Jail Man Accused of Throwing and Stomping on Puppy

A young puppy named Diesel was reportedly stomped on and thrown around in a gruesome act of cruelty. He suffered multiple fractures to his hind legs and hips and will require surgery. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Praise Festival for Canceling Cruel Shark Show

A fair decided to cancel its plans with an “educational” shark show after learning about the hardships these animals face. The show carts around nurse sharks from city to city and allows the public to poke and prod the gentle creatures. Sign this petition and praise the fair for no longer allowing this cruel show to attend.

Stop Cruelly Killing Squirrels

An apartment complex has set up traps to kill squirrels as a means of population control. Not only is this cruel, but it is also ineffective. Sign this petition and demand the apartment complex get rid of these traps.

Justice for Cat Reportedly Tortured and Killed by Neighbor

A man allegedly lured his neighbor’s cat into his home, then strangled and mutilated him before hanging the poor animal over their fence. Police say the man admitted to this sadistic act of animal cruelty. Please sign this petition to demand that he receive a lifetime ban from owning animals and the most severe possible punishment, if guilty.

Harshly Punish Burglars Who Reportedly Poured Bleach on Harmless Dog in Cage

Two men reportedly burglarized a home and poured bleach on the homeowners’ dog, who was helplessly stuck in a cage. This innocent dog deserves justice. Please sign this petition to demand that the cruel, heartless people who committed this horrific act of animal cruelty be given the maximum punishment possible.

Save Endangered Tree Snails with Cultural Significance

The “singing shells” of Hawaii are vanishing due to the introduction of a predatory lizard. Sign this petition to help protect endangered snails from invasive predators.

Demand Justice for Dog Found Dead in Police Cruiser

A police dog was found dead inside a police car in central Florida. This poor dog had been left unattended for hours inside the sweltering hot car while outside temperatures peaked at near 90 degrees. Please sign this petition to bring justice for this animal and to make sure that no further dogs are subjected to this cruel and unnecessary torture.

Don’t Allow Lab Animals to Be Starved and Gassed

Cruel research is being conducted on countless animals in which they are reportedly starved for an extended period and then gassed to death. The research has led to no significant findings and it is time to stop this cruelty. Sign this petition and demand an end to this research.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Lifted Up by Leash and Beaten

A dog was reportedly lifted into the air by its leash and beaten because it went to the bathroom inside of the house. The dog suffered severe internal injuries and had to be euthanized. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Investigate Massive Whale Die-Off

Humpback whales have been dying at an extraordinary rate for over a year, and there is a high possibility that this is due to human activity. Sign the petition to demand a comprehensive investigation of these killings and solutions to protect this endangered species.

Demand Designer Stop Using Cruelly-Sourced Fur

A popular designer continues to use fur on his products despite knowing fur comes from the bodies of tortured animals. Animals held on fur farms are denied everything natural to them and typically kept in horrendous conditions. Sign this petition and demand the designer stop using fur.

Catch Person Who Tied Dog to Cinder Block and Left Him to Drown

A dog was tied to a cinder block and abandoned on the edge of a lake to drown. Fortunately, the dog was rescued before the tide came up. Demand that the person responsible for this horrifying cruelty is found and punished.

Protect Anti-Poaching Efforts From Budget Cuts

Large budget cuts could threaten anti-poaching efforts in South Africa. Sign this petition to ensure that the government continues to protect its species from poachers.

Increase Cat Adoptions in Shelters

Shelter cats are regularly overlooked by potential adopters. With the help of an adoption program that gave cats a stress-free environment, shelters would see an increase in adoption rates. Please sign this petition to urge the Humane Society of the United States to create an adoption program for shelter cats.

Justice for Rosita, the Abandoned Guinea Pig

A guinea pig was abandoned in a mailbox and could have died. The perpetrator will likely face only minor repercussions. Sign this petition to make sure justice is served, even for a small creature.

Demand Company Stop Drowning Snakes

A company is using plastic erosion-control netting, which is causing countless snakes to get tangled, injured and even die. There is an animal-safe alternative and it is time to make the switch. Sign this petition and demand the company switch netting to prevent further deaths.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Killed His Wife’s Dog

A dog was reportedly killed in a gruesome act of revenge. The suspect then reportedly posted photos of the dog’s bloodied body on Facebook. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Stop Cruelly Raising Rabbits in Tiny, Cramped Cages

Rabbits are being raised in cramped metal cages under incredibly cruel conditions. Sign this petition to demand that their living situations are improved.

Praise the Surrender of Last Circus Ape to Sanctuary

The last great ape in a German circus is finally being retired after years of being alone and forced to do ridiculous circus tricks. This is a great milestone for animal rights in Germany. Sign this petition and praise Germany for making this compassionate choice.

Suspend License of Veterinarian Accused of Abusing Dogs

An Edmonton vet accused of confining two dogs in a cramped kennel for over half a year with little food or water is still practicing in the clinic he owns. Sign this petition to demand that this vet’s license be suspended while criminal charges are pending.

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