Articles written by: Tiffany White

Save Police K9s from Preventable Drug Deaths

The effects of the opioid epidemic have been well-documented. Police dogs, who can die from just a granule of some opioids, are the unrecognized casualties of this war on drugs. Fight for the future of these brave animals.

#FurFreeBritain: Stop Funding the Torture and Execution of Millions of Fur Farm Victims

Two million mink, racoon dogs, and foxes die every year to clothe fur purchasers in Britain. These animals endure untold cruelties that range from infection to cannibalism. Urge British leadership to take a definitive stand against these inhumane atrocities.

Halt Mass Execution of Stray Dogs

Imagine walking through a neighborhood and seeing dead dogs swinging from tree branches, or claw marks beside a freshly drug grave, or canine carcasses mixed in with the trash. For one Indian region, these stark images are reality. Demand an end to the allegedly sanctioned slaughter of stray dogs.

Save the Chinese Giant Salamander From Extinction

Nearly 200 million years of history: the legacy of the Chinese giant salamander eclipses even its possibly six-foot-long size. Now environmental and human threats have placed this storied animal in imminent danger. Help fight for the future of the world’s living fossils.

Guinea Pigs Whose Slaughter was Posted on Social Media Deserve Justice

Imagine opening up your social media account and seeing beloved pets you had been cuddling the day before killed and mutilated before your eyes. This became the horrifying reality for one young girl who believed her guinea pigs had been adopted to a loving home. Demand justice in a horrific case that has garnered worldwide outrage.

Don’t Allow Trophy Hunters to Kill Sleeping Wolf Pups and Bear Cubs

Hunters may soon be allowed to raid the homes of wildlife and bring their carcasses home as trophies. Without action for the animals roaming our nation’s lands, federal protections that ban highly controversial hunting methods on Alaskan preserves will be abolished. Make your voice heard in ending this epidemic assault on wildlife.

Father Accused of Shooting Daughter’s Dogs Because She Didn’t Clean Dishes Must be Punished

Spanking, time-out, grounding…. murder: in the realm of parental punishments, the last should never be uttered in the same sentence. Yet an Oklahoma man allegedly used murder as a weapon by killing his daughter’s pet dogs. Demand justice for innocent animals caught in the crossfire of domestic disputes.

Stop the Taxpayer-funded Torture of Mice, Kittens, and Other Innocent Animals

Taxpayer-funded torture is being performed every year in the labs of major institutions. Thousands of animals lose their lives as a result. Help halt these horrible acts now.

Stop Creating Killer Kangaroos with Careless Human Actions

When animals attack: a story usually exists behind these sensational headlines, and behind this story often lies human intervention. Kangaroos are on the attack in Australia. Urge that those who can make the most difference protect these animals from human inciters.

Prevent Ominous Fate for UK’s Abandoned Horses

Horses are being cruelly abandoned and left to die in a tragic trend known as fly-tipping. Stop the greedy practices leading to horses being sentenced to this cruel fate.

Save Yellowstone’s Grizzly Bears from Hunters

Thanks to federal protections, Yellowstone grizzly bears have flourished in the past few decades. Now these protections are gone, and these natural wonders stand at risk once again. Demand Yellowstone states not declare open hunting season on their grizzly populations.

Do Not Hand Over Exotic Animal Refugees to Allegedly Neglectful Caretakers

Locations across America exploit rainforest and other exotic animals for profit. These animals are thoughtlessly ripped from their native habitats and often forced into conditions of squalor. Demand one such sanctuary permanently lose its hold over imprisoned wildlife.

Halt Onslaught of More Than 250,000 Devastating Animal Hoarding Cruelties

The most dangerous forms of abuse often come from those who believe they are acting out of love. Animals of every kind endure neglect, hunger, and illness due to animal hoarding. Provide enhanced legal protection for these at-risk animals.

Nix Proposal that Leaves Domesticated Animals Vulnerable to Cruelty and Abuse

Farm animals could soon be subjected to even more cruelty if what animal rights groups call an ‘awful piece of legislation,’ is passed by Congress. Current and future laws shielding farm animals and other domesticated animals from abuse and mistreatment could be sacrificed. Demand Congress kill this harmful legislation.

Hold Retailer Accountable for Recent Pet Fatalities

Taking a beloved pet to a grooming appointment is a sign of care, love, and trust. PetSmart has allegedly breached this trust time and again by returning to pet owners not a vibrant, clean animal but a dead body instead. Urge more stringent polices that might prevent future such tragedies.

Stop Road Accidents That Kill Countless Animals

How often do we think of the thousands of animal lives snuffed out by everyday “roadkill” incidents? Too many animals to quantify lose their lives on America’s roads and highways. Demand transportation leaders create safe passageways for animal migraters.

Save Rapidly Disappearing Whales from Extinction

Their mere sight inspires awe and wonder. Now they teeter on the brink of extinction. Encourage expansion and enforcement of regulations that could save the North Atlantic right whale.

Train Police Forces to Rescue Animals in Need

What if the tools of police protection could be utilized for the welfare of animals? One country has put this idea into proactive action. Urge American law enforcement organizations to follow this country’s promising lead.

Success: Asia Closes a Door on Legalized Animal Abuse with Greyhound Track Shutdown

Abuse, imprisonment, and death are the legacy of Asia’s only greyhound racetrack. In July this tragic legacy will be part of history. Applaud the soon-to-be-abolition of an insidiously cruel practice on the world’s largest continent.

Help Canines and Children Impacted by Cruelty Forge Comforting Bonds

Hurt and pain recognize no species. A revolutionary program trains dogs to support young victims of crime. Encourage the incorporation of rescue dogs as trainees for this program.

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