Success: Property Owner Punished for Starving Cattle to Death

Target: Amira Fox, State Attorney for Collier County, Florida

Goal: Support conviction and sentencing of man charged with starving scores of cattle.

Two years ago, authorities in Florida began an investigation into a seeming farm of horrors where over 130 severely malnourished cattle and a dozen-plus dead cows were discovered. This ForceChange petition represented many of the voices calling for justice to be served in this disturbing case of animal cruelty. While that justice was two years in coming, it has now branded Robert David Starkweather a felon convicted of aggravated animal cruelty.

Officials heeded calls for Starkweather to face the full brunt of legal retribution, charging him with multiple counts of aggravated cruelty. He was found guilty on twelve of these counts. Starkweather’s claims that he did not mean any harm apparently fell on deaf ears, as the outcome of his trial validated that he did not give the animals under his care even the most basic food or medication. Further, he willfully ignored clear indicators off the animals’ distress, according to the verdict. This man now faces jail time, with years of probation and 100 hours of community service waiting for him when released.

Sign this petition to thank the legal team prosecuting this case for seeking maximum charges and ensuring this abuser is held accountable for his cruel actions.


Dear Ms. Fox,

Justice delayed should never be justice forgotten. Collier County prosecutors should be commended for staying vigilant in the disturbing case of Robert David Starkweather, the man charged with the death and near-starvation of too many animals to count. Mr. Starkweather’s actions demonstrated a degree of negligence and abandonment of his responsibilities that cannot be downgraded or dismissed as anything other than aggravated animal cruelty. Your team pursued the full measure of charges in this case, demonstrating a commitment to securing justice.

As a result, Starkweather will face punishment for his many crimes. Please continue strong and steadfast advocacy for all victims of insidious abuse.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Office of the State Attorney.


  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    AWESOME GOOD NEWS in this time of national & world crisis!!!

  2. Thank you for your hard work to prosecute this case.

  3. Patrick Butler says:

    Thank you for holding this dirtbags feet to the fire!!!

  4. Not enough punishment in my opinion. He “meant no harm”! Give us a break. He MEANT harm, and now he has to suffer. For each and everyone of those poor tortured animals, this piece of scum deserves 100 lashes prior to incarceration. Where the fuck were his neighbours? How were these animals allowed to suffer to such a state? Others implicated in not speaking up should also receive punishment.

  5. No words can describe how grateful I am. Thank you.

  6. Jacqui Skill says:


  7. Jaime Perez says:

    Good news. But he should spend the rest of his miserable life in jail! Filthy monster.

  8. This vile severe animal abusing bastard requires the death penalty.He has an atrocious reputation.

  9. I would have tortured this vile and evil monster from hell Robert David Starkweather until this evil bastard died in agony. Let this evil bastard suffer the same as this monsters precious and innocent cattle endured.
    An eye for an eye.
    RIP the precious and innocent Cattle – who this lowlife f— Robert David Starkweather tortured to death.

    Burn in hell you lowlife animal torturing murdering monster bastard from hell for an eternity. The scum and filth on our planet earth.

  10. How many years in prison? Life in prison without parole or a summary execution is a fair sentence for that cretin.

  11. He will get out of it, Florida is notorious for letting vile psychos that abuse animals off the hook with no more than a slap on the hand. Just shoot the POS and rid him from the world. I love my state of Florida but it really enables animal cruelty.

  12. May God Be Willing..May God Bless All The Beautiful Innocent Creature’s Of God..And As for The F#%kin Peace Of Shit Asshole Hell Has A Place For You Too Be Tortured For Eternity It’s Guaranteed & Waiting For You👿😈👿😈

  13. THANK YOU — We MUST NOT be lax in this IDIOT-Starkweather’s punishment and/or rehab — THANK YOU a million times to those in Authority who clearly MADE the right decision in relentlessly pursuing this man for his sadistic, depraved negligence — we are dealing with Animals / Living Beings, who deserve at the very least, the basics in life — there is NO excuse for such repugnant unresponsive indifference.

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