Animal Welfare

Find and Punish Man Caught on Video Throwing Sheep

A sheep was dragged by its neck and then thrown over by a fence by a cruel man who was caught on video laughing as he brutalized the animal. Demand that the man is found and punished.

Stop Torturing Animals for Research at Universities

A prestigious Irish school has subjected over one hundred thousand animals to painful medical experiments. Tell the government of Ireland that animal testing is unnecessary and has no place on university campuses.

Justice for Dogs Injured After Allegedly Being Tied to A Trailer and Dragged by Truck

A dog was seriously injured after falling off of a moving trailer and being dragged down the road. The owner had carelessly tied two dogs to a crowded trailer, then allowed one to fall off and be dragged, according to police. Please sign this petition to demand that these innocent dogs get the justice they deserve.

Stop Police Harassment of People Who Report Animal Abuse

Animal welfare activists have reported being harassed and falsely charged by corrupt police officers after reporting animal cruelty crimes. Demand that the police take animal cruelty seriously

Dogs Allegedly Neglected and Covered in Matted Fur Deserve Justice

Three dogs suffered when they were allegedly neglected and forced to live with dangerously matted fur. The fur clumps reportedly contained feces, urine, maggots, and pieces of metal. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Justice for Cat Allegedly Beaten, Tied Up in Bag, and Tossed in Dumpster

A live kitten was reportedly tied up in a bag and thrown out like garbage in a dumpster. The kitten could be heard crying from inside the dumpster, and officers say the poor animal was wet and shivering when they opened the bag. Please sign this petition to demand that the cruel people who did this be brought to justice.

Justice for Dog Reportedly Forced to Wear Cone for a Year

A dog suffered tremendously when he was allegedly forced to wear a cone around his neck for a year. The dog was reportedly underweight and suffered from a severe flea infestation. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Demand Return of Stolen Animals to Zoo

Ten species of animals have been stolen from a Venezuela zoo, further highlighting the country’s horrific economic crisis and its effects on the people. The situation was horrifying enough to begin with, but the potential harm of animals is a new low. Sign this petition to demand the animals be returned at once.

Justice for Horse Allegedly Tied to Truck and Dragged

A horse was reportedly tied to a trailer and dragged down the road at 35-40 miles per hour. The poor horse was suffering from road rash, deep lacerations, missing skin around the eye, and large bald spots. Please sign this petition to demand justice for this innocent horse.

Punish Woman Accused of Trying to Sell Baby Fox Online

A New York woman has been accused of trying to sell a baby fox for a large sum of money online despite it being illegal to sell, buy, and keep wild animals as pets in New York. Sign this petition to demand the woman face justice for her alleged animal cruelty.

Justice for Dog Cruelly Mutilated and Killed

A dog named Honey suffered horribly before being killed by a sadistic and cruel assailant. Honey’s fur was hacked away and her paw was nearly sawed off with a knife. Demand justice for Honey and her grieving family.

Justice for Pit Bulls Allegedly Forced to Live in Filth

Five neglected dogs were reportedly found in the custody of a man under probationary orders to have no animals in his care. Demand that he is punished harshly, if guilty.

Justice for Dog Reportedly Beaten and Forced to Eat Feces in Video

A couple was reportedly caught on video violently punching and kicking a dog before forcing him to eat feces. Please sign this petition to demand that this innocent dog, named Chico, gets the justice he deserves.

Shut Down Roadside Zoo Where Animals Were Allegedly Abused

Animals were allegedly physically abused at a roadside zoo. A shocking video reportedly showed zoo employees talking about hitting the animals and using them as props in selfies. Demand the immediate closure of this cruel zoo.

Demand Harsher Punishment for Man Caught Kicking and Punching Dog

A man was caught on video violently punching, kicking, and choking his dog. The poor dog had to later be euthanized because of behavioral problems, which likely stemmed from being abused. Despite having a record of violence, the owner was given only a fine and a 10-year ban from owning animals. Please sign this petition to demand a harsher punishment.

Justice for Horses Found Dead and Decomposing in Their Stalls

Eleven horses were found dead in their stalls from starvation, another was left without water and forced to gnaw on wood in an attempt to survive. Punish the person responsible for this shocking neglect.

Shut Down Roadside Zoo Accused of Animal Abuse

Video apparently taken at a roadside zoo seems to show the owners admitting to animal abuse, including beating a lion cub. It is also alleged that animals were acquired by the zoo by separating cubs from their parents. Demand that this zoo is closed immediately.

Beating Death of Family’s Dog Requires More Than Misdemeanor Charges

A man has been charged with a simple misdemeanor in the beating death of a beloved family dog named Hank. This is unacceptable, as animal abuse is a serious crime and should be treated as such. Sign this petition to demand justice for Hank.

Dog and Puppy that Allegedly Died from Neglect Deserve Justice

A dog and a three-week-old puppy died after they were allegedly left outside unattended for two weeks. The dog was reportedly chained to the house without access to food or water. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Punish Repeat Offender for Allegedly Starving Dogs After Previously Being Charged for Dead Bear and Rabbit

A dead dog was reportedly found inside of a metal cage after starving to death, while 10 additional dogs were also reportedly starving and kept on short leashes without shelter. The owner has a history of animal cruelty charges stemming from an investigation where dead rabbits and a black bear were found in his home. Sign this petition to demand that this repeat offender be brought to justice.

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