Articles written by: Shaunak All That Breathes

Dog Reportedly Left in Hot Car Deserves Justice

A woman allegedly left a dog in a hot car, resulting in severe distress for the animal. Demand legal action to prevent such neglect.

Mules Allegedly Neglected During Cultural Pilgrimage Deserve Justice

Injured mules are reportedly neglected and overworked during the Char Dham Yatra. Demand immediate legal action to ensure the welfare of these animals.

Horses Allegedly Abused in Illegal Cart Race Deserve Justice

In a shocking incident, horses were reportedly whipped and beaten during an illegal race. Demand legal action against those allegedly responsible for this cruelty.

Defenseless Cows Seemingly Brutally Slashed With Butcher’s Knife Deserve Justice

Sixteen cows were found with severe slashes, reportedly attacked with a butcher’s knife. Demand thorough investigation and legal action against those allegedly responsible for this cruelty.

Over 300 Animals Reportedly Starved and Neglected Deserve Justice

Over 300 animals were reportedly severely neglected, requiring urgent justice and accountability for their suffering. Hold responsible parties accountable to prevent further cruelty.

Geese Allegedly Shot With BB Guns for Fun Deserve Justice

Juveniles reportedly targeted beloved local geese with BB guns and sticks, causing widespread outrage. Hold accountable those responsible for this alleged abuse.

Animals Allegedly Dead From Negligence at Tech Lab Deserve Justice

Animals suffered repeatedly and unnecessarily at a university fined for violating the Animal Welfare Act, according to reports. Demand accountability.

Dogs Allegedly Starving and Living in Filth Deserve Justice

Authorities reportedly uncovered severe animal neglect, with one dog deceased and others malnourished. Demand swift legal action against the accused party.

Pitbull Apparently Left in Sweltering Car to Die Deserves Justice

A dog allegedly perished after being left in a hot car by its owner. Demand accountability for this apparent neglectful act.

Puppies Reportedly Stuffed in Plastic Bag and Thrown in Well Deserve Justice

A disturbing video appears to depict puppies being killed and callously discarded in a well. Seek legal action against the suspected perpetrator.

Pregnant Street Dog Allegedly Stabbed Multiple Times Deserve Justice

A pregnant street dog was allegedly stabbed multiple times in a brutal act. Demand accountability and justice for this innocent animal.

Alleged Cruelty to Animals Deserves Immediate Attention

Alleged acts of severe cruelty towards animals have been revealed. Ensure justice with immediate legal action.

Urgent Call for Justice: Animal Activist Allegedly Assaulted for Protecting Stray Dogs

An animal activist was reportedly assaulted for feeding stray dogs. Demand justice and the protection of strays.

Shut Down Cruel, Overcrowded Puppy Mills

Dogs were rescued from conditions allegedly involving overcrowding and neglect at a puppy mill. Demand accountability and stricter regulations.

Dog Allegedly Struck by Passing Vehicle Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly released and struck by a vehicle during a dispute. Demand accountability for this tragic incident.

225 Animals Allegedly Living Without Access to Clean Water Deserve Justice

Over two hundred animals were found in deplorable conditions, allegedly suffering neglect and cruelty. Demand accountability and stringent legal action against those responsible.

Rescue Dog Allegedly Subjected to Acid Attack Deserves Justice

A rescue dog, allegedly subjected to an acid attack that killed her siblings, now seeks justice. Demand accountability and stringent legal actions.

Dog Reportedly Beaten, Resulting in Broken Leg and Head Trauma, Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly viciously beaten, suffering a broken leg and head trauma. Take action to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Exotic Animal Abuse in Entertainment Deserves Immediate Attention

Wild animals have suffered under the guise of entertainment. Demand swift legal actions to ensure their protection.

Dogs Allegedly Beaten by Daycare Employee Deserve Justice

Videos have surfaced showing an employee allegedly beating dogs at a daycare. Demand legal action for these seemingly cruel acts.

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