Articles written by: Kari Maze

Success: New Technology Helps Capture Poachers

Rangers have successfully arrested numerous poachers thanks to new technological devices that they received from the World Wildlife Fund. Thank the WWF for helping to put an end to this horrific crime and for further doing whatever possible to ensure that animals continue to thrive.

Stop Allowing Animal Abusers to Own Pets

Even though a dog had to be put to sleep because it was allegedly so neglected that it ate its own tail, its owners will be eligible to own pets again in five years. Tell lawmakers that people who commit such disgusting animal abuse crimes should not be allowed to ever own pets again.

Punish Zoo Curator Accused of Neglecting Zoo Animals

Many zoo animals were allegedly neglected and abused under a zoo curator’s care. Demand this case be investigated and that this curator be given the harshest legal sentence possible if he is found guilty of such abuse.

Stop Murdering Endangered Wolves

Endangered wolves are being legally hunted in Finland, despite there being very few wolves in the country. Demand these hunts stop immediately.

Dog Allegedly Hacked to Death With Machete Deserves Justice

A small dog was allegedly tortured and murdered with a machete. Demand the suspect be given the maximum sentence under law in order to prevent other helpless animals from meeting the same horrible fate.

Save Hundreds of Animals With New Technology

Multispectra-lCompared-To-Hyperspectral-By-Dr.-Nicholas-M-ShortHundreds of animals are dying off because forests are being turned into palm oil and tree plantations. Many animal species and habitats are at risk of being destroyed because outdated technology is used to conduct research. Urge scientists to use remote-sensing technology when studying animals and their habitats to ensure that they are able to thrive.

Stop Shooting and Killing Black Bears

Black-bear-Yellowstone-NP-2008-By-Jim-MartinA group of innocent bears were shot and killed for wandering too close to human dwellings. This was an avoidable catastrophe that must never happen again. Demand humane measures to keep both bears and people safe.

Shut Down Zoo Allegedly Abusing Lion Cubs

lion-cub-by-tambakoA zoo is allegedly stressing out lion cubs by allowing visitors to interact with them even though they gave their word that such interactions would stop. Demand that these lions be rescued and rehomed to a sanctuary where they will be able to live out their lives without human disturbance.

Puppy Starved to Death Deserves Justice

mug.jones.theodore.web-By-Waynesboro-Police-DepartmentThree puppies allegedly endured severe abuse under the care of their owner, resulting in one’s death. Demand that their owner be given the harshest sentence under law, if guilty.

Horse Allegedly Beaten to Death Deserves Justice

horse_head_stock_by_otrs-d4igid3A horse was reportedly beaten for no longer being able to haul two men and a wagon full of watermelon. Demand that the man accused of this crime be given a harsh legal sentence if he is found guilty of this inexcusable act.

Give Lions Maximum Protections

Okonjima_Lioness_by_FalenseLions are often killed and sold for their parts. Demand lions be granted better protections in order to prevent thousands more of these beautiful animals from being needlessly killed.

Save Animals and Children From Enduring Inhumane Suffering

A-Modified-Coni-Bear-Kill-Trap-By-Jon-SullivanThousands of animals die painfully and many children become severely injured every year as a result of getting stuck in steel traps. Demand these traps be made more difficult to purchase in order to spare numerous animals and children from suffering or dying in pain.

Don’t Allow Innocent Dogs to be Taken from Families and Euthanized

American_Pit_Bull_Terrier_Pup-By-MiggslivesWell-behaved dogs are being taken by police and euthanized because they look like pit bulls. Demand this discriminatory law be changed to prevent more innocent family pets from being needlessly killed.

Save Abandoned Research Animals from Being Euthanized

Labradour-jaji-happydog-By-Im-ilmaterMany cats and dogs used for research will have the chance to be adopted by loving families if a law is set in place that would require educational institutions to offer them to rescue facilities before euthanizing them. Demand this law be set in place to help ensure that numerous animals can live the rest of their lives in peace.

Success: Orangutan Populations Increasing

Sumatrian orangutan female and cubOrangutan populations are finally increasing at a major national park. Thank the people responsible for helping to make this a reality.

Neglected Animals Allegedly Kept in Filthy Conditions Deserve Justice

Dog in Cage - Jimmy - Strange LandsAnimals are allegedly shoved into rusty cages without food or water and sold by vendors at a flea market. Demand all such animals be rescued and that anyone found to be keeping them in filthy conditions be immediately brought up on criminal charges.

Stop Stealing and Torturing Baby Elephants for Tourism

Elephant-ride by-Pragyan-DowerahBaby elephants are stolen from their mothers, tied to trees, stuffed in cages that are too small, and beaten by barbaric trainers who enslave the animals for profit. Demand this outdated and vicious practice be outlawed at once.

Stop Murdering Dogs and Bulls at Terrifying Festival

Nuestra_Señora_de_la_Asuncion_Masaya_Nicaragua-By-KlerolusisA dog and bull are tied together and chased by other bulls until they are savagely torn apart by the animals at a religious festival. Demand this horrific event be outlawed at once.

Rescue Donkey Forced to Smoke Cigarettes

Donkey_By_Lilly MA donkey is forced to smoke cigarettes by its owner. Demand anyone responsible for committing this sick act of animal cruelty be arrested and that this donkey be immediately placed in a proper sanctuary.

Dog Allegedly Tortured with Fireworks Deserves Justice

July-4-Fireworks-No-Blasts-for-Pets-By-Beverly-&-PackA man allegedly blew up fireworks near his dog just to get a laugh. Demand this animal be seized from this man’s home and he be given a harsh sentence for his cruelty.

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