Animal Welfare

Stop Normalizing Animal Cruelty For Young Users on Social Media

Young people are increasingly exposed to disturbing animal cruelty content online. Take immediate steps to remove this content and protect users.

Stop The Man Accused of Bestiality From Regaining Access to Farm Animals

A man reportedly committed an act of bestiality. Demand that he face the maximum legal penalties and ensure he is not allowed near animals.

Demand Justice for Dog Reportedly Thrown From Ledge and Brain Injured

After a reported attack left Rocket, a miniature poodle, with severe injuries, he is now on the road to recovery. Demand stricter penalties for animal abusers to prevent future cruelty.

Puppies Found Dead at Golf Course Deserve Justice

Seven pit bull puppies were found dead at Ingleside Golf Course. Take immediate action to investigate and prosecute those responsible.

24 Dogs Allegedly Tortured and Starved Cry for Justice

A woman faces 24 counts of animal cruelty for allegedly torturing and neglecting 24 dogs. Ensure she faces maximum legal consequences.

Do Not Give Football Star Accused of Deadly Neglect Slap on Wrist

A Super Bowl champion stands accused of severely neglecting two dogs to the point of death. Demand prosecutors seek full charges and punishment in this troubling case.

Reports of Puppies Dead From Parvo, Bearded Dragon With Mold, and Feces Covered Rooms Demands Action

Dead puppies, a moldy reptile, and feces covered rooms, are just some of the abuses found inside a home, according to police. Demand authorities seek the maximum penalty in this case.

7 Dogs Found Reportedly Living in Feces and Flea Infested Home Deserve Justice

Seven dogs were reportedly found living in a house filled with feces, fleas, and filth. Demand authorities seek justice for these animals.

Hold Accountable Animal Rescue Groups Accused of Letting Dogs Languish and Die

Allegations have surfaced against animal rescue groups of failing to provide adequate care for rescued dogs, leading to deaths and severe neglect. Demand thorough investigations and stricter regulations to ensure proper treatment of rescued animals.

Stop Killing Pets in Misguided Prosecutions

Many pets get killed due to misguided prosecutions and errors in judgment. Take immediate action to stop killing innocent animals.

Call to Action: More Than One in Five People Witness Online Animal Abuse

More than one in five people have reported witnessing animal abuse online. Take immediate steps to combat this disturbing trend.

Justice for K-9 Apparently Punched 3 Times and Flung in Air by Police Officer

A police officer was apparently caught on video punching and flinging his service dog in the air. Demand this cop face justice.

Take Action Against Rising Cases of Animal Abuse

Over 120 reports of animal abuse have been made in the last six months. Demand stronger measures to protect animals and ensure perpetrators are held accountable.

Demand Justice for Dogs Reportedly Infested With Fleas in Home Filled With Feces

A man faces seven felony charges of neglect after authorities reportedly discovered several dogs living in deplorable conditions. Ensure justice and improve animal welfare regulations.

Dogs Apparently Kicked and Stomped on Head Deserve Justice

Two dogs, Contra and Duke, were seized from a home where they reportedly suffered severe abuse, and now require surgery. Demand justice.

Hold Perpetrators Accountable as Animal Abuse Cases Rise

Reports of animal abuse are on the rise, with numerous cases surfacing recently. Demand immediate action to investigate and prosecute these alleged abusers to ensure justice for the victims.

Puppies Allegedly Beaten and Thrown Off Terrace Cry For Justice

Two five-month-old puppies were allegedly beaten and thrown off a terrace by a housekeeper. Call for strict action against the accused and enhanced animal protection measures.

Bernese Mountain Dogs Allegedly Neglected to Death Deserve Justice

Four sick Bernese Mountain Dog puppies, along with their mother, were allegedly denied medical care at a shelter, leading to their deaths. Demand strict penalties for the shelter owner and ensure proper animal welfare practices.

Kitten Found in Plastic Bag: Demand Action Against Severe Animal Neglect

A week-old kitten was tied up in a plastic bag with its dead sibling and discarded. The suffering cats were found by passing children. Demand stronger animal protection measures to end this cruelty.

Demand Justice for Rising Animal Abuse Cases

Reports of animal cruelty are rising, with recording 962 incidents in the first half of 2024. Demand stronger measures to protect animals and bring perpetrators to justice.

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