Articles written by: Tiffany White

Stop Celebrating Mass Slaughter With Rattlesnake Roundup

Rattlesnakes are being forced from their dens, exploited, and slaughtered by the thousands for the amusement of human spectators. Demand an end to deadly rattlesnake roundups that trade in barbaric cruelty.

Save Hens From Lifetime of Inhumane Confinement

Too many of the eggs made available to consumers are produced from long-standing animal cruelty. Battery cages subject egg-laying hens to cramped and dirty living conditions that they must endure their entire lives. Demand a swift ban on these instruments of inhumanity.

Dogs Brutally Gunned Down in Their Own Yard Deserve Justice

Two innocent dogs were shot while seemingly safe in a yard. One died as a result of horrific injuries. Demand justice in this disturbing case of deadly animal cruelty.

Collars Reportedly Responsible for Thousands of Pet Deaths and Injuries Must be Recalled

A popular flea collar is being blamed for thousands of pet deaths and “adverse incidents.” Demand swift action to protect pets.

Elderly, Sick Dog Apparently Buried Alive Deserves Justice

An injured dog, later named Ghost, was reportedly buried alive and left to die. Yet, no arrests or prosecutions have taken place. Call for justice for Ghost.

Save Ecosystem-Boosting Small Carnivores

Some of the most endangered and ecologically important animals on the planet are flying under the radar, to their detriment. Demand conservationists devote more time and energy to protecting the world’s small carnivores.

Don’t Let Allegedly Neglectful and Spiteful Shelter Kill its Animals

The planned euthanizing of a shelter dog drew attention to the organization’s alleged neglectful practices. Demand an investigation into this supposed caretaker of animals.

Dyed Baby Pigeon Found Suffering in Wild Deserves Justice

A very young, domesticated pigeon was dyed pink and released into the wild. He later died from apparent malnourishment and toxic exposure. Demand justice for this defenseless and exploited animal.

Save Wild Cows From Mass Government-Approved Slaughter

Over 150 cattle who have called the New Mexico wilderness home for nearly three decades will soon be fatally shot and left to rot by order of the federal government. Demand an end to killing masquerading as conservation.

Stop Poisoning Fish and Drinking Water With Toxic Chemicals

Cancer and other illness-causing chemicals are finding their way into the nation’s water supply in alarming numbers. Demand environmental leaders take action against a clear and present danger to public and environmental health.

Don’t Return Rescued Dogs to Accused Abusers

Too often, rescued animals are returned to individuals who pose an immediate threat to them while much safer caretaking options exist. Demand the system look out for the best interests of these endangered animals.

Success: Famed Islands Thrive Thanks to Rewilding

The rewilding of the Galapagos Islands has helped restore plants, animals, and ecosystems previously thought lost. Applaud these successful efforts at reviving one of the world’s richest natural paradises.

Justice for Dog Apparently Stabbed, Choked to Death, and Left in Dumpster

A dog’s reported fatal stabbing and choking incited calls for stricter animal cruelty punishments in one state. Demand leaders listen to these public cries for justice.

Free Punxsutawney Phil From Role as Captive Weather Predictor

The groundhog behind the famous holiday lives and existence of needless stress and exploitation throughout the year. Demand an end to this cruelty under the guise of entertainment.

Stop Giving Animal Abusers Slaps on the Wrist

A prominent European city has become ground zero for apparent animal cruelty that goes largely unpunished. Demand better from England’s capital.

Stop Onslaught of Whale Deaths by Enforcing Speed Limits

Whales are dying in unprecedented numbers off and on the North Atlantic coast. Urge leaders not to be distracted by attacks on clean energy and to remain focused on the most critical threats to these animals.

Stop Crime Spree at Zoo That is Endangering and Killing Animals

Several mysterious events have befallen a popular Texas zoo, with the latest costing the life of a 35-year-old inhabitant. Demand justice for this fallen animal.

Stop Authorizing Wide-Scale Killing of Kangaroos

Kangaroos are being targeted for an unprecedented culling in a key Australian state. Demand a halt to this deadly practice that will provide another blow to a population still recovering from flooding impacts.

Deputy Who Reportedly Left Bulldogs to Die in Scorching Heat Must be Punished

Three dogs died in nearly 100-degree heat, and another became severely sickened, due to alleged neglect by a member of the police force. Demand justice for these fallen animals.

End Starvation and Abandonment of Teacup Pigs

Pearl, a teacup pig owned by a social media influencer was found abandoned in a field, sick with an infection and with her ears in tatters. Demand justice for Pearl.

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