Save Bat Species from Extinction

The grey long-eared bat of Southern Europe is in danger due to climate change and other factors. These particular bats hold the key to the survival of the bat species as a whole due to their superior genes. Sign this petition to help save this population from being wiped out.

Rescue Allegedly Malnourished Horses

Several complaints have been made about allegedly malnourished horses on a country property, but the horses still remain in their alleged abuser’s custody. Demand that the animals are rescued now.

Prosecute Man Accused of Raping Dogs

Two dogs had to be euthanized after the owner allegedly sexually abused them. Over 100 photos of bestiality were reportedly found in the owner’s home, some of which showed him sexually abusing the dogs. Please sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent animals.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Abused on a Subway

A dog was allegedly abused by its owner while riding on a subway. Disturbing video footage reportedly showed the woman hitting, biting, and violently pulling on the dog. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Expand Ban on Non-Rescue Animals at Pet Shops

Cambridge, Massachusetts has adopted a ban on non-rescue animals sold at pet stores. Demand that this important ban be expanded and emulated state-wide.

Justice for Dogs Forced to Eat Cage-Mate

Two dogs were reportedly starved for weeks and forced to eat their cage-mate to survive. Two puppies were also allegedly found dehydrated, starved, and too weak to stand. Punish the person accused of this horrific cruelty.

Justice for Four Dogs Allegedly Starved to Death by Breeder

Four dogs allegedly starved and dehydrated to death in a sad case of animal cruelty. The dogs were living at a kennel the time of their deaths, where the heat and humidity reportedly reached dangerous levels. Demand justice for these poor dogs.

Prosecute Woman Filmed Biting and Hitting Dog on Subway

A woman was filmed beating and biting her dog on a subway. After abusing the poor animal in front of witnesses, the police let her go with only a warning. Please sign this petition to demand that this woman be prosecuted and banned from owning animals.

Justice for Shark Brutally Shot to Death

A hammerhead shark was reportedly shot to death by a fisherman, who laughed as the creature bled out on the end of his line. MTV star Alex Kompothecras is currently accused of being the shooter and is under investigation. Sign this petition to demand he face justice if confirmed as the culprit.

Horrific Horse “Killing Field” Must be Shut Down

Dozens of sick and dying horses are being found in a “killing field.” Some are subjected to torture as their hooves are tied up, and rescuers say they find 20-30 dying, sick animals in single visits to the field. Demand that authorities put a stop to this disgusting cruelty.

Justice for 1000’s of Animals Found in Massive Hoarding Case

One thousand animals were recently found dead, and another 2,000 had to be rescued in one of the largest-scale cases of animal hoarding ever seen. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Dog With Mouth Allegedly Duct-Taped Shut Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly left alone in a hot car with his mouth duct-taped shut. The temperature outside reached 89 degrees and the dog could have overheated and died. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Justice for 32 Animals Allegedly Starved and Forced to Live in Filth

A cat died and 31 other animals suffered when they were allegedly starved and forced to live in filth. The animals were reportedly underfed, dirty, and some suffered from serious health conditions. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Shut Down Chicken Producer After Video Shows Chickens’ Necks Being Snapped

Workers at one of the largest chicken suppliers in the U.K. were reportedly filmed treating the birds cruelly and leaving them to suffer long, painful deaths. The chickens had ammonia burns and were suffering from severe lameness, while hundreds of baby chicks were left to die in bins. Please sign this petition to demand that they be shut down immediately.

Protect Wildlife from Anthrax

Wildlife in West Africa’s Tai National Park is dying of the anthrax bacteria, particularly the chimpanzee. Scientists are seeking protection for these animals, and they need as much support as possible in this endeavor. Sign this petition to support the scientists and prevent future anthrax deaths among animals.

Success: Law Requires Harsher Penalties for Animal Abusers

More animals will be protected from horrific cruelty, thanks to a new state law enforcing stricter punishments for animal abusers. Applaud this major victory for animal welfare.

Protect Pets from Anti-Vax Movement

Many dog owners in Brooklyn are taking the anti-vax movement to their dogs, refusing to have their pets inoculated against dangerous diseases. The movement operates on misinformation that is dangerous enough to humans, and could prove fatal to their beloved pets. Sign this petition to outlaw the anti-vax movement and protect the dogs of Brooklyn.

Justice for Dogs with Severe Flea Infestation Allegedly Denied Veterinary Care

Three dogs and eight puppies were reportedly denied veterinary care in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The dogs and puppies reportedly suffered from a severe flea infestation and dehydration, leaving one of the puppies in critical condition. Demand justice for these poor dogs.

Woman Accused of Kicking Cat in Video Must be Brought to Justice

Aggravated animal cruelty charges have been dropped against a woman who allegedly kicked a kitten in a video that she then posted online. Demand that the innocent kitten be given true justice.

Save South African Wildlife from Extinction

Aardvarks in a South African desert may go extinct soon due to climate change, and as a result will render many other species of wildlife helpless and slated to die out. Sign this petition to demand stronger protection of these animals and more efforts to fight climate change.

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