Articles written by: Barney Mitchell

Man Accused of Shooting Family Dog Execution Style at Mall Must be Jailed

Blood stains remain in the snow at the mall where a family’s dog was shot between the eyes, execution style, reportedly by a man who objected to the dog being off leash. The man accused of this horrific execution is free on bail and must not be allowed to escape punishment.

Stop Trump’s Sons From Killing Exotic Animals

trump-sons-huntingDonald Trump’s sons are proud “big game” hunters who pose with the dead exotic animals after they’ve murdered them. Donald Trump defends the practice saying “My sons love to hunt.” Demand the Trump family stop slaughtering innocent and majestic creatures.

Stop Target From Selling Krill Oil Before More Seals Starve

A ribbon seal pup (probably 5 days old and 15kg) rests while researchers finish sampling his mother.Seals, whales and penguins are facing starvation due to the Antarctic krill supplement industry. By selling these supplements, Target is supporting this deceiving and destructive multibillion dollar business. Target must stop the destruction and take a stand against the krill supplement industry by no longer carrying their products.

Stop Wendy’s From Supporting Wildlife Destruction and Deforestation

John and Karen HollingsworthWendy’s is supporting rainforest deforestation and wildlife destruction by using Conflict Palm Oil in their food. Tell Wendy’s that a healthy environment is more important than cheap hamburgers and to stop using Conflict Palm Oil.

Rescue the ‘Saddest Polar Bear in the World”

saddest-polar-bear-in-the-worldThe saddest polar bear in the world remains imprisoned at a Chinese shopping mall. This poor bear is forced to pose for selfies with tourists, who bang on the windows and shout at the bear. This abused bear may not live much longer in these conditions so we are urgently calling for this shopping mall zoo to send him to a proper sanctuary before it’s too late.

Texas Animal Shelter Killed Dogs in Time for Christmas

An animal shelter in Texas is accused of euthanizing all of their dogs because they didn’t have anyone to care for them during the holidays. Any shelter that kills poor innocent animals so people don’t have to work during the holidays must be held accountable.

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