Articles written by: Lindsay Savitzky

Justice for Pelican Found Dead

A dead pelican was found bound in wire and electrical tape. The circumstances behind the death are as of yet unknown, but it is suspected that the bird was intended to be sold or traded, which is illegal. Sign this petition to demand justice for this innocent bird.

Save Endangered Hummingbird

The population of hummingbirds is declining rapidly, with nine species in particular on the brink of extinction. Hummingbirds play a vital role in our ecosystem, and their loss would create a ripple effect that would negatively impact the planet as a whole. Sign this petition to help save these birds from dying off completely.

Stop Maryland’s Black Bear Hunt

Maryland’s annual black bear hunt threatens to take the lives of hundreds of bears. This species is vital to our ecosystem, and we cannot afford to let it come anywhere near close to dying out thanks to this event. Sign this petition to demand the hunt be cancelled and outlawed.

Save the Greater Sage-Grouse

The wild greater sage-grouse, an iconic western bird species whose numbers are dwindling every day, is threatened by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s plan to revoke conservation efforts. The conservation agreement took years to build and finalize, but one memo from Zinke could undo it. Sign this petition to demand Zinke keep the agreement in place.

Puppy Whose Ears Were Cut Off for Losing Dogfight Deserves Justice

Two men cut off the ears of a puppy as punishment for losing a dogfight, and yet they were only fined a small amount of money and face no jail time. Sign this petition to demand these men face real prison time for this horrific act of cruelty.

Justice for Ollie the Dog Found Stabbed and Stuffed in Suitcase

A pit bull puppy was brutally beaten, stabbed, and locked inside a suitcase for days. He died of his injuries several days later and the perpetrators have yet to be found. Demand that once they are identified they are punished severely.

Save Hippos from Anthrax

Over 100 hippos recently died of what could very well be anthrax infections, and more could easily follow. This species is already vulnerable due to hunting and poaching. Sign this petition to demand efforts be made to protect the remaining hippos from the deadly infection.

Ban Drugs for Iditarod Racing Dogs

A team of Iditarod racing dogs tested positive for dangerous performance-enhancing drugs, leading the Iditarod officials to change the rules. This is only the first step, however, such drugs need to be completely outlawed. Sign this petition to protect dogs from potentially life-threatening side effects brought on by these drugs.

Save Vulnerable Bird from French Menus

Chefs are lobbying to lift a ban on hunting the vulnerable ortolan bunting, a bird captured and subjected to a slow and painful death for the sake of fancy culinary fare. These birds deserve better. Sign this petition to ensure that the ban stays in place.

Ban Trophy Hunting

Trophy hunters are threatening to demolish what remains of South African wildlife, claiming that their callous hobby is important to the continent’s economy. Not only are they selfishly seeking justification for killing innocent animals, they are incorrect. Sign this petition to demand a full ban of trophy hunting in South Africa.

Success: Sea Turtles Pulled Back from the Brink of Extinction

Sea turtles are no longer moments away from extinction thanks to the efforts made by the United States and Mexican governments. However, their numbers are still dangerously low. Sign this petition to thank the government for saving this species and to encourage their continued efforts.

Save Giant Panda Habitat

While the giant panda is slowly growing as a species after years of near-extinction, their habitats are shrinking and becoming more fragmented due to the building of roads. Shrinking habitat and isolation could negatively impact the species’ return from the brink. Sign this petition to demand these habitats be protected from further destruction.

Protect Parrots at Risk of Extinction

Beautiful neotropical parrots are facing endangerment due to habitat loss and the exotic pet trade. If this continues, they could soon find themselves at the same level of near-extinction as species such as the whale and the rhino. Sign this petition to demand these birds be protected before things get out of hand.

Don’t Send Ringling Bros.’ Tigers to Yet Another Cruel Circus

The notorious Ringling Bros. Circus plans to sell its tigers to an overseas show instead of sending them to a sanctuary. Demand that these abused animals, who have endured years of cruelty, finally be allowed a peaceful retirement.

Save Frogs From Wipeout By Disease

North American frogs are dying en masse to a disease that spreads quickly and has no known cure. Frogs are one of the chief indicators of something amiss in the environment in addition to serving as pest control; they are too important to lose. Sign this petition to demand more be done to stop this disease from wiping them out.

Thank Ohio For Prosecuting Under New Anti-Bestiality Law

A man who committed bestiality has finally been prosecuted under a law passed months ago outlawing this specific form of animal cruelty. For years, bestiality has been difficult to prosecute. Sign this petition to thank Ohio for finally outlawing the act specifically.

Therapy Dog Killed by Hunter Deserves Justice

A therapy dog was reportedly shot and killed by a hunter during a hike in the woods surrounding Lake Lucille. Her devastated trainer is seeking to extend the no-hunting zone near the area to the area itself, in memory of her partner. Sign this petition to help prevent future tragedies like this.

Greyhounds Facing Vicious Abuse by Trainers Must be Protected

Greyhounds in Spain are dragged behind trucks, burned with cigarettes, and in one case, tethered so tightly that the rope had to be surgically removed from the dog’s neck. These dogs do not deserve to be treated so roughly, only to be thrown away once they are no longer deemed ‘useful.’ Sign this petition to demand protections for greyhounds.

Justice for Horse Reportedly Kicked by Angry Rider

A wealthy heiress was reportedly seen kicking her horse during a show after falling off during an event. Sign this petition to demand the rider face consequences for her alleged treatment of her horse if found responsible for animal cruelty.

Stop Congress From Threatening Vulnerable Fish Species

A proposed bill would roll back the law governing fisheries, essentially legalizing the overfishing and allowing the extinction of many vulnerable fish species. Sign this petition to demand this bill be voted down in the House of Representatives.

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