Success: New York Bans Plastic Bags

Target: New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo

Goal: Thank governor for supporting plastic bag ban.

New York uses approximately 23 billion plastic bags per year. Thankfully, single use plastic bags have now been banned partially as a result of environmental activists signing petitions like this one. While some businesses will be allowed to keep them for limited purposes such as for giving them to customers to carry out prescription drugs, most businesses will not be allowed to have them in stock. If the businesses choose to disobey the law, they will be required to pay a $250 fine for the first offense and $500 for every later offense.

Store customers are being alerted of the change through new signage displayed by businesses. Social media campaigns have also been set up to educate people about the importance of bringing their own bags. The state is even taking action by giving reusable bags to people who may not be able to afford them. Taking these steps will better ensure that less marine animals die as a result of mistaking plastic bags as food. New York is further charging five cents for any paper bags used by consumers. Thank New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo for being in full support of this ban. Every step we take to save the environment is helpful.


Dear Governor Cuomo,

Approximately 23 billion plastic bags are used by New Yorkers each year. Thankfully, the state’s new bag ban will protect the environment by dramatically reducing this number. We are grateful that a majority of businesses will be fined $250 dollars the first time they are caught with plastic bags and further that they will be fined $500 for every plastic bag they are caught with after that point. It is also great news that the state will be charging five cents for every paper bag used, as using too much paper is also harmful to the environment. We are happy people are being given reusable bags and that they are further being educated on why using such bags is necessary.

This ban is helpful to many marine animals, who swallow plastic bags thinking they are food and oftentimes end up dying as a result. Saving our environment is crucial if it is going to be here for our kids to enjoy. We therefore would like to thank you for strongly supporting the ban on plastic bags in the state of New York.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Plastic Oceans


  1. Michelle Lew says:

    I live in NYC. There are still plastic straws ,plastic plates cups knifes and forks. Straws go into the blow holes of dolphins left behind by selfish people who refuse to clean up after themselves at the beach.
    But it is not plastic bags that kill sea life by the thousands it is the plastic fishing nets that NOBODY cares about or is doing anything about! The plastic fishing nets kill sea life by the thousands daily!
    So instead of a self righteous crusade against plastic bags how about a crusade against plastic fishing nets that kill much more sea life and are dumped into the oceans daily!

  2. Lisa Gaudiosi says:

    I understand as to why we needed to ban plastic bags, but what about other things like straws or wrappers among other things that people pointlessly thow & leave anywhere & everywhere but where they should?

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