Punish Man Accused of Burning Dog Alive

A dog was allegedly beaten and burned alive by a man who police suspect was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Puppy Thrown From Third Story Terrace Deserves Justice

A stray dog was thrown from a third story terrace, leading to a terrifying, painful death. Demand better protections for strays so this rampant abuse of animals can finally be brought to an end.

Justice For Wallaby Found In Squalid Conditions

A wallaby was found in a man’s garage, severely underweight and living in filth. An investigation is being conducted to learn how the wallaby ended up there — kidnapping has not been ruled out. Sign this petition to ensure that the garage’s owner be properly punished if he did indeed kidnap, and subsequently neglect the animal.

Stop Company From Sawing Through Live Lambs’ Throats

Undercover footage has revealed apparent animal cruelty and unethical labeling practices at a meat plant owned by the country’s largest lamb producer. Demand that the plant be investigated and penalized if found guilty of these alleged violations.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Kept Pets in Freezer

Several dogs and other pets were found malnourished and living in their own filth. The dead bodies of puppies, kittens, and a lizard were discovered inside a freezer on the same property. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Two Horses Dead in Rodeo–Demand Investigation

Two horses recently died in the same Texas rodeo. Both bucked head first into a wall, leading to their violent, painful deaths. Urge officials to make sure this never happens again.

Demand Department Store Stop Selling Fur

A popular department store continues to sell fur products despite knowing fur comes from the tortured bodies of dead animals. Animals on fur farms face new horrors each day and their lives are cut dramatically short. Sign this petition to demand the company stop selling fur products.

Praise Military for Sparing Animals’ Lives

The U.S. military has ended its use of animals in an aspect of training. This will spare countless lives from unnecessary pain, torture and death. Sign this petition and thank the military for sparing these animals’ lives, and encourage them to make further changes throughout the system.

Justice for Cat Shot With BB Gun

A cat was shot with a BB gun, leading to its death. A man apparently killed the poor animal for defecating in his yard. Demand that justice is served for this innocent cat.

Stop Abuse Of Livestock By Meat Suppliers

Hormel Foods has suspended the operation of one of their suppliers after discovering a video apparently showing graphic animal abuse on their premises. This is a small step in the right direction, and we must encourage other meat companies to do likewise. Sign this petition to demand more steps be taken towards the ethical treatment of livestock animals.

Stop Allowing Animal Abusers to Go Unpunished

Charges stemming from two separate high-profile animal cruelty cases were completely dismissed and the animals given back to their owners. Sign this petition to demand that the justice system stop rewarding animal abusers and start punishing them.

Success: Eight Companies Withdraw Sponsorship from Rodeo

After public outcry, eight companies have withdrawn their sponsorship of a rodeo that was caught committing acts of animal cruelty. This is a victory for the rights of these animals, but we must let the government know more needs to be done. Sign this petition to thank the companies and ensure even further action against rodeos.

Don’t Allow Wolves to be Hunted Into Extinction

Wolves will be stripped of their federal Endangered Species Act protection if a new bill is passed, which will lead to increased hunting and could be devastating for the wolf population. Sign this petition to demand that these wolves remain under federal protection.

Success: Rusty Patched Bumblebee Granted Endangered Species Protection

The rusty patched bumblebee has officially become the first bumblebee to be protected under the Endangered Species Act. This move could save the species from the brink of extinction, and is a major victory for pollinators. Sign our petition thanking the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Justice for Dog Adopted Only to be Killed Unecessarily

A woman reportedly adopted a dog from an animal shelter, then had her neighbor shoot and kill him. They claimed he was a vicious biter, but others say he was gentle and that they witnessed him being abused by the owners. Sign this petition to demand justice for this poor dog.

End Cruel and Unfair Breed-Specific Legislation

Breed-specific bans on dogs are ineffective and result in the deaths of countless dogs where such laws exist. Washington State is considering a bill which would prevent cities from banning dogs based on breed. Sign this petition to voice your support.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Sprayed Baby Bird With Weed Killer

A baby bird was reportedly sprayed with a potent weed killer, resulting in its death. The man accused of this crime denies it, stating that there is no proof of a dead bird and that the weed killer is non-toxic to birds. Demand justice for this innocent bird.

Save Butterflies From Extinction

Butterflies have just been placed on the critically endangered list. This is bad news for our planet, as butterflies are not just important to the environment but provide a soothing presence and teach children about the life cycle via their transformation from wriggling caterpillars. Sign this petition to help keep the butterfly population from disappearing.

Applaud Restaurant’s Decision to Use Only Cage-Free Eggs

One of the largest restaurant companies in Brazil has committed to using only cage-free eggs in their supply chain, helping to end the inhumane treatment of battery-cage chickens in their country. Sign this petition to thank the company for standing up for chickens.

Stop Killing Lions and Exporting their Bones

Up to 800 captive-bred lion skeletons could soon be exported from South Africa each year. These skeletons are taken from animals who are often bred solely to be killed for their bones. Sign this petition to demand the end of this cruel trade of lion bones.

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