Protect the Ozark Hellbender Salamander From Water Pollution

Target: Teresa Marks, Director of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality

Goal: Safeguard the Ozark hellbender salamander’s habitat and population in Arkansas.

The Ozark hellbender salamander, an ancient and remarkable species indigenous to the pristine waters of Arkansas, confronts an impending crisis. Driven by a multitude of ecological challenges, including water pollution, habitat degradation, and climate fluctuations, the Ozark hellbender salamander faces a perilous future.

Once abundant in Arkansas’s waterways, these unique creatures now teeter on the brink of extinction. Prolonged inaction and inadequate conservation measures have exacerbated the problem. Urgent intervention is imperative to halt this decline.

Sign the petition below to demand immediate action for the protection of the Ozark Hellbender Salamander, ensuring its continued existence for future generations.


Dear Director Marks,

The Ozark hellbender salamander, an iconic inhabitant of Arkansas’s waterways, embodies the ecological richness of our state. However, the precipitous decline in its population raises alarming concerns. We urge you to take immediate and decisive action to safeguard this extraordinary species.

Inaction is no longer an option. We implore you to implement and enforce stringent conservation measures, including habitat restoration, water quality improvement, and research initiatives, to ensure the survival and recovery of the Ozark hellbender salamander in Arkansas.

Time is of the essence. Our collective responsibility to protect this unique species and its habitat demands unwavering commitment and swift action. The Ozark hellbender salamander’s fate rests in your hands.


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Photo Credit: USFWS Midwest Region

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  1. All creatures great and small, including humans, have the right to clean water. Politicians don’t bother to think beyond doing what their sponsors want done yet Nature demands otherwise. Pollution from commercial corporations are making America deadly for life. No living thing can exist without water but our need is for clean water. These industries and corporations plus plastics put anything they wish into our water supply. I feel they need to drink from the same water supply. Now the workers but the CEO’s!!! It’s the only way we will get their attention. If they have to drink the filth we would see change!

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