Articles written by: Morgan Dunn

Success: Vital Wetlands Protected From Invasive and Toxic Industry

Uganda’s government will soon remove encroaching farms, mines, and factories
from its wetlands and lakes, preserving threatened species from extinction and giving conservationists the opportunity to better understand rare animals. Congratulate the minister responsible for his decisive action.

Don’t Bail Out Cruel Racing Industry With Public Money

New Zealand’s abusive, failing horse and dog racing industry has received a taxpayer-funded bailout, propping up a sport associated with the mass death of animals. Millions of dollars will be given, money that could be used for more ethical practices. Demand that this aid be withdrawn and put to better use.

Stop Trump From Pardoning Infamous Animal Abuser Joe Exotic

Donald Trump is considering pardoning notorious animal abuser and attempted murderer Joe Exotic in an abuse of his power and a clear public relations stunt. Demand this infamously cruel man be left to complete his just sentence.

Protect Vital Wetlands From Exploitation

Uganda’s wetlands are steadily shrinking due to increased human activity, meaning an ultimate death sentence for important endangered and threatened wildlife who call them home. Urge the Ugandan government to protect these essential environments for the sake of future generations.

Don’t Punish Animal Rights Activists Who Protest Hunting

Animal rights protesters who interrupt sport hunting in Poland can now be imprisoned for years. This is a cowardly attempt to punish those who work to protect and respect animal life. Demand that this shameful ruling be overturned.

Protect Meerkats From Threats Caused By Climate Change

Climate change is weakening meerkat populations in the Kalahari Desert, threatening the delicate balance of life in one of the world’s most unique environments. Urge African leaders to protect these animals before it’s too late.

Protect Threatened Reefs and Marine Life From Overfishing

Fish stocks off the coast of Kenya have drastically declined in recent years due to overfishing, threatening food sources and endangering a key part of the ecosystem. Urge the Kenyan government to create management policies which will save their wildlife.

Success: Northern White Rhino Saved From Imminent Extinction

The Northern white rhinoceros has been successfully saved from imminent extinction by the creation of viable embryos in a partnership between a research zoo and a national park in Kenya. These embryos represent the first step in the process of recovering this once-doomed species. Sign this letter to thank those who achieved this miraculous success.

Protect Threatened National Bird from Harmful Airport

The national bird of the Netherlands is under threat due to the proposed construction of an airport directly in its migratory path. This airport’s placement could subject the near-threatened species to injury and death due to the destruction of its habitat and food sources. Demand that the Portuguese government put an end to these plans immediately.

Protect Threatened Californian Spotted Owls From Invasive Species

California’s spotted owl is under threat from invasive barred owls that are using up their food supplies and habitat. This species will not survive if scientists don’t receive support from the state government. Urge California to fund conservation efforts.

End Illegal Exportation of Shark Fins For Profit

Millions of sharks are captured and exported every year in Indonesia, with their fins being sold illegally to overseas buyers. Demand that Indonesia enforce its own laws and put an end to the practice of profiting from the torment of animals.

Shut Down Lethal Horse Racing Track

Forty horses have died over the past year at Santa Anita Park, a racetrack in Los Angeles County, but the track has been allowed to continue operating despite these dangerous conditions. Demand that the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors shut down this racetrack if it can’t be made safe.

Stop Fires That Leave Orangutans Starving

Orangutans are suffering from starvation due to human encroachment into their habitats. Controlled fires used for economic purposes have so badly harmed food sources in the jungle that these animals are now under an even greater threat. Sign this petition to demand that the Indonesian government take action.

Speed Up Ban on Abusive Animal Breeders and Sellers

Helpless animals will continue to experience abuse and neglect at the hands of illegal breeders and sellers until action is taken. A lifetime of caging and untreated illness are just some of the torments rained upon innocent dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals by unregulated breeders. Demand that the Welsh Government act immediately to enact protection for vulnerable animals.

End Cruel, Bloody Cockfights in Puerto Rico

Cockfighting endangers thousands of innocent animals, resulting in their abuse and death. Yet, Puerto Rico may protect the cruel sport despite a federal ban on the practice. Demand that Puerto Rico accept the ban and end this gruesome sport forever.

Stop Endangering Penguins With Overfishing And Pollution

Fishing and pollution are forcing Magellanic penguins to wander hundreds of miles from their homes in search of food. These journeys leave them stranded on coasts far from food and safety, exposed to predators and human beings. Demand that the government of Uruguay act now to protect these animals from extinction and starvation.

Restore Funding to Fight Climate Change And Mass Extinction

Efforts to protect incredible biodiversity from the damage done by climate change and human activity have suffered massive cuts in funding. At such a crucial time in the history of conservation, it is detrimental that these agencies receive financial support. Demand that the British government restore this desperately-need funding to save wildlife in Scotland.

Success: Guam Rail Saved From Extinction

A once-abundant bird has successfully recovered enough to be reintroduced to the wild after effectively going extinct. Although the Guam rail still has a long road to full recovery, this is a great success for animal conservationists and supporters of the environment. Praise the efforts of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and their partners in restoring this precious species.

Protect Threatened Marine Wildlife From Poaching

Marine animals along Italy’s coast are being poached and sold abroad, endangering incredible natural diversity. The animals have become a valuable commodity on the black market and will soon face extinction if something is not done. Demand that the Italian government take action to protect sealife.

Stop Reported Traumatizing of Pet Store Animals for Profit

Small animals are used as part of playground-like attractions at a popular pet store chain, a practice which could seemingly cause harm and trauma. Despite repeated protests from experts, this callous and potentially abusive practice has gone ahead in the name of profit. Demand that this apparent cruelty be ended immediately.

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