Articles written by: Lindsay Savitzky

Prosecute Young Man Who Kicked Cat Around Field With Cleats

An unidentified young man was caught on video kicking a cat like a football, while his friends laughed and cheered him on. The condition or even survival of the poor cat is unknown, and the video sparked much outrage among those who saw it. Sign this petition to bring this animal abuser to justice immediately.

Cancel Chinese Dog Meat Festival

Despite countless petitions and protests from animal welfare activists, the Yulin dog meat festival is approaching for the ninth year in a row. This festival relies on the kidnapping, torture, and slaughter of up to 15,000 dogs per year, many of which are beloved pets. Sign this petition to cancel this inhumane festival for good.

Save Britain’s Wild Mammal Population

One fifth of Britain’s wild mammal population is at risk of extinction due to habitat loss, as their homes are destroyed to make way for industrialization. The loss of so many species will deal a great blow to the ecosystem. Sign this petition to ensure the protection and preservation of these mammals.

Find Maniac Who Decapitated and Dismembered Geese

Over a dozen geese were brutally slaughtered by an unknown maniac, their heads and limbs ripped off and their bodies scattered. Such a disgusting act of animal cruelty must not go unpunished. Sign this petition to ensure that the culprit is found and faces justice immediately.

Punish Grandmother Accused of Confining Children to Dog Kennels

A Tennessee grandmother was allegedly caught on video driving with her two grandchildren confined to dog kennels in the back seat of her car, in 95-degree heat. It has been suggested by neighbors that the woman may have been suffering mental illness and did not realize what she was doing. Sign this petition to see that she faces justice if found guilty, and to ensure that she receives therapy if need be.

Stop the Disappearance of Songbirds’ Habitat

Scotland’s garden warblers are at risk of habitat loss, due to the increasingly tidy countryside clearing away most of the thick brush the birds thrive in. While the species is currently of least concern, they could become endangered very quickly if their habitat disappears for good. Demand protected areas of brush be designated as safe spaces for the garden warbler.

Punish Pig Owner Who Allegedly Left Animal in a Hot Car

A pig was rescued from a hot car in California moments before he could have suffocated to death. However, it is unknown whether the owner will be charged for animal neglect and cruelty, despite leaving an animal alone in a vehicle being one of the lead killers of animals within the past few years. Sign this petition to ensure that the owner is charged for allegedly endangering the poor pig.

Prosecute Physicist Accused of Bestiality With Dog

A physicist has been arrested and charged with engaging in forced sex with his dog, Flash. This reprehensible allegation must be fully pursued by authorities. Sign this petition to ensure that this man faces justice for his alleged animal rape.

Stop the Decline of Australia’s Large Fish Species

Several of Australia’s large fish species are on a steady decline thanks to excessive fishing, putting the oceans and the environment at risk. Unfortunately, the ministry of agriculture and water resources sees no need to review or change anything regarding current fisheries. Sign this petition to demand such a review be given and that steps be taken to save these fish.

Prosecute Teacher Accused of Feeding Puppy to Snapping Turtle

An Idaho science teacher has been charged with animal cruelty three months after allegedly feeding a sickly dog to a snapping turtle in front of his class. If found guilty, he will face up to six months in jail plus a large fine. Sign this petition to ensure that he not only serves that sentence, but is suspended from his position as well if found guilty.

Ban Commercial Fishing in Australian Marine Park

Australia’s Coral Sea marine park may soon be open to commercial fishing, threatening the feeding and nesting habits of the nearly-extinct hawskbill turtle. This species, already hunted for its shell, may go completely extinct if fishing is allowed in the marine park, which should legally serve as a safe space for aquatic wildlife. Sign this petition to ban commercial fishing in Coral Sea.

Stop the Surgical Silencing of Dogs

Fifteen dogs reportedly had their vocal chords forcibly damaged by an unlicensed breeder in a practice known as ‘debarking.’ While an investigation of said breeder is pending, this is only one small step to solving a larger problem, as debarking is not only cruel and unnecessary, but creates many risks for the dogs involved. Sign this petition to outlaw the practice of debarking across the United States.

Justice for Animals Found Dead in Pet Store

Over four dozen small animals were reportedly found dead in a pet store reeking of ammonia and decay, after the facility had been closed down two weeks prior due to the owner’s reported failure to pay the electric bill. The owner has been charged with animal cruelty and must face justice. Sign this petition to ensure that she is punished accordingly for her alleged actions.

Punish Officers Who Allegedly Tried to Kill Stray Dogs

Two Delaware police officers allegedly ran down and shot two stray dogs, calling them ‘aggressive’ and claiming they were forced to attack them. This is an alleged ugly combination of animal cruelty and police brutality, and these officers must be punished for their alleged actions. Sign this petition to demand they be harshly disciplined.

Don’t Let Wild Birds Die From Lead Poisoning

Thousands of birds and many humans are at risk of lead poisoning due to the use of lead ammunition by game hunters. Not only do humans ingest lead-tainted meat, but the wild birds swallow the fallen pellets upon mistaking them for gravel, leading to the possibility of a slow and painful death. Sign this petition to ban lead ammunition and demand it be replaced with safer steel.

Save King Island Birds from Extinction

Two species of King Island birds face oncoming extinction as their numbers drop drastically due to habitat loss and other environmental dangers. We cannot let these adorable birds disappear, but protection efforts will be very costly. Sign this petition to demand Australia financially support conservation efforts for the brown thornbill and the scrubtit.

Save Britain’s Puffin Population from Extinction

Britain’s puffin population is in danger, with its numbers having dropped drastically within the last five years. These birds are important not only to British heritage, but to the ecosystem as well, and must not be allowed to disappear. Sign this petition to save the puffin population.

Stop Mutilation of Alligators in Florida

The decapitated corpses of many alligators have been found along a Florida highway, sparking two investigations. It is a felony to harm or kill alligators in Florida, yet someone has broken this law in order to possibly obtain hunting trophies and meat. Sign this petition to demand the culprits face justice once found, and demand that the state act now to strengthen alligator protection laws.

Success: Humane Solution Found for Controlling Wild Horse Population

A bill has recently been proposed to stop the culling of wild horses in New South Wales, protecting thousands of these horses from unnecessary deaths. This bill has been very much needed for the past two years, as there are far more humane ways to control the brumbie population. Sign this petition to support the bill and ensure it becomes a law.

Discipline Teacher For Allegedly Drowning Animals

A Florida teacher was reportedly caught on video drowning two raccoons and an opossum in front of and with the aid of his traumatized students. This is a jarring discovery in light of the man’s past reputation as an excellent teacher; however, regardless of reputation he must face justice for his alleged cruelty. Sign this petition to demand this man be properly disciplined and punished.

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