Success: Rabbit Beaten and Decapitated Receives Justice

Target: Tom Colvin, Chief Executive Officer of Animal Rescue League of Iowa

Goal: Thank those who sought justice for a rabbit brutally beaten and beheaded.

A convicted animal cruelty offender was given a two-year prison sentence after he brutally killed a beloved rabbit. Petunia was found beaten and beheaded at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) following a visit with the offender and she has finally received justice, partially thanks to dedicated rescuers and those who signed this ForceChange petition.

“I’m having rabbit stew tonight.” This horrific statement haunted ARL rescuers after Bobby Gene Carothers said them as he was leaving the Des Moines animal shelter. Shortly thereafter, a rescuer found Petunia, the shelter’s rabbit, beheaded and badly beaten. Carothers admitted to beating Petunia with a stick and killing her, telling police he committed the act of cruelty because he was hungry.

ARL obtained a protective order that prevents Carothers from entering any of their facilities. They also submitted dozens of victim impact statements to the court for consideration, assisting in the conviction and punishment of this offender. Sign below and thank them for their continued dedication to animal welfare.


Dear Mr. Colvin,

Your tireless efforts to seek justice for Petunia have finally paid off. Bobby Gene Carothers, the now-convicted animal cruelty offender who beat Petunia with a stick and then removed her head during a visit to your shelter, has been sentenced to a two-year prison sentence along with a hefty fine.

One more animal cruelty offender is off the streets and you had a hand in making this come to pass. Thank you for submitting the victim impact statements and for remaining vigilant during this case to ensure this outcome. Iowa’s animals are safer because of you.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: SimonaR


  1. so happy to know that there are animal lovers in the courtroom of justice. I just wish they could catch all of them and throw them all together in the same cell and then have each one of them beaten to death….these type of people do not need to be living in this world…..hell is the home that they will share one day.

  2. Death is an essential requirement for all animal abusers internationally.

  3. This vile and evil lowlife psychopathic depraved monster from hell Bobby Gene Carothers who deliberately and brutally bashed and decapitated precious and innocent little Petunia must be put to death. The evil bastard has been jailed so I pray the In mates finish this lowlife pos off. Kill the evil bastard swlowly. Burn in hell you lowlife f—— bastard from hell for an eternity and suffer in agony.

    RIP little Petunia. You have crossed the beautiful Rainbow Bridge into beautiful Animal Heaven.Bless your precious little soul.

    • This evil monster should have a Red Hot Poker shoved where the sun doesn’t shine and then his head severed and stuck on a pole
      God Bless Petunia

  4. I have a wonderful idea of what part of his body needs to be removed also he should be publicly whipped until he is close to death. Live by violence, die that way JUSTICE FOR THE INNOCENTS

  5. Josie Olive says:

    Should have been sent to the middle east to be beheaded

  6. NOT Enough dispose of the garbage in a bottomless pit.they will never be a credit to humanity animal abusers are scum and will be until the day the die.

  7. Thank God!!!
    Proverbs 12:10

  8. This scumbag didn’t get punished, he got a slap on the hand. Pathetic! Just burn and destroy the psycho. He’s a waste of space and doesn’t deserve to exist.

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