Animal Conservation

Stop Wildlife Trafficking in Madagascar

A recent cyclone in Madagascar left many animals homeless, making them vulnerable to illegal wildlife trafficking rings. They were rescued, but the bigger problem lies within the existence of trafficking itself, and its link to the aftermath of natural disasters. Sign this petition to outlaw the wildlife trade and implement stronger protection for wildlife following natural disasters.

Protect Critically Endangered Wombat from Extinction

The northern hairy-nosed wombat population of Australia is critically low due to habitat loss, predators, and disease. Restoration and conservation efforts are being made, but that is only the first step. Sign this petition to demand stronger legal protection of this species.

Justice for Golden Eagle Killed and Dumped at Sea

A golden eagle that was well tracked and well loved by environmentalists was found killed and dumped into the ocean off the coast of Edinburgh. Golden eagles are a protected species and to kill one is illegal. Sign this petition to urge the Scotland Police to investigate this suspicious death.

Stop the Illegal Trade of Endangered Live Eels

Endangered eels are being traded, farmed, and consumed. Sign the petition to demand that this illegal trade be brought to an end.

Save Australian Shellfish Reefs

Australian oyster reefs have almost completely disappeared, leaving roughly seven where there used to be hundreds. These reefs are a vital ecosystem, filtering seawater and increasing production of local fish. Sign this petition to support the restoration efforts being made to aid these reefs.

Save Our Ocean Life from Plastic Waste: Ban Single-Use Plastics

The BBC has announced that it will eliminate single-use plastics, leading the charge in protecting marine life from the tons of deadly plastic waste that humans dump into the oceans. Demand that the U.S. follow this example and enact regulations to cut down on plastic waste.

Success: Montana to Ban Hunting of Yellowstone Grizzlies

Montana’s Yellowstone grizzlies will be protected this year, as the state’s Fish, Wildlife & Parks department recommends a hunting ban. Support this humane decision to preserve this iconic species.

Protect Endangered Quino Checkerspot Butterfly from Harmful Border Wall

The Quino checkerspot butterfly has been added to the list of over 100 endangered species at risk from President Trump’s border wall. Sign the petition to urge the Department of Homeland Security not to renounce current environmental laws for the advancement of wall construction at the expense of our environment.

Make Wildlife Killing Contests Illegal

A Massachusetts gun store is hosting a cruel and unnecessary coyote killing contest that will likely result in the deaths of hundreds of wild creatures. Demand that wildlife killing competitions be banned.

Stop Construction of the Pilgrim Pipeline

A dangerous fossil fuel pipeline has been proposed that would span 178 miles from Albany, New York, to Linden, New Jersey. This project would put many communities and the environment at severe risk. Demand that New York legislators vote to oppose the Pilgrim Pipeline to protect the Hudson River Valley.

Help World’s Loneliest Frog Find Mate

The Sehuencas water frog is on the brink of extinction, with only one known to exist in the last ten years. Romeo, the world’s loneliest frog, hopes to find a mate through fundraising efforts and expeditions by scientists and Global Wildlife Conservation. Sign the petition below to urge Bolivia’s Ministry of Environment and Water to contribute to the cause.

Success: Shop Owner Held Accountable for Selling Endangered Animal Products

A San Francisco shop owner was sentenced to three years of probation, 500 hours of community service, and $3,599 in penalties for possessing and selling endangered animal products. Animals used included ocelots, jaguars, and snow leopards, which are endangered and threatened species. Thank District Attorney George Gascon for charging the offender and helping prevent more poaching.

Preserve the Endangered Species Act

The integrity of the Endangered Species Act may be threatened as Congress considers passing fiscal legislation that weakens protections for endangered animals. Demand the protection of the Endangered Species Act.

Protect UK’s Hedgehog Population

The United Kingdom’s hedgehog population has been on a sharp decline since the 2000s due to habitat loss, pesticide poisoning, and hedgehogs being struck and killed by motorists. These animals are not only loved for their cuteness, but control the insect population via their preferred diet. Sign this petition to help save the remaining hedgehogs of the United kingdom.

Do Not End Protections for Migratory Birds

Protections against the ‘unintentional’ and unnecessary deaths of migratory birds due to industries like oil drilling, fishing, and communications may be undone under the Trump administration, even though they’ve been in place for a century. Demand that migratory birds continue to be protected from wrongful deaths.

Stop Cruelly Shooting Doves for Entertainment

Innocent doves are hunted and used as live targets, with over 20 million shot to death annually. Although a symbol of peace and hope, doves are being slaughtered for the sake of entertainment. Demand that all dove shooting be banned in California, and reinstate respect for this inoffensive species.

Save Starving Polar Bears

Polar bears have a faster metabolism than previously believed, and without proper nutrition are starving and heading towards extinction more rapidly than expected. Sign this petition to urge Donald Trump to instate policies that combat climate change and protect these animals.

Justice for Elephant and Rhino Hero Stabbed to Death

Conservationist, researcher, and investigator of illegal animal trades Esmond Bradley Martin was found stabbed to death in his Kenya home. Demand a full investigation and that justice be served.

Protect Whales and Sharks from Plastic Pollution

Sharks and whales are falling victim to slow deaths due to plastic pollution as they ingest microscopic but indigestible bits of plastic every time they feed. These bits prevent their bodies from absorbing nutrients, leading to starvation and suffocation. Sign this petition to demand stronger laws and protections against plastic pollution.

Don’t Demolish Haven for Endangered Ocelots, Migratory Birds, and Butterflies

Trump’s wall in Texas will bisect and harm three wildlife refuges—the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge, the National Butterfly Center, and the Rio Grande Valley State Park. The pilot project is planned at Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge, destroying habitats for birds, butterflies, the endangered U.S. ocelot, the rare Texas cabal palm, and hundreds of plants. Let the Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, know that building the wall in this area will harm an endangered species and hundreds of other living organisms.

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