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27 Animals That Allegedly Survived Extreme Neglect Deserve Justice

A man is accused of neglecting 27 animals, leading to the deaths of several snakes. Take action to ensure a thorough investigation.

Stop Allegedly Abusing Live Animals on TV for Entertainment

Alarming allegations of animal abuse in a popular TV show require immediate attention. Urge the channel to ensure ethical treatment of animals in their productions.

Dogs Reportedly Found Chained and Starving Deserve Justice

Two dogs were reportedly found chained in freezing conditions without shelter, food, or water. Demand a full investigation.

Bison Beheaded in Act of Premeditated Violence Deserves Justice

A bison was cruelly beheaded in an act of premeditated violence. Demand justice and a thorough investigation into this disturbing act of animal cruelty.

Pitbull Allegedly Deprived of Water Until Dead Deserves Justice

A pitbull allegedly suffered extreme neglect, locked in a kennel without water or food for over a month, leading to its tragic death. Demand a thorough investigation.

Dog Stuffed in Tiny Bag and Transported by Scooter Deserves Justice

A dog was transported in a dangerously small bag. Ensure justice and prevent future acts of cruelty.

Pet Monkey Allegedly Chained in TV Series Deserves Justice

TV actors are embroiled in controversy for allegedly chaining their pet monkey, sparking allegations of animal cruelty.
Demand a thorough investigation into this matter to ensure animal welfare standards are upheld.

Cats Allegedly Abused by Serial Offender Deserve Justice

A TikTok video allegedly exposes a serial animal abuser. Take immediate legal action.

Domestic Animals Reportedly Killed Under Mysterious Circumstances Deserve Justice

Domestic animals have been reportedly found grievously harmed and even killed. Ensure a thorough investigation into these alleged atrocities.

Dog Allegedly Threatened by Woman With Cane Deserves Justice

An elderly woman was reportedly seen threatening a dog with a cane, sparking widespread concern. Ensure a comprehensive investigation.

Cat Violently Kicked Into Street Deserves Justice

A cat was allegedly kicked across the road and died days later. The punishment for this crime was barely a slap on the wrist. Demand justice now.

Dog Allegedly Terrorized on Camera Deserves Justice

An elderly woman reportedly terrorized her pet dog with a cane, as shown in a TikTok video. Take immediate action to safeguard the innocent animal.

Young Pit Bull Hacked to Death Deserves Justice

A four-month-old pit bull was hacked to death and those responsible are still at large and unidentified. Demand justice for this poor pup.

Stop Torturing Innocent Pigs in the Name of Entertainment

Pigs are being forced to race at a popular fair, raising concerns about their safety and well-being. Stop torturing these innocent animals under the guise of entertainment.

Dogs Allegedly Left in Locked Vehicle for Four Days Deserve Justice

Three dogs, allegedly left in a locked car for four days, were saved only by rescuers breaking a window. Demand action now.

Terrier Who Reportedly Suffered Multiple Bone Fractures From Attack by Owner Deserves Justice

A small, helpless dog reportedly suffered fractures and a collapsed lung after being violently thrown and kicked by his owner. Demand justice.

Animals Reportedly Burned on Camera for Personal Fetishes Deserve Justice

Disturbing videos reportedly showing animals being tortured have surfaced as part of a fetish operation. The suspected ringleader is facing charges. Ensure stringent prosecution and uphold animal protection laws.

Dogs Reportedly Abused by Former Cop Turned Pet Sitter Deserve Justice

Multiple dogs were reportedly mistreated at a pet sitting business owned by a former police officer. Demand a thorough investigation to ensure accountability.

45 Animals Reportedly Horrifically Abused Deserve Justice

A staggering 45 animals have reportedly suffered at the hands of two people who also face accusations of child abuse. Demand an immediate, unflinching investigation to ensure justice is served.

Justice for Dog Reportedly Abused for Months and Buried Alive

Luna the dog was reportedly found buried alive, starving, and beaten so badly that she had to be put down. Demand a thorough investigation and a punishment that sets a no-tolerance precedent for animal cruelty.

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