Dog Shot in Head and Left to Die Deserves Justice

Lagertha the dog nearly died after she was shot twice in the head and abandoned in the woods. The person responsible is still at large. Demand justice for Lagertha.

Find Home for Feral Peacocks Who Had Their Habitat Destroyed

A flock of peacocks was robbed of their home in a Canadian community when a man chopped down their tree. The community as a whole is divided over whether to let the birds stay among them; however, regardless of decision, the flock needs sanctuary as soon as possible. Sign this petition to ensure the protection of these peacocks.

Stop the Cruel Mistreatment of Donkeys Used to Carry Tourists

Donkeys are forced to carry tourists and their luggage over 520 cobbled steps in blistering heat on the island of Santorini. On top of this, these animals are made to endure grueling 10-hour shifts, simply for the enjoyment of visitors. Sign this petition to demand that this inhumane practice be banned.

Arrest the Man Responsible for Stealing a Dolphin

A man was seen taking a dolphin off of the beach and putting it in his car. Demand that the man be found and arrested for his cruel actions.

Kitten Apparently Struck and Thrown Against Wall Deserves Justice

A kitten suffered serious injuries after he was apparently struck and thrown against a wall. The suspect reportedly attacked the kitten as punishment for spraying. Demand justice for this innocent kitten.

Justice for Elephant Allegedly Starved to Death as “Punishment”

An elephant starved to death after his owner allegedly withheld his food for a month as punishment for “bad behavior.” Demand justice for this cruel and inhumane abuse.

Tiger Cub Found in Duffel Bag Deserves Justice

A two-month-old tiger cub was found unconscious in a duffel bag. Although the cub is safe, he is now living in a zoo. Demand the young tiger is sent to a sanctuary in order to get the freedom he deserves.

Prevent Ominous Fate for UK’s Abandoned Horses

Horses are being cruelly abandoned and left to die in a tragic trend known as fly-tipping. Stop the greedy practices leading to horses being sentenced to this cruel fate.

Protect African Forest Elephants from Extinction

Endangered species could go extinct as the Trump administration continues to cut funding for international conservation efforts. Sign the petition to encourage Congress to continue these programs abroad, the loss of which could affect us here at home.

Vet Accused of Smuggling Heroin Inside Puppies’ Stomachs Must be Punished

Innocent puppies were reportedly used as drug carriers by a vet who surgically implanted liquid heroin inside their bellies. Demand that this man be severely punished if found guilty of this heinous crime.

Punish Property Owner for Alleged Animal Cruelty and Neglect

A Florida man is facing 144 counts of animal cruelty after 13 animals were reportedly found dead and many others in dire condition on his property. These animals had reportedly been starved and had no access to food, while the dead ones had been disposed of improperly. Sign this petition to ensure this man faces justice.

Success: TripAdvisor Increases Animal Welfare Requirements

TripAdvisor has updated its policies and tightened its standards of animal welfare so that it will no longer promote exploitative attractions that force animals to perform for human entertainment. Support this important stand for the well-being of animals around the world.

Cows and Donkeys Allegedly Starved to Death Deserve Justice

Over 100 cows, calves, and donkeys were allegedly starved and neglected in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Thirteen animals were reportedly found dead on the farm, and the surviving animals suffered from severe emaciation. Demand justice for these poor animals.

Save Endangered Florida Panther from Imminent Extinction

There are only 180 Florida Panthers left in existence and that number is rapidly decreasing. Action needs to be taken before it is too late. Demand that the state of Florida fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund so the Florida Panther can be saved from extinction.

Justice for Wild Wolf Shot and Killed

One of the first wolves to return to Denmark in over 200 years was shot and killed, compromising the return of the species. Wolves have been endangered for years, particularly in Europe, and this one setback could ruin their chances of rebuilding their population overall. Sign this petition to demand punishment for the man charged with the murder of this animal.

Punish Woman Who Allegedly Disposed of Dead Puppy in Suitcase

A puppy died after the poor animal was allegedly denied life-saving veterinary care. The puppy’s body was reportedly locked inside of a suitcase and left near a public park. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Help Former Fighting Dogs Find Their Forever Homes by Rescuing Them from Euthanization

For years, hundreds of dogs have waited in shelters or been euthanized while waiting for their forever homes following the brutal fights they are forced to participate in. Sign this petition to support a bill that would ensure their safety and well-being.

Save Yellowstone’s Grizzly Bears from Hunters

Thanks to federal protections, Yellowstone grizzly bears have flourished in the past few decades. Now these protections are gone, and these natural wonders stand at risk once again. Demand Yellowstone states not declare open hunting season on their grizzly populations.

Dogs With Hair So Matted They Screamed When Touched Deserve Justice

Two dogs were reportedly found starving and with hair so matted and urine-soaked they screamed in pain when touched. Demand justice for these innocent victims of apparent shocking neglect.

Do Not Hand Over Exotic Animal Refugees to Allegedly Neglectful Caretakers

Locations across America exploit rainforest and other exotic animals for profit. These animals are thoughtlessly ripped from their native habitats and often forced into conditions of squalor. Demand one such sanctuary permanently lose its hold over imprisoned wildlife.

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