Stop Bulldozing Habitat of Critically Endangered Florida Panther

Target: Rodney Barreto, Commissioner of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Goal: Ensure the survival of the endangered Florida panther.

The Florida panther stands on the precipice of extinction. This majestic subspecies of the cougar, native only to the southern tip of Florida, once roamed expansively. However, relentless habitat destruction and urbanization have left the Florida panther teetering on the brink. The panther population hovers at a critically low number, with habitat fragmentation disrupting genetic diversity, imperiling their survival.

As development continues unabated, the panther’s habitat dwindles further. The relentless encroachment of roads, residential areas, and agricultural expanses increasingly isolates panther populations. This isolation intensifies the risk of inbreeding, compromising their genetic health and long-term survival.

Urgent action is imperative. The Florida panther is not just a symbol of Florida’s wild heritage but a vital component of the ecosystem, helping to regulate prey populations and maintain ecosystem balance. Its disappearance would leave a void in the ecological tapestry that would resonate throughout the region.

Sign the petition below to demand immediate action, funding, and policy measures to protect the Florida panther and its vital habitat.


Dear Commissioner Barreto,

We write to express grave concerns regarding the plight of the Florida panther, Puma concolor coryi, a subspecies teetering on the brink of extinction. This iconic big cat, once abundant in the region, now faces a dire future due to relentless habitat destruction and isolation.

The survival of the Florida panther is integral not only to the preservation of Florida’s unique wild heritage, but also to maintaining the ecological balance of the delicate ecosystems. As development encroaches further, the panther’s habitat dwindles, and genetic diversity becomes increasingly compromised.

We urge the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to take immediate and decisive action. Allocate the necessary resources, enact policies to protect vital panther habitats, and implement measures to mitigate the risk of inbreeding. The survival of this remarkable species depends on your commitment and swift action.


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Photo Credit: Cary Bass

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  1. No habitat?
    No problem.

    Societal greed is pouring concrete over a habitat to put in a parking lot.

    Enough said.

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