Stop Slaughtering Feral Cats for Sport

Target: Peter Scott, Chair of Canterbury Regional Council

Goal: End legalized hunting of feral cats and promote trap, neuter, and release systems.

A region of New Zealand recently created a stir when it announced that children would be allowed to compete in an annual hunting contest. The North Canterbury Hunting Competition has made its name on the authorized culling and slaughter of feral cats. Hundreds of individuals enter this competition for the chance to see who can shoot and kill the most felines. Following backlash at the addition of a category that would include only children as competitors, this year’s event was canceled. The controversy about how the region handles feral cats remains, however.

The killing of these cats is still authorized, with justifications about the animals’ supposed negative effects on other wildlife like birds and on farm animals. But animal welfare advocates argue that more humane and life-saving methods exist for controlling the populations of wild-born cats. The method that has gained the most traction in other places dealing with high feral cat numbers is a trap, neuter, and release system. In other words, the cats would be temporarily captured, sterilized to help control populations, and then returned to their outdoor homes. Since these animals are averse to human touch and contact, tranquilizer darts or darts equipped to sterilize the animals are sometimes used.

Sign the petition below to encourage widespread consideration of a technique that can save lives while mitigating damage.


Dear Chair Scott,

The shooting of feral cats has somehow become an acceptable and even glorified practice in North Canterbury. Instead of focusing on shooting that claims lives, why not focus on a type of shooting that can save them? Trap, neuter, and release methods are gaining in popularity across the world and are proving to be an effective and humane system for addressing the problems caused by feral cats.

Please put your support behind this conservation measure that values the lives of all innocent animals.


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Photo Credit: Brocken Inaglory


  1. The human race is the worst pest on the planet. It would make much more sense to shoot a few of them instead, starting with animal abusers and paedophiles.That’s the only “pest control” we need….

  2. Another country full of more ignorant f*ckers. Shoot yourselves instead of the cats – the cats are once again there because humans never take the responsibilities of owning and caring for their pets. New Zealand you are pathetic.

  3. America does this but supposedly your country doesn’t.
    Until … it does. No animal needs to be slaughtered, cats included, for money. It’s the money which causes this to happen and continue. Who”s idea was that? I understand cats multiply too quickly but there are humane ways to handle that situation. I also love cats but feel they need to remain inside or on a leash if outdoors. Why? To save the birds! There is o need for humans, the worst of the animal kingdom, to kill either for pleasure or monetary reward. If the cats were instead human kids wold it matter more?
    Stop the slaughter!!

  4. Bernhard Yolanda says:

    Many thanks to these “people” who are training the future/children to be murderers. What century do we actually live in?
    this is so vile, disgusting and diabolical.
    It’s hard to describe the diabolical means with which “murder” is turned into a parlor game.
    I’d rather not have “people” than people like them.

  5. Mixed feelings about signing this, since I already know tranquilizer darts can ALSO easily kill cats, and shooters often aren’t properly trained in their use. Using carefully monitored traps, with people who know what they’re doing with ferals, is the most humane way to do TNR.

    As for training children to become deranged killers, I hope the promoters of this all die, and soon.

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