Animal Welfare

Bird Whose Neck Was Reportedly Snapped in Act of Revenge Deserves Justice

A woman is accused of breaking a defenseless bird’s neck in a fit of anger after arguing with her roommate. Demand that she face consequences if found guilty.

Prevent More Deaths at Facility Where Three Dolphins Died Within 6-Month Period

Three bottlenose dolphins have died at the Mirage Hotel & Casino within six months. Captive dolphins suffer immensely in tiny enclosures separated from friends and kin, making them susceptible to illness and death. Demand the Mirage close its dolphin exhibit and work towards releasing those it now confines.

Protect Lost Pets During Natural Disasters

In the wake of record-breaking flooding and hurricanes, pets are being separated from their homes and left to battle the elements alone. While microchips are a way by which animals can be identified and returned to their owners, there are no regulations relating to their use. Demand microchips be mandated for all pets across the U.S.

Demand Shelter Stop Allegedly Letting Kittens Die Slow, Painful Deaths

An animal shelter in Vermont has been accused of letting dogs and cats suffer without life-saving veterinary care. One kitten reportedly died due to this alleged mistreatment. Demand this shelter be investigated for animal cruelty and shut down if found guilty.

Stop Letting Thousands of Farm Animals Drown to Death

Millions of animals die each year on the way to slaughterhouses. Thousands of these deaths are the result of catastrophic transport failures, including the sinking of cargo vessels. Demand the U.S. ban the export of live animals within its borders.

Stop Exposing Rabbits and Other Animals to Convulsion-Inducing Products

The use of dogs and cats in painful toxicity tests has recently been banned in California. However, this leaves other animals like rabbits, mice, birds, rats, and fish to suffer the consequences of unnecessary chemical testing. Demand all animals be protected from research, not just those we deem worthy.

Success: Undercover Activists Encouraged to Expose Animal Abuse

Animal welfare activists have long sustained legal punishments for conducting undercover investigations of potentially abusive farms, breeding facilities, and more. Fortunately, one state has chosen to protect these investigators as they expose the truth. Thank Iowa for prioritizing animal, consumer, and worker welfare over the greed of large, abusive corporations.

Stop Reportedly Gassing Chinchillas to Death for High Fashion

Chinchillas are reportedly subjected to horrific conditions for the purpose of farming their fur. These poor, sensitive animals are apparently forced to live in unlit, filthy cages, while females are repeatedly bred to sustain the demand. Then they are seemingly killed by having their necks broken or are gassed in pressure cookers. Demand Romania ban fur farms countrywide.

Don’t Make Overcrowded Shelters Kill Adoptable Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats are being surrendered to shelters at extremely high rates due to a series of economic factors. Most shelters simply do not have the resources to care for all these animals and have had to euthanize many highly adoptable pets. Demand increased funding to help cover the expenses of increased intake.

Save Victims of Domestic Abuse by Protecting Their Pets

Pets are targeted by domestic abusers and victims often return to their abusers out of concern for the safety of their animals, putting themselves at risk. Demand pets be better protected from acts of domestic violence and prioritize the physical and psychological welfare of animals and victims.

Dog Reportedly Hanged and Set on Fire by 12-Year-Old Deserves Justice

Buddy the dog was found with an extension cord tied around his neck and covered in burns. A 12-year-old child was apparently responsible for this cruel act, but couldn’t be charged. Demand all children who commit violence towards animals receive psychological treatment.

End Disgusting Practice of Killing Hundreds of Animals Per Minute in Slaughterhouses

Thousands of pigs, chickens, and other animals die cruel deaths on high-speed killing lines in slaughterhouses every day. Help end this brutal and inhumane practice.

Punish Man for Allegedly Dismembering, Flaying, Burning, and Drowning Wild Animals

A 20-year-old man allegedly waged a four-year campaign of cruelty against defenseless animals. This suspect’s reported crimes include drownings, burnings, and stabbings caught on video. Demand real and consequential punishment if the accused is deemed guilty.

Demand Justice for More Than 300 Dogs Rescued From Apparent Dogfighting Operation

More than 300 dogs were reportedly rescued from an underground dogfighting ring in South Carolina—the largest in the states’ history. Demand justice for these innocent dogs seemingly forced into a life of cruelty and demand legislators punish guilty parties to the fullest extent of the law.

Craigslist: Stop Allowing the Sale of Puppy Mill Dogs

Puppy mills are extremely abusive breeding operations that treat their dogs like commodities to be bred and sold as opposed to living animals with feelings. While many states have begun banning the sale of puppy mill dogs in pet stores, operators of these mills use the internet in lieu of in person sales. Demand online platforms do more to prohibit the sale of abused puppies on their sites.

Success: Animals Will Be Protected From Natural Disasters

During natural disasters, animals are typically abandoned to face the harsh elements alone. In the wake of increasingly frequent weather events, certain animal care facilities are now required to develop escape plans for their animals. Thank Congress for saving the lives of thousands of innocent animals and for protecting them from the effects of climate change.

Stop Torturing Circus Animals With Whips, Electric Prods, and Sharp Metal Hooks

Elephants, big cats, and other wild animals used in circus acts are repeatedly whipped, beaten, and even electrocuted during training. Ban the exploitation of exotic animals in traveling circuses and carnivals.

Stop Injecting Rabbits, Mice, and Guinea Pigs With Toxins to Test Cosmetics

Cosmetic testing subjects lab animals to completely unnecessary pain and torture. The helpless victims have toxic chemicals dripped into their eyes and on their skin or are force-fed dangerous substances. End this cruel and outdated practice.

Don’t Let Animal Abusers Become Child Abusers

Tens of millions of animals face severe physical and psychological trauma from human-inflicted abuse. Such cruelty has even been connected to violence towards humans and a series of other illegal activities. Demand animals receive more federal protections and that alleged abusers be quickly investigated and prosecuted.

Turn Exploitative Zoos Into Animal Recovery Centers

Animals in zoos and aquariums endure extreme physical and psychological trauma. Demand the U.S. ban these abusive institutions and, instead, convert them into animal conservation and recovery centers.

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