Ban Videos of Pets Being Hit and Kicked From TikTok

Videos that appear to show pets being hit and kicked for amusement are appearing on TikTok. Although the company was notified of the issue, they have reportedly only removed a couple of clips. Demand all videos that show animal abuse be removed immediately.

Small Dog Reportedly Thrown Off High Balcony Deserves Justice

A little pug named Bucky died after apparently being tossed off a seventh-floor condominium balcony by an angry ex-girlfriend. Demand justice for Bucky.

Don’t Punish Activists for Rescuing At-Risk Animals

Animals are dying on farms due to lack of care and inhumane living conditions. Yet instead of going after these abuses, the legal system punishes individuals who fight for animal welfare. Demand a reversal that empowers people seeking change and protects the nation’s most marginalized animals.

Stop Domestic Abusers From Using Pets as Blackmail

Victims of domestic violence are more likely to stay in dangerous relationships if they have pets, as abusers often use the animal’s welfare as blackmail. We must stop abusers from using companion animals to further harm these innocent victims.

Ban Abusive Auction From Veterinarians’ Property

An allegedly abusive animal auction was hosted by two veterinarians. Footage appears to show workers striking multiple different animals at the event. Demand any upcoming auction be banned from the property and that the victims get justice.

Sledding Dog Reportedly Slammed to the Ground and Stomped on Deserves Justice

A sled dog was reportedly viciously stomped on and slammed to the ground. Demand a full investigation and justice in this sickening case.

Dog Reportedly Found Starved to Death and Trying to Eat Feces Deserves Justice

A dog named Tank was apparently left to die a cruel death from starvation. His body was reportedly covered in untreated sores and frostbite, and feces were found in his mouth. Demand justice for Tank.

Stop Slaughtering Crocodiles for Handbags

Thousands of crocodiles and other wild animals are being farmed and slaughtered annually so humans can wear so-called fashionable accessories. Urge a prominent luxury goods company to stop its production and sale of exotic animal skin products.

Success: Bear Who Broke Into Homes for Food Saved From Euthanasia

The bear who broke into multiple California homes has been saved from euthanasia. DNA samples showed that he was not the sole culprit, and it is safe to relocate him to a different part of the forest once captured. Thank the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for investigating, listening to the public demands, and saving Hank the Tank.

Dogs Reportedly Left to Starve in Abandoned House Deserve Justice

Two dogs were apparently left languishing without food or water in an abandoned home. Reports indicate one was found dead, and that the other lost a massive amount of weight from starvation. Demand justice if it is discovered their caretaker caused this suffering.

Success: Bobcat is Healthy and Safe After Reported Theft

The bobcat that was reportedly stolen from a farm is back safe and sound. The farm itself released video of Blanche the bobcat looking happy as ever. Thank the farm owner who took measures to ensure the safety and security of their animals after the alleged theft.

Don’t Euthanize Starving Bear for Destroying Property in Search of Food

A 500-pound bear named Hank the Tank is being threatened with euthanasia because he is breaking into homes for food. The bear has not hurt any humans and may be starving. Demand that he be relocated safely to a sanctuary and not killed.

Justice for Goldie: Protect Puppies From Deadly Puppy Mill Neglect

Goldie, a vulnerable puppy, reportedly died at a puppy mill while the agency charged with protecting her did nothing. Urge action to fix the deadly loopholes that allowed her cries for help to go unheeded.

Dogs Allegedly Starved and Abandoned in Remote Area Deserve Justice

Two dogs were allegedly denied food or water and then abandoned by their owner. One of the dogs was completely blind, leaving the animal at a huge disadvantage. Demand the person reportedly responsible spend time in prison if she is found guilty of this animal cruelty.

Success: Transport of Monkeys for Experimentation Stopped

The flights that transport macaque monkeys to be used in experiments will be stopped, thanks to public outrage. Kenya Airlines will not be renewing their contract. Thank them for saving so many monkeys from cruelty and death.

Enforce Stronger Security at Animal Shelter After Puppy Was Reportedly Stolen

A 7-week-old puppy was reportedly stolen from an animal shelter just days after undergoing surgery. Thankfully, she was returned and is now safe, healthy, and up for adoption. Demand stronger security at the shelter to ensure nothing like this happens to any other animals.

Investigate Shelter Where Cats Were Reportedly Found Dead and Bleeding at the Mouth

An animal shelter is accused of maintaining gruesome conditions where cats were found dead or bleeding at the mouth from untreated injuries. Demand the animals be rescued and a full investigation conducted.

Save Reportedly Sick and Dying Guinea Pigs and Rabbits From Breeding Facility

Thousands of guinea pigs and rabbits at a Pennsylvania breeding facility are reportedly suffering and dying. They are allegedly subjected to horrific conditions that give them no chance to live a prosperous and health life. We demand an investigation be opened at this breeding facility and that the animals be saved.

Stop Killing Monkeys to Make Elon Musk’s Brain Chips

Elon Musk says monkeys have died to develop his new brain chips. They endure suffering before being “humanely” put down after terminal surgeries. Demand Musk use different methods for his experiments.

Dogs Allegedly Starved, Tied to Trees, and Abandoned Deserve Justice

Eight dogs were reportedly starved and neglected in a shocking case of animal cruelty. One dog named Thrax had to have her leg amputated after a leash reportedly wound too tightly around it while she was tied to a tree. Demand the person found legally responsible for this crime be held accountable for their actions.

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