Articles written by: Jennifer McCue

Puppy Reportedly Thrown Against Wall, Punched, and Kicked Deserves Justice

A puppy suffered multiple broken bones after reportedly being punched, kicked, and thrown against a wall. The suspect’s children apparently watched, terrified. Demand justice for the innocent lives affected by this alleged cruelty.

Dog Brutally Dragged Through Church Parking Lot Deserves Justice

A dog was tied to a car and dragged through a church parking lot in a horrific case of animal cruelty. He endured painful injuries that left him debilitated. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Hamster Reportedly Maliciously Beheaded Deserves Justice

A hamster was reportedly beheaded and left by the side of the road in a horrific act of animal cruelty. The suspect apparently used a fake name when purchasing the animal from a pet store and later admitted to the crime. Demand justice for this innocent, helpless being.

Stop Killing Dogs and Other Animals in Gruesome Body-Grip Traps

Dogs and other animals regularly succumb to painful deaths in traps set by hunters. These deadly devices are often set in recreational and privately-owned areas where families hike and pets roam free. Sign this petition to protect innocent animals from these traps.

Cat Tethered With Washing Line and Tortured Deserves Justice

A cat was tethered with washing line and horrifically abused until she died. Her microchip had been cut from her body and she suffered multiple, painful injuries including a fractured spine. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Puppy Reportedly Shot and Killed With Arrow Deserves Justice

A puppy named Bailey bled to death after she was reportedly shot with an arrow while out for a walk. The suspect had apparently been doing target practice. Demand justice for Bailey and her grieving family.

Men Who Reportedly Conspired to Shoot and Kill Innocent Dog Must be Punished

A dog was reportedly shot to death in a disturbing murder-for-hire plot. The animal’s owner stands accused of conspiring with an associate to kill his pet. Demand that the two men face the harshest legal penalties, if found guilty.

Tortured Feral Cat With Skinned Tail Deserves Justice

Hero, a beloved feral cat, endured severe rectal trauma and had his tail nearly removed in a horrific case of cruelty. The person responsible is still at large. Demand that Hero’s abuser be brought to justice.

China: Make Animal Abuse Illegal in the Face of Rising Cruelty

A pregnant cat and her kittens died after they were reportedly doused with boiling water. The man accused of this act will face no legal consequence due to the lack of protections for animals. Demand that China take a stand for animal rights and enact harsh legal punishments for animal cruelty offenders.

Man Accused of Torturing and Eating Hearts of Dog and Cat Must be Punished

A dog and cat were reportedly tortured, dismembered, and killed by a suspect who claimed he “ate their hearts.” Demand justice for these horrifically abused animals.

Prevent Migratory Birds From Flying Into Skyscrapers

Over 1,000 birds are estimated to have died in one day when they flew into skyscrapers across Philadelphia. The city lies in a migratory pathway and poses a threat due to the glass buildings and weather conditions. Demand that the mayor enact precautions recommended by the Audubon Society to prevent further mass deaths.

Dozens of Great Danes Reportedly Kept in Blood and Feces-Filled House Deserve Justice

Over 30 Great Danes, along with other dogs and rabbits, were reportedly found in a feces-filled house where they were deprived of food and water. Blood covered the walls, per authorities, and the remains of several deceased puppies were found in a minifridge. Demand justice for these poor animals.

Cats Fatally Poisoned By Unknown Assailant Deserve Justice

Two cats, and potentially a kitten, died after they ate pet food laced with poison that had been left on private property by an unknown assailant. They are just two of many cats currently missing in the area and those animal’s owners fear the worst. Demand justice for these innocent lives lost and the harshest punishment for those found responsible.

Success: Migratory Birds Protected Against Legal Slaughter

Migratory birds killed in incidental acts can now receive justice, thanks to advocates who fought the Trump administration’s efforts to curb their protections. This means that anyone who treats birds as collateral damage will face legal consequences. Support this conservation victory.

Success: Yellowstone Bison Granted Reprieve from Culling

The culling of bison at Yellowstone National Park will be halted, thanks to a lawsuit brought by conservation advocates. Park officials are exploring alternative options of managing the species, including giving them more freedom to roam. Thank those who saved hundreds of animals from certain death.

Success: Endangered Monk Seal Granted Safe Haven

The endangered monk seal has been given a second chance at a former prison island turned conservation paradise. The island has been repurposed to provide the perfect protected habitat for a species threatened by hunting, fishing, and coastal development. Thank those responsible for this conservation success.

Success: Fisheries Held Accountable for Right Whale Deaths

The National Marine Fisheries Service has been found guilty of failing to prevent Right whale deaths due to entanglement in fishing gear. This is a landmark conservation victory which will lead to better protection for Right whales. Thank those who demanded justice for this vulnerable species.

Success: Eating of Dog and Cat Meat Banned

The consumption of dog and cat meat has officially been banned in Shenzhen, China, as part of a larger ban on the eating of wildlife following the coronavirus outbreak. This could save millions of innocent animal lives. Thank those responsible for this groundbreaking animal rights success.

Success: Rabbit Beaten and Decapitated Receives Justice

A convicted animal cruelty offender will serve jail time after he beat a rabbit with a stick and then beheaded the innocent animal at a shelter. Thank Iowa’s rescuers for fighting tirelessly for this beloved rabbit to receive justice and for their continued work in protecting animals.

Success: Endangered Right Whale Protected Through Fishing Restrictions

The North Atlantic right whale will now be better protected from entanglement in fishing gear, a major cause of their endangerment. A recent decision to permanently close off fishing areas where the whales gather will give them the safe space they need to grow and thrive. Thank those responsible for this important conservation effort.

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