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AnimalPetitions is a part of the ForceChange.com network. AnimalPetitions is dedicated to protecting animals, both wild and domestic, from abuse and harm at the hands of humans. The AnimalPetitions community is comprised of passionate citizen activists dedicated to taking action to protect animals. AnimalPetitions is devoted solely to animal-related causes and covers animal-content from ForceChange.

The ForceChange community has over 2 million passionate individuals who care deeply about issues such as animal rights, the environment, human rights, social justice, progressive politics, and more. Our petitions create a giant wave for positive change. Every month, over four million pages are viewed on the ForceChange network.

Our members are knowledgeable on the issues and passionate about effecting positive change in the world we live. This translates into a high level of engagement and action.

If you would like to see how our community can help you, please drop us a line. We have sponsorship opportunities and other tools available to assist you in organizing support for your cause.

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