Articles written by: Ayla Burnett

Protect Critically Imperiled Wolverines From Extinction Due to Climate Change

Wolverine populations could be nearing extinction due to climate change, habitat loss and trapping. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently denied protections to the imperiled species, despite the fact that there are only around 300 of them left in the contiguous U.S. Demand wolverine be listed under the Endangered Species Act in order to avoid possible extinction.

Success: Increased Protections for Greater Sage Grouse Habitat Achieved

The Trump administration’s attempt to lease almost one million acres of public land without public comment was voided. This land is vital habitat for the greater sage grouse and other sagebrush reliant species. Applaud Western Watersheds Project for highlighting the Trump administration’s corrupt policy and protecting greater sage grouse habitat.

Ban Brutal Trapping That Harms Endangered Wildlife

Brutal trapping is legal in New Mexico, which can cause the maiming and killing of foxes, bobcats, coyotes, endangered mexican gray wolves, and more. Demand the New Mexico Game Commission reverse their decision to allow trapping and instead ban the cruel practice.

Don’t Build Gas Wells Over Ancient Pronghorn Migration Route

3,500 new gas wells will be built that could block an ancient and essential migration pattern for the pronghorn species. This migration corridor has been traveled for 6,000 years and is crucial to the survival of the pronghorn. Demand the Bureau of Land Management reverse their decision to allow 3,500 new gas wells in pronghorn territory.

Stop Threatening Endangered Bighorn Sheep

An ancient bighorn sheep herd is declining drastically, with only around 100 remaining. Backcountry skiers are contributing to the problem by displacing sheep from their vital habitat. Demand the United States Ski and Snowboard Association educate skiers on the threat to bighorn sheep and stay away from their territory.

Don’t Rebuild Road That Threatens Endangered Grizzly Bears

The reconstruction of a Northern Idaho road will threaten endangered grizzly bears, caribou and other wildlife. This road cuts directly through vital habitat. Demand the United States Forest Service halt the reconstruction of this road in order to protect grizzly bears and other sensitive wildlife.

Halt Destruction of Forest Habitat That Houses Endangered Species

A logging company is decimating what is left of crucial forest habitat in the aftermath of the Australian bushfires. These forests are home to endangered species that have lost up to 82 percent of their territory in the fires. Demand the logging company stop cutting down unburnt forest in order to conserve the critical habitats of endangered species.

Justice for Rare White Giraffes Killed by Poachers

Two rare white giraffes were killed by poachers at a wildlife refuge in Kenya. Now only one white giraffe remains in Kenya. Demand the poachers that killed these rare and important animals be brought to justice.

Stop Slaughtering Threatened Wombat Species

Wombats are being slaughtered by farmers who were issued permits to cull by the government. These animals are already under threat due to disease outbreaks and habitat loss. Demand the Government of Victoria stop the killing of southern hairy-nosed wombats.

Do Not Complicate or Punish the Reporting of Animal Abuse

The reporting of animal abuse will likely become more difficult or even punishable under a new governing body. If an individual reports potential abuse that doesn’t involve serious injury or death, they can face jail time and fines. Stop this bill from being passed and give animals a fighting chance.

Don’t Diminish the Habitat of an Endangered Cuckoo Bird

The yellow-billed cuckoo has already seen a 90 percent decline in its original breeding habitat, and faces many other additional threats. Demand that the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service does not decrease this imperiled species’ critical habitat.

Protect Vulnerable Javan Deer From Extinction

A rare species of deer is declining due to habitat loss and poaching. A large portion of their populations live in unprotected areas threatened by palm oil plantations, deforestation and more. Demand the protection of the Javan deer by designating their territory as a wildlife refuge.

Protect Endangered Wolves From Harmful Trapping

Endangered Mexican gray wolves are increasingly being caught in leghold traps in New Mexico. These traps can cause injury and sometimes even death. Demand that officials close wolf territory to recreational and commercial trapping.

Stop Fatal Disease From Decimating Elk Populations

A fatal disease that destroys the brain and central nervous system is circulating among elk populations. Scientists fear it will spread into an important national elk refuge. Demand the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service immediately implement a plan to save the elk.

Stop Trump Family From Killing More Endangered Wildlife

Donald Trump Jr. is auctioning off a 10-day trophy hunting trip in Alaska at a Safari Club International convention. The trip will include hunting Sitka black tailed deer and sea ducks, alongside other prizes to kill an elephant, buffalo, giraffe, wildebeest and crocodiles. Demand that the Safari Club International cancel the convention and stop Trump Jr. from promoting the senseless killing of endangered wildlife.

Demand Justice for Pig Thrown From a Bungee Jump Tower

A pig was tied to a pole with its legs bound and forcefully thrown off of a 68-meter-high bungee jump tower. The event was part of an opening ceremony for a new bungee jump attraction at the Meixin Red Wine Town theme park in China. Demand justice for the pig by urging China to make animal cruelty punishable by law.

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