Dog Apparently Trapped in Car Under Scorching Sun Deserves Justice

Target: Ms. Martha del Carmen Mesa Valenciano, Attorney General of Cuba

Goal: Investigate and ensure strict accountability for individuals allegedly responsible for leaving a dog trapped in a hot car, and enforce stronger animal welfare regulations.

Social media has brought attention to a distressing case of apparent animal abuse in Havana, Cuba. Images surfaced on Tuesday apparently showing a dog trapped inside a car under the scorching sun. Grettel Montes de Oca shared the photos on Facebook, noting that the dog had been locked in the car for an hour outside the Oncological Hospital. Despite attempts to seek help and open the car, the dog remained trapped. The post quickly gained traction, with many recalling similar incidents where animals had died under comparable conditions, highlighting a severe issue of animal cruelty in Cuba.

In another incident, Cuban animal rights activists reported that the owners of a Siberian Husky puppy left it locked in an abandoned house for three days in San José de las Lajas, Mayabeque. Activist Yenney Caballero managed to rescue the puppy by breaking an acrylic door. Caballero has also reported abuse cases, such as the death of a horse in Villa Clara, calling for urgent government action to amend the Animal Welfare Decree and impose harsher penalties. Prevent such alleged abuses and ensure the well-being of animals.


Dear Ms. Martha del Carmen Mesa Valenciano,

Recent social media reports have brought to light a deeply disturbing case of apparent animal cruelty in Havana, Cuba. Images appeared to show a dog trapped inside a car under the scorching sun for an hour outside the Oncological Hospital. Despite efforts to rescue the dog, it reportedly remained trapped.

In another incident, a Siberian Husky puppy was allegedly left locked in an abandoned house for three days in San José de las Lajas, Mayabeque, until a concerned activist rescued it. Additionally, reports have surfaced about a horse in Villa Clara that allegedly suffered abuse leading to its death. These incidents underscore the urgent need for stricter enforcement of animal welfare laws in Cuba.

We urge you to ensure a thorough investigation and hold those allegedly responsible accountable. Immediate action is necessary to prevent such incidents in the future and to protect the welfare of animals in Cuba. Amending the Animal Welfare Decree to impose harsher penalties is crucial to achieving this goal.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: lezumbalaberenjena


  1. Sophie D. says:

    I travel to Cuba quite often and am very distressed to learn that animal welfare laws are not strict enough. I urge you to amend your laws to ensure they impose much stricter penalties and to enforce these laws. Such cases of cruelty should be taken very seriously and fully investigated.

  2. sicko’s in Cuba

  3. Sicko’s are everywhere!

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