Articles written by: Tiffany White

Puppy Who Allegedly OD’d on Fentanyl Deserves Justice

An eight-week-old pet puppy allegedly had to be revived after reported exposure to fentanyl. Call for maximum charges against the puppy’s caretakers if they are deemed responsible.

Don’t Force Young Animals Into Yoga Poses for Entertainment

Puppies, kittens, and other young animals are reportedly being manhandled and forced into unnatural poses for yoga classes. Help end this apparent cruelty disguised in cuddly cuteness.

Protect Pet Fish From Callous Acts of Cruelty

Fish and other important marine life are treated as disposable trash to be used and exploited in much of the world. Call for stronger protections for these overlooked animals.

Don’t Let Another Horse Die Due to Mysterious Epidemic

Several horses have died under mysterious circumstances. An investigation into the cause has not proven fruitful. Demand more commitment to solving this lethal puzzle.

Stop Hunters From Unleashing Hounds on Foxes

Wildlife are still being illegally hunted and slaughtered in large numbers. These crimes are reportedly happening right under the noses of leaders who fail to act. Demand more rigorous legal protections for at-risk animals.

Save Runaway Pets From Horrific Executions

Two non-aggressive dogs were reportedly shot and killed by police on a highway, their blood soaking the ground. Act now to stop preventable pet fatalities.

Rabbits Reportedly Killed and Stuffed in Freezer Deserve Justice

Several pet rabbits were reportedly killed by a man because he was “frustrated,” then left in a freezer. Demand justice for these apparent victims of sadistic cruelty.

Success: Ban on Wildlife Killing Contests Moves Forward

The act of slaughtering wildlife for cash prizes may soon be abolished in another state. Applaud this incremental and important development for animal conservation efforts nationwide.

Six Blind Puppies Reportedly Stuffed in Bag and Abandoned Deserve Justice

Six tiny puppies crying for help were apparently put in a bag and about to be thrown off the side of the road, but their alleged abuser may never face justice. Call for harsher legal penalties for pet abandonment.

Stop Killing Wild Horses With Inhumane Roundups

Wild horses are being killed by the dozens on Nevada’s ranges under the guise of corralling and roundups. Demand the federal management agency responsible for this grossly mismanaged practice take a more humane and less deadly path forward.

Hugh the Manatee, Dead at 38 From Alleged Negligence, Deserves Justice

A 38-year-old captive manatee was apparently killed by injuries inflicted by another captive manatee, and the company that houses and cares for these animals has reportedly been assigned blame by a federal agency. Urge this agency to follow up on its damning findings with decisive action.

Dogs Allegedly Left to Cook to Death in Overheating Truck Deserve Justice

Ten dogs reportedly died from extreme heat they endured while trapped in an allegedly inhospitable vehicle with no air conditioning. Call for a more robust investigation into this deadly event.

Don’t Euthanize Innocent Dingoes Because of Reckless Tourists

Australia’s already-struggling dingo population is being targeted for euthanasia and culling because of arrogant and selfish tourists. Demand better protections for animals at risk from intruders in their homes.

Dog Reportedly Abandoned and Forced to Eat Gravel to Survive Deserves Justice

An emaciated dog named Hope was reportedly rescued from almost certain death after being found eating gravel in an abandoned basement. Demand justice for Hope.

Save Animals From Hoarders and Save Animal Hoarders From Themselves

Animal hoarding affects the mental and physical well-being of both hoarders and the animals in their custody. Demand a more nuanced legal approach to this complicated problem.

Bolster Bird Rescue Efforts to Prevent Unnecessary Deaths

Wild birds are being taken from the skies because of preventable tragedies. Demand more investment in rescuing vulnerable wildlife.

Dog Reportedly Killed at Hands of Groomer Deserves Justice

Pele, a small dog, apparently died in immense pain and distress during what should have been a routine grooming session. Demand the person accused of abusing this limp and dying animal face justice.

Don’t Let Horses in Military Funerals Die for Their Service

Military horses used for funeral services are reportedly dying due to fixable issues with their health and their living conditions. Demand fully realized safeguards for these seemingly overworked and at-risk animals.

Justice for Dog Reportedly Executed Behind Dumpster

A dog was apparently shot multiple times and finally killed as he fled for his life. Call for justice in what seems to be a deliberate act of deadly cruelty.

Dog and Pig Allegedly Abandoned and Starved Deserve Justice

A dog tragically died from apparent starvation and a pig nearly met the same fate after they were allegedly abandoned by their caretaker. Demand the punishment fit the reported crime.

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