Stop Endangered Honeycreepers From Vanishing Forever

Target: Dawn N. S. Chang, Chairperson of the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources

Goal: Safeguard endangered honeycreepers from further decline.

Hawaii’s once-thriving population of honeycreepers, a group of remarkable and unique bird species, now teeters on the brink of extinction. These avian wonders, vital components of Hawaii’s fragile ecosystems, face grave peril due to habitat loss, invasive species, and disease. The urgency of their plight cannot be overstated.

Historically, Hawaii boasted a rich diversity of honeycreepers, showcasing an astonishing array of forms, colors, and behaviors. Sadly, their numbers have dwindled drastically in recent decades. The rapid degradation of their native habitats, driven by human activities, poses an existential threat to these birds. Predation by invasive species further compounds their challenges, while diseases transmitted by introduced mosquitoes have decimated honeycreeper populations.

The delicate balance of Hawaii’s ecosystems relies on the critical roles honeycreepers play in pollination and seed dispersal. Their loss not only endangers the birds themselves but also disrupts the intricate web of life on the islands.

Sign the petition below to demand that the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources take immediate and comprehensive action to protect Hawaii’s endangered honeycreepers. It is an important responsibility to ensure these iconic birds have a fighting chance at survival.


Dear Ms. Chang,

The plight of Hawaii’s endangered honeycreepers is nothing short of an ecological emergency. These remarkable birds, once a symbol of Hawaii’s biodiversity, are now on the precipice of extinction due to habitat destruction, invasive species, and disease.

The consequences of losing these honeycreepers extend far beyond their own species. They are integral to Hawaii’s ecosystems, serving as crucial pollinators and seed dispersers. Their decline threatens the very balance of nature on these islands.

We implore you to take immediate and decisive action to protect these irreplaceable creatures. Enact and enforce stringent conservation measures, including habitat restoration, invasive species control, and disease mitigation, to give Hawaii’s honeycreepers a fighting chance at survival.


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Photo Credit: Charles J. Sharp 


  1. Does no one see?
    Does no one care?
    These beautiful birds have the same rights as we humans do.
    Someone must care.
    Someone must assist.
    Someone must help.
    We need more birds and less humans.
    We need to show our humanity.

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