Animal Conservation

Ban Iconic African Animal Trophies in California

California can help protect iconic African animals like elephants, lions, giraffes, and many more from the horrors of trophy hunting, if a bill that has moved to the floor is passed into law. Demand the preservation of these animals and the passage of The Iconic African Species Protection Act.

Return Tigers to the Wild

More tigers can be found in backyards or apartments in the United States than in their natural habitat in Asia, which is dangerous for both the animals and the humans who hold them captive. Children have lost limbs and lives to these tigers, and it is harder to keep track of the animals’ numbers if they are in captivity. Sign this petition to return tigers to the wild and to zoos as soon as possible.

Success: No More Permits Issued for Cruel Black Bear Killings

Permits will no longer be issued in Washington authorizing the inhumane killing of black bears. Support this victory and encourage the discontinuance of any such permits in the future.

Protect Endangered Dragonfly from Extinction

The Center for Biological Diversity is demanding that more than 40 species, including the rare southern snaketail dragonfly, be classified as endangered and protected. Sign the petition to demand that the federal government protect the southern snaketail dragonfly from extinction.

Save America’s Wolves: Do Not Remove Their Endangered Species Protections

All of America’s wolves will be threatened if the Trump Administration goes through with plans to remove their Endangered Species protections. Demand that wolves remain protected and this cruel and corrupt proposal rejected.

Starbucks: Stop Encouraging Cruel Shark Fin Trade

Starbucks conducts business with a company that allegedly sells shark fin on a secret menu, despite claiming they stopped selling it. Selling shark fins is illegal and cruel. Demand that Starbucks cuts their ties with this company.

Save Britain’s Wild Mammal Population

One fifth of Britain’s wild mammal population is at risk of extinction due to habitat loss, as their homes are destroyed to make way for industrialization. The loss of so many species will deal a great blow to the ecosystem. Sign this petition to ensure the protection and preservation of these mammals.

Stop Sanctioning Cruel Wildlife Hunts on Nature Reserves

Land that is supposedly meant for “conservation” is allowing the hunting of wild animals for sport, including a male lion that may have been the leader of his pride, which would set off a chain reaction of still more deaths within the pride. Demand that these hunts be banned.

Adapt New Technologies to Save North Atlantic Whales

North Atlantic right whales could face extinction soon, but there is new hope that lies in advancing technology. Sign this petition to demand life-saving technology be implemented.

Denounce Ornithologist for Killing Endangered Bird

Moments after the rare male mustache kingfisher was identified and photographed for the first time in the Solomon Islands, it was euthanized. The ornithologist responsible tried to justify his actions for the sake of ¨research¨ even though less than 1,000 remain in the wild. Urge leading conservationists to not tolerate such unethical scientific practices.

Stop the Disappearance of Songbirds’ Habitat

Scotland’s garden warblers are at risk of habitat loss, due to the increasingly tidy countryside clearing away most of the thick brush the birds thrive in. While the species is currently of least concern, they could become endangered very quickly if their habitat disappears for good. Demand protected areas of brush be designated as safe spaces for the garden warbler.

Save Marine Life and Reduce Plastic Waste

Tragically, a pilot whale died in Thailand after having 17 pounds of plastic removed from its stomach. Demand that Thailand take action to reduce plastic waste and save the lives of marine animals.

Do Not Allow Yellowstone Bison to be Slaughtered

Yellowstone National Park’s Superintendent claims that he is being forced out of his job because of his disagreement with the Trump Administration over a plan to slaughter bison to appease nearby ranchers. Whoever takes his place will likely face similar pressure to kill these iconic animals. Sign this petition to tell the federal government that bison belong in this famous national park.

Stop the Decline of Australia’s Large Fish Species

Several of Australia’s large fish species are on a steady decline thanks to excessive fishing, putting the oceans and the environment at risk. Unfortunately, the ministry of agriculture and water resources sees no need to review or change anything regarding current fisheries. Sign this petition to demand such a review be given and that steps be taken to save these fish.

Ban Commercial Fishing in Australian Marine Park

Australia’s Coral Sea marine park may soon be open to commercial fishing, threatening the feeding and nesting habits of the nearly-extinct hawskbill turtle. This species, already hunted for its shell, may go completely extinct if fishing is allowed in the marine park, which should legally serve as a safe space for aquatic wildlife. Sign this petition to ban commercial fishing in Coral Sea.

Stop Killing Cambodia’s Endangered Animals for Meat

Illegal bushmeat trade in Cambodia is threatening wildlife species nearing extinction. Sign the petition to prohibit this practice and protect Cambodia’s biodiversity.

Save the Endangered Pacific Marten from Extinction

Considered extinct for 50 years, the Pacific marten reappeared in 1996, yet continues to face threats of extinction. At the core of the problem is the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s unwillingness to classify them as an endangered species. Sign the petition to urge government officials to put this rare species back on the list.

Promote the Conservation of Cuckoo Bees

According to The Wildlife Society, the cuckoo bee has suddenly reappeared in western Canada for the first time. Even though they may be a ¨social parasite¨ based on their ability to infiltrate hives, they’re indicative of an area’s biological health. Sign the petition to convince Canadian politicians to continue tracking their migration.

Save the Chinese Giant Salamander From Extinction

Nearly 200 million years of history: the legacy of the Chinese giant salamander eclipses even its possibly six-foot-long size. Now environmental and human threats have placed this storied animal in imminent danger. Help fight for the future of the world’s living fossils.

Stop Senselessly Killing Pregnant Whales

Over 300 whales were killed last season in Japan, with one third of those killed being pregnant females. While officials claim the killings were for research purposes, non-lethal survey methods can be just as effective. Demand an end to these senseless killings.

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