Success: Former Research Chimpanzees Set Free

Twenty chimpanzees have been set free in a nature preserve after spending years of their lives cooped up in a lab, meant to be used for experiments. Even after the government stopped the use of chimpanzees as test subjects, the animals spent five years in wait as the lab debated whether or not to let them go. Sign this petition to thank them for finally letting these creatures live the life of freedom they deserve.

Success: Eel Smuggler Found Guilty

A seafood salesman has been found guilty of smuggling millions of endangered eels over a two-year period as part of the illegal eel trade going on between the UK and certain Asian countries. Sign this petition to thank the Crown Prosecution Service for seeking justice in this case.

Success: Innocent Victims of Animal Cruelty Protected

Ontario, once the site of urgent animal welfare lapses, has now become a benchmark in the fight against animal cruelty. New laws will bolster the apprehension and punishment of cruel offenders. Applaud this important win for animal welfare.

Success: Cruel Wildlife Killing Contests Banned

Wild animals will no longer be hunted as part of promotional or profit-driven incentives, thanks to the recent ban on wildlife killing contests. These privately sponsored contests offered cash prizes or incentives to the so-called hunters who brought in the largest prey. Thank those who took a stand for animal rights.

Success: Endangered Kakapo’s Population Increased Through Conservation  

The endangered kakapo has experienced a population increase due to multiple targeted conservation programs. Scientists have implemented captive breeding programs to help these struggling birds and tracking efforts to ensure their health and safety. Thank those who have dedicated their time and effort to saving this species.

Success: Guam Rail Saved From Extinction

A once-abundant bird has successfully recovered enough to be reintroduced to the wild after effectively going extinct. Although the Guam rail still has a long road to full recovery, this is a great success for animal conservationists and supporters of the environment. Praise the efforts of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and their partners in restoring this precious species.

Success: Several Species Saved From the Brink of Extinction

The previously extinct-in-the-wild Guam rail has finally made a comeback thanks to the efforts of captive breeding programs. The flightless bird had been declared extinct over a decade ago, but it is hoped that with strong enough protection the species will once again thrive. Thank the Guam Department of Agriculture for their tireless efforts.

Success: Couple Who Reportedly Dragged Horse Behind Truck Face Charges

A horse was dragged behind a moving truck and those reportedly responsible have been charged with animal cruelty. Originally labeled as “normal ranching activity,” this apparently cruel action has sparked outrage and concern for the welfare of this animal and others in the ranching industry. Thank those who brought these charges and took a stand for animal welfare.

Success: Animal Cruelty Offenders Face Federal Fines and Imprisonment

Animal cruelty is now officially banned across the United States, as President Trump has signed the federal document. The recognition of the link between cruelty to animals and crimes against humans played a major role in this ban. Thank those responsible for making the country safer for animals.

Success: Animal Cruelty To Become Federal Crime

Victims of animal cruelty will soon receive real justice following the passing of national safeguards for animal victims. In the process, the worst acts of animal cruelty will receive federal condemnation. Applaud an important cause that united all political leaders and will bring justice to these innocent victims.

Success: Courts Uphold Ivory Ban

The ban on the sale of elephant ivory has been upheld after antique dealers made a bid to overturn it. They claimed antique ivory used in cultural items was different from that taken from the tusks of recently killed elephants. Thankfully, the courts rejected this bid and took a big step forward in the fight to protect elephants. Thank those who upheld this important ban.

Success: Man Who Callously Murdered Dog Gets Jail Time

Benji the dog died brutally and painfully when he was slammed into the ground. Now, the man found guilty of this cruelty has been sentenced to a year in prison and a year of probation. Thank those who fought hard to ensure that justice was served for Benji.

Success: Sale of Inhumane Foie Gras Banned

Foie Gras has officially been banned in New York City, prompting celebration amongst animal rights activists. The cruel culinary practice, involving force-feeding ducks until their livers are painfully engorged, will no longer garner profit in one of the country’s largest fine-dining cities. Thank those involved in this monumental decision.

Success: South Korean Capital Now Dog-Meat Free

The last dog slaughterhouse has been shut down in Seoul, South Korea in response to public pressure from animal rights activists. Thank the mayor of Seoul for bowing to such pressure and saving the lives of many dogs.

Success: EU Parliament Upholds Pesticide Ban

Bees have been saved from a cynical attack by Big Agriculture. Bee populations have been collapsing over the past several years, with the EU finally stepping up to help put a stop to it. Thank the European Parliament for continuing the fight to protect bees.

Success: California Bans Wild Animal Circuses and Fur Industries

Animal rights took two monumental steps forward in California. Now, the living beings most victimized by circuses and by the blood-money fur trade have new hope. Applaud these encouraging wins for abused and exploited animals.

Success: TripAdvisor Stops Peddling Marine Mammal Exploitation

TripAdvisor will no longer be selling tickets to marine parks where whales and dolphins are bred in captivity. This is an important step forward in not only the company’s animal welfare policy, but in pushing for better treatment of marine mammals. Thank TripAdvisor for no longer enabling the support of marine mammal cruelty.

Success: Butcher Shop Employees Allegedly Responsible for Calf’s Public Slaughter Charged with Animal Cruelty

A scared calf was allegedly cruelly butchered in public view. This poor animal’s accused killers must now face not only the court of public opinion but the court of law. Support just punishment for seemingly unremorseful accused animal abusers.

Success: Shark Culling on Great Barrier Reef Outlawed

The Great Barrier Reef shark cull is over, and Queensland has no further right to bait and kill the creatures. Introduced to protect swimmers from shark attacks, the cull was deemed useless upon reasoning that it did not lessen the risk of such attacks. This is a great victory for shark conservation. Thank the federal court for ending the inhumane practice.

Success: Monarch Butterflies Have Renewed Hope for Survival

If monarch butterflies vanished, the world would not only lose a beautiful symbol of nature, it would forsake a vital tool in countless plants’ survival. Applaud an unlikely alliance that could help save monarchs and prevent a bleak outcome.

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