Protect Monarch Butterflies From Chemical Threats

Target: Secretary Mike Naig, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship

Goal: Safeguard monarch butterfly habitats.

The monarch butterfly, a symbol of grace and beauty, is facing an existential threat in Iowa. The dramatic decline in their population is deeply concerning, and it’s imperative that action be taken swiftly. Across the state, monarchs have been struggling due to habitat loss, pesticide exposure, and climate change. The plight of this iconic species underscores the need for immediate intervention.

Monarch butterflies, known for their remarkable annual migration, rely on milkweed plants for breeding and sustenance. However, the widespread use of herbicides in agriculture has decimated milkweed populations, leaving monarchs with limited breeding grounds. Additionally, pesticide residues from conventional farming practices have dire consequences for these delicate insects.

Iowa’s role in the monarch’s survival cannot be overstated. As a crucial part of their migration route, the state must take proactive steps to reverse their decline. It is essential to encourage and incentivize sustainable agriculture practices that prioritize monarch habitat conservation.

Sign the petition below to demand the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship to prioritize and promote sustainable agriculture practices that protect monarch butterfly habitats.


Dear Secretary Naig,

The situation facing the monarch butterfly in Iowa is dire. These magnificent creatures are essential pollinators and a symbol of the delicate balance of nature. Yet, their populations are plummeting, and urgent action is needed to halt this decline.

As concerned citizens, we implore you to take a leading role in the conservation of monarch butterflies in the state. Specifically, we call upon you to promote and implement sustainable agriculture practices that prioritize monarch habitat protection. This includes reducing the use of herbicides that harm milkweed, the monarch’s primary breeding and feeding source, as well as advocating for the preservation of monarch-friendly habitats in agricultural landscapes.

By taking these steps, you can help ensure that monarch butterflies continue to grace the skies and play their vital role in the ecosystem. Protecting the monarch is not just an environmental duty; it’s a testament to the commitment to preserving the diversity and beauty of Iowa’s natural heritage.


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Photo Credit: Raymond Eichelberger

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  1. Something needs to be done to ensure this species does not go extinct. Butterflies migrate. Why not plant milk weed on highways to beautify them and on the sides of highways as well. It might prove beneficial to the migrating butterflies.

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