Animal Conservation

Stop Ski Resort From Destroying Bear Habitat

A national park and UNESCO heritage site is at risk due to a ski resort’s planned expansion. Sign this petition to stop this tourist destination from destroying this one-of-a-kind refuge that is home to endangered wolves and bears.

Protect Remaining Finless Porpoise Population

Finless porpoises, native to the seas of China, are drowning slowly to death tangled in fishing nets and are now dangerously close to extinction. These animals deserve a chance to repopulate their species and survive. Sign this petition to demand stronger measures be taken to protect them.

Stop Destroying Rain Forests Home to Endangered Tigers

Palm oil plantations are killing tigers and other rare and endangered species of Indonesia’s rain forests. Sign the petition and demand that the government take steps to protect the natural environment by putting an end to damaging plantations.

Save the Critically Endangered Sumatran Tiger

The Sumatran tiger is in imminent danger of extinction thanks to deforestation in Indonesia. Sign this petition to demand that more be done to protect their remaining habitat from destruction caused by the palm oil industry and road construction.

Save the Critically Endangered Red Wolf

Senate Republicans plan to revoke federal protection of the North Carolina red wolf because, in their words, it ‘failed to meet population quotas.’ This is selfish, cynical, and must not be allowed. Sign this petition to help these animals retain their 30-year-long protection.

Protect Marine Life: Ban Glitter

Scientists are advising a ban on glitter in order to protect marine life who often mistake it for food as it pollutes our oceans. Demand the preservation of ocean life by banning glitter.

Stop Poachers from Killing Elephants for Their Skins

Fewer than 2,000 wild elephants remain in Myanmar, largely thanks to poachers targeting them for their skins as well as their ivory. These elephants will likely go extinct unless more is done to protect them. Sign this petition to demand that all illegal hunters and smugglers be harshly punished.

Save the World’s Most Endangered Penguin

The world’s rarest penguin species is being driven toward extinction by dangerous trawling nets that are killing them in large numbers. Sign this petition to demand that the use of these nets be banned.

Save Bees with Science

Pesticides play a major role in declining bee populations, but are also necessary for food security. Scientists have a solution. Sign this petition to fund research for the development of bee-friendly pesticides.

Mother Wolf Murdered by Poachers Deserves Justice

A mother wolf was found killed by poachers, leaving her pups behind to fend for themselves. Demand that local officials find and punish the person responsible for this tragic killing.

Save White-Shouldered Ibis from Extinction

The white-shouldered ibis is almost completely extinct, with only 500 of these birds remaining and in danger of losing their homes to industrialization. These birds and the wetlands in which they reside are a vital part of our ecosystem. Sign this petition to help us save this species from dying out.

Save Possum Species From Extinction

The white lemuroid possum of Australia is on the verge of extinction due to climate change and deforestation. These animals are one of the chief indicators of climate condition and change, and we must not allow them to die out. Sign this petition to help protect this species.

Protect Critically Endangered Axolotl from Extinction

Only a few hundred axolotls are left in the wild. Sign this petition to urge the Mexican government to protect axolotls by reducing pollution and invasive species in their habitat.

Success: Trump Puts Hold on Importing Elephant Trophies

Following outrage about the announcement to lift the ban on elephant trophy imports, President Trump has announced a hold will be placed on allowing these imports. Support this step toward ensuring the protection of elephants, and demand that the vital ban on these cruel imports be maintained.

Stop Trump Administration From Killing Endangered Lions

U.S. trophy hunters will now be able to import lion parts from three African nations following a shameful decision made by the Trump administration to reverse the existing ban. Lions are endangered throughout Africa and need our help. Sign this petition to help ensure these majestic creatures do not go extinct.

Stop Trump’s Attempt to Destroy Elephant Population

Hunters will now be able to import elephant trophies due to a rollback of an Obama-era ban. This could spell the end of the entire species as we know it. Sign this petition to demand the USFWS revoke those permits and keep the ban in place.

Protect Endangered Snail From Extinction

The extinction of a small snail can have a big impact on our environment. Sign the petition and demand that the San Gabriel snail be given endangered species protection.

Shame on Trump for Legalizing Trophy Hunting

Trump is legalizing “trophy hunting” of endangered African elephants. His administration has literally claimed that hunting elephants “can benefit the conservation” of the species. This is factually inaccurate, morally repugnant, and assumes that the public can’t tell the difference between “conservation” and “slaughter.” Sign this petition to condemn Trump’s legalization of trophy hunting.

Don’t Allow Killing of Endangered Wolves

Endangered grey wolves could soon lose their protections and be at risk of being hunted and killed due to new legislation proposed in Wisconsin. Sign this petition to uphold current protections for Wisconsin wolves.

Reject Bill Threatening Marine Wildlife

Republicans in Congress are threatening marine mammals with a bill that would grant the gas and oil industry a free pass to harass and harm the poor creatures for the sake of profit, further endangering the well-being of the oceans in general. Sign this petition to fight this bill and protect the creatures of the sea.

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