Animal Conservation

Save Habitat of Endangered Rat

Japanese cherry blossom trees are facing destruction. A rare rat species, devoid of food and habitat, has turned to feasting on the trees. Demand the protection of the rare rat in order to protect Japan’s national treasure.

Protect the Eastern Black Rail from Extinction

The eastern black rail is facing imminent extinction brought on by global warming, flooding, and hurricanes. Demand that the bird finally be given the endangered species protections it deserves.

Save Seals From Habitat Loss

Harp seals are at risk for population loss as their habitat is melted by global warming. As the ice floes of Canada disappear, the seals will be forced to move further up north, putting the lives of their pups at risk with the unfamiliarity. We must prevent this species from future disappearance. Sign this petition to demand Canada protect its ice floes and help this species.

Stop Threatening Endangered Bighorn Sheep

An ancient bighorn sheep herd is declining drastically, with only around 100 remaining. Backcountry skiers are contributing to the problem by displacing sheep from their vital habitat. Demand the United States Ski and Snowboard Association educate skiers on the threat to bighorn sheep and stay away from their territory.

Moose Calf Killed Slowly and Painfully Deserves Justice

A young moose was wounded with birdshot fired from a shotgun, leading to a slow and painful death. This pellet remained in the animal’s body for days, slowly causing painful and ultimately fatal damage to the organs. Demand that the person behind this cruel act is harshly punished.

Don’t Rebuild Road That Threatens Endangered Grizzly Bears

The reconstruction of a Northern Idaho road will threaten endangered grizzly bears, caribou and other wildlife. This road cuts directly through vital habitat. Demand the United States Forest Service halt the reconstruction of this road in order to protect grizzly bears and other sensitive wildlife.

Halt Destruction of Forest Habitat That Houses Endangered Species

A logging company is decimating what is left of crucial forest habitat in the aftermath of the Australian bushfires. These forests are home to endangered species that have lost up to 82 percent of their territory in the fires. Demand the logging company stop cutting down unburnt forest in order to conserve the critical habitats of endangered species.

Stop Poisoning Endangered Wildlife to Death

Thousands of African wildlife are being poisoned and cruelly executed. These heartless actions may push some endangered species to extinction. Demand an end to this mass extermination of defenseless animals.

Justice for Rare White Giraffes Killed by Poachers

Two rare white giraffes were killed by poachers at a wildlife refuge in Kenya. Now only one white giraffe remains in Kenya. Demand the poachers that killed these rare and important animals be brought to justice.

Stop Slaughtering Threatened Wombat Species

Wombats are being slaughtered by farmers who were issued permits to cull by the government. These animals are already under threat due to disease outbreaks and habitat loss. Demand the Government of Victoria stop the killing of southern hairy-nosed wombats.

Yellowstone: Don’t Slaughter Bison for Cattle Industry

Yellowstone Park officials are in the process of culling the park’s 4,000-plus bison population due to fears that they carry a disease that could negatively impact the cattle industry. Though the sick animals could be relocated, many are executed simply out of convenience. Stop the deliberate slaughter of nearly a thousand targeted wildlife.

Dolphins Shot or Stabbed to Death Deserve Justice

Two dolphins were shot or stabbed to death near Florida’s beaches and the person responsible is still at large. One of the animals was in begging pose, indicating that he’d been illegally fed previously and dropped his guard around humans and boats. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Protect Meerkats From Threats Caused By Climate Change

Climate change is weakening meerkat populations in the Kalahari Desert, threatening the delicate balance of life in one of the world’s most unique environments. Urge African leaders to protect these animals before it’s too late.

Call Off Inhumane Culls That Threaten Endangered Wombats

South Australia has legalized the culling of endangered hairy-nosed wombats by farmers and landowners, putting the species at risk for total extinction. Culls such as this are barbaric and unacceptable methods of wildlife control when there are far more humane solutions. Pressure the government to stop the senseless killing of these creatures.

Success: New York Bans Plastic Bags

Fewer plastic bags will choke marine life and pollute the environment, thanks to New York banning these hazardous products. Thank the governor for supporting this ban and for further doing what needs to be done to ensure positive environmental change takes place.

Birds of Prey Illegally Hunted and Killed Deserve Justice

A buzzard and a red kite were recently shot and killed in a violation of their national protection. They are just two of many protected birds of prey to have succumbed to illegal hunting or poisoning in England. Most never get the justice they deserve. Demand that those behind the slaughter of these birds face harsh punishment.

Shut Down Barbaric Coyote-Killing Contest

Over 100 coyotes were viciously slaughtered in New York as part of a contest, where winners were handed big cash prizes for ending innocent lives. This is absolutely barbaric, and worse, it is seen as normal and treated as a big event in the state. Pressure the government to stop holding these contests and protect coyotes from such a fate in the future.

Protect Threatened Reefs and Marine Life From Overfishing

Fish stocks off the coast of Kenya have drastically declined in recent years due to overfishing, threatening food sources and endangering a key part of the ecosystem. Urge the Kenyan government to create management policies which will save their wildlife.

Protect the Cauliflower Coral from Extinction

Over 40 percent of a rare coral species has disappeared. Sign the petition to demand that the species be listed as endangered and afforded the protections it deserves.

Stop Threatened Species From Disappearing Due to Lack of Federal Protection

Countless endangered species are falling through the cracks of Australia’s faltering wildlife conservation efforts. These gravely at-risk animals are paying the price with their lives. Demand leaders devote aid and resources to the living beings most devastated by deadly disasters.

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