Success: Rapid Biodiversity Loss to Be Officially Addressed

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species is meeting to tackle the growing problem of wildlife biodiversity loss. After many years of pollution, agriculture, industry, and hunting destroying many wildlife species and bringing others close to extinction, it is about time this important first step was taken to preserve wildlife and protect biodiversity. Thank CITES for taking this important step.

Success: Abused Animals Given Advocates in Court

Court representation will be provided to mistreated animals in Maine, reducing the number of abusers walking free. This means that justice can finally be granted to animals who have suffered or died needlessly. Support this commitment to animal welfare.

Success: Woodland Wildlife Finally Protected

Thousands of species of Australian wildlife as well as many acres of woodland have been granted the legal protection they sorely need. Australia has a staggering record of extinctions and endangerment among many iconic and beloved species, and this bold action is a huge step in preventing more. Praise this important step in animal conservation.

Success: Cruel Cat Declawing Banned

The declawing of cats could soon become illegal in New York, making it the first statewide ban of the inhumane practice. This is the biggest step any state has taken in outlawing the unnecessary surgery. Praise this decision that will protect cats from this cruelty.

Success: Exotic Animal Circuses Banned

Exotic animals will no longer be allowed to perform in circuses, thanks to a citywide ban. This is a life-changing decision for many exotic animals who live their lives in cages and are subjected to abuse and neglect. Thank council members for their dedication to animal welfare.

Success: Stolen Seal Pups Return Home

Thirty-seven seal pups were saved from unfathomable brutality and inhumane exploitation at the hands of eight accused animal traffickers. They happily returned to their homelands following rehabilitation. Celebrate this success and thank those who fought so valiantly to free these pups.

Success: Zoo to Combat Amphibian Endangerment

The near-extinct corroboree frog population may soon be restored, thanks to a bold conservation project. Thousands of corroboree eggs will be chilled and released into safe, disease-free conditions. Thank the Melbourne Zoo for this important step in preserving these amphibians.

Success: Dogs Trained to Detect Endangered Insects

Endangered Insects could be brought back from the brink of extinction, thanks to three dogs and a group of dedicated researchers. The dogs were successfully trained to detect the insects in their natural habitat, garnering data that could effectively save the species. Support this important step towards conservation success.

Success: Inhumane Euthanasia Banned

Inhumane euthanasia is now considered animal cruelty, following the recent allegations of a shelter freezing four kittens to death. This means that anyone who tortures an animal in the name of mercy can be prosecuted and punished. Praise this advancement that will bring justice for innocent animals.

Success: Captive Whales Freed

Nearly 100 whales will be freed from a “whale jail” in Russia, thanks to demands from the Kremlin. The whales were slated to be sold to aquariums or Chinese buyers after having been illegally captured and kept in deplorable conditions. Thank the Kremlin for stepping in to save these creatures.

Success: Lawmakers Embrace Bee Preservation

The state of Bavaria is becoming more bee-friendly, after a circulated petition gained nearly two million signatures. Europe’s bee populations have been declining rapidly over the last few years due to overuse of pesticides and the disappearance of flowering meadows, problems that will soon be addressed. Thank Bavaria for taking a big step in bee preservation.

Success: Killers of Black Bear Family Sentenced to Jail Time

The lives of a black bear and her cubs were coldly snuffed away by a pair of poachers. Applaud the punishment of a family of hunters who ended the lives of another family.

Success: US Government Sued For Experimenting On Kittens

An animal welfare advocacy group has filed a lawsuit against the USDA, demanding a stop to their horrific experiments that kill at least 100 kittens and cats per year. While this is only the first step in stopping the experiments, it is an important one. Sign this petition to thank the White Coat Waste Project and to support their fight to protect innocent animals.

Success: Animal Testing Banned in California

Animal testing has officially been banned in California, thanks to a unanimous vote by the State Assembly. This will be the fourth state to ban the unethical and dangerous practice that has harmed animals for years, even leading to deaths. Thank the California State Assembly for taking this important step.

Success: Owner of Animal House of Horrors Sentenced to Jail Time

An animal cruelty offender will serve jailtime after she kept dozens of dogs and a cat in a feces-ridden house. Three dogs died due to neglect and others were emaciated and covered in urine. Thank the prosecutor who gave these animals a voice.

Success: ‘Ag-Gag’ Law Punishing Animal Rights Defenders Struck Down

They recorded some of the worst atrocities committed against animals, and Iowa law once called them criminals. But no more. Applaud the abolition of a destructive law that protected and enabled animal abusers.

Success: Breeder Convicted of Animal Cruelty Gets Jail Time

A breeder will serve jail time after he starved and denied veterinary care to sick dogs. The animals were severely emaciated and they suffered with painful and debilitating health problems. Thank the prosecutor for seeking the maximum punishment for this animal cruelty offender.

Success: Chris Brown Punished for Illegal Purchase of Baby Monkey

Rapper Chris Brown may face jail time for his purchase of a Capuchin monkey over one year ago. The sale and trade of wildlife as pets is unethical and inhumane, and it is a great relief to know that Brown will face consequences for his actions. Sign this petition to thank California’s government for acting to protect wild animals.

Success: Russia Bans Slaughter of Stray Dogs

Stray dogs will no longer be killed in Russia, thanks to a new law. This law prohibits the inhumane capture and slaughter of stray animals and implements the use of shelters to house them. Praise Russia for its decision to end animal cruelty.

Success: New Jersey Bans Circuses from Exploiting Wild Animals

Wild and exotic animal are now banned from exploitation in circuses and carnivals. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed the historic bill into law in a reversal of former Governor Chris Christie’s veto. Please sign this petition to applaud Governor Murphy’s support of animal rights.

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