Animal Conservation

Protect Monarch Butterflies From Chemical Threats

The monarch butterfly, a symbol of grace and beauty, faces a dire threat due to pesticide exposure. Act now to save them.

Protect the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake From Extinction

The eastern massasauga rattlesnake faces imminent extinction due to human encroachment and urban expansion. Act now to save their habitat.

Don’t Allow Climate Change to Kill Off the Ground Squirrel

The ground squirrel’s survival is hanging by a thread due to climate change impacts. Protect its habitat and save this vital species from extinction.

Save the Salmon and the Steelhead From Rapid Urbanization

The salmon and the steelhead, two vital fish species, are on the brink of extinction due to rapid urbanization destroying their habitat. Act now to prevent a massive loss.

Save Wildlife and Ecosystems From Irresponsible Recreation

The stunning wilderness is in peril, its beauty and life under siege by reckless recreation. Defend it with responsible actions and strong regulations.

Stop Endangered Honeycreepers From Vanishing Forever

Honeycreepers, a once abundant and remarkable bird species, are now on the verge of vanishing forever thanks to habitat destruction and disease. Act now to protect them.

Safeguard Sea Turtles by Preserving Coastal Dark Skies

The bright lights along the coast disrupt nesting sea turtles and lure hatchlings away from the safety of the sea. Enforce strict light pollution regulations to save this species.

Stop Bulldozing Habitat of Critically Endangered Florida Panther

The Florida panther’s survival is in grave jeopardy as it teeters on the edge of extinction. Act now to protect their fragile habitat and ensure their future.

Save Migratory Shorebirds by Preserving Horseshoe Crabs

The continued existence of horseshoe crabs is essential for the survival of migratory shorebirds. Ensure their sustainable conservation.

Stop Using Exotic Animal Skins in Luxury Products

Thousands of exotic animals are being slaughtered for the making of luxury wallets, purses, and watches. Demand companies halt the production of any further animal-containing products.

Save the Gunnison Sage-Grouse From Human Encroachment

The Gunnison sage-grouse faces a life-or-death struggle due to the destruction of its habitat and breeding ground. Urgently act now to safeguard this iconic bird and its fragile home.

Don’t Push the Unique Tule Elk to the Brink of Extinction Again

Tule elk are once again at risk of extinction as their habitat is destroyed for urban and agricultural development. Act urgently to safeguard these majestic creatures that are a vital part of the national heritage.

Preserve the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker and Its Pine Forest Habitat

The red-cockaded woodpecker and its ancient pine forest home are disappearing due to logging. Act now to strengthen protections for these magnificent woodpeckers and their critical habitat.

Protect the Sonoran Desert Tortoise From Droughts and Heat Waves

The Sonoran Desert tortoise is in danger due to droughts and heatwaves, which are shrinking its home, disrupting its life, and harming the entire desert. Act now to save the species.

Protect the Ozark Hellbender Salamander From Water Pollution

The Ozark hellbender salamander stands on the brink of crisis due to pollution, habitat damage, and shifting climates. Act now to protect this ancient species.

Save Arctic Wildlife From Melting Ice

The Chukchi Sea, once a frozen haven, now faces alarming ice melt caused by climate change. Act urgently to protect Arctic wildlife.

Safeguard Road Crossings to Prevent Death of Migrating Wildlife

The wilderness, celebrated for its beauty and wildlife, faces a grave danger: roadkill. Act now to implement wildlife crossings and protect our precious animals.

Preserve the Alabama Beach Mouse From Coastal Development

Proposed coastal development threatens the Alabama beach mouse, a critically endangered species. Take swift action to stop this perilous threat now.

Protect Gopher Tortoises By Saving Their Complex Underground Shelters

The gopher tortoise, a vital keystone species in the ecosystem, faces a perilous future. Take action now to protect these slow-moving but crucial reptiles.

Advocate for Wildlife-Friendly Road Design and Crossings

The roads have become death traps for wildlife. Let’s act now to protect precious landscapes and the diverse creatures that inhabit them by demanding wildlife-friendly road designs and crossings.

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