Success: Innocent Victims of Animal Cruelty Protected

Target: Sylvia Jones, Solicitor General of Ontario, Canada

Goal: Support stronger protections for victims of animal cruelty.

Animal welfare in Ontario, Canada took a major hit when the region’s SPCA gave up its powers to investigate and bring animal cruelty to light. Calls for action such as those found in this ForceChange petition and this petition have long implored more effective safeguards for at-risk animals. Ontario’s local government is finally listening to the people and filling this critical gap with dedicated anti-cruelty initiatives.

The Provincial Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) Act creates a team of around 100 provincial inspectors with a focus on investigating potential animal welfare abuses. This animal cruelty taskforce will feature specialists dedicated to crimes involving certain sectors of animals, such as horses, livestock, and aquarium animals. Such expertise should prove invaluable in identifying and working towards better protections for the most egregious offenses. In addition, new penalties enacted for animal cruelty offenses are set to become the strongest such standards in Canada, including much stricter punishments for corporations charged with animal cruelty.

Sign this petition to thank Ontario’s solicitor general for spearheading such a monumental, important effort for a region beset by animal cruelty.


Dear Ms. Jones,

Ontario pledged its dedication to filling the space left by the OSPCA in protecting vulnerable animals from abuse and exploitation. Thank you for making good on your promise with the PAWS Act. This needed effort will ensure the wellness of countless at-risk animals.

The new force of animal cruelty crime fighters represents an important public commitment that had previously too often been ignored. Further, more stringent punishments for those who hurt innocent animals will send an important message about how seriously Ontario takes justice for these living beings. The improved standards can become a template for provinces across Canada.

We fully support the continued growth and expansion of animal welfare well into the future.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


  1. On paper, it’s sounding great, but I won’t rest easy until I see it in real-life ACTION, and not shot full of loopholes abusers can squeeze out from. But DO appreciate its vital INTENT and modern-day focus. PLEASE Ontario, MAKE IT WORK!!!

  2. Jaime Perez says:

    Hopefully this will help the animals. They deserve protection!

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