Animal Welfare

Justice for Senior Elephant’s Alleged Suffering and Abuse

A senior elephant, reportedly suffering immense cruelty, needs urgent rescue. Demand immediate legal action against those responsible for her plight.

Justice for Innocent Puppies Allegedly Killed by Local Traders

Seven stray puppies were allegedly killed, sparking widespread outrage. Call for an immediate legal action against those responsible.

Save Abandoned Pets From Tragic Fate

One potential salvation for abandoned pets is failing because of lackadaisical leadership. Demand a stronger investment in shelter drop boxes.

Justice for Bulldog Tragically Dead After Reportedly Being Attacked and Left Unattended

Arty, a bulldog, tragically passed away after reportedly being attacked and left unattended for 36 hours. Push for stringent legal repercussions against such alleged neglect and cruelty in animal care facilities.

27 Animals That Allegedly Survived Extreme Neglect Deserve Justice

A man is accused of neglecting 27 animals, leading to the deaths of several snakes. Take action to ensure a thorough investigation.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Attacked With a Machete

A dog named Max reportedly endured brutal violence. Demand strict enforcement of laws against animal abuse.

Justice for Alleged Horrific Animal Cruelty at Certified Pig Farm

Pigs were reportedly gruesomely mistreated at a certified farm. Demand legal action against those responsible.

Justice for Allegedly Mistreated Dog Hit with Metal Bowl

In a harrowing display, a dog was reportedly brutally hit with a metal bowl. Ensure justice and prevent further cruelty.

Stop Allegedly Abusing Live Animals on TV for Entertainment

Alarming allegations of animal abuse in a popular TV show require immediate attention. Urge the channel to ensure ethical treatment of animals in their productions.

Dogs Reportedly Found Chained and Starving Deserve Justice

Two dogs were reportedly found chained in freezing conditions without shelter, food, or water. Demand a full investigation.

Dog Apparently Shot in the Face in Own Yard Deserves Justice

An innocent puppy was reportedly shot in the face in his family’s own yard. An apparently vengeful neighbor is charged with the shooting. Demand justice now.

Justice for Exotic Animals Allegedly Stacked Atop Each Other

Dozens of exotic animals allegedly suffered in a home. Call for severe legal consequences.

Justice for Four Puppies Reportedly Found Upon Brutal Demise

In a distressing event, four puppies were allegedly subjected to brutal killing. This heinous act necessitates stringent legal action.

Justice for Elderly Woman and Pets in Tragic House Fire Allegedly Set by Son

An elderly woman and two dogs suffered in a house fire allegedly set by her son. Call for legal action against the accused.

Justice for Dog Apparently Executed by Police Inside a Private Home

Cops broke into a home and executed the residents’ dog, according to reports. Demand justice for this innocent victim.

Courageous Rescue Dog Left Without Food or Water for Weeks Deserves Justice

A rescue dog survived extreme neglect and became a beacon of hope for over 200 foster puppies. Demand justice for his suffering.

Justice for Pet Dogs Allegedly Beaten With Wooden Stick While Chained

Innocent dogs were allegedly assaulted with a wooden stick. Demand justice and accountability.

Justice for Greyhounds Lost and Injured in Reported Racing Tragedy

Two greyhounds perished and two suffered severe injuries in a single week seemingly due to neglect and mistreatment on the racetrack. Call for immediate legal action against those responsible.

Justice for Innocent Dogs Allegedly Succumbed to Bullet Injuries

Multiple dogs were reportedly shot and killed in a heinous act of cruelty. Seek immediate legal action against the alleged perpetrator.

Justice for Helpless Dog’s Tragic Death After Being Tied to Dumpster

A defenseless dog tied to a dumpster met a heartbreaking demise. Call for accountability and legal action against those responsible.

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