Find Brutes Who Abandoned a Cat Covered in Caution Tape

tomcat-covered-in-caution-tape-by-rscpa-london-south-east-branchA cat was found with his eyes, nose, and mouth covered in caution tape, leaving him at risk of suffocation or being hit by a car. Sign this petition to find and bring to justice those responsible for this cruelty.

Punish Man Accused of Killing Donkey and Beating His Girlfriend

dead-donkey-by-goat-church-primeA man allegedly shot and killed a donkey after assaulting his girlfriend. Police say the poor animal was still alive, but died before help could arrive. Sign this petition to demand that this apparently violent, dangerous person be sentenced to the maximum extent for these senseless, violent crimes, if guilty.

Demand Luxury Designer Stop Using Fur

fur-farm-flavio-brandaniLuxury designer Valentino continues to support the cruel fur industry despite knowing how animals are exploited, tortured and killed. Fur is not a necessity and it is time to stop treating it as such. Sign this petition to demand the designer stop using fur.

Demand Acura Stop Using Leather

cow-via-bugs-bunyAcura continues to use leather for many of its vehicles despite knowing it comes from the bodies of tortured animals. Animals trapped within the leather industry are often beaten, branded and severely neglected. Sign this petition and demand Acura stop using leather.

Don’t Let the NRA Murder Elephants

herd_of_elephantsThe National Rifle Association wants to continue killing off the last wild elephants on earth. These majestic, extremely intelligent animals are nearly gone from this world due to hunting and poaching for the ivory trade. Demand the NRA be denied the right to kill.

Demand a National Ban on Shark Fins

sharkfinning-by-sebastianlosadaThe cruel and wasteful practice of shark finning should have been made illegal long ago. Rhode Island just passed a law to end this inhumane industry, and now the entire U.S. must act. Sign this petition to demand a nationwide ban on this irresponsible trade.

Stop Killing Wild Animals for Their Meat

zebra-by-joachim-huberElephants, antelope, lions, and zebra have lost their lives and limbs to cruel wire snares placed by bush meat poachers in Malawi. Sign this petition to demand that more protection is given for these animals.

Discipline Officer Accused of Abandoning Emaciated Dogs Left for Dead During Holiday

skinny-dog-by-push-play-productionsAn animal control officer is accused of refusing to help two dogs and an emaciated puppy who were left to die in an abandoned apartment during a holiday. According to reports, the officer had to be threatened with criminal charges before taking action. Demand that she be severely reprimanded if found responsible.

Stop Developers From Killing Florida Panthers

florida-panther-by-u-s-fish-and-wildlife-serviceFlorida panthers’ lives will be endangered if the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service grants developers a permit to build in their territory. Sign this petition to urge the FWS to not give the developers this harmful permit.

Punish Person Who Left Nail-Filled Dog Treats in a Park

Dog-Dallas-FloerPieces of meat embedded with nails and wooden spikes were left at a popular dog walking spot. Demand that the person responsible is found and punished.

Roy the Horse Starved to Death But No Charges Brought Yet

skinnyhorse_extensionhorseA horse named Roy is believed to have been starved to death by his owner, but the district attorney’s office refuses to make the case a priority. Make sure no more horses are put in danger by Roy’s alleged killer.

Justice for Horses Who Died Due to Alleged Neglect

horse-by-tuscaloosa-county-sheriffs-departmentTwo horses were found dead, allegedly due to the owner’s neglect. A young colt was severely emaciated and also reportedly neglected. Demand justice for these innocent horses.

Demand That Walmart Use Cage-Free Eggs

battery-cage-farm-by-compassion-over-killingWalmart has announced a cage-free egg policy for North America, but it is still planning on using eggs from battery-cage farms in Latin American stores. Sign this petition to urge Walmart to use cage-free eggs in all of its stores.

Don’t Put Endangered Bats at Risk of Extinction

fruit-bat-by-kdsphotosEndangered bat populations will be decimated if the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service accepts a proposal from oil and gas companies that asks for a 50-year exemption from the Endangered Species Act. Sign this petition to urge the FWS to reject this proposal.

Success: China Bans Ivory Trade

elephants-by-benh-lieu-songHelp is on the way for endangered elephants, thanks to the Chinese government announcing that all ivory trading will be banned in the country by the end of 2017. Sign this petition to thank China for putting an end to the cruel ivory industry in their country.

Demand American Apparel Stop Using Angora Fur

angora-clevernameAmerican Apparel continues to use angora fur on its products despite knowing the fur comes from the bodies of tortured rabbits. Sign this petition and demand the company stop using angora fur.

Demand High End Designer Stop Using Fur

mink-fur-oikeutta-elaimilleA high end designer continues to support the fur industry despite knowing the unimaginable horrors animals on fur farms face daily. Fur is not a necessity, and it is time to stop supporting this cruel industry. Sign this petition and demand that the designer stop using fur immediately.

Justice for Puppy Burned to Death in Church Parking Lot

hykeem-dontavious-jabar-by-richland-county-sheriffs-officeA puppy was reportedly burned to death in a church parking lot. The poor puppy was rushed to an emergency vet, but died in agony from the severe injuries. Please sign this petition to demand that this innocent puppy be given the justice he deserves.

Pit Bull Mother Reportedly Forced to Eat Her Babies Deserves Justice

dog-by-hernando-county-sheriffThree scarred and starving dogs were reportedly found in life-threatening condition on a man’s property. One of the dogs had recently given birth and was apparently forced to eat her own puppies. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Raise the Punishment for Animal Cruelty Crimes

the-im-almost-human-look-by-gabriela-talaricoHorrendous crimes against animals are often punished with only a small fine. Demand real justice for victims of animal cruelty.

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