Articles written by: Vincent Verse

Pigs Allegedly Attacked and Tormented by Hunting Dogs Deserve Justice

A couple is facing 26 charges of animal cruelty for allegedly using dogs to torment and attack feral pigs. Demand urgent legal action to address this alleged cruelty.

Demand Justice for Chickens Found Brutally Killed at Church Property

Four chickens were brutally killed at a church property. Demand immediate action to address this animal cruelty and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Demand Justice for Pit Bull Allegedly Found Covered in Feces

A woman is accused of abusing two pit bulls, one of which reportedly died due to severe malnourishment. Take immediate legal action to address this alleged cruelty and ensure the protection of animals.

Demand Justice for Cat Allegedly Tortured to Death on Sidewalk

A man is accused of torturing and killing a cat named Mimi. Take immediate legal action to address this alleged cruelty and prevent future incidents.

Demand Justice for Dog Slammed on Ground and Beaten on Camera

A video shows a man beating a dog and slamming him on the ground. Demand authorities seek justice for this innocent animal.

Demand Justice for Camel Allegedly Mutilated by Landowner

A camel was allegedly subjected to brutal abuse, resulting in the amputation of its leg. Demand urgent legal action to address this horrific incident.

Demand Justice for Dogs Rescued from Alleged Illegal Puppy Mill

Dozens of dogs were reportedly rescued from an illegal puppy mill. Take urgent action to ensure justice and prevent future alleged abuses.

Cat Apparently Dropped On-Camera by Actor Deserves Justice

A video allegedly showed an actor dropping a cat, sparking outrage and accusations of animal abuse. Take immediate action to address this incident.

Punish Factory Owners Accused of Slaughtering Horses for Human Consumption

Horses have apparently been secretly slaughtered by a company for human consumption. Demand authorities prosecute those accused of this heinous act.

Dog Reportedly Killed for Dog Meat Soup Deserves Justice

A man reportedly butchered his dog with an ax, intending to eat the animal. Stop the killing of dogs for meat.

Demand Action Against Reported Animal Neglect Amid Heatwave

Pets are reportedly left in extreme heat without water, leading to distress and potential harm. Demand immediate action to protect these vulnerable animals.

Call for Justice: Dogs Allegedly Left Malnourished and Neglected

Two dogs were reportedly found neglected and malnourished in an abandoned vehicle. Demand urgent legal action to address this alleged cruelty.

Dog Reportedly Thrown From Balcony Deserves Justice

A helpless dog was reportedly thrown from a balcony, causing widespread outrage. Demand justice now.

Demand Justice for Alleged Brutal Treatment of Rooster Captured on Video

A video reportedly shows a girl slapping and beating a rooster, causing apparent severe injuries. Demand Instagram to remove this content and hold the responsible parties accountable.

Justice for Kitten Reportedly Set on Fire: Hold Perpetrators Accountable

Juveniles reportedly set a kitten on fire, leading to its euthanization due to severe injuries. Demand legal action against those allegedly responsible for this heinous act.

Call for Justice Over Alleged Abuse of K9 Officer by Former Sheriff’s Deputy

A former sheriff’s deputy allegedly harmed a K9 officer under his care. Demand legal action and accountability for this alleged cruelty.

Demand Justice for Dog Allegedly Found Covered in Cuts and Lacerations

A dog was reportedly found with cuts, burns, and other injuries. Demand legal punishment for the alleged perpetrator.

Demand Justice for Dogs Allegedly Deprived of Food and Clean Water

Ten dogs were reportedly found in a non-ventilated storage unit, encrusted with filth and deprived of food and clean water. Call for strict legal action against the alleged perpetrator.

Dog Reportedly Punched on Video While Held Down Deserves Justice

A video appeared to show a man holding a small dog by the collar and punching the animal repeatedly. Demand justice.

Trainer Accused of Injuring Dogs and Defrauding Clients Must be Punished

A dog trainer and his business reportedly defrauded pet owners, leading to injured and neglected dogs. Demand legal action.

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