Hollywood: Stop Working Animals to Death

A horse reportedly died of cardiac arrest on a Hollywood set. Demand that no more animals be sacrificed for entertainment.

Ban the Sale of Ivory Products to Save Elephants

The illegal trade of ivory is contributing to the decline of elephant populations. Join us in advocating for a ban on the sale of ivory products in all stores.

Stop Destroying Wetlands That House Endangered Species

Wetlands are being destroyed at an alarming rate, threatening endangered species and the delicate balance of the ecosystem. Urge the governor to stop the destruction of this important resource and preserve the natural beauty of the Everglades.

Save Majestic Gray Whales From Extinction

Gray whales are threatened by oil drilling, ship collisions, and climate change. Call for action to protect this species and the health of the marine ecosystem.

Stop the Cruel Exploitation of Animals in Circuses

Elephants, big cats, and other circus animals are confined to small cages and forced to perform or face cruel punishments. End the use of these living beings for profit.

Protect Endangered Indian Lions From Poaching

The Indian lion is critically endangered due to habitat loss and poaching. The loss of this species would be an irrevocable loss to the national heritage and ecosystem. Demand action to prevent their extinction.

Stop Killing the Indian Pangolin for its Valuable Scales

The Indian Pangolin is threatened by habitat loss and poaching. Something must be done to save them before it is too late. Demand action to prevent deforestation and legally protect this unique species.

Stop Whipping Racehorses in the Name of Sport

Racehorses suffer pain and injury when they are whipped to increase their speed. Sign this petition to demand a ban on this cruel practice and protect the welfare of these animals.

Establish Protected Area for Beautiful, Imperiled Siberian Cranes

The Siberian crane is threatened by habitat loss and hunting. Call for a protected area to preserve their existence and Russia’s natural heritage.

Protect the Monarch Butterfly From Pesticides

The monarch butterfly is threatened by habitat loss and pesticide use, endangering our ecosystems and food production. Help advocate for their protection by promoting conservation efforts.

Stop Subjecting Bears to Pain, Infection and Death for Their Bile

Bears are stuffed into small cages and subjected to torturous treatment when they are farmed for their bile. The use of this substance in traditional medicine not only contributes to animal cruelty, but it also poses a potential public health risk. Demand a ban on this cruel practice.

Protect Jaguar Habitats to Save This Dwindling Species

Jaguars are facing an alarming decline due to habitat loss and poaching. Demand leaders establish a protected area to ensure their survival and preserve the region’s cultural and natural heritage.

End Mass Killing of Iconic American Bison

The American bison, a symbol of the country’s history and culture, is threatened due to habitat loss and hunting. Demand action to protect this keystone species and preserve cultural heritage.

Stop Poisoning Amazon River Dolphins and Destroying Rainforest

Pollution from industrial activities, mining, and agriculture is threatening the Amazon river dolphin and jeopardizing the biodiversity of the rainforest. Protect their habitat now to preserve the region’s cultural heritage.

Protect Polar Bears From Melting Sea Ice

Polar bears are threatened by melting sea ice and pollution. Demand action to protect their habitat and ensure their survival.

Don’t Torture and Asphyxiate Wildlife With Cruel Poisons

Strychnine and other cruel wildlife poisons cause immense suffering to animals and disrupt the natural ecosystem. Ban these inhumane products that kill indiscriminately.

Stop Plastic Pollution and Climate Change From Killing Leatherback Sea Turtles

Leatherback sea turtles face threats from plastic pollution and climate change. Demand immediate action to protect these important creatures and maintain the health of our oceans.

Protect Northern Spotted Owls From Starvation and Displacement

The northern spotted owl is facing starvation and displacement due to logging and habitat loss. Advocate for their protection to preserve the biodiversity of Canada’s Pacific Northwest.

Stop Electrocuting and Skinning Animals Alive for Fashion

The use of animal fur in fashion and clothing industries causes immense suffering to millions of animals worldwide. Sign this petition to ban fur and promote ethical practices in the fashion industry.

Stop Millions of Animals From Perishing in Farm Fires

Thousands of cattle suffocated and burned to death in a devastating farm fire. Call for stronger safeguards to protect vulnerable farm animals from these preventable tragedies.

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