Animal Conservation

Save The Endangered Bee Population

Bees have just been placed on the endangered list due to Colony Collapse Disorder, a disease brought on by the loss of habitat, overuse of pesticides and climate change. These creatures are vital in keeping our ecosystem running, as their existence helps our plant life and crops thrive; without them, our ecosystem will collapse. Sign this petition to help protect bees from extinction.

Protect Manatee Habitat From Dangerous Pipeline

A natural gas pipeline poses serious threats to a critical manatee habitat. Accident-prone Spectra Energy must be stopped from causing irreparable harm to the Crystal River preserve. Sign this petition to ensure that these wetlands are protected for future generations.

Protect Great Apes from Gruesome Body Part Trafficking

West Africa’s great ape populations are at high risk of extinction due to a sharply increased demand for their body parts. The trafficking of ape skulls, bones, hands, and feet is flourishing, but it cannot be allowed to continue. Demand that the president of Cameroon, where most of the trafficking is happening, do more to enforce anti-poaching laws and punish traffickers who take part in this illicit trade.

Stop Attack on the Endangered Species Act

The Endangered Species Act is in danger, as Congress considers passing limitations on legal recourse available under the act. Sign this petition to demand continuing support for the ESA and the animals under its protection.

Protect the Endangered Species Act

Hundreds of animals and plants could be put at risk of extinction by a Republican proposal to dismantle the Endangered Species Act. Demand that this reckless proposal be thrown out.

Protect Australia’s Waters from Illegal Whaling Practices

Japan has allegedly slaughtered a whale within Australia’s waters, violating a United Nations ban on international whaling. As of yet, Australia’s government has done nothing to prevent illegal whaling. Tell Australia’s Prime Minister to take action immediately on behalf of these magnificent creatures.

Save Polar Bear Habitat by Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Polar bears are in serious danger of going extinct due to global warming slowly melting away their habitats. We must act now to preserve their population by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Sign this petition to ensure the survival of the polar bear.

Stop Allowing Hunters to Kill Endangered Species

Hunters can kill endangered species without consequence if they claim that it was accidental, due to a century-old and often misused policy. Sign the petition and demand that hunters be held accountable for their actions and the act be revoked.

Save Leatherback Turtles From Extinction

The number of leatherback turtles on this planet is declining rapidly due to developers robbing them of their natural habitat and fisheries allowing them to be caught in their driftnets. Sign this petition to demand stronger protection of these creatures.

Save Wild Jaguar From Impending Extinction

The number of wild jaguars on this planet is decreasing rapidly due to poachers hunting them for sport and for their fur, and developers robbing them of their habitat and migration paths to build farms and other settlements. Sign this petition to help save these animals from dying out.

Save Southern African Leopards From Extinction

Southern African leopards are being trophy hunted into extinction. To protect these leopards, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering adding them to the Endangered Species List. Sign this petition to urge the FWS to give these leopards the protection they need.

Stop the Killing of Thousands of Cormorants

Thousands of cormorants that nest on the Columbia River will soon be killed if a new federal plan goes through. These cormorants are being culled to save endangered salmon, but the true cause of the salmon decline is four outdated dams. Sign this petition to urge the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to abandon their plan to kill thousands of innocent birds.

Don’t Harm Endangered Foxes With Housing Development

Endangered San Joaquin kit foxes are about to lose one of their last remaining natural habitats to a new housing development. Sign this petition to demand that building stops on this harmful development.

Save Baby Polar Bears From Toxic Chemicals

polar_bear_cubs_in_the_snowbyusfwsBaby polar bears are exposed to more than 1,000 times the safe limit of toxic chemicals through their mothers’ milk. Sign this petition to save the polar bears.

Beloved Deer Shot in Front of Family Deserves Justice

deer-by-SandJLikinsA pet deer was brutally shot by wardens in front of the family who adopted her. Demand justice for this deer and her human family.

Don’t Let the NRA Murder Elephants

herd_of_elephantsThe National Rifle Association wants to continue killing off the last wild elephants on earth. These majestic, extremely intelligent animals are nearly gone from this world due to hunting and poaching for the ivory trade. Demand the NRA be denied the right to kill.

Demand a National Ban on Shark Fins

sharkfinning-by-sebastianlosadaThe cruel and wasteful practice of shark finning should have been made illegal long ago. Rhode Island just passed a law to end this inhumane industry, and now the entire U.S. must act. Sign this petition to demand a nationwide ban on this irresponsible trade.

Stop Killing Wild Animals for Their Meat

zebra-by-joachim-huberElephants, antelope, lions, and zebra have lost their lives and limbs to cruel wire snares placed by bush meat poachers in Malawi. Sign this petition to demand that more protection is given for these animals.

Stop Developers From Killing Florida Panthers

florida-panther-by-u-s-fish-and-wildlife-serviceFlorida panthers’ lives will be endangered if the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service grants developers a permit to build in their territory. Sign this petition to urge the FWS to not give the developers this harmful permit.

Don’t Put Endangered Bats at Risk of Extinction

fruit-bat-by-kdsphotosEndangered bat populations will be decimated if the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service accepts a proposal from oil and gas companies that asks for a 50-year exemption from the Endangered Species Act. Sign this petition to urge the FWS to reject this proposal.

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