Animal Conservation

Save Thousands of Vulnerable Species From Extinction

An estimated one third of all plant and wildlife species in the U.S. are vulnerable to extinction, with 12,000 in need of immediate conservation action. Demand the Senate act to protect endangered species before it is too late.

Prevent Millions of Birds From Dying in Collisions With Buildings

Each year, an estimated 1 billion birds die from collisions with manmade infrastructures. A new bill would require that buildings be “bird-proofed,” drastically reducing the number of fatalities. Demand the Senate act now to protect our nation’s avian biodiversity.

Don’t Declare Ivory-Billed Woodpeckers Extinct

Ivory-Billed Woodpeckers are on the verge of being declared extinct, despite repeated sightings of them. To ensure their continued protection, this must not happen. Call on officials to delay declaring extinction and to protect these vulnerable birds.

Stop the Legal Stabbing to Death of Innocent Sharks

A recently released video shows two men dragging a shark from the water and stabbing the innocent animal in the head with a knife. According to conservation officials, this violent act is totally legal and the perpetrators will not face any charges. Demand changes to laws that permit the senseless killing of these amazing creatures.

Prioritize Gray Wolves’ Lives Over Farmers’ Demands

Farmers have been allowed to intervene on an important case that threatens to delist gray wolves and remove their protections currently afforded to them as an endangered species. Demand wolves’ lives be prioritized and continue to protect populations of this keystone species.

Success: Tigers Making a Comeback Due to Conservation Efforts

Tiger populations have been increasing throughout regions of Asia and Nepal for the first time in centuries. Thank the World Wildlife Fund conservation organization for their dedicated efforts in protecting these majestic cats.

Protect the Dugong From the Brink of Extinction

The dugong has just been officially considered functionally extinct in China, and many other animals are likely to follow suit if we don’t act fast. Demand that the U.S. support increased protections for the world’s oceans.

Facebook: Don’t Promote Illegal Sale of Endangered Animals

Facebook reportedly serves as a platform for animal traffickers and poachers to publicly sell endangered animals and animal body parts. Demand they stop seemingly allowing these illicit activities to take place on their site and to take a stance for global biodiversity.

Give Endangered Ecosystems a Fighting Chance

Thousands of species could go extinct in the next few decades without immediate intervention. Demand a committed investment in rewilding at-risk habitats and ecosystems.

Punish Man Who Reportedly Smuggled 1,700 Animals in Plastic Bags

A man reportedly smuggled over 1,700 animals into the U.S. by hiding them in his clothing and tiny plastic bags. Demand he be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for his apparent contribution to the exotic pet trade industry.

Stop Mass Poisoning of Fish and River

A river that runs between Germany and Poland has become a fish graveyard. Tons of the dead animals have been discovered, with their likely killer being human-dumped toxins. Demand leaders protect this valuable natural commodity from an ongoing menace.

Justice for Freya the Walrus, Killed by Norwegian Government

A popular walrus was euthanized in Norway through no fault of the animal. Now, entire communities of walruses could once again be endangered because of oil and gas drilling. Demand politicians finally prioritize living beings over fossil fuels.

Stop Hunting, Dismembering, and Selling Hippos to Near-Extinction

Hippos are fighting a losing battle against humans that hunt them for parts and strip away their homes. Demand protection for these at-risk animals.

Stop Running Endangered Species Into the Ground

The development of human road systems has decimated animal populations, contributing to the deaths of millions of animals each year who don’t know how to react in the face of fast-moving cars and trucks. Demand we implement safe passages for animals to cross from one side of the road to another without the potential of losing their lives.

Stop Murdering Animals for Fun

Wildlife killing contests result in the deaths of countless animals, all for human entertainment. After the killings, the dead animal bodies are often thrown in a landfill. Demand an end to wildlife killing contests.

Save Great Hammerhead From Extinction

One of the strangest and most captivating pioneers of the sea could soon go extinct. Relentless fin harvesting has nearly sealed the great hammerhead shark’s fate. Join the fight to rescue this embattled species.

Ban Body-Crushing Traps That Paralyze And Kill Endangered Animals

Body-gripping traps work by slamming shut onto helpless animals, crushing their bones or organs in an inescapable hold. Millions of animals suffer slow and agonizing deaths because of these cruel devices. Ban the use of such traps in protected areas throughout the U.S.

Save Millions of Species From Extinction

More plant and animal species are vanishing from Earth by the day while humanity turns a blind and guilty eye. Call on uninvolved and uncaring global leaders to set aside their differences and work for a shared future for all the planet’s inhabitants.

Success: Endangered Species Once Again Federally Protected

The Trump administration removed a series of vital environmental protections and put endangered animals at risk of extinction. Thankfully, these species are now safe, and their welfare is guaranteed by law. Praise the judge responsible for protecting these animals.

End Cruel Shark Killing Tournaments

Each year, tens of thousands of sharks are murdered for fun during shark killing tournaments. This causes a drastic drop in their already dwindling population. Demand an end to these cruel competitions before more sharks disappear from our oceans.

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