Animal Conservation

Save Zoo Animals From Unhealthy Concrete Exhibits

End the use of painful, unstimulating concrete floors in zoo exhibits. Zoo animals require a habitat that resembles the one they would populate in the wild, not one that allows zookeepers to easily clean up. Please sign this petition to demand that zoo animals be provided with more natural and stimulating environments in their enclosures.

Don’t Allow Hunters to Shoot Bears From Airplanes

Hunters will now be able to target hibernating bears and wolves in their dens. Sign this petition to condemn this unnecessarily cruel new law.

Stop Cruel Butterfly Releases

A hospice care group is planning butterfly releases at several of its locations. Butterflies used for releases are often taken from the wild and killed while being shipped to various locations. Sign this petition and demand the care group cancel its releases.

Success: New Technology Helps Capture Poachers

Rangers have successfully arrested numerous poachers thanks to new technological devices that they received from the World Wildlife Fund. Thank the WWF for helping to put an end to this horrific crime and for further doing whatever possible to ensure that animals continue to thrive.

Do Not Open Exploitative Tiger Zoo

Last year, the zoo Tiger Temple in Thailand was exposed for alleged abuse and brutality and shut down after the government seized their tigers. Now, Thailand has plans to open a new zoo. Sign this petition to demand the plans for this zoo be shut down immediately.

Stop Japan from Hunting the Endangered Sei Whale

The endangered sei whale continues to be hunted for Japan’s so-called “research program.” The nation is planning to slaughter over 300 whales per year. Demand an end to Japan’s hunting of the sei whale by signing this petition.

Don’t Remove Fishing Restrictions in Marine Monument Areas

Marine monuments are at risk of having restrictions on commercial fishing removed due to a new proposal by U.S. politicians. These monuments represent a crucial form of protection for animals and plants living off the coast of the United States. Demand that this reckless proposal is refused.

Drunk Frat Boys Used Beached Shark as Can Opener – Demand Arrests

Drunk spring breakers filmed themselves using a beached shark as a bottle opener, drinking beer off a star fish belly, and forcing a seagull back to their hotel room. Demand authorities find and prosecute these sick creeps.

Don’t Cruelly Murder Innocent Animal Families

Hunters would be allowed to shoot bear and wolf families as they sleep in their dens, shoot bears from airplanes and kill them with barbaric steel traps if a new bill passes. Demand that the president reject this heinous bill and protect these animals.

Justice For Deer Hit by Car and Set on Fire

A deer was run over and then set on fire while it was still alive. It was left to suffer for an unknown period of time before it was found, still alive and smoldering. Demand that the person responsible for this barbaric act is found and punished.

Stop the Killing of Hibernating Wildlife

America’s wildlife is being threatened by cruel and barbaric hunting practices, including killing hibernating animal families in their dens, due to recently loosened regulations. Demand that these unethical practices be overturned by signing this petition.

Save Wild Donkeys From Extinction

Donkeys in South Africa could soon be facing a poaching crisis similar to that faced by elephants and rhinos. Demand a crackdown on the illegal killing and trade of these long-eared beasts.

Stop Using Cyanide to Kill Wildlife

A cyanide device used by the U.S. government to kill coyotes and wolves has lead to thousands of accidental deaths to non-targeted wildlife and family pets, and recently a child was exposed to this deadly device. Sign this petition and demand that the government ban this dangerous device immediately.

Save the Critically Endangered Maltese Skate

The critically endangered Maltese skate must be protected before the species is wiped out entirely. Sign to demand better protections for this vulnerable species.

Stop the Killing of Slovenia’s Bears and Wolves

Slovenia will allow hunters to kill 93 bears and eight wolves this year to prevent the population of those animals from growing. Sign this petition to discourage this decision.

Do Not Allow Accused Albatross Killer to Go Unpunished

A teen who allegedly killed 15 endangered Laysan albatrosses could escape conviction and go free. Urge the prosecutor to ensure that this egregious case of animal abuse does not go unpunished.

Don’t Remove Wolves from Endangered Species Act Protections

Endangered gray wolves may lose their protections under the Endangered Species Act if California’s agricultural industry has its way. Sign this petition to help ensure that their recovery can continue.

Save Giraffes From Impending Extinction

West African Giraffes face extinction while their herds remain in an unprotected area. Poaching and human encroachment have pushed the giraffe population to only 400 individuals. Help protect these magnificent animals from disappearing forever.

Stop the Slaughter of Africa’s Last Rhinos

Rhinos have already been decimated by poachers, and now South Africa is moving to legalize the trade in their horns. This will likely encourage poachers even more. Help save the last rhinos from extermination at the hands of hunters.

Save Koalas From Deadly Sexual Disease

Many koalas are dying to chlamydia, which renders them blind and infertile and can be spread through several means. The Queensland University is striving to care for the infected animals, but we must take it a step further and stop the spread altogether. Sign this petition to demand better protection for koalas.

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