Justice for Severely Malnourished French Bulldog Reportedly Abandoned in Desert

A 29-year-old man has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty after a severely malnourished French Bulldog was reportedly abandoned in a desert area. Take strict action against the alleged perpetrator to ensure justice and prevent future abuse.

Prevent Indiscriminate Shooting of Bears

Bears exercising natural behaviors may soon be shot at will for entering populated areas. Ensure safe and humane measures are taken to protect both humans and wildlife.

Dogs Reportedly Found in Filthy, Worm-Infested Kennel Covered in Feces Deserve Justice

A couple allegedly left 19 dogs languishing in a feces-filled kennel. Take strict action against the accused perpetrators.

Dog Reportedly Shot for Target Practice Deserves Justice

Bullet, a beloved dog reported missing, was apparently used for target practice by two individuals in a sadistic act of cruelty. Ensure justice for Bullet.

Find and Punish Suspect Accused of Leaving Dog to Die

A German Shepherd was found zip-tied and in distress in the wilderness. Demand justice for this sweet animal.

Punish People Accused of Selling Puppies in Extreme Heat on Beach

Police arrested three individuals for allegedly attempting to sell puppies in extreme heat and subjecting them to dangerous conditions. Take immediate action against the accused perpetrators.

Justice for Dogs Allegedly Tortured With Brass Knuckles and Frying Pans

A woman allegedly tortured dogs using brass knuckles and frying pans, leaving them in horrific conditions. Take immediate action against this alleged abuser.

Call for Justice After Kitten Allegedly Thrown from Fifth Floor

An unidentified woman allegedly threw a kitten from the fifth floor of a housing society, leading to its death. Take strict action against the alleged perpetrator.

Ensure Animal Abusers Are Brought to Justice

Activists struggle to file cases of animal abuse due to problems in the legal framework. Take quick action to justify the need for amendments to the law.

Call for Strict Enforcement of Animal Cruelty Laws Following Illegal Cattle Slaughter

There has been an increasing number of illegal cattle slaughtered in public areas. Enforce strict enforcement of animal cruelty laws.

Demand Stricter Punishment for Man Who Kicked Dog to Death

A court fined a man $365 for kicking a dog to death. Demand stricter punishment to ensure justice for the animal.

Animal Advocate Who Allegedly Uploaded Bestiality Videos Must be Punished

A leader of an animal advocacy organization reportedly uploaded videos of child abuse and bestiality. Demand strict legal action against this alleged predator.

Punish Man On The Run After Allegedly Abusing Stray Dog

A middle-aged man is on the run after allegedly sexually abusing a stray dog. Demand strict legal action to protect animals from such heinous acts.

Pit Bull Facing Tragic Death Following Apparent Abuse Deserves Justice

Zola, a 2-year-old pit bull from Monticello, was euthanized after suffering allegedly severe abuse. Demand stronger laws and enforcement to prevent such cruelty.

Alleged Animal Abuse by Airline Crew Deserves Immediate Attention

An artist alleges that an airline crew threatened to remove her for giving her dog water during a flight. Take immediate action to address this alleged mistreatment.

German Shepherd Left to Die in Sweltering Heat Deserves Justice

A German Shepherd was left for dead, abandoned on a doorstep in lethal temperatures. Demand justice now.

Demand Justice for Dog Allegedly Shot and Left to Die

A dog named Duke was allegedly shot and left to die by his owners. Take immediate action to address this apparent animal cruelty and ensure justice for Duke.

African Grey Parrot Allegedly Found With Severe Feather Loss Deserves Justice

An African Grey parrot was reportedly found in severe distress on a parliament member’s property. Take immediate action to address this alleged animal neglect and ensure justice for the bird.

Puppies Allegedly Abused in “House of Horror” Deserve Justice

A puppy named Nugget reportedly escaped a house of horror, leading to the discovery of two dead dogs. Take immediate action to address this alleged animal cruelty and ensure justice for the dogs.

Justice for Dogs Allegedly Killed by Negligent Pet Sitter

Three dogs reportedly died under a pet sitter’s care. Take immediate action to address this alleged animal cruelty and ensure justice for the dogs.

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