Don’t Allow Climate Change to Kill Off the Ground Squirrel

Target: Don Ebert, the Commission Chairman of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Goal: Safeguard the Idaho ground squirrel’s fragile habitat and ensure its survival.

The Idaho ground squirrel, a remarkable and ecologically vital species, now faces a precarious existence. This diminutive creature plays an indispensable role in maintaining ecosystem health, from soil aeration to seed dispersion. However, its population has been dwindling steadily, and its habitat shrinking at an alarming rate.

Expanding urban development, agriculture, and industrial activities have encroached upon the Idaho ground squirrel’s natural habitat. Fragmentation and destruction of its homes leave this species vulnerable to further decline. Additionally, climate change exacerbates these challenges, as altered weather patterns disrupt hibernation cycles and food availability.

This issue is not just about one species; it reflects the commitment to preserving biodiversity and the delicate balance of the ecosystems. Neglecting the plight of the Idaho ground squirrel jeopardizes the well-being of numerous other species that depend on its activities for survival.

Sign the petition below to demand that the Idaho Department of Fish and Game take immediate action to protect the Idaho ground squirrel and its habitat, safeguarding the broader ecological health of the region.


Dear Commission Chairman Ebert,

The Idaho ground squirrel is more than a diminutive inhabitant of the landscapes; it’s an essential ecological contributor that we cannot afford to lose. The perils facing this species demand immediate and decisive action.

We implore the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to step forward as stewards of the state’s natural heritage. Implement rigorous conservation measures, restore and protect critical habitats, and monitor the Idaho ground squirrel population closely. This proactive approach is essential to ensure its survival and, by extension, the well-being of the entire ecosystem.

Safeguarding the Idaho ground squirrel isn’t merely a conservation effort; it’s a testament to the dedication to preserving the intricate web of life that sustains the world. Failure to act now risks the irreplaceable loss of a unique and valuable species.

We earnestly request that you prioritize the Idaho ground squirrel’s conservation and take the necessary steps to secure its future. The commitment to biodiversity and ecosystem health hinges on this crucial endeavor.


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Photo credit: Intermountain Forest Service, USDA Region 4

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  1. Idaho is not interested in saving the ground squirrel any more than saving the wolves. I think they feel it not worth their time or trouble. Few understand the web of life. Nature connects everything to everything else. Humans are not empathic. Humans don’t use their intelligence. To put up a parking lot instead of assisting a small creature isn’t in tune with this fast, modern, world. It should be. One day we will pay the price for our limited view of those who can not protest. One day we may not have the beauty of earth, Nature, wildlife, or animals. Personally I don’t wish to live in that day. With the commercial attitude which daunts our vision we usually don’t “get it” until we’ve killed it. That is tragic!

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