Articles written by: Morgan Dunn

Don’t Hold Endangered Animals Hostage for Human Entertainment

Patrons can play with endangered or threatened otters, owls, lizards, and other animals who require unique care in cafes throughout Japan. This practice is not only cruel to captive animals, but it could also encourage the public to adopt illegally traded wildlife for their own amusement. Demand that these establishments be closed immediately to protect the animals.

Protect Delicate Marine Life from Deadly Fishing Practices

Fishing nets which capture juvenile fish, trap dolphins and sea birds, and cause extensive damage to the ocean floor and reefs are once more allowed for use in Indonesia. Demand that the long-standing ban on these destructive methods be restored to protect weakened marine life.

Trump: Restore Vital Living Space Robbed From At-Risk Wildlife

The Trump administration has doomed countless species to destruction and endangerment by restricting the definition of protected habitats and forbidding the designation of new ones. Demand that this cowardly act be undone before the new administration takes charge.

Share Conservation Funds With Crucial Overlooked Species

Vital species including snails and spiders receive a fraction of the European Union’s conservation budget, despite being essential to a variety of ecosystems. Under current practices, popular vertebrates such as wolves, bears, and birds receive more than their fair share of support. Demand that this funding be redistributed to protect all species equally.

Don’t Threaten Critically Endangered Orangutans with Hydroelectric Dam

A newly discovered and critically endangered orangutan could soon be wiped out by the construction of a massive hydroelectric dam in Indonesia’s forests. Demand that this project be cancelled to protect this beautiful animal and others like it.

Trump: Don’t Destroy Vital Protections for Migratory Birds

Hundreds of species of birds which are vital to the health of ecosystems throughout the Western Hemisphere are under attack by President Trump’s efforts to restrict their essential protections. Demand that this administration halt its intent to endanger migratory birds before it’s too late.

Biden: Save Gray Wolves From Being Hunted to Extinction

The gray wolf, once persecuted to near extinction, has been stripped of protection by the outgoing Trump administration. Demand that President-elect Joe Biden pledge to protect wolves from hunters.

Protect Newly Discovered Monkey From Extinction

A newly discovered species of monkey is already under threat of extinction due to destructive human activity deep in Myanmar’s forests. Demand that the government act immediately to protect this rare and precious animal.

Shut Down Fur Farms to Protect Humans and Animals From COVID-19

Minks on fur farms could be responsible for spreading a mutated form of COVID-19 to humans, representing a serious danger to human and animal life alike. Demand that Governor Herbert order the suspension of farming until the danger has passed.

Success: Protection Extended For Threatened Birds

A threatened bird species will not be stripped of protection in the state of Arizona, defying powerful interests that would happily see this animal go extinct. Praise this sound and compassionate decision to protect the yellow-billed cuckoo.

Combat Heinous Trade in Big Cat Body Parts

Seizures of teeth, skins, and other body parts of big cats have dropped to an alarmingly low rate despite a booming trade in these items. Demand the Bolivian government take action to protect vital wildlife.

Protect Critically Endangered Monkeys From Deforestation

Growing human activity in Vietnam’s highlands could soon threaten hundreds of vulnerable species, among them a rare monkey called the gray-shanked douc langur. Demand that the government designate unique forests as nature reserves to protect their wild inhabitants.

Prevent Cruel Parrot Poaching Through Police Coordination

Illegal and deadly parrot poaching is on the rise and Brazilian police have no way to communicate or cooperate to effectively shut it down. Demand that administrative standards be established to end this cruel and greedy practice.

Investigate Deaths of Dozens of Dolphins Near Oil Spill Site

Dozens of dolphins have mysteriously died at the site of a recent catastrophic oil spill off the coast of Mauritius. What the ship was carrying and how it may have harmed wildlife haven’t been determined, and a full investigation is urgently needed to find out. Demand that this investigation be begun immediately.

Success: Destructive Logging Project in Unique Nature Reserve Cancelled

Plans for destructive logging in Cameroon’s Ebo Forest have been cancelled, granting wildlife and human residents of the area a reprieve from harm and deprivation. Congratulate the government for their sensible decision to stop this needless destruction.

Stop Senseless Slaughter of Millions of Animals at Factory Farms

Industrial farmers have massacred millions of chickens and pigs in recent months as COVID-19 disrupts their businesses, with animals slaughtered even more horrifically than if they had been sold. Demand that these animals’ lives be protected with subsidies to offset economic damage.

Don’t Threaten Endangered Chimpanzees and Monkeys With Destructive Logging

Untold endangered species could soon be destroyed in southern Cameroon due to logging. The forest where they live is home to undiscovered chimpanzees, gorillas, and exotic birds. Demand that Cameroon’s government reverse course and work to protect these animals and their home.

Success: Grizzly Bears Granted Protection From Hunting

The issuing of permits to slaughter Yellowstone’s grizzly bears is now illegal and will cease immediately, thanks to the work of conservation advocates. This will allow the endangered species to repopulate and thrive. Thank those who fought for this victory.

Protect Recovering Mediterranean Marine Life From Plastic Pollution

Marine plants and animals in Italian waters have rebounded due to the absence of humans in the sea, but this progress is threatened by increasing amounts of plastic waste. Urge the Italian government to undertake cleanup operations to protect this astonishing recovery.

End Potential Capture and Smuggling of Wild Birds That Cripples Ecosystems

Thousands of Indonesian birds are likely to have been captured and smuggled for profit, in violation of laws meant to protect wildlife from starvation and abuse. Demand that this activity be investigated, and the offenders charged.

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