Success: Man Convicted of Tying Dog to Basketball Hoop for Weeks Sentenced

Target: Florida State Attorney Erin Hughes and Felony Court Chief Tyler Lovejoy

Goal: Thank Florida State Attorney and Felony Court Chief for ensuring man who allegedly tied dog to a basketball hoop and left him to die received a severe legal penalty.

Salvador Carbajal Garcia was sentenced to one year in jail and five years-probation after he was found guilty of leaving his dog tied up for days to a basketball post. The dog allegedly had a large open wound on his neck when he was found as a result of trying to pull away from the post. According to a veterinarian, Walter the dog had been dealing with the injury for at least 25 days. The dog also reportedly had no food or shelter and little water. However, because activists took a stand by signing this petition, Walter is now safe.

In fact, Walter has been put up for adoption. His former owner is no longer allowed to be around animals, and he is further required to go through a mental health evaluation and follow whatever treatment plan is prescribed by his counselor. He will also have to attend anger management classes and pay all costs pertaining to the case, including for the prosecution’s side. Tell the Florida State Attorney and the Felony Court Chief that you are happy they fought for this sentence, as Walter truly deserved justice.


Dear State Attorney Hughes and Felony Court Chief Lovejoy,

Animal activists were happy to learn that Salvador Carbajal Garcia received one year’s jail-time and five month’s-probation for allegedly leaving his dog tied up to a basketball post without food, water or shelter. It was heartbreaking to learn that the dog had reportedly been tied up to the post for at least one month and that he further was thought to have gotten a large wound on his neck because he tried to escape. It is great news that Walter the dog is now safe and that he will now have a chance to be adopted by a loving individual or family.

We are grateful that this case was taken seriously and further that Garcia will not be allowed to have pets in the future. We are also happy that Garcia will receive counseling after going through a mental health evaluation and that he will be required to follow through with taking steps that his mental health counselor advises. We were further relieved to learn that Garcia will be taking anger management classes and that he had to pay all costs pertaining to the court case. Taking these actions will hopefully make it so Garcia will be less likely to repeat this type of behavior in the future. Thank you for doing what was necessary to make this sentence possible. We appreciate the actions you have taken to help Walter and other dogs.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Fear Free Pets


  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    THANK YOU, State Attorney Hughes and Felony Court Chief Lovejoy for doing what was necessary to make this sentence possible. We appreciate the actions you have taken to help Walter and other dogs!!

  2. Mary Harrington says:

    A big warm thank you! The abuse of animals has to stop. Dogs, cats, birds, pigs, are not just animals or even pets any more.Society has spoken and we love our 4 legged kids as much as our 2 legged kids. when a 4 legged kid is harmed, we take it very personal. Thank you for understanding, that all beings bleed blood, breathe the air, feel sad and feel happy. When an animal is hurt or murdered, our society has betrayed the animal if the punishment doesn’t call for strict punishment. Thank you for your capability of being able to set a new standard to fight the filthy criminals.

  3. One year is too lenient. Let’s hope the other inmates learn of his cruelty and tie him to a basketball hoop.

  4. What that cretin did was attempted murder, false imprisonment, and torture. A fair sentence should be 30 or more years in prison oh yes

  5. says:

    Thank you so very much. God bless you all. God have created and placed these beautiful creatures to be a part of life and they have the right to live just like we humans do. We are not to harm or mistreat them in any way. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH State Attorney Hughes and Court Chief Lovejoy.

  6. One year in jail is not enough for what that poor dog went through 24 hours of fear, being hungry,away from his home, no soft bed to sleep in,that pain he felt everything time he moved his head plus Garcia probably won’t even serve the full year they usually don’t. The rest of his sentence you were on point. Please in the future give more jail time Garcia should of receive no less than 3 years along with the rest of his sentence. We need you to protect not only us but also our animals.

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