rescued and her violent attacker brought to justice.

Stop Forcing Bears to Do Ridiculous Tricks for Entertainment

A traveling bear show that claims to be “educational” forces bears to ride scooters, balance on balls and walk on their hind legs. Not only is this incredibly stressful for the bears but the training techniques used to train wild animals often involve pain and confinement. Sign this petition and demand that this show retire its bears to an accredited sanctuary immediately.

Keep Dogs Safe With Proper Training

In order to keep our canine companions healthy and happy in our society, they should be required to have appropriate training. This includes socialization as well as basic commands to help keep them safe. Please sign this petition to ensure that our beloved canines receive the training they need to be well-behaved members of our society.

Justice for 31 Animals Allegedly Neglected and Starved

Thirty-one farm animals were reportedly neglected and starved by their owner. They were allegedly forced to live in their own feces and had no access to food or water. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Justice for Rabbit That Died on United Airlines Flight

A potentially record-breaking rabbit has mysteriously died on a United Airlines flight. Sign this petition to demand an explanation and an apology.

Protect Newly Discovered Wolves From Hunting

Scientists have discovered a small pack of wolves in Denmark for the first time in over 200 years. While environmentalists are cheering the animal’s return as a positive sign for Denmark’s biodiversity, sheep farmers have called for culling. Sign this petition to tell the Danish prime minister that these wolves must be protected.

Investigate Death of Monkey at Laboratory

A monkey has died in a laboratory in Ohio after a staff member allegedly gave the animal the wrong dose of insulin. Demand the laboratory be investigated, and penalized if found guilty of misconduct.

Justice for Livestock Allegedly Starved to Death

A dairy farmer is accused of allowing his animals to starve for six months, until they were in such poor condition that some had to be put down and one died. Demand justice for these innocent creatures.

Find Person Who Set 4-Month-Old Puppy on Fire

A 4-month-old puppy was set on fire and left to die. She suffered second- and third-degree burns over almost half of her body. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Success: Orangutans Gain More Protections

Thanks to the Indonesian president, orangutans are getting a helping hand. These special primates have received further protection from habitat loss due to palm oil companies in the Leuser ecosystem and other parts of Indonesia. Sign this petition to praise the dedication to the preservation of this species.

Applaud Ban on Wild Animals in Circus Performances

The City of Los Angeles has voted unanimously to ban the use of wild animals in circuses and other public venues, where animals have frequently been neglected and harmed due to human greed. Sign this petition to thank the city for this important measure made on behalf of these creatures.

Stop Cruelly Driving Sharks Toward Extinction

Lethal shark control methods used in Australia run the risk of driving certain species to extinction. Sign this petition to protect endangered species and to encourage the government to seek out more humane shark control methods.

Save Theodore Roosevelt National Park From Oil Refinery

An oil company is about to build a 55,000-barrel-a-day oil refinery just 3 miles from the border of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. This is a direct threat to the park’s air quality, scenic views and night skies, and dishonors President Roosevelt’s conservation legacy. Sign this petition to save the National Park from this destructive oil refinery.

Investigate Airline Accused Of Causing Excessive Animal Deaths

More animals have died on United Airlines flights than any other U.S. airline within the past several years. Sign this petition to demand that an investigation take place of this airline to prevent future animal deaths.

Help Fund Wildlife Sanctuaries

Wildlife rescues and sanctuaries often struggle to come up with enough resources to help all the animal cases they receive. From orphaned squirrels to owls with broken wings, rescues are imperative to keeping wildlife safe. Please sign this petition to urge Colorado to create state funding for wildlife sanctuaries and rescues.

Stop Killing Animals for Key Chains

A popular handbag company makes key chains using real fur despite knowing the horrors animals on fur farms face. These animals are typically kept in small, dirty cages where they have limited access to food and water. Sign this petition and demand the company stop supporting the cruel fur industry.

Save Problem Wildlife From Being Killed

Wild animals often struggle to adapt to living near humans. By implementing a three step system to dealing with wildlife in residential areas, the Division of Wildlife would no longer have to kill animals that returned after being relocated. Please sign this petition to save wild animals from being killed.

Success: Live Animals No Longer Used for Trauma Training

For years, animals were being tortured and killed for trauma training. Thankfully, human simulators will now replace live animals. Sign this petition to praise the decision to end this unnecessary abuse.

Save Wildlife From Impending Harm

As human developments encroach upon wildlife territory, animals are finding it harder and harder to survive. Wildlife have to negotiate road crossings, noise pollution, and human encounters just to travel through their territory. Special trails need to be created in order for these animals to safely live among people. Urge Fort Collins to create a system of wildlife trails.

Stop Hunting Animals in the Name of Conservation

The government offers hunting permits in national parks as a form of wildlife management. But this practice will hardly keep wildlife populations healthy. Hunting has driven out natural predators which keep wildlife populations in balance by preying on the weaker individuals. Sign this petition to help end hunting as a form of conservation.

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