Protect Foxes and Other Wildlife from Illegal Hunting

Hundreds of illegal hunts are allegedly taking place each year across the United Kingdom. According to animal rights groups, these represent just the tip of the iceberg. Sign this petition to demand that the British government crack down on illegal hunting.

Stop Marine Animals From Drowning in Abandoned Fishing Gear

Over 100,000 marine animals every year die slow and insufferable deaths in discarded fishing gear on the ocean floor. Sign the petition to demand that research and action be taken to stop this surging threat to oceanic ecosystems.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Abandoned 70 Horses to Die in the Snow

Seventy horses were allegedly abandoned and left to die on a snow-covered mountaintop for months, without food or shelter. Demand justice for these innocent animals and maximum punishment for the one responsible for this cruelty.

Punish Woman Who Allegedly Abused and Neglected Dogs and a Cat

Seven dogs and one cat allegedly endured physical abuse and neglect in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The suspect reportedly beat one of the dogs in the middle of a parking lot. Demand justice for these poor animals.

Punish PetSmart Store for Alleged Animal Cruelty

Authorities raided a PetSmart store in Tennessee, seizing six suffering animals desperately in need of medical attention. Reportedly, the animals were being left to die a slow and wretched death. Sign the petition to admonish a pet store that has allegedly allowed its animals to suffer.

Man Accused of Cockfighting and Animal Abuse Must Face Justice

A Denver man was arrested for cockfighting when 47 roosters were reportedly found on his property, one injured and wearing the gear associated with the practice. Cockfighting is illegal in Colorado, and this man reportedly subjected many animals to pain and suffering. Sign this petition to demand he face justice.

Punish Student Accused of Biting Live Chicken’s Head Off

A terrified live chicken’s head was reportedly bitten off by a teenager. The chicken’s body was reportedly left in the parking lot, and the head found in the high school’s chicken coop. Demand justice for this bird who suffered so horrifically.

Stop Trophy Hunters from Hunting Giraffes to Extinction

The number of giraffes living in the wild has fallen by almost 40 percent in the last three decades, in large part due to American trophy hunters. Sign this petition to demand that the United States ban the import of giraffe trophies, including bones and skins.

A Dozen Dogs Who Allegedly Died in Back of Stolen Truck Deserve Justice

Twelve dogs suffered and died when they were allegedly locked in the back of a stolen truck. The suspect reportedly pleaded guilty in a previous animal cruelty case and had been banned from owning or caring for animals. Demand justice for these poor dogs.

Success: UK to Introduce Ivory Ban

The United Kingdom is finally introducing a ban on the sale and trade of ivory, giving in to public pressure from environmentalists and conservationists. This ban has been a long time coming, due to the UK being one of the chief exporters of ivory and thousands of elephants dying for the trade. Sign this petition to thank the UK for taking a step towards giving elephants a brighter future.

Bring Back Animal Welfare Rules for Organic Products

Animals whose meat can be sold as organic can continue to be kept in unacceptable conditions of overcrowded confinement, as the Trump administration announced it will get rid of rules ensuring that these animals won’t be mistreated. Demand that these protections for animals be put back in place.

Require Mental Health Treatment for All Animal Abusers

California may soon require animal abusers to undergo mental health treatment and rehabilitation. If this bill becomes law, it may help prevent future acts of abuse or violence against both animals and people. Sign this petition to lend your support.

Applaud England for Banning Electric Shock Pet Training Collars

England is proposing a ban on shock collars, which are used to train cats and dogs inhumanely. This method creates more problems than solutions, and ministers acknowledge that this ban would help improve animal welfare overall. Sign the petition below to praise England for helping improve pet health.

Protect Migratory Species of The World

The migration patterns of thousands of wildlife species are threatened by the continued construction of roads. While these roads are beneficial to humans, they are incredibly dangerous to wildlife; many animals are killed by motorists, and others are barricaded by the roads along with other settlements. Sign this petition to help preserve the migratory needs of wildlife.

Kittens Found With Ruptured Eyes Deserve Justice

Three kittens suffered ruptured eyeballs when they were allegedly denied necessary veterinary care. The suspect was already on probation due to his alleged involvement in another animal cruelty case. Demand justice for these poor kittens.

Save Wildlife Habitat From Being Turned Into a Golf Course

Over 20 acres of urban wilderness are at risk of being turned into a golf course. The development will turn little economic profit while shutting off access to wildlife and citizens alike. Help stop this development by signing this petition.

Demand Allegedly Neglectful Zoo Retire Animals to a Sanctuary

A roadside zoo with a history of reported neglect and Animal Welfare Act violations refuses to shut down despite apparently not being able to properly care for its animals. Sign the petition and demand the zoo surrender its animals to an accredited sanctuary.

Dogs, Chickens, and Pig Allegedly Kept in Squalor Deserve Justice

Dozens of animals were allegedly neglected and kept in squalor in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Dogs, chickens, and a pig reportedly lived in their own excrement and many died. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Stop Allowing Chickens to Be Slaughtered While Conscious

California may finally outlaw allowing conscious chickens to be slaughtered while shackled. If a new law passes, it will make it illegal to kill chickens that can still feel and process pain. Sign this petition to demand that slaughtering facilities be held to this minimum standard of decency.

Ban Pet Meat Consumption in All 50 States

The consumption of cat and dog meat is still legal in 43 of the 50 states of America, thanks to a loophole that only disallows people to obtain the meat via slaughterhouses or businesses. While not as widespread as it is in Asia, the consumption of pet meat in the United States is a disturbing trend nonetheless. Sign this petition to demand a full, non-exploitable ban on killing and eating cats and dogs in the United States.

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