Articles written by: Tiffany White

Make Spaying and Neutering Affordable for All

A dog endured tremendous injury and pain when he was allegedly subjected to a botched at-home neutering procedure. An affordable professional option may have spared him this trauma. Help protect other at-risk animals with a nationwide low-cost spaying and neutering program.

Success: Animal Abusers to Face Harsher Legal Standards and Consequences

Mississippi’s convicted animal abusers will now be treated with the condemnation and punishment they deserve. The state has toughened its standards and penalties for cruelty. Applaud this important reversal of fortune for vulnerable animals.

Solve Mystery of Mass Elephant Die-Off

An unknown ailment is killing elephants by the hundreds in Botswana. The nation’s government has done nothing to identify or remedy this rapidly accelerating die-off. Demand that those in charge work for the salvation of these precious natural resources.

Make Cockfighting Illegal and Punishable in Rooster-Breeding Hot Spot

Tennessee is among the world’s top exporters of roosters used for cockfighting. Despite the existence of a barbaric breeding ring in the state, this horrific cruelty is still not fully criminalized or harshly punished. Urge lawmakers to take a stand against this abuse.

Don’t Let Commercial Fishing Destroy Endangered Whales’ Habitat

A marine monument home to endangered whales and deep-sea coral will lose vital protections without urgent intervention. Big commercial fisheries could soon raid the northeast Atlantic Ocean and put millions of animals at risk. Demand the federal government stop destroying these truly important, life-sustaining national monuments.

Justice for 500 Puppies Allegedly Overheated and Killed in Hot, Cramped Airplane

Hundreds of live transport puppies reportedly fell ill or died on Canada’s watch. In a singular horrific incident, an airplane apparently arrived in the country with around 500 sickened and 38 dead puppies on board. Tell Canadian leaders “no more” to live export mass slaughter.

Wildlife Slaughtered for Cruel Pranks Deserve Justice

Wildlife are under assault from calculated acts of animal cruelty in Tasmania. Some of the latest victims in this troubling trend include a gull ensnared on a fishhook and a wallaby hung from a tree. Help strengthen safeguards for targeted animals before they become sacrifices of merciless human aggression.

Justice for Cat Allegedly Shot and Maimed With BB Gun in Drunken Assault

A cat lost a lost leg after allegedly being shot repeatedly with a BB gun. This trauma resulted after a drunken man reportedly decided to use the cat as target practice at a party. Demand justice in this horrendous case.

Save Sloths From Selfie-Obsessed Tourists

Tourists seeking sloth selfies use the animals as glorified props and cause them tremendous trauma in the process. Business owners snatch sloths from their homes in the rainforest and subject them to constant human contact for profit. Help end this abuse of wild animals.

TikTok: Ban Content That Depicts Torture of Animals

Hot social media app TikTok has become a hotbed for animal cruelty. Disgusting images of pets being slapped and physically harassed are prevalent. Urge this social media giant to immediately ban all content involving cruelty to animals.

Prevent Mass Slaughter of Elephants By Poachers

Poachers went on a killing spree at an Ethiopian wildlife sanctuary, slaughtering six elephants as they drank water. The killers took advantage of lax security and diminished protections for at-risk wildlife. Demand reform of a system that enables these unlawful and greed-driven exterminations.

Don’t Let Ocean Factory Farming Wipe Out Marine Wildlife

Factory farms could soon invade oceans thanks to the federal government. These corporate raiders slaughter thousands of pounds of fish and destroy marine habitats. Demand an end to this proposed takeover of oceans and sea life by big business.

Bear Allegedly Attacked by Drunken Man at Zoo Deserves Justice

A defenseless bear was allegedly assaulted in her enclosure at a Polish zoo. A drunken visitor reportedly “wrestled” Sabrina and nearly drowned her, causing lasting harm to her emotional well-being. Punish the perpetrator of this apparent act of animal cruelty.

Punish Man Accused of Kicking Chicken Like a ‘Field Goal’

A man reportedly kicked a chicken like a football player would kick a field goal. The man apparently defended his actions by saying he was “annoyed” with the animal. This alleged abuse of an innocent living being must be punished.

Save Brown Bears From Poisonous Gold and Copper Mine

One of the planet’s largest populations of brown bears could endure an imminent crisis thanks to a soon-to-be built gold and copper mine. The destructive mining project would poison Alaskan brown bears and threaten their food supply. Demand a reversal of course on this potentially devastating proposal.

Justice for Alligator Bound and Impaled by Arrows

A Florida alligator nearly died after being bound with rope and shot with arrows. The gator endured serious wounds, but ultimately survived. Encourage the prosecution of an animal abuser still on the loose.

Dogs Reportedly Maliciously Beaten and Strangled on Video Deserve Justice

Dogs were allegedly tied up, beaten, strangled, and thrown to the ground in two separate cases of animal cruelty. Each of these reported crimes has gone unprosecuted, though suspects have been identified. Urge stringent legal action in these seemingly disturbing cases caught on tape.

Shelter Animals Reportedly With Untreated Tumors, Infections and ‘Jaw Rotting Out Waiting to Die’ Deserve Justice

Animals were rescued from a “shelter” where they reportedly endured unimaginable neglect, such as untreated tumors, infections and one report of a dog whose jaw was “literally rotting out… laying there, waiting to die.” The owner of the shelter had previously been charged with abuse, was allowed to continue owning animals, and remains a free man even today. Sign this petition to demand authorities finally prosecute the accused abuser.

Rescue Millions of Pigs, Chickens, and Cattle From Slaughter

Millions of healthy chickens, pigs, and cattle across America could die because of pandemic-induced overcrowding on farms. Due to COVID-19 closings, animals typically shipped out to processing facilities now have nowhere to go. Tell leaders that mass euthanasia will never be the answer to population control.

Stop Slaughtering Pigs and Enabling Spread of Deadly Disease

The next disease with pandemic potential is currently ravaging pigs in Europe and Asia. Now these defenseless animals are being targeted by executioners who may be worsening the infectious epidemic. Urge more responsible and humane measures in the fight against African Swine Fever.

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