Animal Conservation

Punish Reckless Behavior That Endangered Sea Lion And Child

Wildlife such as sea lions are put at risk when they are fed or harassed by humans. As a recent video showing a sea lion dragging a girl into the water in British Columbia shows, reckless behavior can threaten human safety as well. Sign this petition to demand that existing laws be enforced for both the protection of wildlife and people.

Help School Children Conserve Butterflies

With the rapid decline of milkweed, monarch butterflies are disappearing at alarming rates. With the help of students, these butterflies could make a recovery. Please sign this petition to demand the creation of a monarch butterfly conservation program at schools.

Save Endangered Tree Frogs From Habitat Loss

A rare frog will die out if we don’t take action to protect its habitat. Please sign this petition to restrict businesses from building near the frogs’ habitat.

Demand States Provide Nesting Grounds for Birds of Prey

Birds of prey are rapidly losing their habitats due to human expansion. Breeding season has become increasingly difficult as many birds aren’t able to find nesting ground or even mates. Setting aside natural areas designed to aid birds in nesting would help to save these raptors. Please sign this petition to help create a bird of prey nesting area program.

Save Sea Turtles From Plastic Straws

Sea turtles are being bombarded by plastic pollution in the ocean. With the U.S. using 500 million straws every day, these turtles are in danger of becoming entangled, starving to death, and being physically injured by lodged straws. Please sign this petition to help ban the use of plastic straws.

Demand Zoo Breeding Programs to Save Animals

Hundreds of species of animals are critically endangered and are facing an uncertain future. Zoos may be the last hope for many of these animals. Please sign this petition to help create new conservation breeding programs.

Retire Aging Zoo Animals to Sanctuaries

Elderly zoo animals should be given a peaceful retirement at wildlife sanctuaries. After spending most of their lives on display, these wild animals deserve to be given a blissful life away from the public. Please sign this petition to urge zoos to retire their animals.

Save the Threatened Flying Fox from Extinction

Flying foxes are about to be slaughtered to protect the profits of local farmers. Sign this petition to demand that flying foxes are protected from this government cull that threatens the very existence of this unique animal.

Ban Harmful Paper Products at Zoos

Zoo visitors create a lot of trash and not all of it ends up in the proper bins. In order to protect animals and the environment, zoos should use reusable containers for food and drink. Please sign this petition and urge zoos to end the use of paper and plastic products.

Success: Apartment Complex Stops Cruelly Killing Squirrels

An apartment complex took down the cruel “body-gripping” traps it was using to control the squirrel population. Sign this petition and praise the apartment complex for making this compassionate change.

Save Wildlife From Dehydration

Wildlife in national parks are in need of a constant supply of water. During drought and hotter weather periods, these animals may have to travel up to half a day just to find water. Please sign this petition and urge national parks to provide wildlife water stations to ensure the survival of wild animals.

Don’t Bring Back Fox Hunting

The Prime Minister of Britain has said she supports lifting the current ban on fox hunting. This cruel sport involves using riders and hounds to relentlessly chase down foxes and then subject them to a slow and torturous death. Urge Prime Minister May to side in favor of animal welfare and not allow this barbaric practice to return.

Stop Cruelly Killing Squirrels

An apartment complex has set up traps to kill squirrels as a means of population control. Not only is this cruel, but it is also ineffective. Sign this petition and demand the apartment complex get rid of these traps.

Save Endangered Tree Snails with Cultural Significance

The “singing shells” of Hawaii are vanishing due to the introduction of a predatory lizard. Sign this petition to help protect endangered snails from invasive predators.

Investigate Massive Whale Die-Off

Humpback whales have been dying at an extraordinary rate for over a year, and there is a high possibility that this is due to human activity. Sign the petition to demand a comprehensive investigation of these killings and solutions to protect this endangered species.

Protect Anti-Poaching Efforts From Budget Cuts

Large budget cuts could threaten anti-poaching efforts in South Africa. Sign this petition to ensure that the government continues to protect its species from poachers.

Demand Company Stop Drowning Snakes

A company is using plastic erosion-control netting, which is causing countless snakes to get tangled, injured and even die. There is an animal-safe alternative and it is time to make the switch. Sign this petition and demand the company switch netting to prevent further deaths.

Protect Newly Discovered Wolves From Hunting

Scientists have discovered a small pack of wolves in Denmark for the first time in over 200 years. While environmentalists are cheering the animal’s return as a positive sign for Denmark’s biodiversity, sheep farmers have called for culling. Sign this petition to tell the Danish prime minister that these wolves must be protected.

Success: Orangutans Gain More Protections

Thanks to the Indonesian president, orangutans are getting a helping hand. These special primates have received further protection from habitat loss due to palm oil companies in the Leuser ecosystem and other parts of Indonesia. Sign this petition to praise the dedication to the preservation of this species.

Stop Cruelly Driving Sharks Toward Extinction

Lethal shark control methods used in Australia run the risk of driving certain species to extinction. Sign this petition to protect endangered species and to encourage the government to seek out more humane shark control methods.

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