Success: Serial Cat Killer Given Maximum Punishment

A man who has pleaded guilty to torturing and killing over a dozen cats will now spend the next 16 years behind bars following a judge’s sentencing. Sign this petition to express your gratitude that justice has been finally been served for the cats of San Jose.

Success: Maximum Penalty Sought for Albatross Killer

A young man who plead no contest to charges that he helped butcher and slay over a dozen protected albatrosses could now face the maximum possible penalty for his crimes during his upcoming sentencing. Far too often, cases of animal abuse are ignored or given leniency in the justice system. Sign this petition to voice your support for the prosecutor’s actions in this case.

Success: Gajraj the Elephant Freed From Chains After 50 Years

After being chained and neglected for over 50 years, Gajraj the elephant is finally being treated for his ailments and brought to an accredited sanctuary. He will now be able to roam freely and play with other elephant friends. Sign this petition and praise those who have helped bring freedom to this animal once again.

Success: Bestiality Banned in Nevada

Until recently, sexually abusing animals wasn’t illegal in the state of Nevada. Thanks to the work of animal rights activists, new legislation has been passed prohibiting bestiality. Sign this petition to applaud this important new law.

Success: Shark Fin Ban Approved By Senate

The import, export, and sale of shark fins has been banned in the U.S. Sign this petition to thank Congress for taking a stand against this cruel and unsustainable practice.

Success: Coast Guard Stops Killing Animals for Training

For years, animals have been tortured and killed for military trauma training.Thankfully, high-tech simulators will now replace live animals. Sign this petition and praise the Coast Guard’s decision to end this brutality.

Success: USDA Reposts Animal Welfare Information

Thousands of records of animal cruelty were removed from the USDA web site, impeding efforts to hold abusers accountable. The USDA has faced a huge outcry from concerned citizens and in response they’ve re-posted some of the records. Sign this petition to praise them for this step in the right direction.

Success: Dairy Farm Abusers to be Jailed

Three men who kicked, punched, and beat cows have been sentenced to jail. Applaud this move, which sends a message that animal abuse on farms will not be tolerated.

Success: Florida Black Bears Will Not Be Hunted

The 2017 black bear hunt has been cancelled. Sign this petition to praise those responsible for saving hundreds of Florida black bears.

Success: Apartment Complex Stops Cruelly Killing Squirrels

An apartment complex took down the cruel “body-gripping” traps it was using to control the squirrel population. Sign this petition and praise the apartment complex for making this compassionate change.

Success: New Animal Abuse Registry Created

Thanks to the hard work of animal rights campaigners, Tallahassee, Florida has just created a publicly available registry of animal abusers. Let’s take a moment to welcome this victory.

Success: Orangutans Gain More Protections

Thanks to the Indonesian president, orangutans are getting a helping hand. These special primates have received further protection from habitat loss due to palm oil companies in the Leuser ecosystem and other parts of Indonesia. Sign this petition to praise the dedication to the preservation of this species.

Success: Live Animals No Longer Used for Trauma Training

For years, animals were being tortured and killed for trauma training. Thankfully, human simulators will now replace live animals. Sign this petition to praise the decision to end this unnecessary abuse.

Success: Taiwan Bans the Sale of Dog and Cat Meat

Taiwan has recently issued a ban on the sale and consumption of dog and cat meat in addition to stronger general animal protection laws. This is a huge step forward for Asia’s understanding of animal welfare. Sign this petition to thank the president of Taiwan for helping to make this possible.

Success: City Halts Plans to Kill Coyotes

A city had plans to trap and kill coyotes as a means of population control. Thankfully, concerned citizens spoke up and now these animals will no longer be senselessly killed. Sign this petition and praise the city for ending its plan to kill these innocent animals.

Success: Taiwan Bans Euthanasia of Stray Animals

Taiwan recently banned the euthanasia of stray animals. Now, animals in shelters can no longer be put to death because they remain unclaimed. Applaud the Taiwan parliament for standing up for animal rights.

Success: New Technology Helps Capture Poachers

Rangers have successfully arrested numerous poachers thanks to new technological devices that they received from the World Wildlife Fund. Thank the WWF for helping to put an end to this horrific crime and for further doing whatever possible to ensure that animals continue to thrive.

Success: Government Bans Captive Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises

After mother and daughter beluga whales passed away within two weeks of each other, the public and animal activists spoke up about their concerns for the animals trapped within the aquarium. Thankfully, the local board decided to ban cetacean captivity at the aquarium. Sign this petition and praise the board for making the compassionate choice.

Success: Cruel Hunters Will No Longer Get Away with Hurting Sharks

A prison sentence for shark finning and shark spining, a violent practice of dismembering sharks to use their body parts in soup, has been handed out for the first time in Costa Rica. Applaud this victory for the protection of sharks.

Success: Eight Companies Withdraw Sponsorship from Rodeo

After public outcry, eight companies have withdrawn their sponsorship of a rodeo that was caught committing acts of animal cruelty. This is a victory for the rights of these animals, but we must let the government know more needs to be done. Sign this petition to thank the companies and ensure even further action against rodeos.

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