Animal Welfare

Denounce Politically Motivated Prairie Dog Hunt With Donald Trump Jr.

The Republican candidate for Congress in Montana recently slaughtered prairie dogs with Donald Trump Jr. for publicity. The prairie dogs are important ecologically and the hunt took place during their breeding season, when females were pregnant. Sign this petition to denounce this disgusting politically motivated animal hunt.

Ban ‘Inhumane’ Breeding of Lion/Tiger ‘Frankencats’

Animal rights groups are urging U.S. authorities to crack down on the controversial practice of cross breeding lions and tigers, arguing it leaves offspring weakened and more susceptible to disease. Sign this petition to call for an end to the creation of these so-called “frankencats.”

Allegedly Neglected, Scabies-Infested Dogs Deserve Justice

Six dogs suffered with severe mange and scabies infestation due to alleged neglect. Their diseases were so severe that they had to be euthanized. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Capture Person Who is Setting Dogs on Fire

Two dogs were found having been set on fire, one with third degree burns all over her body. The second dog was found with mouth taped shut and legs bound. Their torturer is still on the loose. Demand that authorities find and punish this dangerous person.

Success: Coast Guard Stops Killing Animals for Training

For years, animals have been tortured and killed for military trauma training.Thankfully, high-tech simulators will now replace live animals. Sign this petition and praise the Coast Guard’s decision to end this brutality.

Protect Feral Cats From Heat and Cold

Feral cat colonies are in need of adequate shelters to get them through extreme weather. Providing shelter to feral cats would also cut down on conflicts within communities and would provide safety for the cat colonies. Please sign this petition to help keep these cats safe.

Success: USDA Reposts Animal Welfare Information

Thousands of records of animal cruelty were removed from the USDA web site, impeding efforts to hold abusers accountable. The USDA has faced a huge outcry from concerned citizens and in response they’ve re-posted some of the records. Sign this petition to praise them for this step in the right direction.

Demand Temple Stop Using Animals in Circus

The largest of all the Shrine circuses still uses wild animals in its acts. Animals trapped in the circus are often abused and neglected. Sign this petition and demand Yaarab Shrine drop the animal acts.

Success: Dairy Farm Abusers to be Jailed

Three men who kicked, punched, and beat cows have been sentenced to jail. Applaud this move, which sends a message that animal abuse on farms will not be tolerated.

Man Accused of Raping Dog Must be Vigorously Prosecuted

A dog suffered serious traumatic harm after she was reportedly sexually abused. She had to be euthanized due to the extent of her injuries. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Justice for Puppy Thrown Into Burning Fire Pit

An eight-month-old puppy named Polo was found with debilitating burns all over his body after being thrown into a fire. Demand that Polo’s attackers are found and punished.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Beaten Against Ground and Abandoned

A dog was reportedly swung around by his paws and then slammed roughly against the ground in a cruel act of abuse. The injured dog was then allegedly abandoned in a park. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Ban Dissection State-Wide After Student Uses Cat’s Intestines as a Jump Rope

After a student used a cat’s intestine as a jump rope, a school district decided to ban cat dissections. Sign this petition and praise the school district for ending this unnecessary cruelty.

Success: Florida Black Bears Will Not Be Hunted

The 2017 black bear hunt has been cancelled. Sign this petition to praise those responsible for saving hundreds of Florida black bears.

Don’t Host Circus That Allegedly Beats Its Animals

Despite a circus’s notorious reputation for animal abuse and neglect, a venue is moving forward with its plans to host the circus. Animals held in the entertainment industry are often subjected to extended periods of time in small cages and frequent beatings. Sign this petition and demand the venue cancel its plans with the circus.

Ban Cruel Dog Training Tools

Choke chains and similar collars are still being sold in pet supply stores as training tools. These cruel tools have no place in a store that claims to be pet-friendly. Please sign this petition to help ban the sale of dangerous and outdated training collars.

Euthanized Dog Reportedly Living in Feces With Open Wounds Deserves Justice

A dog was found starving, living in filth, and with an untreated head wound that caused his eye to protrude from its socket. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Shut Down Allegedly Abusive Sloth Sanctuary

Sloths are reportedly being abused and neglected at a “sanctuary” in Costa Rica. These creatures have very specific needs that it appears are just not being met. Sign this petition to shut down the allegedly abusive sloth sanctuary.

Demand Justice for Starved Livestock

Over two dozen pigs and cattle were allegedly severely mistreated at the hands of one farmer. A few even had to be euthanized. Sign this petition to make sure the accused faces justice.

Demand Church Cancel Plans with Cruel Circus

A church is moving forward with its plans to host a notorious circus. The circus has a long list of Animal Welfare Act violations and seems to lack respect for its animals. Sign this petition and demand the church cancel its plans with the circus.

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