Don’t Remove Wolves from Endangered Species Act Protections

Endangered gray wolves may lose their protections under the Endangered Species Act if California’s agricultural industry has its way. Sign this petition to help ensure that their recovery can continue.

Dog Found Bound and Stomped to Death–Demand Justice

The remains of a Shih Tzu mix were found along a roadside after the animal was apparently bound and beaten to death. Urge officials to do more to find those responsible for this heinous crime.

Don’t Force Dolphins Into Captivity

Dolphins are at risk of being kept in cruel captivity in a proposed new tourism attraction. Sign this petition to encourage the rejection of this proposal.

Justice for Gustavito, the Murdered Hippo

A beloved hippopotamus was found brutally murdered at a zoo. Demand that the people responsible be identified and brought to justice.

Stop Allowing Dogs to be Chained Outside For Extended Periods

Pet owners could soon be banned from using chains, which can cause cuts and lesions on dogs’ necks, to tether their animals. Support this new initiative.

Punish Woman Who Allegedly Ran Illegal Pet Shop and Abused Dogs

Seven pit bull puppies and four adult dogs were reportedly abused and neglected by their unlicensed breeder. The puppies were reportedly kept in unsanitary conditions and the adult dogs were malnourished and abused. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Demand SC Johnson Stop Testing on Animals

Animals are having toxic chemicals injected into their bloodstreams and are being forced to inhale hazardous fumes as part of testing for household products. Demand an end to this barbaric practice.

Stop Allowing Animal Abusers to Own Pets

Even though a dog had to be put to sleep because it was allegedly so neglected that it ate its own tail, its owners will be eligible to own pets again in five years. Tell lawmakers that people who commit such disgusting animal abuse crimes should not be allowed to ever own pets again.

Don’t Punish Whistleblowers For Reporting Abuse on Farms

Whistleblowers and undercover investigators could soon be prosecuted in Arkansas for revealing instances of abuse on factory farms or other businesses. Sign this petition to urge Governor Hutchinson to stop this unconstitutional bill which would punish citizens for simply doing the right thing.

Justice for Dog Who Died After Alleged Neglect at Boarding Facility

A dog died after he was allegedly neglected at a boarding facility. The dog was reportedly kept in a small cage for up to 30 hours without supervision. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Bomb Detector Puppy Killed for Escaping Handlers – Demand Justice

A puppy bomb detector in-training named Grizz was killed by police because he escaped his handlers at the airport. Please sign this petition to bring Grizz, who was killed for no reason, the justice he deserves.

Stop Suffocating Sharks for Photo Ops

A restaurant has been keeping nurse sharks in a small, crowded sea pen and allowing customers to lift the sharks out of the water for photo ops. This is not only dangerous for the sharks, which could die from suffocation, but also for the customers. Sign this petition and demand the restaurant stop this exploitation and free the sharks back into the open ocean.

Stop Funding Animal Testing Facility Accused of Neglect and Cruelty

A government-funded University of Pittsburgh lab is accused of neglecting its animals and subjecting them to cruel experiments, such as mutilating their limbs and breeding them for severe deformities. Tell the government that this sort of funding is unacceptable, and that our taxpayer dollars should support testing alternatives instead.

Save Giraffes From Impending Extinction

West African Giraffes face extinction while their herds remain in an unprotected area. Poaching and human encroachment have pushed the giraffe population to only 400 individuals. Help protect these magnificent animals from disappearing forever.

Justice for 14 Dogs Allegedly Neglected and Starved

Fourteen dogs were reportedly starved and kept in poor conditions. All of the dogs were reportedly malnourished and some suffered from a deadly parasite. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Justice for Two Dogs Found Dead After Allegedly Being Abandoned

Two dogs were reportedly found dead after being abandoned in a trash and feces-filled home. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Stop the Slaughter of Africa’s Last Rhinos

Rhinos have already been decimated by poachers, and now South Africa is moving to legalize the trade in their horns. This will likely encourage poachers even more. Help save the last rhinos from extermination at the hands of hunters.

Cat Tortured to Death With Hot Glue Deserves Justice

Someone senselessly burned a cat with hot glue, sealing his eyes shut and crushing his paws. Despite veterinarians’ best efforts, this family pet died of his horrific, traumatic injuries. Demand that the cat torturer is found and brought to justice.

Praise Travel Company for Ending Support of Elephant Rides

A popular travel company has decided to end its support of elephant rides. Elephants used for rides are typically taken away from their mothers at very early ages and are then forced to go through a painful and cruel training period. Sign this petition and praise the company for making the compassionate choice.

Justice for Dog Reportedly Shot with Crossbow

A dog suffered tremendously after it was reportedly shot with a crossbow. The suspects reportedly took multiple shots at the dog with the intent to harm. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

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