Safeguard Sea Turtles by Preserving Coastal Dark Skies

Target: Chairman Ken Lee, Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia

Goal: Protect nesting sea turtles along the coast.

The pristine coastline of Georgia is a vital nesting ground for sea turtles, a globally endangered species. Unfortunately, the unchecked proliferation of artificial lighting along the coast poses an imminent threat to these remarkable creatures. With countless hatchlings disoriented by bright lights, their chances of survival are perilously compromised.

The impact of artificial light on sea turtles cannot be overstated. Nesting females are deterred from coming ashore, disrupting the nesting process. Hatchlings, guided by natural moonlight to the sea, are instead lured away from safety by the glare of streetlights and buildings, leading them to perilous roads and away from the ocean.

Georgia has an opportunity to be a beacon of responsible coastal conservation by enforcing strict light pollution regulations. These regulations would limit artificial lighting near the nesting sites of sea turtles during the crucial nesting and hatching seasons.

Sign the petition below to demand that the Georgia Coastal Commission and local authorities take immediate action to combat light pollution and protect the nesting sea turtles.


Dear Chairman Lee,

The fate of our nesting sea turtles hangs in the balance along the pristine coast of Georgia. The unchecked proliferation of artificial lighting threatens their very existence. We implore you to take decisive action by enforcing strict light pollution regulations to protect these endangered creatures.

The impact of excessive artificial light on sea turtles is devastating. It deters nesting females from the shores and disorients hatchlings, leading them away from the life-sustaining ocean. By acting now to preserve the darkness along our coastline, we can ensure the survival of these remarkable creatures and demonstrate our commitment to responsible coastal conservation.

We urge you to lead the way in safeguarding Georgia’s sea turtles by implementing and enforcing stringent light pollution regulations. Let your state be a shining example of responsible coastal stewardship for the world to follow.


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Photo Credit: Mike Gonzalez


  1. We need a lights out policy to create a better place for our turtles to give birth. Wet we go to bed at night it’s lights out. Nature has the same idea.

  2. In order to assist turtles by turning off our lights at night is not too much to ask.

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