Articles written by: Tiffany White

Ferrets Allegedly Left to Starve and Die in Park Deserve Justice

Two ferrets were allegedly abandoned in a park. One of the animals was reportedly malnourished, and the other apparently died. Help secure justice for these innocents.

Dog Reportedly Bludgeoned With Sledgehammer Deserves Justice

A defenseless dog was reportedly bludgeoned and killed by his caretaker with a sledgehammer. Call for justice now.

Man Accused of Strangling and Kicking Cats to Death Must be Punished

Two pet cats were reportedly strangled and kicked to death. Their caretaker’s son is accused but has not even been charged with animal cruelty. Demand justice for these innocent victims.

Pet Marmoset Force-Fed Cocaine and Nearly Flushed Down Toilet Deserves Justice

A woman apparently abused and threatened the life of her pet monkey and received a legal slap on the wrist. Demand real justice in this case of blatant animal cruelty.

Stop Slaughtering Dogs for Meat

Countless dogs endure torturous and agonizing deaths in Indonesia, where they are slaughtered for human consumption. Demand an end to the cruel dog meat trade.

Stop Illegal Puppy Trafficking That Claims Countless Lives

Trafficked puppies are dying in high numbers all over the United Kingdom. They are raised in horrific conditions that cause ill health and life-threatening trauma. Urge authorities to find and punish all illegal puppy breeders, traffickers, and abusers.

Stop Persecuting and Slaughtering Sharks

Sharks face unfair discrimination from humans, often at the cost of their lives. An enhanced shark surveillance system that does not use deadly force could be the answer to saving these often-innocent animals. Demand an investment in this conservation effort.

Stop Drugging and Racing Horses to Death for Sport

Horse racing has taken another young life: three-year-old heart attack victim Medina Spirit. This horse’s untimely death shines a spotlight on the dangers and deadly abuses inherent in the sport. Demand decisive action that protects these magnificent animals from tragedy.

Two Dozen Dogs Apparently Discovered Without Food or Water and Trained to Fight Deserve Justice

Another reported animal cruelty convict appears to have gone on to repeat his crimes because of inadequate punishment. Secure justice for the two dozen dogs apparently impacted by this disturbing case.

Pit Bulls Shot and Killed By Suspected Dog-Fighting Operation Deserve Justice

Three pit bulls were shot dead and dumped in a Pennsylvania reservoir. They may have been casualties of a dog-fighting operation. Demand justice for these victimized animals.

Stop Slaughtering Protected Foxes for Sport

A legal form of hunting is being used as a “smokescreen” to kill foxes and other protected animals. End this practice before it claims more lives.

Stop Letting Dogs Languish and Die in Abusive Breeding Facilities

Dogs are being exploited, bred, and neglected to the point of death in record numbers. Urge authorities to crack down on this hideous abuse.

Horse Who Suddenly Died Following Alleged Animal Cruelty Deserves Justice

A 23-year-old horse died suddenly after being entrusted to the care of a stabling business. An investigation into the circumstances of this death has commenced. Demand justice if animal cruelty accusations are deemed credible.

Dogs Apparently Left to Suffer With Infections in Filth Deserve Justice

A family of accused serial animal abusers may at last face justice. Demand authorities hold them to account for their reported abuse and neglect of dozens of dogs.

Stop Mass Slaughter of Colombian Hippos

Once-captive hippos in Colombia gained their freedom but their lives are now being threatened by a devastating and inhumane cull. Demand leaders embrace population control over wholesale eradication of these beloved animals.

Runaway Zebras Allegedly Mistreated By Animal Trader Deserve Justice

The case of three escaped zebras took a tragic turn when one died in a snare trap. The man allegedly responsible is finally behind bars, but many more animals remain at risk because of negligible legal action. Urge the Department of Agriculture to enforce its own rules regarding chronic reported animal abusers.

Protect Orangutans and Tigers From Law-Breaking Palm Oil Companies

Illegal palm oil production is ramping up at the expense of wild animals and their forest home. Demand protection for endangered wildlife.

Prevent Pig Farms From Potentially Killing Tons of Saltwater Fish

Spain’s pig farms are slaughtering swine at an unprecedented rate, and now they may be responsible for the deaths of innumerable marine animals. Urge an end to this industry’s reckless and unchecked practices.

Protect Hundreds of Dogs From Cruel Deaths in Racing Industry Blood Sport

Hundreds of greyhound dogs die in the cruel racing industry every year, and many more suffer abuse and neglect. Demand an end to greyhound racing.

Stop Torturing and Slaughtering Animals for Fur

Fur farms are ground zero for torture and slaughter that rivals the worst animal cruelty cases. Demand the United Kingdom protect animal rights by banning barbaric fur sales once and for all.

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