Animal Conservation

Success: Vietnam Agrees to Close Bear Bile Farms

The Vietnamese government has agreed to close bear bile farms, thanks to the ongoing efforts of animal rights organizations and activists worldwide. Sign the petition to support this decision.

Cecil the Lion’s Cub Shot by Hunters – Stop the Continuing Slaughter

A cub fathered by the famous Cecil the Lion, who made headlines following his murder in 2015, has now met the same tragic fate at the hands of hunters. Sign this petition to urge the government of Zimbabwe to do more to protect these majestic creatures.

Don’t Weaken Protections for Endangered Species

Congress is holding hearings on five bills aimed at significantly weakening protections for endangered species. This would threaten survival of several vulnerable animals including the gray wolf. Sign the below petition calling on lawmakers to vote in favor of environmental sustainability.

Save the Emperor Penguin From Extinction

According to new research, emperor penguins may go extinct by the end of this century due to the effects of global warming. Sign this petition to demand that these birds be listed as endangered so that they may have a chance of survival.

Save the Critically Endangered Santa Catalina Rattlesnake

The Santa Catalina rattlesnake is a critically endangered snake endemic to the island of Isla Santa Catalina. It is nearly extinct in the wild. Urge the government of Mexico to better protect this fragile species.

Continue to Protect Endangered Panther

The endangered Florida panther may soon lose its protections. Sign the petition and help protect this animal from extinction.

Save Yellowstone’s Grizzly Bears

The U.S. Department of Interior has removed the Yellowstone grizzly bear from the endangered species list prematurely. These bears cannot afford to lose their protection. Sign this petition to demand the department put the Yellowstone grizzly back on the endangered list.

Success: Maximum Penalty Sought for Albatross Killer

A young man who plead no contest to charges that he helped butcher and slay over a dozen protected albatrosses could now face the maximum possible penalty for his crimes during his upcoming sentencing. Far too often, cases of animal abuse are ignored or given leniency in the justice system. Sign this petition to voice your support for the prosecutor’s actions in this case.

Eagles Shot and Killed at Bird Sanctuary Deserve Justice

Two eagles were killed by an attacker who infiltrated a bird sanctuary in Wales. The senseless killing of these birds of prey must not be unpunished. Take a stand for these threatened birds and sign this petition demanding the maximum penalties for those responsible once found.

Justice for Kangaroo Disemboweled and Skinned

A kangaroo was found skinned, disemboweled, and left to suffer for hours in a pool of its own blood. Demand justice for this innocent creature.

Save Rare Dolphin from Extinction

A rare white dolphin is near extinction. Demand that the American government step in and classify the species as endangered so that its population can thrive and increase.

Save the Endangered Kagu Bird

The Kagu bird, of which there are likely no more than a thousand, is endangered and continues to be threatened by logging, mining, and the encroachment of invasive species. This rare species needs to be better protected. Demand government officials step in to save it.

Don’t Strip Grizzly Bears of Endangered Status

Yellowstone’s grizzly bears could soon face hunting and other threats to their survival. Sign the petition to ask for continued protections for this majestic animal.

Stop the Looming Bee Apocalypse

Bees are vanishing around the world because of toxic pesticides known as neonicontinoids. China, the second largest producer of food in the world, has not restricted the use of these poisons at all. Demand the Chinese government do more to save the bees.

Stop Selling Endangered Fish for Food

Endangered fish are being captured and sold in grocery stores. Sign the petition and demand that tougher regulations be enacted to prevent the endangered species from being sold as food.

Save the Rare Sumatran Ground-Cuckoo

The Sumatran ground-cuckoo is a nearly-extinct bird native to the Indonesian island of Sumatra. With only 40-700 individuals of this species left in the wild, it is clear that more needs to be done to protect them for posterity. Call on the Indonesian government to protect this unique species.

Save the Giant Armadillo

The giant armadillo is at risk of extinction, having lost almost half of its population over the past 30 years. The laws protecting them clearly aren’t doing enough. Sign this petition to provide a good protein alternative to the native people, so they don’t have to resort to eating a vulnerable species.

Protect Endangered Sea Life

Proposed regulations that would have protected our ocean’s endangered species have been thrown out at the Trump Administration’s urging. Sign the petition and demand that the proposed regulation be reinstated.

Don’t Allow Oil Companies to Assault Marine Life

Five oil and gas companies has asked the Trump administration to allow them to conduct offshore seismic testing which could separate young whales from their mothers or prevent dolphins from feeding. Tell officials handling this proposal that this is a bad deal for wildlife and America’s eastern seaboard.

Save Endangered Penguin Species From Extinction

New Zealand’s yellow-eyed penguin population has been in a slow decline for almost two decades, and a major factor in this is the use of gill nets by fisheries. We must not only save these birds, but phase out the use of gill nets entirely. Sign this petition to save this species from complete extinction.

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