Articles written by: Lindsay Savitzky

Praise French Market Chain for Dropping Dog Meat From Two Stores

A French supermarket chain has dropped dog meat products from two of its Chinese locations after heavy criticism due to the unethical nature of the pet meat trade. Sign this petition to thank them and to encourage them to drop dog meat from more of their stores.

Dairy Supplier Accused of Abuse Must Improve Standards

Abuse of mother cows was caught on video footage reportedly taken at a major dairy supplier’s facilities. Not only are the cows allegedly subjected to cruelty, but workers are also reportedly exposed to unsafe conditions. Sign this petition to demand this supplier clean up their act.

Save Endangered Penguin Species From Extinction

New Zealand’s yellow-eyed penguin population has been in a slow decline for almost two decades, and a major factor in this is the use of gill nets by fisheries. We must not only save these birds, but phase out the use of gill nets entirely. Sign this petition to save this species from complete extinction.

Punish Postal Worker Who Allegedly Fed Dogs Nails

A U.S. postal worker has been arrested on charges of animal abuse after allegedly feeding dogs meatballs packed with nails. If convicted, she will face 10 years in prison. Sign this petition to ensure that she is convicted for this gruesome alleged cruelty to animals.

Investigate Airline Accused Of Causing Excessive Animal Deaths

More animals have died on United Airlines flights than any other U.S. airline within the past several years. Sign this petition to demand that an investigation take place of this airline to prevent future animal deaths.

Urgent: Demand Police Find Dog Being Held Ransom by Kidnapper

A family dog named “Teddy Bear” is being held ransom after being taken on Easter morning. The family is worried sick and Teddy Bear must be absolutely terrified. Sign this petition to demand police make more of an effort to rescue Teddy Bear and capture the sick kidnapper.

Success: Taiwan Bans the Sale of Dog and Cat Meat

Taiwan has recently issued a ban on the sale and consumption of dog and cat meat in addition to stronger general animal protection laws. This is a huge step forward for Asia’s understanding of animal welfare. Sign this petition to thank the president of Taiwan for helping to make this possible.

South Africa: Repeal Legalization of Rhino Horn Trade

The South African court has ruled in favor of the rhino horn trade, repealing a ban set in place since 2009. This repeal is incredibly dangerous to South Africa’s unstable population of white rhinos. Sign this petition to demand the ban be put back in place.

Stop New Attack on Endangered Species Act

Republican senators are introducing a bill that will confirm any information, no matter how inaccurate, as fact when it comes to endangered species. This will undermine the Endangered Species Act and science all in the same blow. Sign this petition to demand this bill be stopped in its tracks.

Man Accused of Hurling Dog From Balcony Must be Thoroughly Prosecuted

A man was arrested for allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend’s dog in a fit of rage by throwing the poor animal from a balcony. Demand this man receive the maximum possible penalty if found guilty of this horrific crime.

Justice for Shark Used in Idiotic Stunt

Two frat boys recorded themselves doing a stupid beer stunt using a beached shark, much to the disgust of many. The shark’s fate and the true location of the incident have yet to be revealed. Sign this petition to demand the location be determined and the young men be held accountable for this shark’s exploitation.

Save Koalas From Deadly Sexual Disease

Many koalas are dying to chlamydia, which renders them blind and infertile and can be spread through several means. The Queensland University is striving to care for the infected animals, but we must take it a step further and stop the spread altogether. Sign this petition to demand better protection for koalas.

Justice For Dogs Abused Almost To Death

Five dogs had to be euthanized after they were discovered abused beyond rehabilitation. Too many animals have died to cruelty lately, and these dogs are a prime example. Sign this petition to demand the abuser face justice and that animal protection laws are strengthened.

Stop Mutilating Pink Dolphins for Fish Bait

Pink dolphins are having their fins cut off by fishermen to use as bait, leading to painful, excruciating deaths. This inhumane practice cannot be allowed to continue. Help save these creatures from cruel deaths by mutilation.

Stop Terrorists From Strapping Bombs to Animals

ISIS terrorists strapped explosives to a puppy and sent him into battle to explode. Fortunately, this dog was rescued in time, but ISIS has been using animal bombs more and more in their attacks. Sign this petition to express your disgust for this sick practice and to encourage the Iraqi military to prioritize the prevention of ISIS animal bombs.

Protect Animals From Neglect in Life-Threatening Heat Conditions

Too many dogs have been left to die in the heat, despite many warnings and laws telling owners to be wary of this. Sign our petition to demand stricter laws against such neglect, as well as stronger protection for animals in danger.

Chimp Trafficking Ring Exposed – Stop It For Good

A horrific trafficking operation has killed an alarming number of chimpanzees, all to sell the babies as pets or zoo animals. The alleged traffickers have been arrested, and now we must make sure this operation dissolves completely. Sign this petition to stop chimp trafficking and demand justice for the poor chimps who have suffered and died.

U.S. Government Must Stop Hiding Animal Abuse

The USDA website has taken down the portal to their records of animal cruelty, claiming a need to protect personal information that has long been redacted from those records. This is bad news for animals all over the world suffering from abuse and unethical treatment. Sign this petition to demand the USDA restore the portal to these records.

Justice For Wallaby Found In Squalid Conditions

A wallaby was found in a man’s garage, severely underweight and living in filth. An investigation is being conducted to learn how the wallaby ended up there — kidnapping has not been ruled out. Sign this petition to ensure that the garage’s owner be properly punished if he did indeed kidnap, and subsequently neglect the animal.

Stop Abuse Of Livestock By Meat Suppliers

Hormel Foods has suspended the operation of one of their suppliers after discovering a video apparently showing graphic animal abuse on their premises. This is a small step in the right direction, and we must encourage other meat companies to do likewise. Sign this petition to demand more steps be taken towards the ethical treatment of livestock animals.

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