Articles written by: Hannah Soukup

Dog Reportedly Killed by Non-Licensed Veterinarian Deserves Justice

An innocent dog named Sugar lost her life, apparently due to a botched unlicensed surgery. Demand justice for Sugar.

Beloved Neighborhood Peacock Killed By Arrow Deserves Justice

A beloved peacock was shot twice by arrows and tragically lost his life. Demand officials take action and find the culprit of such a despicable act of animal cruelty.

Justice for Puppy Who Allegedly Overdosed on Owners’ Fentanyl

A pit bull puppy reportedly nearly lost its life to a fentanyl overdose for the second time. The drug apparently belonged to the owners. Demand further investigation of the case for the puppy to receive justice.

Justice for Over 30 Dogs Reportedly Killed or Malnourished in Unsafe Living Conditions

At least 30 dogs died or became ill after reportedly residing in a home with unfit living conditions. An innocent child was also removed from the allegedly toxic environment. Bring justice to this troubling case by demanding a thorough investigation.

Stop Reportedly Abusing Animals for Views on Social Media Platforms

Animal abuse videos have reportedly been surfacing on TikTok, resulting in users making money in a despicable manner. Demand TikTok ban such videos to prevent further animals from losing their lives for the sake of profit.

Stop Using Exotic Animal Skins in Luxury Products

Thousands of exotic animals are being slaughtered for the making of luxury wallets, purses, and watches. Demand companies halt the production of any further animal-containing products.

Stop Habitat Loss to Save Florida Panthers

There are only a couple hundred Florida panthers left in the wild due to habitat loss. They’re important parts of the ecosystem because they keep prey populations stabilized and support biodiversity. Demand the habitat of this essential species be protected.

Dog Reportedly Stabbed to Death By Stranger Deserves Justice

Beignet, a family dog, was reportedly stabbed to death in broad daylight without reason. Demand justice for Beignet.

Stop Illegal Dog Fighting to Reduce Canine Fatalities and Forced Aggression

Illegal dog fighting rings kill and harm thousands of innocent dogs. These forced acts result in canine aggression and cause untrue stereotypes to arise. Demand officials stop this industry from taking any more lives.

Success: 77 Animals Allegedly Caged, Killed, and Neglected Receive Justice

Homeowners who allegedly neglected and/or killed 77 animals are facing 77 animal cruelty charges. Each animal who reportedly endured this abuse received justice through each individual charge. Thank officials for their intense and thorough investigation of this case.

Stop Poisoning, Neglecting, and Killing Industrial Farm Animals

The farming industry is filled with extreme animal cruelty and neglect. The unethical treatment and killing of these animals needs to be halted immediately. Demand rapid change.

Success: Over 140 Dogs Reportedly Killed and Neglected Receive Justice

A woman who reportedly neglected and ended the lives of hundreds of dogs was charged with 146 fifth-degree felonies for animal cruelty. Each individual life apparently lost was accounted for in this ruling. Thank officials for bringing justice to the deceased dogs in the best way they could.

Stop Vessel Strikes to Save Blue Whales From Extinction

There are only 10,000-25,000 blue whales left around the world. They’re at extreme risk for extinction because of vessel strikes and prior commercial trading. Demand shipping routes be altered to not enter their habitats and cause any further harm.

Prohibit Overfishing of an Essential Fish Species for the Welfare of Marine Ecosystems

The menhaden fish population has decreased by 90% because of previous over-fishing. This essential species provides nutrients to humans and is a major player in the Atlantic’s food chain. Demand stricter fishing regulations to prevent another devastating extinction.

Success: Cat Reportedly Sexually Assaulted and Killed Receives Justice

A man who reportedly raped and killed a cat has been legally compelled to complete a psychiatric evaluation to prevent the same treatment towards other living beings. Thank officials for looking out for the welfare of the public and doing something to address his supposed dangerous behavior.

Ensure Lifesaving Protections for Dying Manatees By Labeling Them Endangered.

Manatees are essential in maintaining the ocean’s biodiversity, and their populations are steadily decreasing due to pollution and boat collisions. Demand this species be considered endangered once again to ensure their survival.

Preserve Swamp Habitats to Save Fireflies From Extinction

Habitat loss is causing a drastic decline among fireflies. Wetlands are necessary for their growth, and they must be protected. Stop eliminating swamps to prevent fireflies from endangerment.

Stop the Bushmeat Trade From Killing Off Gorillas

Great apes are being driven to extinction by the illegal bushmeat trade. Help stop this horrific, cruel industry once and for all.

Stop Hurting and Killing Endangered Sea Turtles With Fishing Nets

Sea turtles could be extinct by 2040 because of commercial fishing and other human activity. These species need to be saved for the biosphere of oceanic habitats. Demand conservation experts save these animals from endangerment.

Dog With Chain Embedded Into Neck Deserves Justice

A Siberian Husky was found with a 28-inch chain wrapped around his neck, which caused an abscess in his skin. He had to undergo surgery and treatment to restore his health. Demand justice for this dog.

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