Animal Conservation

Save Millions of Species From Extinction

More plant and animal species are vanishing from Earth by the day while humanity turns a blind and guilty eye. Call on uninvolved and uncaring global leaders to set aside their differences and work for a shared future for all the planet’s inhabitants.

Success: Endangered Species Once Again Federally Protected

The Trump administration removed a series of vital environmental protections and put endangered animals at risk of extinction. Thankfully, these species are now safe, and their welfare is guaranteed by law. Praise the judge responsible for protecting these animals.

End Cruel Shark Killing Tournaments

Each year, tens of thousands of sharks are murdered for fun during shark killing tournaments. This causes a drastic drop in their already dwindling population. Demand an end to these cruel competitions before more sharks disappear from our oceans.

Protect Wedge-Tailed Eagles From Drastic Drops in Population

Australia’s largest aerial predator has spent years as the prey of humans. These important birds now face an even bigger threat in unrelenting habitat loss. Demand this eco-diverse region safeguard one of its most iconic inhabitants.

Don’t Kill Wild Bears Because of Bad Housing Policies

Four black bears have been killed for entering a campground used as temporary housing for Anchorage’s unhoused population. Demand officials protect houseless community members and wildlife with effective housing policies.

Save Hippos From Extinction Due to Illegal Poaching

Innocent hippos are being pushed out of their homes and slaughtered for their skins. We must step in to save this species before it is too late. Demand hippos be protected from poaching and all threats that will lead to their extinction.

Stop Inhumane Slaughter of Innocent Wildlife in Government-Backed Culls

Over 1.75 million animals ranging from red-winged blackbirds and cormorants to the near extinct Mexican gray wolf have been killed in culls backed by U.S. Wildlife Services. Demand this federally funded agency find an alternative solution to protect agricultural output.

Stop Marine Habitats From Becoming World’s Trash Bin

Beaches the world over bear the scars of plastic pollution. Bottles, wrappers, and other trash kill countless marine animals every day. Demand global leaders commit to wide-scale plastic reduction.

Black Bear Mother Shot to Death Deserves Justice

Bobbi, a beloved black bear mother with two cubs, was fatally shot in a senseless act of violence. Demand justice for Bobbi.

Stop Plastic Pollution From Killing Elephants

Elephants are dying tragically after eating toxic plastic from landfills. Call for action to combat this deadly crisis.

Dolphins Impaled and Reportedly Fatally Harassed Deserve Justice

A pair of defenseless dolphins died in two unrelated acts of apparent animal cruelty. A stranded dolphin took her last breaths as bystanders seemingly harassed her, while an unknown assailant impaled a nursing mother dolphin. Urge the most severe punishment for all involved parties.

Stop Tires From Poisoning Streams and Killing Fish

The tires on automobiles are killing fish and other wildlife on a massive scale. Demand action to combat this threat to aquatic animals.

Stop Salmon Farmers From Hurting and Killing Seals

Seals are being harmed and killed so that humans can continue harvesting salmon. Urge Australia’s guardian of the environment to do her job and stop these needless and illegal deaths.

Stop Renting Out Endangered Koalas for Parties

Endangered koalas are being rented out for parties and other entertainment, garnering profit for the organizations that should be caring for them. Urge an end to this exploitation that harms the health and well-being of these at-risk animals.

Success: Bear Who Broke Into Homes for Food Saved From Euthanasia

The bear who broke into multiple California homes has been saved from euthanasia. DNA samples showed that he was not the sole culprit, and it is safe to relocate him to a different part of the forest once captured. Thank the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for investigating, listening to the public demands, and saving Hank the Tank.

Stop Legalized Slaughter of Wild Sheep

Rare wild sheep are being culled and endangered in the name of so-called biodiversity. Demand politicians who claim they care about conservation protect mouflon sheep back up their words with actions.

Stop the Slaughter of Whales for Profit

Japan continues to commercially hunt whales, with hundreds killed in 2021 alone. Sign the petition to ban this cruel, harmful practice today.

Stop Persecuting and Slaughtering Sharks

Sharks face unfair discrimination from humans, often at the cost of their lives. An enhanced shark surveillance system that does not use deadly force could be the answer to saving these often-innocent animals. Demand an investment in this conservation effort.

Stop Slaughtering Protected Foxes for Sport

A legal form of hunting is being used as a “smokescreen” to kill foxes and other protected animals. End this practice before it claims more lives.

Stop “Wildlife Services” From Cruelly Slaughtering Millions of Animals

U.S. Wildlife Services kills millions of wild animals. Hold this agency accountable to its stated mission and end the bloodbath.

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