Animal Conservation

End Trophy Hunting of Endangered African Leopards

533px-leopard_standing_in_tree_2_caelioThe African leopard is one of trophy hunting’s most lucrative prizes. As a result, its population has plummeted by 30 percent. Demand that trophy hunting be brought to an end so this majestic animal and others like it can be saved from extinction.

Save Flat-Tailed Horned Lizards from Extinction

flat-tailed-horned-lizard-by-california-dept-fish-and-wildlifeThe flat-tailed horned lizard is facing extinction due to massive habitat loss. Sign this petition to urge the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to protect the lizards under the California Endangered Species Act.

Stop Coming Slaughter of Mountain Lions and Black Bears

mountain-lion-by-california-dept-of-fish-and-gameMajestic mountain lions and black bears will soon be cruelly killed under a new plan. Tell authorities to reject this idea in favor of a more humane option.

Stop Hunting Diamondback Terrapins

diamondback-terrapin-by-trisha-shearsDiamondback terrapins can be harvested in unlimited amounts during a nine-month open season in New York. A new proposal will ban this harmful harvest. Sign this petition to show your support for the proposed ban.

Save the Sea Turtles

sea-turtle-by-brocken-inaglorySea turtles are on the brink of extinction due to poachers, water pollution, global warming and other threats. These animals have been on this planet for millions of years, and we must help them keep their longevity. Sign this petition to demand stronger protections for sea turtles.

Don’t Revoke Protections for Endangered Species

1024px-american_bison_k5680-1_jack-dykingaA group of Republicans are launching a lawsuit that would restrict protections of certain endangered species and their habitats. Sign the petition and demand that this lawsuit be dropped.

Remove Outdated Dams That Are Killing Wild Salmon

wild-salmon-by-bureau-of-land-managementThe wild salmon population in the Snake River has declined 90 percent due to four outdated and expensive dams. Sign this petition to urge the Bureau of Reclamation to remove these unnecessary dams.

Don’t Let Big Oil Deafen Marine Mammals

sperm-whale-by-amila-tennakoonWhales and dolphins are being severely injured and deafened by unchecked seismic blasting done by oil and gas companies. Sign this petition to urge the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to put more regulations on seismic blasting.

Protect Endangered Orcas from Big Oil

orcas-jumping-from-water-by-christopher-michelThe last remaining orcas in the Salish Sea are in danger of being killed off due to a proposed pipeline expansion that would make their habitat unlivable, and increase risks of an oil spill. Sign this petition to tell Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau to oppose this project and save these majestic creatures.

Applaud Crackdown on Elephant and Rhino Poaching

black-rhino-by-gerry-zamboniniElephants and black rhinos have been decimated by poachers in Tanzania. The country’s president says he will be implementing a plan to stop poaching and ivory smuggling. Sign this petition to thank the president for protecting Tanzania’s wildlife.

Stop Turtles From Being Eaten Into Extinction

Ben-Turtlesberger-by-Ryan-DingmanAmerican turtles are being harvested to feed the appetites of Chinese consumers. While many states have banned or restricted the collection of turtles, Louisiana still has very lax restrictions in place. Sign this petition to tell Louisiana to protect its turtle population.

Deer Hacked to Pieces in Quiet Village–Stop the Killing

Deer Photo Credit SkeezeHorrifically mutilated wild animal corpses have been appearing in public places in a quiet village. Urge the police to find and punish the twisted killer before they strike again.

Applaud New Ban on Sea Turtle Hunting

turtle-carey-de-conchaOver 40,000 sea turtles are killed each year despite being an endangered species. Thankfully, one nation took it upon themselves to help and protect these gentle, unique animals. Sign this petition and thank the nation for protecting sea turtles before it is too late.

Men Torture and Stomp Off Head of Kangaroo – Take Action Now

kangaroo-by-memorycatcherFour men ran down a wild kangaroo, burned it with a lit cigarette, stabbed it repeatedly and beat it to death, all while recording the incident and then uploading it on social media. Sign this petition to demand justice for this poor, defenseless animal.

Stop Wildlife Trafficking

tiger-j-patrick-fischerProducts made from 225 tigers, 907 elephants, and 579 rhinos were allegedly sold in one village in just 18 months. If the tigers were all wild, this represents six percent of the wild tiger population. Demand action to end wildlife trafficking.

Save Rapidly Deteriorating Coral Reefs

Reef_Coral_by_Kyle_TaylorOver half of one of the world’s oldest coral reefs is currently dead, while much of the rest has been bleached. Demand that the government steps in to save this reef and the marine species that rely on it.

Thank Rescuers for Saving Orangutan Tied to Tree

orangutan-kabir-bakieAn orangutan was recently rescued from the black market and brought to safety. Rescuers acted quickly and were able to save the orangutan before it was too late. Sign this petition and thank the organization for all it does in helping these extraordinary animals.

Prevent Dangerous and Illegal Night Hunting

nighthunting_lovecatzNight hunting has both led to a decrease in wildlife populations and posed threats to members of society. Sign this petition to demand that more conservation officers be hired to patrol for night hunters.

Protect Tigers from Being Killed by Gangs

Tiger Keven LawEndangered tigers are being hunted by mafia-style gangs for profit and status. Sign this petition to end illegal poaching and help protect this ferociously beautiful animal from being eradicated.

Reinstate Ban on Cruel Traps

foothold-trap-animal-welfare-instituteSteel foothold traps, a cruel tool that slams down onto animals’ paws and prevents them from being able to escape, have been legalized after a 30-year ban. Sign this petition to demand that officials reinstate the ban against this cruel torture device.

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