#FurFreeBritain: Stop Funding the Torture and Execution of Millions of Fur Farm Victims

Two million mink, racoon dogs, and foxes die every year to clothe fur purchasers in Britain. These animals endure untold cruelties that range from infection to cannibalism. Urge British leadership to take a definitive stand against these inhumane atrocities.

Stop the Decline of Australia’s Large Fish Species

Several of Australia’s large fish species are on a steady decline thanks to excessive fishing, putting the oceans and the environment at risk. Unfortunately, the ministry of agriculture and water resources sees no need to review or change anything regarding current fisheries. Sign this petition to demand such a review be given and that steps be taken to save these fish.

Send 132 Animals Rescued from a Zoo to a Sanctuary

132 animals were recently rescued from the Nicolas Bravo Zoo in Mexico. The animals were reportedly kept in horrendous conditions and are now being sent to different zoos. Demand that these animals be sent to a sanctuary instead.

Prosecute Teacher Accused of Feeding Puppy to Snapping Turtle

An Idaho science teacher has been charged with animal cruelty three months after allegedly feeding a sickly dog to a snapping turtle in front of his class. If found guilty, he will face up to six months in jail plus a large fine. Sign this petition to ensure that he not only serves that sentence, but is suspended from his position as well if found guilty.

Punish Alleged Fake Vets Accused of Performing Botched Neutering on Puppy

A puppy was allegedly given a botched neutering procedure, leading to his death, in a horrific case of animal cruelty. The procedure was reportedly done in an unsterile apartment by people posing as licensed veterinarians. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Ban Commercial Fishing in Australian Marine Park

Australia’s Coral Sea marine park may soon be open to commercial fishing, threatening the feeding and nesting habits of the nearly-extinct hawskbill turtle. This species, already hunted for its shell, may go completely extinct if fishing is allowed in the marine park, which should legally serve as a safe space for aquatic wildlife. Sign this petition to ban commercial fishing in Coral Sea.

Stop Cruel, Illegal Killing of Black Bears

Hundreds of black bears have been allowed to be brutally killed using methods that are otherwise banned in the state under a Washington Fish and Wildlife Department program. Demand that this inhumane and illegal cruelty be stopped.

Don’t Kill Pregnant Cow For Crossing International Border

After a heavily pregnant cow wandered over the border between Bulgaria and Serbia, the animal was captured by European Union officials and ‘sentenced’ to death for violating livestock regulations. Urge the EU to spare this healthy cow’s life and allow her to remain at home.

Dog Reportedly Dragged Behind Truck Going 45 MPH Deserves Justice

A dog suffered serious injuries after the poor animal was allegedly tethered to a truck and dragged for half a mile. The dog reportedly left a trail of blood behind the truck and a puddle in the truck bed. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Find Person Who Cut Paw Off and Broke Jaws of Puppies

Two puppies were found with broken jaws, and a third had her paw cut off by an unknown sadistic torturer. Demand the police find this cruel person and prosecute them for their crimes.

Justice for Three Lions and a Tiger Poisoned by Poachers

Three lions and a tiger were poisoned and killed by poachers trying to cut off their heads and paws for money. Not only were these cats killed, they suffered tremendously and deserve justice. Demand the people responsible be found and prosecuted.

Stop Killing Cambodia’s Endangered Animals for Meat

Illegal bushmeat trade in Cambodia is threatening wildlife species nearing extinction. Sign the petition to prohibit this practice and protect Cambodia’s biodiversity.

Save the Endangered Pacific Marten from Extinction

Considered extinct for 50 years, the Pacific marten reappeared in 1996, yet continues to face threats of extinction. At the core of the problem is the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s unwillingness to classify them as an endangered species. Sign the petition to urge government officials to put this rare species back on the list.

Promote the Conservation of Cuckoo Bees

According to The Wildlife Society, the cuckoo bee has suddenly reappeared in western Canada for the first time. Even though they may be a ¨social parasite¨ based on their ability to infiltrate hives, they’re indicative of an area’s biological health. Sign the petition to convince Canadian politicians to continue tracking their migration.

Dog Who Died After Man Allegedly Shot into Home Deserves Justice

A Labrador Retriever was fatally injured after a man reportedly opened fire on a home where the dog was staying. This dog appears to have been an innocent victim of a senseless act of violence. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Stop the Surgical Silencing of Dogs

Fifteen dogs reportedly had their vocal chords forcibly damaged by an unlicensed breeder in a practice known as ‘debarking.’ While an investigation of said breeder is pending, this is only one small step to solving a larger problem, as debarking is not only cruel and unnecessary, but creates many risks for the dogs involved. Sign this petition to outlaw the practice of debarking across the United States.

Save the Chinese Giant Salamander From Extinction

Nearly 200 million years of history: the legacy of the Chinese giant salamander eclipses even its possibly six-foot-long size. Now environmental and human threats have placed this storied animal in imminent danger. Help fight for the future of the world’s living fossils.

Release Animals From Allegedly Abusive Sunrise Farms

Activists successfully rescued 37 chickens from Sunrise Farms, a supplier of cage-free eggs that allegedly brutally mistreats the birds, but many more animals still remain trapped there in reportedly inhumane conditions. Demand that these birds be given veterinary care and brought to a shelter.

Put an End to Circus Animal Suffering in New Jersey

An effort to ban wild animals from travelling circus performances in New Jersey failed earlier this year when it was vetoed by then-governor Chris Christie. Lawmakers are now attempting once more to put an end to this cruelty, and if Nosey’s Law is passed, it will be up to the to the newly elected governor to decide. Sign this petition to demand that all circus animal suffering be put to an end.

Dog Buried Alive and Starved to Death Deserves Justice

A dog was buried in a cage with no food and left to starve in the woods. The poor animal had only a blanket for comfort. Demand justice for this horrifically abused dog.

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