Animal Conservation

Protect Alaska’s Bears, Wolves, and Other Rare Animals from Slaughter

Endangered species are set to be slaughtered in Alaska. Donald Trump recently overturned a crucial law designed to protect Alaskan wildlife. Stand with us in demanding the law be reinstated to protect our precious endangered species.

Do Not Resume Hunting Endangered Fin Whale

The endangered fin whale will once again be exposed to the cruelty of hunting for profit as an Iceland company resumes the commercial hunt. Demand that this inhumane and irresponsible decision be stopped.

Save Endangered Green-Haired Turtle from Extinction

A rare turtle known for sporting green algae as ‘hair’ has been recognized by an international organization as one of the world’s most endangered reptiles. Sign the petition to demand stronger protections to save this unique creature.

Demand Facebook Stop the Sale of Illegal Animal Parts

Facebook has allegedly been allowing the marketing of illegal and threatened animal parts in both private and public groups. Demand that the social media giant stop allowing wildlife traffickers to use its platform as a place to stage illicit deals.

Stop Tree Clearing To Save Koala Population

The koala population of Queensland is rapidly disappearing due to mass tree clearings. Millions of trees are chopped down to make room for housing and industry, leading to the starvation of the species; those that do not starve are hit and killed by cars or attacked by dogs. Sign this petition to stop tree clearing and save the koala.

Stop Deadly Plastic Waste Killing Whales and Other Wildlife

A sperm whale was discovered dead on a Spanish beach after he had apparently ingested over 60 pounds of plastic waste. This is just one tragic example of how human-produced waste is harming wildlife. Sign this petition to demand stronger laws against plastic pollution.

Stop Allowing Hunters to Gun Down Wolves with Assault Rifles

Hunters are killing wolves near Denali National Park using assault rifles and other high powered weapons. Without intervention, these wolves may be driven to extinction. Sign this petition to demand stronger hunting limits and restrictions.

Praise India for Punishing Celebrity Guilty of Illegal Hunting

A court in India has sentenced a famous actor for poaching a protected species of Indian antelope while filming in 1998. Without a special permit, most of India’s wildlife are off limits to hunters. Sign the petition below to praise India for upholding conservation laws, even for affluent citizens.

Protect Europe’s Heaviest Flying Bird

The beautiful and majestic great bustard, Europe’s heaviest flying bird, is in danger of disappearing forever. Due to intensive agriculture and obstructive man-made structures, their populations have been declining across Europe. Sign the petition to help protect the species.

President Trump: Do Not End Protections for Hundreds of Threatened Species

Nearly 300 species may face extinction if the Trump administration enacts a proposed rule to eliminate their protections. Demand that this rule be rejected and the vital protections for our wildlife kept in place.

Protect Foxes and Other Wildlife from Illegal Hunting

Hundreds of illegal hunts are allegedly taking place each year across the United Kingdom. According to animal rights groups, these represent just the tip of the iceberg. Sign this petition to demand that the British government crack down on illegal hunting.

Stop Marine Animals From Drowning in Abandoned Fishing Gear

Over 100,000 marine animals every year die slow and insufferable deaths in discarded fishing gear on the ocean floor. Sign the petition to demand that research and action be taken to stop this surging threat to oceanic ecosystems.

Stop Trophy Hunters from Hunting Giraffes to Extinction

The number of giraffes living in the wild has fallen by almost 40 percent in the last three decades, in large part due to American trophy hunters. Sign this petition to demand that the United States ban the import of giraffe trophies, including bones and skins.

Success: UK to Introduce Ivory Ban

The United Kingdom is finally introducing a ban on the sale and trade of ivory, giving in to public pressure from environmentalists and conservationists. This ban has been a long time coming, due to the UK being one of the chief exporters of ivory and thousands of elephants dying for the trade. Sign this petition to thank the UK for taking a step towards giving elephants a brighter future.

Protect Migratory Species of The World

The migration patterns of thousands of wildlife species are threatened by the continued construction of roads. While these roads are beneficial to humans, they are incredibly dangerous to wildlife; many animals are killed by motorists, and others are barricaded by the roads along with other settlements. Sign this petition to help preserve the migratory needs of wildlife.

Save Wildlife Habitat From Being Turned Into a Golf Course

Over 20 acres of urban wilderness are at risk of being turned into a golf course. The development will turn little economic profit while shutting off access to wildlife and citizens alike. Help stop this development by signing this petition.

Prevent Ocean Dead Zone, Clean Up Animal Farm Waste

Untreated animal waste from pig and chicken farms is likely to trigger jellyfish blooms, killing off fish stocks for human consumption. Although local authorities are aware of the problem, there is little being done to prevent this catastrophic event. Urge enforcement of stricter regulations on animal waste.

Revive the Northern White Rhino From Near-Extinction

The last male northern white rhino died of health complications, but scientists have found a method that might bring them back from the verge of extinction. Sign this petition to support this endeavor and save this subspecies from the brink of total disappearance.

Do Not Allow the Hunting and Slaughtering of Crows

After outrage on social media forced a hunting club to cancel its planned hunt of wild crows, many are calling into question Vermont’s open hunting season on crows. Sign this petition to demand that these native birds not be subjected to unnecessary slaughter.

Success: Trump Signs Bill to Stop Wall From Destroying Wildlife Refuge

Trump has begrudgingly signed a bill that will stop the U.S.-Mexico border wall from ruining a spectacular wildlife refuge. Sign the petition to thank activists who helped make this happen.

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