Articles written by: Lindsay Savitzky

Punish Man Charged With Confining Three Dozen Dogs in SUV

A man reportedly caught with 33 Chihuahuas packed into an SUV last fall is finally being taken to trial on animal cruelty charges. The dogs had clearly been abused and neglected, with one puppy having to be euthanized after tinfoil was found in their stomach. Sign this petition to ensure that this man faces justice.

New Jersey: Require Licenses and Training for Pet Groomers

Following three recent grooming-related dog deaths, all pet groomers in New Jersey could soon be required to carry an official license and undergo training. While this would not bring back the deceased pets, it would help prevent future tragedies. Sign this petition to ensure that this bill becomes a law.

Punish Ranchers Who Allegedly Forced Animals to Live in Waste and Squalor

Over 100 animals were rescued from absolutely deplorable conditions on a ranch in upstate New York, where they were allegedly forced to live in tight spaces with little to no nourishment. The property owners have been arrested and charged, and now they must face the full consequences of their alleged actions. Sign this petition to demand they be prosecuted appropriately.

Punish Man Accused of Killing Neighborhood Cats

Nine cats were allegedly killed by a former state trooper, who was reportedly “angry” at them for chasing the birds off of his property. The man has been charged with animal cruelty, and is due in court next week. Sign this petition to demand he face justice for his alleged animal murders.

Justice for Animals Reportedly Horrifically Neglected by ‘Sanctuary’

Over 100 animals, including 50 dead horses, were reportedly discovered at a so-called animal sanctuary in Texas. However, despite the allegedly appalling conditions and the suffering of the survivors, the owners have yet to be charged with animal cruelty. Sign this petition to demand these people face justice for their alleged neglect.

Justice for Horse Reportedly Neglected to Death by Owner

A Florida deputy was arrested and charged with severe animal neglect after a horse in his care was reportedly found in dire conditions. The animal was reportedly severely malnourished, suffering from infected wounds, and ultimately had to be put down; allegedly, other animals in this man’s care have suffered the same fate. Sign this petition to ensure this man faces justice.

Stop Tree Clearing To Save Koala Population

The koala population of Queensland is rapidly disappearing due to mass tree clearings. Millions of trees are chopped down to make room for housing and industry, leading to the starvation of the species; those that do not starve are hit and killed by cars or attacked by dogs. Sign this petition to stop tree clearing and save the koala.

Reverse Unfair Ban on ‘Aggressive’ Dog Breeds

A Kentucky town has banned ownership of ‘aggressive’ dog breeds, including but not limited to the already much-maligned pit bull. This ban is cruel and unreasonable, as it could force owners to say goodbye to their beloved pets. Sign this petition to demand the ban be reversed.

Punish Man Accused of Leaving Dogs to Starve and Freeze in Abandoned Apartment

Two dogs, one nearly starved to death, were reportedly found severely malnourished and ill from neglect in an unheated flea-ridden apartment. A man is accused of abandoning the animals after being tasked with caring for them following a breakup. Demand he face justice if found guilty.

Man Accused of Cockfighting and Animal Abuse Must Face Justice

A Denver man was arrested for cockfighting when 47 roosters were reportedly found on his property, one injured and wearing the gear associated with the practice. Cockfighting is illegal in Colorado, and this man reportedly subjected many animals to pain and suffering. Sign this petition to demand he face justice.

Success: UK to Introduce Ivory Ban

The United Kingdom is finally introducing a ban on the sale and trade of ivory, giving in to public pressure from environmentalists and conservationists. This ban has been a long time coming, due to the UK being one of the chief exporters of ivory and thousands of elephants dying for the trade. Sign this petition to thank the UK for taking a step towards giving elephants a brighter future.

Protect Migratory Species of The World

The migration patterns of thousands of wildlife species are threatened by the continued construction of roads. While these roads are beneficial to humans, they are incredibly dangerous to wildlife; many animals are killed by motorists, and others are barricaded by the roads along with other settlements. Sign this petition to help preserve the migratory needs of wildlife.

Ban Pet Meat Consumption in All 50 States

The consumption of cat and dog meat is still legal in 43 of the 50 states of America, thanks to a loophole that only disallows people to obtain the meat via slaughterhouses or businesses. While not as widespread as it is in Asia, the consumption of pet meat in the United States is a disturbing trend nonetheless. Sign this petition to demand a full, non-exploitable ban on killing and eating cats and dogs in the United States.

Praise Happy Ending to Five-Year-Old ‘Puppy Doe’ Case

The five-year-long ‘Puppy Doe’ case has finally been resolved, with the culprit getting ten years of jail time plus deportation. Any victory against an animal abuser is a victory for animal rights, and this must be celebrated. Sign this petition to thank the courts for finally obtaining justice for the innocent dog.

Revive the Northern White Rhino From Near-Extinction

The last male northern white rhino died of health complications, but scientists have found a method that might bring them back from the verge of extinction. Sign this petition to support this endeavor and save this subspecies from the brink of total disappearance.

Australia: Extend Environmental Laws to Protect Birds

Australia’s birds are not protected under the country’s environmental laws, allowing exploitation of loopholes by the logging industry to rob the birds of their habitat. The loss of these species and their homes could permanently damage the ecosystem, but the minister of energy and environment does not see it as ‘necessary’ to change the current laws. Sign this petition to demand the law acknowledge the need to protect these birds.

Justice for Dog Burned by Chemicals

A dog was discovered near death and badly burned in a Lousiana man’s flower bed. While the poor creature thankfully survived due to the man’s quick action, the dog’s assailant has yet to be found or apprehended. Sign this petition to demand justice for this poor animal, and that the culprit be found and arrested immediately.

Applaud Ban on Drowning Live Animals

Loopholes in Massachusetts animal welfare laws have been closed, including one that allowed people to drown animals. This is a tremendous step forward in the wake of so many animal tragedies happening recently. Sign this petition to thank the state senator who approved this bill.

Charge Rancher Accused of Horrific Abuse and Neglect with Animal Cruelty

A California rancher has been arrested for multiple counts of animal cruelty spanning several years after an equally long investigation. Hundreds of animals allegedly died slow and painful deaths, with their corpses dumped in or near local waterways. Sign this petition to ensure this rancher is found guilty.

Shut Down the Kangaroo Meat Industry

Kangaroo numbers are rapidly declining, and a recent documentary has exposed the gruesome realities of the kangaroo meat industry. These species could disappear in a matter of years if poaching and slaughtering of the animals are not stopped. Sign this petition to put an end to the kangaroo meat industry.

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