Justice for Animals Allegedly Abused With Electric Cattle Prod at Rodeo

Two men allegedly committed acts of animal cruelty at a rodeo, as shown in shocking drone footage. Demand justice and strict legal action.

Justice for Animals Brutally Decapitated and Tortured in Graveyards

Chickens and doves were tortured and beheaded, their bodies discovered in a cemetery alongside fruits and vegetables. Investigators suspect a ritualistic animal sacrifice, but those responsible are still at large. Ensure justice for these innocent victims.

Justice for Police Dog Allegedly Punched by Handler

An officer allegedly punched his police K-9, Rolf, in an act reportedly witnessed by fellow handlers. Demand swift and firm legal action.

Cat Violently Kicked Into Street Deserves Justice

A cat was allegedly kicked across the road and died days later. The punishment for this crime was barely a slap on the wrist. Demand justice now.

Dog Allegedly Terrorized on Camera Deserves Justice

An elderly woman reportedly terrorized her pet dog with a cane, as shown in a TikTok video. Take immediate action to safeguard the innocent animal.

Justice for Roosters Reportedly Victimized in Illegal Cockfighting Ring

100 roosters were reportedly abused in an illegal cockfighting ring. Take action now to save these innocent creatures.

Justice for Animals Who Allegedly Suffered Terrible Neglect by Owner

Multiple horses suffered horrific pain and starvation at the hands of their owner, who has been convicted of animal cruelty. Demand justice for the voiceless with strong legal repercussions.

Puppy Reportedly Doused in Acid Deserves Justice

A puppy named Amira suffered severe burns after she was reportedly doused in acid by her owner. Demand justice for Amira.

Young Pit Bull Hacked to Death Deserves Justice

A four-month-old pit bull was hacked to death and those responsible are still at large and unidentified. Demand justice for this poor pup.

Justice For Dog Who Had to be Euthanized Due to Alleged Neglect

A dog had to be euthanized due to alleged neglected. Demand justice now.

Justice for Numerous Animals Allegedly Starved and Left in Filth

An epidemic of harrowing animal abuse allegations have recently surfaced. Act now to ensure accused abusers are held accountable.

Justice for Defenseless Cat Allegedly Sexually Abused

A cat was reportedly lured with food and sexually abused, enduring an ordeal no animal should experience. Demand justice in this case.

Pit Bull Reportedly Punched in the Face Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly punched many times in the head and face after behaving aggressively toward another dog on a walk. Demand justice.

Dogs Allegedly Imprisoned Inside Death Crate Deserve Justice

A dog allegedly died desperate, starving, and thirsty trapped inside of a crate. Another dog reportedly narrowly escaped the same bleak fate. Call for true justice in this disturbing case.

End Alleged Mishandling and Killing of Rare Wildlife During Smuggling Operations

Rare wildlife creatures were allegedly killed due to mishandling while they were being smuggled. Act now to protect these innocent animals.

Stop Torturing Innocent Pigs in the Name of Entertainment

Pigs are being forced to race at a popular fair, raising concerns about their safety and well-being. Stop torturing these innocent animals under the guise of entertainment.

Dogs Allegedly Left in Locked Vehicle for Four Days Deserve Justice

Three dogs, allegedly left in a locked car for four days, were saved only by rescuers breaking a window. Demand action now.

Justice For Snakes Allegedly Abused For Entertainment by YouTuber

Venom was allegedly taken from endangered snakes and used for entertainment purposes. Take a stand to protect these innocent creatures.

Stop Filming Perilous Stunts That Endanger Wild Animals

A 22-year-old was bitten by a snake and died while filming a stunt for the internet. These reckless acts not only endanger people, but the animals as well. Demand regulations to prevent such tragedies.

Justice For Dog Allegedly Found Burned in a Dumpster

A dog was allegedly found burned and abandoned in a dumpster. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

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