Save Wildlife and Ecosystems From Irresponsible Recreation

Target: Governor Brad Little, Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation

Goal: Safeguard Idaho’s precious wilderness areas and its wildlife populations.

The pristine wilderness areas of Idaho, with their rich biodiversity and untouched beauty, face a growing threat due to unsustainable recreational activities. The absence of effective regulations allows for rampant ecological degradation, risking the long-term health of these vital natural landscapes.

Wilderness regions have become overcrowded and overused, resulting in soil erosion, damage to fragile ecosystems, and disturbances to wildlife populations. These areas, cherished for their ruggedness and serenity, are being eroded by the very activities intended to provide enjoyment.

The absence of enforced guidelines has led to issues such as indiscriminate off-road vehicle use, illegal camping, and littering, all of which degrade the natural integrity of these landscapes. Invasive species introduced by unregulated recreationalists further imperil the fragile ecosystems unique to Idaho.

Sign the petition below to demand the immediate implementation and strict enforcement of responsible recreation practices in Idaho’s wilderness areas.


Dear Governor Little,

The splendor of Idaho’s wilderness areas has captured the hearts of nature enthusiasts worldwide. However, their ecological vulnerability is becoming increasingly apparent as the pressures of recreational activities intensify without effective management.

It is imperative that we prioritize the conservation of these pristine landscapes by implementing and rigorously enforcing responsible recreation practices. By doing so, we can ensure that future generations can marvel at the unspoiled beauty of Idaho’s wilderness, just as we have.

We urge you to take swift action to protect these invaluable natural treasures. Enforce regulations that curb destructive behaviors, support educational campaigns, and allocate resources for proper trail maintenance. By acting now, we can strike a balance between preserving the wild and allowing for responsible enjoyment.


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Photo credit: Forest Service Northern Region

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