Animal Welfare

Dog That Allegedly Died From Bleeding Maggot Infested Neck Wounds Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly found with maggots and flies inside his bleeding neck. Demand the person allegedly responsible for not providing his dog with the appropriate veterinary care receive no mercy under the law.

Dogs Allegedly Abandoned in Woods and Left to Die Deserve Justice

Five dogs were allegedly thrown in kennels without food or water and tied to trees before being abandoned in the woods and left to die. Demand the person reportedly responsible for neglecting and abusing these animals not receive any mercy under the law.

Puppies Reportedly Dead After Being Ripped Away From Their Mother Deserve Justice

Three puppies reportedly died after they were unexpectedly taken from their mother and deprived of proper care. Demand the person accused of this crime be given a tough legal penalty.

Save Whales Reportedly Dying and in Distress at Theme Park

Fifteen whales have reportedly died at Marineland Ontario. The theme park seemingly has inadequate facilities and should be shut down, with all remaining animals sent to a sanctuary. Please, tell the Ontario government to save these innocent creatures.

Stop Torturing Animals in Labs for Testing

Animal testing subjects millions of defenseless creatures to needless pain and suffering. Help end this cruel practice.

Pit Bulls Shot and Killed By Suspected Dog-Fighting Operation Deserve Justice

Three pit bulls were shot dead and dumped in a Pennsylvania reservoir. They may have been casualties of a dog-fighting operation. Demand justice for these victimized animals.

Stop Inserting Catheters Into Imprisoned Bears’ Gallbladders to Harvest Bile

Bears are being imprisoned in tiny cages so their gallbladders can be harvested for medicine. This entirely unnecessary practice subjects animals to a life of torment. Call for an end to bear bile farming.

Save Tigers From Unethical Trade

Tigers can legally be traded in the EU for any number of reasons. This trade goes largely unmonitored by any major organization. Act now to call for stricter laws to protect these endangered animals.

Stop Letting Dogs Languish and Die in Abusive Breeding Facilities

Dogs are being exploited, bred, and neglected to the point of death in record numbers. Urge authorities to crack down on this hideous abuse.

Starving Dog Left to Die in Abandoned School Deserves Justice

A starving Pitbull was found in an empty classroom of a boarded-up school. All signs point to him being intentionally abandoned. Demand that whoever did this be brought to justice.

Don’t Rehome Imperative Emotional Support Animal

A man who suffers from chronic anxiety is being forced to rehome his emotional support pig, Ellie, even though not allowing him to keep her is discrimination under the Fair and Equal Housing Act. Demand the town immediately stop all legal actions against him and that they allow Ellie to remain with her owner.

German Shepherd Apparently Brutally Beaten by Owner on Video Deserves Justice

A German shepherd named Ginger was reportedly tortured and beaten in a horrific act of animal cruelty caught on film. Demand justice for Ginger.

Protect Horses Allegedly Forced to Work for Hours Without Water in 90-Degree Heat

Horses and ponies were reportedly left in the heat without water for hours at a Los Angeles-based petting zoo. This is one of many allegations of neglect against this attraction. Act now to protect these animals.

Punish Financial Officer Who Allegedly Stole From Animal Shelter

A chief financial officer has been accused of stealing $300,000 from an animal shelter that was meant to be used for a new building. She is currently accused of two separate felonies and the animals in her care were reportedly neglected. Demand the prosecutor seek the maximum penalty possible if she is found guilty.

Horse Who Suddenly Died Following Alleged Animal Cruelty Deserves Justice

A 23-year-old horse died suddenly after being entrusted to the care of a stabling business. An investigation into the circumstances of this death has commenced. Demand justice if animal cruelty accusations are deemed credible.

Two Dogs Apparently Shot in Cold Blood Deserve Justice

Two non-aggressive dogs were reportedly shot for no reason by an angry resident. Demand justice for these helpless victims.

Stop Confining Hens to Torturous, Tiny “Battery Cages”

The vast majority of egg-laying hens are confined to small cages with less than 67 inches of space. They suffer from illness and physical debilitation due to the inability to engage in nesting and perching. Demand that cage-free eggs become a federal mandate.

Dogs Apparently Left to Suffer With Infections in Filth Deserve Justice

A family of accused serial animal abusers may at last face justice. Demand authorities hold them to account for their reported abuse and neglect of dozens of dogs.

Stop Mass Slaughter of Colombian Hippos

Once-captive hippos in Colombia gained their freedom but their lives are now being threatened by a devastating and inhumane cull. Demand leaders embrace population control over wholesale eradication of these beloved animals.

Penalize Lion Farmer Accused of Letting Big Cats Starve to Death

Thirty lions had to be euthanized after apparently sustaining severe burns from a fire, and being unable to escape due to life-threatening malnutrition. Act now to make sure their owner is never allowed to care for animals again.

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