Articles written by: Lindsay Savitzky

Success: Government Commits Millions to Bushfire-Affected Wildlife

koalaAustralia’s government has committed to spending millions of dollars to aid in the protection of wildlife affected by recent bushfires. This is a huge step forward for the overall continent, which has a poor track record in handling wildlife crises due to climate change and the logging industry. Sign this petition to thank the government for taking this important step.

Success: Wild Wolf Populations Return to Belgium After Near Extinction

Wolves are returning to the wild in Belgium, heralded by the arrival of four adults and the pregnancy of a female wolf who found a mate recently. Sign this petition to thank the Flemish environmental minister for helping to protect the returning wolves.

Success: Former Research Chimpanzees Set Free

Twenty chimpanzees have been set free in a nature preserve after spending years of their lives cooped up in a lab, meant to be used for experiments. Even after the government stopped the use of chimpanzees as test subjects, the animals spent five years in wait as the lab debated whether or not to let them go. Sign this petition to thank them for finally letting these creatures live the life of freedom they deserve.

Success: Eel Smuggler Found Guilty

A seafood salesman has been found guilty of smuggling millions of endangered eels over a two-year period as part of the illegal eel trade going on between the UK and certain Asian countries. Sign this petition to thank the Crown Prosecution Service for seeking justice in this case.

Success: Several Species Saved From the Brink of Extinction

The previously extinct-in-the-wild Guam rail has finally made a comeback thanks to the efforts of captive breeding programs. The flightless bird had been declared extinct over a decade ago, but it is hoped that with strong enough protection the species will once again thrive. Thank the Guam Department of Agriculture for their tireless efforts.

Success: Animal Cruelty Offenders Face Federal Fines and Imprisonment

Animal cruelty is now officially banned across the United States, as President Trump has signed the federal document. The recognition of the link between cruelty to animals and crimes against humans played a major role in this ban. Thank those responsible for making the country safer for animals.

Success: Courts Uphold Ivory Ban

The ban on the sale of elephant ivory has been upheld after antique dealers made a bid to overturn it. They claimed antique ivory used in cultural items was different from that taken from the tusks of recently killed elephants. Thankfully, the courts rejected this bid and took a big step forward in the fight to protect elephants. Thank those who upheld this important ban.

Success: South Korean Capital Now Dog-Meat Free

The last dog slaughterhouse has been shut down in Seoul, South Korea in response to public pressure from animal rights activists. Thank the mayor of Seoul for bowing to such pressure and saving the lives of many dogs.

Success: EU Parliament Upholds Pesticide Ban

Bees have been saved from a cynical attack by Big Agriculture. Bee populations have been collapsing over the past several years, with the EU finally stepping up to help put a stop to it. Thank the European Parliament for continuing the fight to protect bees.

Success: TripAdvisor Stops Peddling Marine Mammal Exploitation

TripAdvisor will no longer be selling tickets to marine parks where whales and dolphins are bred in captivity. This is an important step forward in not only the company’s animal welfare policy, but in pushing for better treatment of marine mammals. Thank TripAdvisor for no longer enabling the support of marine mammal cruelty.

Success: Shark Culling on Great Barrier Reef Outlawed

The Great Barrier Reef shark cull is over, and Queensland has no further right to bait and kill the creatures. Introduced to protect swimmers from shark attacks, the cull was deemed useless upon reasoning that it did not lessen the risk of such attacks. This is a great victory for shark conservation. Thank the federal court for ending the inhumane practice.

Success: Fishing of Rare Mako Shark Restricted

A record number of countries voted to regulate the fishing of mako sharks, as well as 16 other species. Mako sharks are heavily endangered due to the demand for shark fin soup and the profits made from shark fishing. Thank those who oversaw this vote to protect this vulnerable species.

Success: Otter Pet Trade Banned

Wild otters in Asia have been devastated by the exotic pet market, but a new ban on the cruel trade in these persecuted animals could save them. Thank CITES for finally putting an end to the otter pet trade.

Success: Rapid Biodiversity Loss to Be Officially Addressed

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species is meeting to tackle the growing problem of wildlife biodiversity loss. After many years of pollution, agriculture, industry, and hunting destroying many wildlife species and bringing others close to extinction, it is about time this important first step was taken to preserve wildlife and protect biodiversity. Thank CITES for taking this important step.

Success: Woodland Wildlife Finally Protected

Thousands of species of Australian wildlife as well as many acres of woodland have been granted the legal protection they sorely need. Australia has a staggering record of extinctions and endangerment among many iconic and beloved species, and this bold action is a huge step in preventing more. Praise this important step in animal conservation.

Success: Cruel Cat Declawing Banned

The declawing of cats could soon become illegal in New York, making it the first statewide ban of the inhumane practice. This is the biggest step any state has taken in outlawing the unnecessary surgery. Praise this decision that will protect cats from this cruelty.

Success: Zoo to Combat Amphibian Endangerment

The near-extinct corroboree frog population may soon be restored, thanks to a bold conservation project. Thousands of corroboree eggs will be chilled and released into safe, disease-free conditions. Thank the Melbourne Zoo for this important step in preserving these amphibians.

Success: Captive Whales Freed

Nearly 100 whales will be freed from a “whale jail” in Russia, thanks to demands from the Kremlin. The whales were slated to be sold to aquariums or Chinese buyers after having been illegally captured and kept in deplorable conditions. Thank the Kremlin for stepping in to save these creatures.

Success: Lawmakers Embrace Bee Preservation

The state of Bavaria is becoming more bee-friendly, after a circulated petition gained nearly two million signatures. Europe’s bee populations have been declining rapidly over the last few years due to overuse of pesticides and the disappearance of flowering meadows, problems that will soon be addressed. Thank Bavaria for taking a big step in bee preservation.

Success: US Government Sued For Experimenting On Kittens

An animal welfare advocacy group has filed a lawsuit against the USDA, demanding a stop to their horrific experiments that kill at least 100 kittens and cats per year. While this is only the first step in stopping the experiments, it is an important one. Sign this petition to thank the White Coat Waste Project and to support their fight to protect innocent animals.

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