Success: Wales to Ban Wild Animals in Circuses

In a victory for animal welfare, Wales has announced plans to ban the practice of using wild animals in circuses. Support this stand for animal rights.

Success: Montana to Ban Hunting of Yellowstone Grizzlies

Montana’s Yellowstone grizzlies will be protected this year, as the state’s Fish, Wildlife & Parks department recommends a hunting ban. Support this humane decision to preserve this iconic species.

Success: Switzerland Tackles Mistreatment of Lobsters

If a lobster possessed the vocal chords to scream, could you hear its cries of agony emanating from a cooking pot? One country believes the answer is a definitive yes. Applaud the steps Switzerland is taking to restore a humane approach to a highly divisive practice.

Success: Shop Owner Held Accountable for Selling Endangered Animal Products

A San Francisco shop owner was sentenced to three years of probation, 500 hours of community service, and $3,599 in penalties for possessing and selling endangered animal products. Animals used included ocelots, jaguars, and snow leopards, which are endangered and threatened species. Thank District Attorney George Gascon for charging the offender and helping prevent more poaching.

Success: Hong Kong Bans Ivory Sales

Hong Kong has finalized a ban on all ivory sales, three years after announcing their intention to put a stop to the trade, closing all loopholes and ending grace periods. This is wonderful news that will hopefully put an end to the poaching of elephants across the country. Sign this petition to thank Hong Kong’s legislature for banning ivory for good.

Success: Aquarium Agrees to Stop Keeping Sea Mammals Captive

The Vancouver aquarium has finally given in to public pressure from animal rights groups and will be ceasing their captivity of whales and dolphins. Captivity of these creatures has led to many deaths over the years, and it is a relief that this aquarium will help put an end to this. Sign this petition to thank the Vancouver Aquarium for taking a step forward regarding the well-being of sea mammals.

Success: Airline Steps Up for Hurricanes’ Forgotten Victims

Bolstered by the unified voices of unwavering advocates, a global airline forged powerful partnerships that ultimately rescued scores of animals from devastating conditions. Hurricanes Harvey and Maria left untold victims and survivors in their wake, among them the many animals that inhabit Texas and Puerto Rico. Lend your support to rescue efforts underway for these animals and encourage future aid.

Success: Nosey the Elephant Granted Permanent Home at Elephant Sanctuary

Long-suffering elephant Nosey, who was rescued after a decade of abuse and exploitation in a traveling circus, finally has a new home that will ensure her continued freedom. Support this huge victory and the protection of this innocent elephant.

Success: Michael Kors Stops Using Fur

Famous designer Michael Kors has announced it will no longer use fur on its products. Countless animals are trapped within fur farms and face unimaginable horrors daily. Sign this petition and praise Michael Kors for no longer supporting this cruel industry.

Success: Montreal to End Pit Bull Ban

Montreal is ending its ban on pit bulls roughly a year after it was put into place. This is wonderful news for pit bulls and their owners, who would have been charged a fee and subjected to a criminal background check should the ban have remained. Sign this petition to thank Montreal for rolling back this unfair law.

Success: Kiwis Taken Off Endangered Species List

Two species of kiwis have been removed from the endangered species list. Sign this petition to applaud New Zealand’s Department of Conservation for its extraordinary efforts to protect kiwis.

Success: UK Law to Recognize that Animals Feel Pain

Animals’ ability to think and feel will be officially recognized by UK law, according to the environment secretary. Support this promise to acknowledge animal sentience and protect animal welfare.

Success: University Stops Starving and Gassing Lab Animals

Cruel research was being conducted on countless animals, in which the animals were reportedly starved for extended periods of time and then gassed to death. Thankfully, St. Mary’s University put an end to these barbaric experiments. Sign this petition and praise the university for ending the research.

Success: BCBG Bans Fur and Angora

Fashion giant BCBG has made the decision to stop selling products using fur and angora wool. Countless animals are trapped within these industries and face unimaginable horrors and death daily. Sign this petition and praise BCBG for no longer supporting these barbaric industries.

Success: Trump Puts Hold on Importing Elephant Trophies

Following outrage about the announcement to lift the ban on elephant trophy imports, President Trump has announced a hold will be placed on allowing these imports. Support this step toward ensuring the protection of elephants, and demand that the vital ban on these cruel imports be maintained.

Success: Resort Ends Cruel Big Cat Show

A popular Las Vegas resort has finally dropped an inhumane big cat show. The owner of these cats has been cited for countless violations, including denying the animals exercise and forcefully declawing them. Sign this petition and praise the resort for ending its support of this cruelty.

Success: Nosey the Elephant Rescued From Owner

An elephant who has spent the past 25 years of her life confined in isolation and denied proper veterinary care was finally rescued and removed from her owner’s care. Sign this petition to thank the animal control officer responsible for intervening on behalf of Nosey the Elephant.

Success: Gucci Promises to Go Fur-Free

Luxury brand Gucci has promised to stop using animal fur in its products in a huge victory for animal welfare. Support this decision to stop supporting the fur industry and to instead stand for animal rights and human compassion.

Success: Sea Turtles Pulled Back from the Brink of Extinction

Sea turtles are no longer moments away from extinction thanks to the efforts made by the United States and Mexican governments. However, their numbers are still dangerously low. Sign this petition to thank the government for saving this species and to encourage their continued efforts.

Success: Snow Leopards No Longer ‘Endangered’

Snow leopard populations have increased, declassifying these beautiful animals from being endangered. Applaud that the conservation of snow leopards is heading in the right direction.

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