Success: USDA Announces Rule to End Show Horse Mutilation

Show horses will be protected from horse soring thanks to a new USDA rule. Horse soring is an extremely cruel practice where horses’ legs are mutilated and burned with caustic chemicals to give them a high-stepping gait. Sign this petition to thank the USDA for helping to end this painful process.

Success: Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus to End

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, which has become notorious for the ill-treatment of captive animals, will finally be ending. Praise this decision, which will end the suffering of hundreds of animals.

Success: Farm Owners Convicted for Allowing Cow Torture

cow-by-keith-wellerThe owners of a farm where employees allegedly beat, kicked, and hung cows from their necks have been found guilty of animal abuse. Sign this petition to applaud the judge for his decision to convict these men.

Success: China Bans Ivory Trade

elephants-by-benh-lieu-songHelp is on the way for endangered elephants, thanks to the Chinese government announcing that all ivory trading will be banned in the country by the end of 2017. Sign this petition to thank China for putting an end to the cruel ivory industry in their country.

Success: Designer Stops Supporting Cruel Fur Industry

rabbits-worm-that-turnedA designer has finally decided to end her use of fur in her apparel products. The fur industry is notorious for treating its animals terribly and forcing them to live in atrocious conditions. Sign this petition and thank the designer for ending her use of fur.

Success: State Bans All Elephant Circus Acts

elephant-mister-eAcross the nation, many elephants are imprisoned within the entertainment industry and forced to perform tricks and give rides. New Jersey has now become the first state to ban all circus acts that use elephants. Sign this petition to thank the New Jersey Senate for passing this law.

Success: University Cancels Puppy Raffle

goldendoodle-godsgirl_madiA university was planning on raffling off a goldendoodle puppy to a random “winner.” Dogs are a huge responsibility and commitment. Thankfully, after hearing from the concerned public, the university decided to cancel this raffle. Sign this petition and thank the university for making the compassionate choice.

Success: Company Stops Cutting Open Pigs for Sales Pitches

pig-duncan-hullPigs were being cut open and killed in order to demonstrate how a well-known company’s products work to its sales personnel. Thankfully, after hearing from many concerned citizens, the company has decided to end this cruel practice. Praise the company for sparing countless lives from unnecessary pain and death.

Success: Company Stops Selling Tickets to Cruel Animal Attractions

elephants-at-the-circus-by-alejandro-linares-garciaTripAdvisor has decided to end sales to cruel animal attractions, such as elephant rides and swimming with dolphins, on its website. Now, the company is trying to educate people on the negative effects that tourism has on wild animals. Sign this petition to thank the company for helping to prevent animal cruelty.

Success: Endangered Wolves Allowed to Remain Wild

captured-red-wolf-by-hillebrand-steveA plan to capture or kill most of the remaining wild red wolves in North Carolina because of complaints from landowners has just been thrown out. Applaud the judge for upholding protections for endangered wolves and not bending to the will of vocal landowners.

Success: Nation Bans Trophy Hunting

kodiak_brown_bears_by_lisa_huppThe Romanian government has announced a ban on the annual killing of thousands of large carnivores through the closing of a legal loophole. Applaud this progressive effort to save innocent animals from a senseless death.

Success: Endangered Yellow-Legged Frog Recovers

rana-sierrae-yosemite-by-devin-edmondsYosemite’s population of the endangered yellow-legged frog has shown astounding rates of recovery. The protection of this species under the Endangered Species Act gives very real hope for the safety and resilience of the frog and the ecosystem it is a part of. Thank the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for its efforts to preserve this species.

Success: African Grey Parrot Protected

african_grey_parrot_by_l-_miguel_bugallo_sanchezInternational trade of one of the most commonly traded birds on the planet–the African grey parrot–has just been banned due to fears of extinction. Applaud this commitment to saving this parrot’s dwindling wild population.

Success: Total Trade Ban Implemented on World’s Most Trafficked Mammal

tree-pangolin-by-valerius-tygartA trade ban was passed that could save a critically endangered animal that is valued for its meat and believed medicinal properties. Sign this petition to thank the organization that made this crucial ban possible.

Success: Country Promises to Eliminate Tiger Farms

tiger-by-monka-betleyLaos is promising to phase out tiger farms to curb the sale of tiger parts, which are often sold to be used as medicine and sometimes eaten as a delicacy. Sign this petition to thank this country for helping to preserve and protect an endangered species.

Success: Major Retailer Ends Sale of Fur and Angora Hair

fox-john-leffmannA major international retailer has finally ended its use of fur and angora hair in its clothing. Fur and angora farms are notorious for raising animals in poor conditions and hurting or killing them in horrific ways. Sign this petition to thank the retailer for ending its support of this cruel industry.

Success: Convicted Animal Abuser Sentenced to Prison

Prison CellAn animal shelter worker who kept dogs in filthy conditions has been sentenced to a year in jail. Thank the judge who finally saved the animals who were under this man’s care.

Success: Thousands of Wild Horses Saved from Unnecessary Slaughter

Wild_Horses_by_BLMThousands of wild horses will be spared due to a government decision to cancel a plan that would have needlessly massacred them. Applaud the effort to work towards a more humane solution to control wild horse populations rather than simply exterminating these precious animals.

Success: California Bans Captive Orca Breeding

Orcas Robert PittmanThe cruel captive orca breeding industry has finally been banned in California. Applaud this groundbreaking move and help get all orcas out of captivity.

Success: Duck Strangling Festival Canceled

Duck Brandon WeeksFor years, a festival where revelers would fight to rip off a duck’s head has been allowed to continue. Thankfully, government officials have finally put an end to this savage event. Sign this petition and thank officials for sparing innocent ducks from unnecessary pain and death.

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