Articles written by: Tiffany White

Halt Onslaught of More Than 250,000 Devastating Animal Hoarding Cruelties

The most dangerous forms of abuse often come from those who believe they are acting out of love. Animals of every kind endure neglect, hunger, and illness due to animal hoarding. Provide enhanced legal protection for these at-risk animals.

Nix Proposal that Leaves Domesticated Animals Vulnerable to Cruelty and Abuse

Farm animals could soon be subjected to even more cruelty if what animal rights groups call an ‘awful piece of legislation,’ is passed by Congress. Current and future laws shielding farm animals and other domesticated animals from abuse and mistreatment could be sacrificed. Demand Congress kill this harmful legislation.

Hold Retailer Accountable for Recent Pet Fatalities

Taking a beloved pet to a grooming appointment is a sign of care, love, and trust. PetSmart has allegedly breached this trust time and again by returning to pet owners not a vibrant, clean animal but a dead body instead. Urge more stringent polices that might prevent future such tragedies.

Stop Road Accidents That Kill Countless Animals

How often do we think of the thousands of animal lives snuffed out by everyday “roadkill” incidents? Too many animals to quantify lose their lives on America’s roads and highways. Demand transportation leaders create safe passageways for animal migraters.

Save Rapidly Disappearing Whales from Extinction

Their mere sight inspires awe and wonder. Now they teeter on the brink of extinction. Encourage expansion and enforcement of regulations that could save the North Atlantic right whale.

Train Police Forces to Rescue Animals in Need

What if the tools of police protection could be utilized for the welfare of animals? One country has put this idea into proactive action. Urge American law enforcement organizations to follow this country’s promising lead.

Success: Asia Closes a Door on Legalized Animal Abuse with Greyhound Track Shutdown

Abuse, imprisonment, and death are the legacy of Asia’s only greyhound racetrack. In July this tragic legacy will be part of history. Applaud the soon-to-be-abolition of an insidiously cruel practice on the world’s largest continent.

Help Canines and Children Impacted by Cruelty Forge Comforting Bonds

Hurt and pain recognize no species. A revolutionary program trains dogs to support young victims of crime. Encourage the incorporation of rescue dogs as trainees for this program.

Ban Barbaric Bullfighting and End Torturous Execution for Entertainment

We have all seen the bright costumes, the waving capes, and the camera-ready smiles. We have all heard the boisterous shouts of “Ole!” However, behind the public face of bullfighting stands a tradition steeped in stabbing, slashing, torture, and ultimately murder. Encourage one government to reverse its long-held stance on this controversial practice.

Success: State Leaders Back Ban on Import and Sale of Animal-Tested Products

Skin and eye irritation, force-feeding to induce illness, and forceful chemical ingestion to determine ‘lethal dose’: these are a few of the common ‘testing’ methods performed on animals. For decades, cosmetics and personal care product manufacturers have implemented these brutal practices with impunity. Praise and support the efforts of one state to fight inhumane animal testing.

Save Healthy Animals from Untimely Deaths at Vets’ Hands

Euthanasia is a highly charged word with passionate perspectives on all sides. For the countless healthy animals euthanized annually, little chance for meaningful, potentially life-sparing debate exists. The organization that should provide guidance on this sensitive issue remains mostly silent. Urge them to break their silence and encourage euthanasia reform today.

Terrified Hamster Allegedly Flushed Down Airport Toilet Deserves Justice

Pebbles the hamster was reportedly drowned in a toilet because an airline wouldn’t let him past security. Make sure whomever is responsible for this tragic, unnecessary death is punished.

Success: Switzerland Tackles Mistreatment of Lobsters

If a lobster possessed the vocal chords to scream, could you hear its cries of agony emanating from a cooking pot? One country believes the answer is a definitive yes. Applaud the steps Switzerland is taking to restore a humane approach to a highly divisive practice.

Stop Tourist Destination’s Abuse of Elephants

Elephants in Thailand are being abused and exploited. If you’ve ever gasped and clapped at an amazing feat, you may have thought about the torturous toll taken on a body performing this awesome act. What if the strain and exertion was involuntary, provoked and sustained by abuse? For countless elephants, this is the reality. Help end cruelty for profit today.

Liberate Pets from Punishing Restraints and Brutal Weather

Every day, freezing temperatures claim more canine lives. Every day, more dogs are left unprotected from harsh elements and even harsher restraints. Help make today the day these lawful abuses end.

Demand Canada Crack Down on Animal Cruelty

Canada is often seen as the new benchmark of progressive ideals. It is time to hold the Canadian government accountable on a scarcely recognized progressive issue: animal welfare. Let those in charge know that a national animal cruelty law is not only desirable, but essential.

Demand Justice for Abandoned, Starved Dog

12-week-old Sugar was adopted from an animal shelter, receiving a new name and a new life. Two years later, she received the cruelest possible death sentence – purportedly at the hands of her owner. Demand this alleged abuser receive an appropriate sentence of her own.

Don’t Let People Who Abandon and Abuse Animals Off the Hook

Is the life of an animal in one state worth more than the life of an animal in another state? Judging by the differing standards of state animal cruelty laws, the answer appears to be yes. Help send a message to state leaders that every life has priceless value.

Save Apes from Merciless Smugglers

Human disregard and greed has driven many species to extinction, with little fanfare. Now some of our closest counterparts in the animal kingdom are in immediate danger of a similar fate. Help end the unforgiving ape trade that captures untold numbers of victims each day.

Stop Keeping Sheep in Sweltering Heat to Cruelly Harvest Their Secretions

One of the most widespread ingredients in your everyday personal care products comes to you straight from overheated, miserably treated sheep. Learn the truth about this blood- and sweat-stained product and join the fight against its wholesale, insidious distribution.

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