Success: Cruel Wildlife Killing Contests Banned

Target: Joseph S. Larson, Ph.D., Chairman of the Massachusetts State and Wildlife Board

Goal: Thank those who voted to ban cruel wildlife killing for publicity and profit.

Coyotes and other wildlife will no longer be the target of human competition, thanks to a recent ban on wildlife killing contests. This is wonderful news for all of the citizens who stood up for animal rights and those who signed this ForceChange petition. Thank those who made this ban possible.

“This is a terrific example of constituents engaging with state government and challenging us to do better,” stated Julian Cyr D-Truro, state senator for Massachusetts. The Massachusetts State and Wildlife Board voted to approve regulations prohibiting contests that promote the hunting of predators and furbearers after multiple citizens voiced their concerns for the welfare of local animals. The contests, often sponsored by private entities, encouraged the slaughter of coyotes, bobcats, foxes, weasels, mink, skunks, river otters, muskrats, beavers, fishers, raccoons and opossums. They typically offered a cash prize or other incentive to the hunter who brought in the largest prey and gained an annual following.

Auctioning off an innocent animal’s life for the sake of publicity or profit is cruel and those in power have righted this wrong. Sign below and thank those who stood up for animal rights.


Dear Chairman Larson,

Massachusetts’ wild animals are now better protected, thanks to the recent ban on wildlife killing contests. In years past, these contests have been used as a publicity stunt for private businesses and entities looking to make a quick profit. They typically offered cash rewards or other incentives to the “hunter” who could kill the largest prey. The passing of this ban shows that those in power recognize the priority of animal life over profit and competition and gives hope to all who fight for animal rights.

Your vote went to saving these animals and it is highly appreciated. I want to thank you for taking this important stand against animal cruelty for profit.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Jennifer – could you start a petition for animal killing competitions in other states ?- NY has one for squirrels, etc. Nearly every state has these cruel and barbaric events.

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