Dehydrated Cats and Dogs Reportedly Trapped in Scorching Hot Truck Deserve Justice

Seventeen cats and dogs reportedly experienced dehydration and near-suffocation while locked inside a dangerously hot moving truck. Demand justice.

Horses Reportedly Kept for Illegal Slaughter and Stored With Decomposing Animals Deserve Justice

Three horses were found apparently starving and in need of emergency medical care, surrounded by the decomposing remains of improperly slaughtered animals. Demand justice now.

Success: Infamous Big Cat Zoo Permanently Shut Down

The former zoo of alleged animal abuser Joe Exotic has finally been shut down once and for all. Applaud the closure of this sad chapter in big cat exploitation.

Potbelly Pig Allegedly Abandoned to Starve With Infected Wounds Deserves Justice

A potbelly pig named Patrick was allegedly abandoned after his owner moved away without him. He was reportedly malnourished and suffering from infections. Demand justice for Patrick.

Stop Tormenting Bulls to Death With Swords and Lances for Sport

The cruel “sport” of bullfighting kills thousands of animals annually and injures countless more. Help end this barbaric practice that dooms animals to slow, agonizing death.

Animals Apparently Sexually Abused by Owner on Camera Deserve Justice

Multiple dogs appear to have been sexually assaulted in a sadistic act of cruelty caught in shocking photos and video footage. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Save Manatees From Starvation Due to Habitat Destruction

Manatees, one of the most threatened species in America, have been disappearing by the hundreds due to the loss of their primary food source. Demand action to save these “gentle giants” before it is too late.

100 Animals Reportedly Rescued From Dangerously Hot Hoarding Situation Deserve Justice

One hundred animals were removed from an apparent hoarding situation in which 16 cats reportedly died in filth. Demand justice for these animals.

Dogs Reportedly Forced to Live Starving in Filth Deserve Justice

A man reportedly kept at least five dogs surrounded by feces and without access to food or water. Demand the animals be rescued and that he be prosecuted.

Sadistic Abuser Who Fed Bread Laced With Fishhooks to Ducks Must be Caught

A viral video appears to show a man feeding bread laced with sharp fishing hooks to wild ducks, likely dooming them to a painful death. Demand authorities find and prosecute the person responsible.

Kitten Reportedly Thrown Into River to Drown in Act of Revenge Deserves Justice

Stanley, a nine-month-old kitten, was reportedly thrown into a river while locked in his crate, sinking underwater for nearly half a minute before being rescued. Demand justice for Stanley.

Dog Apparently Choked, Punched, and Slammed in Parking Lot Beating Deserves Justice

A pet dog appears to have been brutally beaten and choked in a parking lot, all under the surveillance of a video camera. Demand the man charged with this horrific crime face full punishment if found guilty.

Animals Reportedly Living in Feces at Defunct Roadside Zoo Deserve Justice

A roadside zoo reportedly kept lions, bobcats, and bears in horrendous conditions. They apparently suffered from painful, untreated ailments and were forced to live in their own feces. Demand that these animals be removed from this defunct zoo immediately.

Don’t Starve Ponies to Death at Popular National Park

Wild ponies are reportedly emaciated and starving to death at a national park as authorities stand by. Act now to save these helpless animals.

400+ Animals Reportedly Found Starved and Rotting Deserve Justice

Over 400 animals were reportedly found starved and rotting. This location may also have been the site of a cockfighting ring. Sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent animals.

Punish Workers Accused of Stomping on Live Turkeys

An undercover video apparently shows farm workers stomping on live turkeys and throwing them at one another for sport. Help stop this terrible abuse.

Pit Bull Reportedly Starved to Point of Organ Failures Deserves Justice

A dog named Roxy was apparently malnourished to the point where her ribs were sticking out, her body was no longer able to digest fats, her liver count and red blood count were low, and she had a GI tract infection. Demand justice for Roxy.

Save Red Squirrels From Eradication

Wrong-headed conservation efforts meant to save imperiled red squirrels are harming grey squirrels and other wildlife. This squirrel cage match perpetuated by leaders in the United Kingdom needs to end. Demand a plan of action that can protect all animals.

Vet Accused of Child Abuse and Bestiality Must be Punished

A veterinarian has reportedly pleaded guilty to charges of possession of child pornography and creation of “animal crush” videos, which typically show animals being stepped on or trampled for human sexual gratification. Demand prosecutors pursue the maximum penalty in this case.

Dozens of Farm Animals Reportedly Found With Bloody and Oozing Infections Deserve Justice

Dozens of farm animals were reportedly neglected to the point of death or emaciation, and are apparently being left to languish while their caretaker gets off with a slap on the wrist. Demand they be rescued now.

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