Animal Conservation

Protect New Black Iguana Species from Extinction

A newly discovered black iguana already faces extinction. Demand that immediate action be taken to protect this species from harvest, hunting, and habitat loss.

Duckling Thrown Off Bridge from Moving Car Deserves Justice

A helpless baby duck was thrown off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from a moving vehicle. Demand the investigation continue until this person is found and that he receive the strictest legal sentence if he is guilty of this thoughtless crime.

Justice For Slaughtered Greylag Geese

Roughly 60 greylag geese were slaughtered by the English Football Association. This is just another example of the United Kingdom’s habit of resorting to culls much too quickly. Demand the UK revoke all goose-shooting licenses immediately.

Duck Allegedly Shot With Bow and Arrow Deserves Justice

A Muscovy duck was allegedly shot with a bow and arrow, though the bird did nothing to provoke such an attack. Th duck apparently suffered considerable pain due to the injuries. Demand the responsible party be given the strictest penalty under law so that other animals will be less likely to be hurt by this individual.

Keep Protecting Turtles After Lockdown Ends

Sea turtles are thriving on empty beaches due to the coronavirus lockdown. However, the lockdown will not last forever, and we must not get complacent. Urge Florida’s government to keep the sea turtle populations safe and thriving even when humans return to the beaches.

Protect Rhinos From Poachers Who Take Advantage of Pandemic

Rhinos are dying almost daily at the hands of poachers who are taking advantage of the coronavirus lockdown. Areas usually bustling with tourists are now empty, leaving the residing rhinos with little protection from those looking to make a profit. Demand better safeguards for these vulnerable animals during the pandemic.

Protect the Spring Chinook Salmon from Extinction

An entire salmon population in Oregon is threatened with extinction due to pollution, harvesting, logging, and other human activities. Demand that the species be given endangered status and federal protections.

Success: Fisheries Held Accountable for Right Whale Deaths

The National Marine Fisheries Service has been found guilty of failing to prevent Right whale deaths due to entanglement in fishing gear. This is a landmark conservation victory which will lead to better protection for Right whales. Thank those who demanded justice for this vulnerable species.

Protect Vital Wetlands From Exploitation

Uganda’s wetlands are steadily shrinking due to increased human activity, meaning an ultimate death sentence for important endangered and threatened wildlife who call them home. Urge the Ugandan government to protect these essential environments for the sake of future generations.

Success: Government Takes Action to Help Animals Affected by Australian Wildfires

Southern Australian government officials and the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) are doing whatever possible to help the wildlife on Kangaroo Island after the area was devastated by the horrific wildfires. Thank them for taking necessary steps to better ensure these animals will survive.

Stop the U.S. Government’s Murder of Endangered Gray Wolves

Endangered gray wolves are being killed by the U.S. government in acts of revenge. Demand that this cruelty be stopped immediately.

Stop Killing Wolves and Endangering Wildlife With Torturous Poison

Strychnine, a horrendous poison that causes an extremely painful death, continues to be used as a method of protecting caribou from wolves. Its use is permitted, despite research that shows the poison is more likely to kill other non-targeted wildlife. Demand that Canada end its use of this horrific poison.

Demand Justice for Rare White Giraffes Brutally Slaughtered

A female white giraffe and her 7-month-old calf were brutally slaughtered in Kenya. Previous to the the killings, these giraffes were two of three remaining white giraffes on planet earth. The population is now down to one male giraffe. Sign this petition to demand that the poachers are punished to the full extent of the law.

Protect Koala Bears from Imminent Extinction

Over 50 percent of Australia’s koala bear population has been lost. More than 6,000 of the beloved species died after the nation’s devastating brushfires. Demand the species’ protection.

Protect Migratory Birds From Death By Copper Mines

Billions of migratory birds are at risk of a painful death in toxic open pit copper mines. Efforts to prevent these birds from certain death have been successful, but those measures may soon become voluntary as opposed to criminally enforced. Demand that Trump prioritize animal life over industry.

Success: Brutal Badger Culling to End in Britain

Science and medicine have once again rescued scores of living beings from a deadly fate. A promising vaccine spells the end of inhumane badger culling in Britain. Applaud the eradication of a government-mandated form of animal cruelty that has claimed over a million badgers.

Protect Endangered Species from Death by Raising Funds for Animal Rescue Centers

Animal rescue centers everywhere are having difficulty feeding and buying needed supplies for animals in their care as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. If they are not able to raise funds, many of these animals will sadly be put to sleep. Demand an international campaign be put into action for the purpose of raising money for these animals to better ensure they will still be around for years to come.

Don’t Kill Female Grizzly Bears And Cubs to Save Livestock

Over 70 grizzly bears, including females and their cubs, may soon be killed in an effort to accommodate livestock grazing. This puts a threatened species in danger and completely ignores other strategies that could protect both the bears and the livestock. Demand that those in charge recant this death sentence.

Prohibit People From Spreading Coronavirus to Great Apes

Covid-19 could potentially wipe out great ape populations because these animals can catch viruses from people. Many great ape populations are already in danger of becoming extinct due to poaching and deforestation. Demand Africa implement rules to keep the public away from these animals during this pandemic and that they also set up police forces to patrol areas where great ape populations are present while practicing social distancing.

Close Zoo Where Animals Allegedly Died in Unsuitable Conditions

Animals are allegedly dying for incomprehensible reasons at a zoo that is reportedly not equipped to deal with an emergency, such as a wild animal escaping. Demand this zoo be closed down if it is found that any animals are being abused, or if it is found that the public’s safety is at risk as a result of their actions.

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