Save Migratory Shorebirds by Preserving Horseshoe Crabs

Target: Shawn M. Garvin, Secretary of the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC)

Goal: Ensure the sustainable conservation of Delaware Bay’s horseshoe crab population.

The ecological balance of Delaware Bay hinges on the survival and proliferation of its horseshoe crab population. These ancient creatures, integral to the bay’s delicate ecosystem, serve as a vital food source for migratory shorebirds. Their eggs, deposited along the bay’s shores, sustain countless bird species during their long and arduous migrations.

Recent trends, however, reveal a concerning decline in horseshoe crab numbers. Commercial overharvesting, habitat degradation, and climate change-induced disruptions threaten the existence of this species. Such imbalances could lead to a cascading ecological crisis, negatively impacting both wildlife and the bay’s overall health.

Support the petition below to urge the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) to implement comprehensive measures for the preservation and sustainable management of Delaware Bay’s horseshoe crab population.


Dear Secretary Garvin,

The intricate web of life in Delaware Bay is underpinned by the ancient presence of horseshoe crabs. These creatures, as a cornerstone of the bay’s ecosystem, nourish migratory shorebirds on their perilous journeys. The horseshoe crab’s eggs, deposited along the shores, sustain these birds during their long migrations.

Disturbingly, we are witnessing a decline in horseshoe crab populations. This decline is driven by excessive commercial exploitation, habitat degradation, and the disruptive forces of climate change. This ominous trajectory imperils not only horseshoe crabs but also the entire ecological balance of the bay.

We implore you to take immediate action to safeguard Delaware Bay’s horseshoe crab population. Implement robust conservation measures, including limits on commercial harvesting, habitat restoration, and climate change mitigation strategies. These steps are essential to ensure the survival of this species and the well-being of the bay’s ecosystem.

The fate of Delaware Bay rests in your hands. Please act swiftly and decisively to protect this invaluable natural treasure.


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Photo Credit: Kaldari

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