Justice for 20+ Cats, Dogs, and Squirrels Found in “House of Horrors”

Cats in cage - Christopher GrossOver two dozen cats, dogs, and even squirrels were reportedly found living in filth in a “house of horrors.” Demand justice for these apparent victims of criminal negligence.

Dogs That Allegedly Died Without Water at Training Facility Deserve Justice

Two dogs allegedly died due to neglect at a training facility, and another was also said by a veterinarian to be extremely dehydrated. Demand the trainer responsible for this reported abuse be given the strictest sentence possible if he is found guilty.

Stop Torturing and Mutilating Lambs for Profit and Fashion

Lambs raised for wool have chunks of their skin cut off of their rump without anesthesia or pain killers. They are forced to undergo the mutilating operation because the sheep are bred to maximize wool production and are managed ineffectively. Help stop this abhorrent practice of “mulesing.”

Stop Forcing Pigeons to Perform for Human Entertainment

Racing pigeons is an abuse of pets that should be stopped. Many pigeons die during races, and are killed by their owners if they do not perform. Sign this petition to stop forcing these birds to fly for amusement and profit.

Stop Mercilessly Killing Coyotes for Bounty

Thousands of coyotes are killed each year due to the sizable bounties placed on their heads. These small but majestic creatures are an integral part of the ecosystem and this merciless slaughter must stop. Join the movement to stop the coyote bounty.

Trump: Restore Vital Living Space Robbed From At-Risk Wildlife

The Trump administration has doomed countless species to destruction and endangerment by restricting the definition of protected habitats and forbidding the designation of new ones. Demand that this cowardly act be undone before the new administration takes charge.

Decapitated Cat and Dead Chickens Reportedly Found in Feces-Filled Home Deserve Justice

Two cats and three chickens reportedly suffered starvation and mutilation before dying of neglect. The family who was supposed to care for them has been charged for their grisly deaths. Demand justice for these animals.

Share Conservation Funds With Crucial Overlooked Species

Vital species including snails and spiders receive a fraction of the European Union’s conservation budget, despite being essential to a variety of ecosystems. Under current practices, popular vertebrates such as wolves, bears, and birds receive more than their fair share of support. Demand that this funding be redistributed to protect all species equally.

Cat Tethered With Washing Line and Tortured Deserves Justice

A cat was tethered with washing line and horrifically abused until she died. Her microchip had been cut from her body and she suffered multiple, painful injuries including a fractured spine. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Euthanized Emaciated Dog Found With Socks Inside Belly Deserves Justice

Veterinarians had to euthanize an emaciated dog after the animal was found abandoned. Demand the owner of this shepherd mix be found and quickly brought to justice.

Don’t Let Rodents Die Slow and Horrific Deaths in Glue Traps

Rodent glue traps are the most disgusting method of extermination, and should be banned by the government. They cause unimaginable suffering while the animal slowly dies of starvation and exhaustion. Join this petition to stop the use of these torture devices.

Make Bounties for Beaver Killings a Thing of the Past

Beavers are shot and caught in horrifying traps because they are seen as a pest. However, these magnificent animals play an important role in nature and should be protected. Stop the indiscriminate killing of beavers on private land.

Stop Senselessly Killing Wildlife for Cash Prizes

Wildlife killing contests are disgusting competitions that incite the indiscriminate murder of certain species. Natural predators are senselessly slaughtered for prizes, and laws should be in place to protect these animals. Sign this petition to help stop these “games.”

Stop Torturing Animals for Fashion

Millions of animals are inhumanely farmed for their furs. They are physically and psychologically abused before suffering horrific deaths for their pelts. Put an end to this sordid business.

Kitten Shot With Pellet Gun and Guinea Pigs Abandoned in Dumpster Deserve Justice

Police found a kitten who had to be euthanized after being shot with a pellet gun, and two guinea pigs thrown away like trash in a dumpster. Demand the people responsible for this abuse be prosecuted.

Stop Imprisoning Billions of Hens in Cramped, Tiny Cages

Laying hens around the world are imprisoned in tiny cages where they can barley move. Support new standards that will help save billions of chickens from this fate.

Stop Confining Calves to Tiny Crates to Produce “Aesthetic” Meat

Newborn calves are locked in crates where they barely have space to move and are fed an unnatural diet to produce veal. This intentional abuse is deemed an acceptable agriculture industry, yet causes immense physical and psychological harm to the calf. Help stop this abominable practice.

Puppy Reportedly Shot and Killed With Arrow Deserves Justice

A puppy named Bailey bled to death after she was reportedly shot with an arrow while out for a walk. The suspect had apparently been doing target practice. Demand justice for Bailey and her grieving family.

Stop Killing Wild Ducks by Feeding Them Bread

Feeding bread to ducks causes undernourishment, disease, and other issues with the fowl, while creating an unhealthy and unbalanced ecosystem. Urge our government to stop people from doing unintentional damage to nature.

China: Protect All Animals and Make Cruelty a Crime

More life resides in China than any other nation on Earth, yet this country still refuses to protect its precious animals. Various animals are victimized and killed every day with no apparent consequence. Demand strong action against animal cruelty.

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