Animal Conservation

Don’t Legalize Trophy Hunting of Black Bears

The trophy hunting of black bears may soon be legalized due to a new proposal in Connecticut. This would subject bears to cruel and inhumane deaths in the forms of bowhunting and hound hunting. Sign this petition to ensure this bill is rejected.

Restore Plummeting Sardine Populations

Sardine populations have collapsed on the U.S. West Coast, threatening local ecosystems and fisheries with disaster. Call for greater multi-national cooperation and sustained restrictions on sardine fishing to help restore their original numbers.

Stop the Extinction of Giraffes

Giraffe populations globally are collapsing at an alarming rate, yet these animals aren’t considered endangered in the U.S. Sign this petition to demand the U.S. finally officially recognize the plight of these incredible animals.

Stop Poaching Unique Endangered Fish for Expensive Gourmet Food

The humphead wrasse, a huge endangered coral reef fish, is being hunted to extinction in the name of luxury cuisine. Sign this petition to ban the poaching of this important and rare marine species.

Save Squirrels From Being Hit on Roadways

Every year, thousands of squirrels are killed by cars. This doesn’t have to remain an issue; by building rope bridges across roadways, we could save squirrels from being killed and prevent accidents caused by drivers trying to avoid them. Please urge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to build rope bridges to give squirrels a safe way to cross the road.

Don’t Strip Protections From Majestic Manatees

The manatee has been removed from the endangered species list. However, despite its increasing population, this action means that the animal may lose its protections and once again face endangerment. To ensure that the manatee can thrive, sign the petition and ask that this amazing animal be put back on the endangered species list.

Save Nocturnal Lemur From Extinction

The nocturnal primate known as the aye-aye is facing an unknown future. Hunting, habitat loss and superstitious beliefs threaten this creature with extinction. Please sign the petition to urge the government of Madagascar to strengthen their protections for aye-ayes.

Save Animals From Shrinking Habitats

Housing developments are forcing animals from their homes as each bit of open space is bought up. Local wildlife deserves our protection from the ever-expanding human population. Please sign this petition to create open spaces in every neighborhood and protect animals from losing their homes.

Stop the Import of Shark Fins to Europe

Citizens are allowed to import up to 20 kg of shark fins for personal use due to a loophole in European legislation — this issue is contributing to the extinction of sharks throughout the world. Sign this petition to close the loophole and stop the import.

Save Tasmanian Devil and Forest From Greedy Loggers

Tasmanian devils and their home forest are facing destruction at the hands of greedy loggers. Sign this petition to ask authorities to not sell out endangered animals and forests just for corporate profits.

Success: Cruel Cyanide Traps Halted in Idaho

After a family’s pet dog died in agony, as a result of setting off a cyanide trap set for wildlife, the Department of Agriculture banned these cruel traps in Idaho. Applaud this move and call for a permanent nationwide ban.

Increase Efforts to Save Critically Endangered Species

About 2,500 animal species are considered critically endangered around the world. The need for conservation efforts has greatly increased and zoos are being challenged on whether they are doing enough. Education and outreach programs are the best tools currently available to get people interested and invested in the future of animals. Please sign this petition and urge zoos all around the world to step up their efforts of conservation by strengthening their education programs for visitors.

Help Students Become Good Conservationists

Implementing conservation courses as part of schools’ core curriculum could help children develop important skills as they learn to overcome current challenges facing wildlife conservation and develop a global awareness that will benefit world relations. Please urge the Department of Education to offer conservation courses and secure the preservation of wildlife.

Save Iconic, Adorable Chinchillas From Extinction

One of the most iconic animals in South America is at risk of being exterminated by people encroaching on their mountain home. Demand the Chilean government work to restore the population of this long-endangered rodent.

Stop Culling of One Million Kangaroos

Every year kangaroos in and around Canberra in Australia are slaughtered in large numbers. An estimated of over one million kangaroos are expected to be shot this year. Sign this petition to demand that a nonlethal way of sustaining the kangaroo population is implemented.

Protect the Florida Bonneted Bat

The Florida bonneted bat is facing extinction due to habitat destruction. The simple designation of protected roosting areas could save countless bats and help the Florida ecosystem remain in balance.

Save Flightless Bird From Extinction

The rare flightless bird of Guam faces total extinction as efforts to reintroduce it into the wild have come to a halt due to feral cats threatening breeding. While the focus remains on captive breeding, the Guam Rail won’t be able to survive if it isn’t reintroduced into the wild. Please urge the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service to intensify efforts to restore the bird to the wild

Release ‘Guardian the Wolf’ Back Into the Wild

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has captured Guardian, one of fewer than 100 Mexican gray wolves remaining in the wild. By placing him in captivity, they have deprived his pack of a key source of food and protection, seriously endangering their lives. The service must be convinced to return him to his family so he can continue to fight for the survival of his species.

Demand National Park Stop Slaughtering and Serving Bison for Consumption

Bison, a species that once faced extinction, are slaughtered and served as menu items in a park that is supposed to protect them. Tell Yellowstone National Park to commit to conservation by no longer selling bison meat.

Release Elephant From Zoo And Send Her to Sanctuary

An elephant named Chendra is suffering at the Oregon Zoo. She was recently diagnosed with profound stereotypic behavior which results in her spending her days walking around in circles from boredom and loneliness. This zoo euthanized a different sick elephant in February. Sign this petition to get Chendra sent to a sanctuary where she can live out the rest of her life happily.

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