Articles written by: Lindsay Savitzky

Stop Painkiller Abusers From Abusing Their Dogs

People are maiming and injuring their pets so that they can get their hands on tramadol, a prescription painkiller that has killed over 300.000 humans in the past year. This combination of both drug abuse and animal abuse must stop. Sign this petition to help protect the lives of people and dogs alike.

Save Polar Bear Habitat by Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Polar bears are in serious danger of going extinct due to global warming slowly melting away their habitats. We must act now to preserve their population by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Sign this petition to ensure the survival of the polar bear.

Save Leatherback Turtles From Extinction

The number of leatherback turtles on this planet is declining rapidly due to developers robbing them of their natural habitat and fisheries allowing them to be caught in their driftnets. Sign this petition to demand stronger protection of these creatures.

Save Wild Jaguar From Impending Extinction

The number of wild jaguars on this planet is decreasing rapidly due to poachers hunting them for sport and for their fur, and developers robbing them of their habitat and migration paths to build farms and other settlements. Sign this petition to help save these animals from dying out.

Don’t Let the NRA Murder Elephants

herd_of_elephantsThe National Rifle Association wants to continue killing off the last wild elephants on earth. These majestic, extremely intelligent animals are nearly gone from this world due to hunting and poaching for the ivory trade. Demand the NRA be denied the right to kill.

Shut Down Deadly Penguin Exhibit

penguins-by-liam-quinnSeven penguins were found dead in their Calgary Zoo exhibit from what some believe to be stress. This comes only three years after two died of a bacterial infection. Sign this petition now to demand the zoo shut down the exhibit and transfer the surviving penguins to a sanctuary.

Save Majestic Orca Whales From Extinction

orca-by-skeezeWith the deaths of a mother orca and her baby, a crucial population of these intelligent whales is now down to 80. Take action to save these magnificent animals from extinction.

Save The Sumatran Orangutan From Extinction

orangutan-by-greg-humeThe Sumatran orangutan faces total extinction due to deforestation and the illegal pet trade, which show no signs of stopping anytime soon. Sign this petition to demand stronger protection for these animals.

Save the Sea Turtles

sea-turtle-by-brocken-inaglorySea turtles are on the brink of extinction due to poachers, water pollution, global warming and other threats. These animals have been on this planet for millions of years, and we must help them keep their longevity. Sign this petition to demand stronger protections for sea turtles.

Save the Amur Leopard From the Brink of Extinction

amur-leopard-by-william-warbyThe amur leopard is a strong, beautiful species that is on the brink of completely dying out due to poachers, the loss of their homes, and inbreeding. Sign this petition to help stop these atrocities and to save this species from extinction.

Dolphins Being Harassed By Tourists Deserve Better

dolphins-by-alexander-vaseninTourists are harassing spinner dolphins during their resting hours, and the tourist industry is against implementing rules to protect them, claiming it will spoil people’s fun. Sign this petition to demand protection for these dolphins.

Save the Black-Footed Ferret from Extinction

ferret-by-j-michael-lockhartOnce thought extinct, the black-footed ferret is trying to come back from the brink after so many years. Unfortunately, loss of habitat and the spread of disease are making it difficult, and very few of this animal remain. Sign this petition to help the black-footed ferret strengthen its numbers.

Wildlife Population Cut in Half in the Past 40 Years — Save Animals Before it’s Too Late

turtle-by-kydd-pollockIn the past 40 years, half of the global wildlife population has been decimated by hunting, overfishing, and habitat loss. Sign this petition to help protect what remains of these animals.

Justice for Animals Allegedly Slain By Teenage Girls

dog-by-igorshubinTwo teenage girls have been arrested for brutally slaughtering animals and posting the videos on social media for the world to see. Sign this petition to demand they face justice for their horrific crimes.

Puppy Disemboweled and Killed – Demand Punishment

pitbull-by-rescuewarriorA dead six-week-old puppy was found gruesomely disemboweled under the bed of a 19-year-old Oklahoma City man, according to police. Demand that the accused is vigorously prosecuted and that the poor puppy receives justice.

Justice For Cats Found Frozen to Death

sad-cat-by-greylochForty cats were discovered dead in the freezer of a storage unit reportedly owned by an old woman who sold the unit and left the city. Sign this petition to demand she be found, questioned and punished if found guilty.

Shut Down Pet Store Accused of Selling Severely Ill Dogs

puppies-by-jens-art-soulA puppy mill in New York City has reportedly sold dangerously sick dogs to customers who were not aware of this fact until they brought the dogs home. Sign this petition to demand this store be shut down.

Stop the Murder of Wild Wolves

wolves-by-pixel-mixerA mother wolf has been slain, leaving her mate and cub to fend for themselves. This is another instance of people laboring under misconceptions about wolves, and another senseless killing of an animal by humans. Sign this petition to demand the killers be found and punished, and that the laws protecting wolves be strengthened.

Investigate Animal Shelter After 250 Dogs Were Reportedly Abused

Valley City, ND, April 13,2008--Shannon Harrigan volunteers at an emergency animal shelter in Valley City, ND.  Residents who are evacuating are bringing their animals to the shelter for safety in case the town is flooded by the Sheyenne River. North Dakota is experiencing record flooding throughout the state.  Photo by Patsy Lynch/FEMAOver 250 dogs were rescued from an allegedly abusive, neglectful caretaker at a Hawaiian animal shelter, which has been called into question once before. Sign this petition to demand a thorough investigation of the shelter.

Stop Murdering Thousands of Chinchillas for Fashion

chinchilla-by-kjersti-holmangThousands of chinchillas are killed each year to make clothing out of their fur. These already delicate creatures do not deserve such brutality. Sign this petition to demand the fur industry and clothing businesses stop their sale and trade of the fur of these animals.

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