Articles written by: Lindsay Savitzky

Ban Cruel and Dangerous Elephant Parks

A tour guide in Thailand lost his life when an elephant being harassed by tourists fled in terror, trampling him and throwing two riders from its back. This is just one of many dangers of elephant ride parks, for both humans and elephants alike. Sign this petition to demand a permanent ban on elephant ride parks in Thailand.

Protect Bald Eagle Nests

Bald eagles need their nests protected from disturbance if they are to survive and thrive. Unfortunately, critical support is missing from efforts to study and conserve these majestic birds. Sign this petition to support more studies and funding for nest protection, so that the bald eagle may thrive.

Save Threatened Mountain Lion Population

California’s mountain lion population is in danger of extinction due to shooting permits issued to farmers and deaths via crossing the freeway. A bridge has been proposed to aid with the latter, putting an end to isolation and inbreeding among the species. Sign this petition to support this initiative and to demand a full ban on shooting permits.

Don’t Eliminate Animal Rights Organization’s Authority

The New Jersey Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals could soon be stripped of its authority to hold animal abusers accountable. This is merely a selfish attempt to silence those in favor of animal rights. Sign this petition to demand this bill be shut down immediately.

End Ivory Trade in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom faces one major obstacle before declaring a full ban on ivory: exemptions made for antique dealers. Even a single exception to the ivory ban is enabling the continued slaughter of elephants for the sake of a profit. Sign this petition to demand these exemptions be removed and that the ivory ban be supported.

Justice for Cattle Starved to Death

A Missouri dairy farmer has been charged with severe animal neglect and abuse after many of his cattle were reportedly found dead from starvation. According to his neighbors, he was ‘not the type’ to run a dairy farm, yet refused to ask for assistance when he began to struggle, and simply let his animals die. Sign this petition to demand this man face justice.

Dog Found Frozen to Death and Chained Outside Deserves Justice

A dog was found frozen to death in a doghouse after being chained outside for a month, according to reports. Demand stronger punishments for neglectful pet owners who leave their animals outside in freezing weather to die.

Justice for Dogs Forced to Live in Freezing Barn

A New Hampshire woman has been charged with leaving 22 German shepherds to freeze to death in her barn, sometime after being charged with allowing 36 dogs to die in a fire. The German shepherds thankfully survived and were rescued, but this woman has been accused of a serious crime on multiple counts and is due to appear in court for each. Sign this petition to ensure that justice is done for these poor dogs.

Ban All Pet Mills in Iowa

Over 250 puppy and kitten mills are still in business in Iowa, forcing mother dogs and cats to produce over 100,000 babies per year for the sake of profit. One town has banned these mills, but that is only the first step. Sign this petition to get pet mills banned all across the state.

Praise Tyson Foods For Dropping Abusive Supplier

After a video showed workers apparently stomping on and crushing live chickens, Tyson Foods dropped its poultry supplier to protest such cruel behavior. This is not only a step forward for the well-being of livestock, but will uphold Tyson’s claim of responsibility toward consumers. Sign this petition to thank Tyson for doing the right thing.

Save the Atlantic Humpback Dolphin

The Atlantic humpback dolphins of West Africa are critically endangered, with only 1,500 remaining and their numbers dropping every day due to habitat loss and fishing negligence. Sign this petition to demand stronger conservation efforts be made for this species.

Punish Vet Accused of Animal Abuse

A Baltimore veterinarian has been charged with animal cruelty, but his attorney is attempting to reverse the charges on the grounds that the man was ‘stressed.’ This is not a valid excuse for violating the trust and compassion associated with the profession. Sign this petition to demand the veterinarian face the consequences for his alleged crime.

Praise Nepal for Rescue of Dancing Bears

The last two sloth bears held captive and forced to dance for spectators in Nepal have finally been rescued from a lifetime of exploitation. Additionally, the practice is now illegal, following the lead of other countries that have outlawed bear dancing. Sign this petition to thank Nepal’s police for aiding in the rescue of these animals.

Ban Bird-Killing Plastic Tree Spikes

Plastic spikes are being hammered into trees in order to ‘protect cars from birds,’ a selfish and meaningless measure taken by humans to avoid cleaning bird droppings from their cars. This is not only selfish but inhumane. Sign this petition to call for a permanent ban on tree spikes.

Save Puerto Rico’s Homeless Pets

Puerto Rico’s animal shelters are dangerously overcrowded due to the mass abandonment of pets following Hurricane Maria. We must do more to aid the shelters in keeping these animals safe and healthy, and encourage adoptions. Sign this petition to ensure these animals will survive.

Stop Greece’s ‘Ghost Dog’ Epidemic

Millions of innocent dogs in Greece are being left by their owners to die in a dangerous rural area due to the country’s financial difficulties. While the financial situation is pitiable, the actions of these owners are inexcusable. Sign this petition to stem the widespread dog abandonment epidemic now.

Hold Shop Owner Accountable for Reported Endangered Animal Fur Sales

A San Francisco clothing shop owner insists she did nothing wrong despite allegedly being caught selling endangered animal pelts. The sale of animal pelts is just as harmful to endangered species as the act of poaching itself. Sign this petition to demand the shop and the owner be held accountable for their reported actions.

Justice for Slain Swans

Seven swans were slain horrifically by an unknown assailant, who not only violated a law against harming the birds, but committed a gruesome act of animal cruelty for no apparent reason. The RSPCA is currently investigating the incident. Sign this petition to demand severe punishment for the killer once he or she is found.

Protect Deer From Death on Busy Roads and Highways

A herd of wild deer jumped to their deaths from a highway bridge in a panic, further displaying the consequences of habitat loss for the species. Deer are constantly seen on the roads, causing danger to drivers and the animals themselves, and we must put a stop to this. Sign this petition to keep wild deer off of the streets.

Stop Forcing Terrified Sheep to Run Carrying Children at Festival

At the “Mutton Bustin” event, small children are put on the backs of terrified sheep who are forced to run around trying to throw them off. Demand an end to this cruel spectacle that places both animals and kids at risk.

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