Animal Conservation

Justice for Park Ranger Murdered While Protecting Critically Endangered Gorillas

gorilla-victoria-kaderbhaiA conservation officer was recently shot dead while on duty protecting the critically endangered Grauer’s gorilla. Demand that the perpetrators of this heinous act are found and punished immediately.

End Deadly Bow-and-Arrow Bear Hunting

big-black-bear-detailed-ursus-americanus-680x544-steve-hillebrandNearly 500 bears were murdered in less than a week during New Jersey’s bow-and-arrow hunt. Demand that this deadly and cruel hunt be brought to an end.

Demand Justice for Pedals the Bear and Save Bears in New Jersey

pedals-the-bear-2016_pedals-the-bear-facebook-pagePedals the bear, a local celebrity in New Jersey, is believed to have been shot by hunters during the state’s five-day hunting period. Pedals was well known for his habit of walking on two legs. Conservationists and animal lovers are heartbroken by his untimely end – tell New Jersey to adopt better protections for their growing bear population.

Protect Koala Habitats From Land Clearing

654px-cutest_koala-erik-velandKoalas could lose millions of hectares of habitat to land clearing should a new proposal be approved. Sign the petition to demand that this harmful and dangerous plan be revoked.

Expedia: Stop Selling Tickets to Attractions that Use Endangered Species

800px-thailand_06_-_19_elephant_ride_at_ayuthaya_158623042-mckay-savageElephants, dolphins, and other endangered animals are being abused and exploited for the entertainment of tourists. Tell Expedia to follow the lead of TripAdvisor, and stop selling tickets to attractions that use endangered species.

Stop Bow Hunting Bears With Cubs

2221354997_8eb7a9b1dcAlmost 300 black bears have been killed in a new archery-only hunt. This hunt allows for the killing of mother cubs and leaves the orphaned babies to fend for themselves. Sign this petition to put an end to this barbaric hunt.

Stop Cruel Plan to Kill Wild Horses

wild-horses-beach-by-jb-stranThousands of wild horses taken from America’s public lands are in danger of being put to death. Sign this petition to demand that the problem of wild horse overpopulation is not solved by euthanasia.

Save Hawaiian Yellow-Faced Bees from Extinction

bee-by-usgs-bee-inventory-and-monitoring-labThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listed seven species of Hawaiian yellow-faced bees as endangered, the first time bees of any kind have been classified as endangered. Bees are vital for our ecosystems and must be saved. Urge officials to take drastic action towards protecting these bees and getting them off the endangered list.

Save Starving Sea Lions on the Coast of California

sea_lions_san_francisco_by_mnwinchester32More than 3,000 baby sea lions washed ashore last year along the coast of California, weak, starving, and dehydrated. These numbers were unprecedented at the time, and rehabilitation centers continue to be overwhelmed. Act now to demand research and conservation efforts to help sea lions.

Success: Endangered Wolves Allowed to Remain Wild

captured-red-wolf-by-hillebrand-steveA plan to capture or kill most of the remaining wild red wolves in North Carolina because of complaints from landowners has just been thrown out. Applaud the judge for upholding protections for endangered wolves and not bending to the will of vocal landowners.

Punish Oil Giant Responsible for Potentially Devastating Spill

Off-shore Oil Drilling Rig by Ed SchipulAround 700 barrels of oil have been spilled into the North Sea due to a technical issue on a BP oil rig. Demand that the company is made to pay reparations for the damage that this spill will inevitably cause to the environment.

Success: Trade of Endangered Pangolins Banned

tree-pangolin-by-valerius-tygartPangolins are the most trafficked animals in the world. Half of all Pangolin species are endangered or critically endangered, and the other half are vulnerable. However, dozens of countries have now agreed to ban the trade of pangolins. Applaud this important trade ban.

Success: Endangered Yellow-Legged Frog Recovers

rana-sierrae-yosemite-by-devin-edmondsYosemite’s population of the endangered yellow-legged frog has shown astounding rates of recovery. The protection of this species under the Endangered Species Act gives very real hope for the safety and resilience of the frog and the ecosystem it is a part of. Thank the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for its efforts to preserve this species.

Applaud Art Campaign to Spark Awareness of Endangered Species

thylacines-by-kelly-garbatoA company commissioned artwork to remember beloved animals that have gone extinct and to encourage people not to let other endangered animals suffer the same fate. Sign this petition to applaud its efforts to raise awareness about animal conservation.

Success: African Grey Parrot Protected

african_grey_parrot_by_l-_miguel_bugallo_sanchezInternational trade of one of the most commonly traded birds on the planet–the African grey parrot–has just been banned due to fears of extinction. Applaud this commitment to saving this parrot’s dwindling wild population.

Stop Selling Endangered Wildlife for Food and Pets

pygmy-marmoset-by-kitty-terwolbeckEndangered species are being openly served as specialty dishes while wild animals are sold to tourists as pets, in a Peruvian town. Demand that Peru put an end to these cruel activities by fiercely enforcing bans on selling wild game and selling wild animals as pets.

Protect Bison From Extinction

640px-american_bison_k5680-1-Jack DykingaThe wild bison, America’s national mammal, is threatened by hunting, disease, and habitat restriction. Sign the petition to ask that better protections be placed on the bison.

Success: Most Trafficked Animal on Earth Given International Protection

Pangolin Laos Wildlife Rescue CenterThe critically endangered pangolin, the world’s most trafficked animal, will be protected in nearly 200 countries thanks to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna. Applaud this move, which could save this unique animal from extinction.

End Japan’s Deadly Taiji Dolphin Hunt

640px-tursiops_aduncus_port_river_adelaide_australia_-_2003-Aude SteinerHundreds of dolphins are being killed and butchered at an annual hunt in Japan. Sign the petition to demand an end to this barbaric practice.

Success: Total Trade Ban Implemented on World’s Most Trafficked Mammal

tree-pangolin-by-valerius-tygartA trade ban was passed that could save a critically endangered animal that is valued for its meat and believed medicinal properties. Sign this petition to thank the organization that made this crucial ban possible.

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