Animal Welfare

Justice for Small Dogs Allegedly Forced to Live in Filthy Barn

Nearly 30 dogs were found living in a filthy barn without adequate shelter. Demand that the people responsible are punished.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Threw His Girlfriend’s Dog Against a Wall  

A man allegedly threw his girlfriend’s dog against a wall, breaking the dog’s leg. The man reportedly became upset with the dog after the dog urinated on the bed. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Stop Silencing Animal Welfare Advocates With ‘Ag-Gag’ Law

Animal abusers are currently protected under a potentially unconstitutional law in Iowa that prohibits animal rights advocates and employees from filming or photographing unsafe or inhumane conditions on factory farms. Sign this petition to challenge the agricultural industry’s desire to keep potential abuse out of the public eye and demand that this law be overturned.

Starving Dogs Found Choking to Death in ‘Zombie House’ Deserve Justice

Two dogs were found starving, and one was chained so tightly that he could have choked to death if rescuers hadn’t arrived. The dogs were locked in a “zombie house” without food or water. Sign this petition to demand justice for these poor dogs.

Puppy Whose Ears Were Cut Off for Losing Dogfight Deserves Justice

Two men cut off the ears of a puppy as punishment for losing a dogfight, and yet they were only fined a small amount of money and face no jail time. Sign this petition to demand these men face real prison time for this horrific act of cruelty.

Dog Killed in Hot Car Deserves Justice

A dog died after he was allegedly left inside of a hot car unattended for over five hours. The dog reportedly had no access to water and vomit was found throughout the car. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Punish Children Accused of Burning Squirrel to Death

A squirrel was allegedly hit with a large rock and hung from a tree before two teen boys set it on fire. Demand justice now.

Justice for Ollie the Dog Found Stabbed and Stuffed in Suitcase

A pit bull puppy was brutally beaten, stabbed, and locked inside a suitcase for days. He died of his injuries several days later and the perpetrators have yet to be found. Demand that once they are identified they are punished severely.

Dog Shot in Back with Arrow Deserves Justice

A dog suffered and nearly died when he was shot with an arrow. The dog had also been shot multiple times with a pellet gun and was likely being used for target practice. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Forced to Live in Her Own Urine and Feces

A dog suffered when she was allegedly forced to live in her own urine and feces. The dog was reported to be in pain due to an untreated injury and to have had only moldy food to eat. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Groomer Accused of Kicking Dog to Death Must be Punished

A dog groomer is accused of kicking a dog to death and then lying about it. Demand that she is punished and banned from owning or caring for animals if guilty.

Success: Gucci Promises to Go Fur-Free

Luxury brand Gucci has promised to stop using animal fur in its products in a huge victory for animal welfare. Support this decision to stop supporting the fur industry and to instead stand for animal rights and human compassion.

Punish Man Accused of Stabbing His Cat to Death

A cat suffered and died when her owner allegedly stabbed her in the head. The cat sustained a head injury following a fall, and her owner reportedly stabbed her to death instead of taking her to a veterinarian. Demand justice for this innocent cat.

Applaud Colgate-Palmolive’s Efforts to Get Rid of Animal Testing

Colgate-Palmolive recently hosted a major conference on cruelty-free alternatives for animal testing. The company is also involved in lobbying for regulatory change all over the world, including trying to get China to drop its mandatory animal testing laws. Praise their work, which is refreshing to see from a major corporation.

Ban Drugs for Iditarod Racing Dogs

A team of Iditarod racing dogs tested positive for dangerous performance-enhancing drugs, leading the Iditarod officials to change the rules. This is only the first step, however, such drugs need to be completely outlawed. Sign this petition to protect dogs from potentially life-threatening side effects brought on by these drugs.

Justice for 44 Dogs Who Died Due to Alleged Neglect

Forty-four dogs died after they were allegedly starved and denied desperately needed medical care. Thirty additional dogs and one cat survived, but they were reportedly dangerously emaciated and covered in hair mats. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Neighbor Accused of Shooting Family Dog Five Times Must be Prosecuted

A golden retriever named Walle was allegedly shot dead by a neighbor for wandering out of his yard. Demand that police conduct a full investigation and punish the alleged attacker.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Chained Sick Dog Outside Without Food, Water, or Shelter

A dog suffered terribly when he was allegedly chained outside without access to food, water, or shelter. The dog reportedly had an ear infection so severe that his eardrum swelled shut. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Shut Down Allegedly Inhumane, Law-Breaking Slaughterhouse

A slaughterhouse in Vermont has racked up multiple humane slaughter law citations and has reportedly caused animals to suffer horribly. Demand that this slaughterhouse be immediately shut down.

Over 20 Animals Found in Home Without Food or Water Deserve Justice

Over 20 animals were reportedly found in unsanitary and cruel conditions without access to food or water. Dogs were found in rusty wire and plastic crates, some becoming so hungry that they apparently ate the plastic bars. Demand justice for these poor animals.

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