Animal Conservation

Save Koalas and Gliders From Massive Coal Mine Expansion

Koalas, gliders, and other iconic and endangered wildlife could soon have their homes destroyed if the coal industry gets its way. Demand leaders stop catering to destructive special interests.

Animals Caught in Raging Floods and Fires of the Climate Crisis Need Our Help

Extreme weather fueled by climate change has decimated wild animals and puts species at risk of extinction. Fight back against this global wildlife catastrophe.

Don’t Let Snow Crab Disappear From Seas Forever

A fixture of the Alaskan seas is in danger due to climate change and overfishing. The snow crab could once again thrive if humans would maintain a hands-off approach. Demand leaders throw this at-risk animal a lifeline.

Stop Asphyxiating and Cutting Apart Fish to Death

Fish are sentient beings who feel pain and fear when they are dragged from the water to asphyxiate to death or are cut apart while still alive. Demand an end to this cruelty now.

Stop Industrial Fishing Boats From Depleting America’s Oceans

Aquatic wildlife populations are shrinking, with some disappearing completely. Industrials fishers’ giant nets not only take nearly everything from the oceans, they create insurmountable competition for smaller independent fishers. Tell those who regulate our oceans to act now and stop this recklessness.

Save Bees By Planting Flowers in Cities and Towns

Bees are at a risk of endangerment and extinction worldwide. Overdevelopment of land, in New Jersey where they once thrived, has eliminated resources bees rely on to live and reproduce. Demand the state act now to prevent wild bee populations from becoming extinct.

Save Whales From Agonizing Death by Dehydration

Nearly 200 whales died slow, agonizing deaths in the hot sun after becoming stranded on an island beach. Demand action to protect our oceans and their animals.

Stop Cruel Hunts Where Alligators Are Shot in the Head

Alligators are being mercilessly shot as trophies in a national wildlife refuge. Demand an end to this cruel practice now.

Save Hundreds of Penguins From Death Due to Climate Change

Climate change, caused by greenhouse gas emissions, has killed more than 600 penguins in Brazil. Unfortunately, while this country’s total emissions account for only 1% of the world’s total, its people and wildlife are forced to live with the damage caused by other nations. Demand climate action is taken immediately.

Demand Research Institutions Help Preserve Biodiversity

The welfare of wild animals has long since taken a back seat in the research world. New York University has become one of the first institutions to launch a program that will study the impact of human activity and associated environmental changes on animals. Demand other research universities and institutes implement similar initiatives and dedicate resources to the biodiversity crisis.

Prioritize Legal Protection for Pollinators

Over 500 environmental protections, including safeguards for bees, could be struck down within months. Demand a key European region stop gambling with its future and the fate of the planet.

End Legalized Slaughter of Wolves That Reportedly Led to Death of Husky Pup

A Montana woman reportedly hunted and skinned a husky puppy, mistaking it as a wolf. The destruction of wolves is still allowed throughout much of the U.S., which encourages hunters to kill them seemingly without much concern for ethics or welfare. Demand wolf hunting be banned across the nation.

Don’t Fund Nuclear Power Plant That Will Kill Marine Ecosystem

A greenlighted nuclear power plant could kill 500 million fish, upend marine ecosystems, and cause a wide-scale environmental disaster with decades-long repercussions. Demand leaders rethink their reckless decision.

Protect West Coast Fishers From Extinction

West coast fishers are small, carnivorous mammals that have been threatened with extinction for the last 20 years. Still, these animals receive only limited governmental protections and it is still widely legal to hunt, trap, and kill them throughout certain regions. Demand these animals receive the protections they deserve.

Stop Slaughtering Sea Lions for Our Mistakes

People are slaughtering innocent sea lions in the name of fish conservation. Sea lions, however, are not the cause of dwindling fish populations—humans are. Demand an end to this cruelty and a more effective plan that involves changing our own behaviors, not killing sea lions.

Use Science to Help Conserve Endangered Wildlife

Animal-tracking tags have long been used to better understand the behaviors of endangered species. However, the lack of public tracking data makes it difficult for conservationists to communicate and strategize. Demand all animal trackers be required to enter basic information into an accessible, online database to preserve animals.

Don’t Let Whales Go Extinct for Human Delicacies

There are only an estimated 350 North American right whales living in the world today, and the use of deadly lobster nets only pushes them closer to extinction. Demand that all plans to certify a lobster fishery in the Gulf of Maine be permanently halted in order to protect this vulnerable species.

Don’t Destroy Grizzly Bear Recovery Zones With Logging

A vital recovery zone for grizzly bears has been threatened by the approval of a massive logging project. This would further endanger the grizzles’ population and release significant amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, contributing to the already devastating effects of global warming. Demand continued protections for this essential species.

Stop Spraying Family Pets and Wildlife with Poisonous Cyanide

A dog was senselessly killed and a 14-year-old boy scarred for life by a “cyanide bomb” that was put out to kill wild animals. Stop killing and maiming wildlife, pets, and children with these deadly and inhumane devices.

Don’t Evict Vital Bat Species From Their Nesting Sites

Bats are vital to American ecosystems, and yet they are flushed out of their natural habitats at an alarmingly high rate. While many end up roosting in manmade structures, there are no rules or regulations protecting them during eviction procedures and bats are often injured or stressed in the process. Demand more suitable alternative roosting sites to keep bats safe during hibernation and pup birth.

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