Justice for Animals Allegedly Chained Outside for 10 Days Without Food or Water

Three dogs and a pig were allegedly chained to trees without access to food or water for 10 days. They were reportedly exposed to intense heat and could have died. Demand that justice is served for these innocent animals.

Puppy Allegedly Beaten With Crow Bar and Dragged Behind Vehicle Deserves Justice

A puppy reportedly had his muzzle taped shut, was beaten with a crowbar, and then was tied to the back of a vehicle and dragged. He barely survived. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Fifty-Eight Dogs Allegedly Severely Neglected Deserve Justice

Fifty-eight dogs were allegedly denied medical care and kept in deplorable conditions. The dogs reportedly suffered from serious skin conditions and were in poor health. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Justice for Hundreds of Cats Found Dead Inside Barrels

Ten barrels of dead cats were reportedly found, along with over 70 live cats. In addition, volunteers have reportedly already filled two trash bags full of dead cat carcasses found on the property. Please sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent cats.

Justice for Dogs Allegedly Abused in Dogfighting Rings

Officials have recovered 46 dogs believed to have been abused and forced to fight one another as part of at least one dogfighting ring. Demand that local law enforcement do everything they can to find and punish those responsible.

Release Elephant from Horrific Conditions in Zoo

An elephant continues to live in a zoo that refuses to release him, despite accusations of severe neglect and a 2016 decision to relocate him to a sanctuary. Demand that Kaavan the elephant be set free and allowed to live at the Cambodian sanctuary that is ready to take him.

Man Accused of Snapping Puppy’s Neck Must be Punished

A man is accused of snapping the neck of a neighbor’s puppy because they wouldn’t allow him to use their wi-fi. The suspect is still at large and his whereabouts unknown. Urge police to find and punish this man.

Shut Down Dog Meat Farms in Korea

Over 100 dogs were recently rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea. The cruelty of the dog meat trade is unrivaled and must be stopped. Sign this petition to demand all remaining dog meat farms in South Korea be shut down.

Puppy Whose Neck was Allegedly Cut with Knife Deserves Justice

A puppy’s neck was allegedly cut with a knife four times in a deliberate attack. The puppy survived, but he reportedly suffered with maggot-filled wounds for over 24 hours before he was found. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Pet Store Dogs Who Were Allegedly Sick and Neglected Deserve Justice

Puppies at a boutique pet store were reportedly found suffering from infections, open surgical wounds, bloody diarrhea, and pneumonia. According to an investigator, the animals weren’t even taken to a veterinarian when they were sick. Please sign this petition to demand that this boutique be shut down.

Justice for Therapy Rabbits Found Dead

A disabled Montana woman was horrified to find eleven of her therapy rabbits dead and posed as if for a picture. If this was an intentional act, those responsible must be punished. Sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent animals.

Ban Torturous Event That Sets Bulls’ Horns on Fire

Foios, Spain holds an annual festival that includes tying burning torches to the horns of bulls. At this year’s event, a panicked and blinded bull killed itself after it ran headfirst into a post. Sign this petition to urge the regional government to ban this barbaric spectacle.

Justice for Injured Opossum Allegedly Tortured

An opossum was allegedly tortured after it was hit by a car. Video footage reportedly showed three men throwing objects at the opossum and swinging it around by its tail. Demand justice for this innocent opossum.

Justice for Pigs Confined to Tiny Crates and Jabbed at With Pipes

An undercover investigation a pig farm has revealed pigs confined to tiny cages, unable to move and barely able to lie down, and jabbed in the head with pipes. Demand that the rampant abuse in the farming industry is put to an end.

Shark Tied to the Back of Boat and Dragged in Video Deserves Justice

A video shows a shark, who had been tied to the back of a boat, being dragged at high speed. The poor shark was later ripped to pieces by two men. Please sign this petition demanding that these cruel people be found and brought to justice.

Don’t Allow National Park to Slaughter Mountain Goats

Non-native mountain goats in Washington State’s Olympic National Park may soon be shot on sight if a new management proposal goes through. Tell park officials that lethal means of control are inhumane and alternatives must be sought.

Success: Harming Bulls for Bullfighting Prohibited in Spain’s Balearic Islands

Spain’s Balearic Islands have passed a law that prohibits harming or killing bulls during a bullfight. Support this push in the right direction toward ending this inhumane practice.

Success: Anti-Horse Slaughter Amendment Passed

Horses in America will be protected from inhumane export and brutal slaughter for human consumption with the passing of new legislation. Sign below to support this move to protect these innocent animals.

Success: Animal Protection Law Will Help Stop Heat-Related Dog Deaths

Dogs finally have protection from heat-related deaths thanks to a new law in Pennsylvania. Too many animals die from being left in hot cars or tied to posts on hot days, but this law will help prevent future tragedies. Applaud the decision to offer stronger protection for dogs.

Justice for Cat That Suffered Wounds From Rope Tied Tightly Around His Neck

A cat suffered a massive open wound in his neck after he was tied to a bush by a rope so tight that it dug into his neck. The wound festered for days and attracted maggots before he was rescued. Demand that justice is served for this innocent cat.

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