Success: Grizzly Bears Granted Protection From Hunting

Target: Andrea Zaccardi, Senior Attorney, Center for Biological Diversity

Goal: Praise efforts to keep grizzly bears protected by federal law.

The legal hunting of grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park has been judged to be illegal by the 9th Circuit Court, in a victory for conservationists and those who signed this petition. Permits had been granted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service prior to this ruling which allowed hunters to kill a fixed number of the bears. This was based on the belief that their population had recovered from decades of habitat destruction and over-hunting. However, experts say that true recovery will only take place if the bears are able to reconnect with their populations in Canada, ensuring healthy numbers and a varied gene pool.

The decision to grant these bears the protection they deserve came as the result of the efforts of a network of tireless advocates. This is an encouraging development for all who work to protect wildlife and the environment. Sign the petition below to thank the many advocates who have worked, and continue to work, to protect endangered grizzlies.


Dear Ms. Zaccardi,

The recent decision issued by the Ninth Circuit Court to keep grizzly bears on the endangered list is a great victory for friends of wildlife. Permitting the hunting of these animals before they have had time to truly rebuild their population would have been disastrous, undoing all the conservation work done in recent years to protect these animals.

As public institutions are weakened and undermined, work like yours is the last line of defense for endangered animals. Thank you and your colleagues for your ceaseless efforts to protect vulnerable animals like the grizzly.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: National Parks Service


  1. Lisa Finnigan says:

    Have the permits been cancelled? Will this be enforced? Need more info before I sign this petition.

  2. I pray the precious Grizzly Bears and their babies are protected by Federal Law as well as the precious Wolves and their Cubs.
    Rotten Trump is the monster bastard who made it legal so the vile and evil Hunters to torture and kill the precious Bears and their babies as well as torturing and murdering the precious Wolves and their Cubs.
    Please make sure the precious Wildlife are protected by Federal Law.
    Down with Trump the destroyer of America and the Wildlife if not eradicated from the Planet.

  3. What a great success story. I’m pray no one undermines this.

  4. The only good hunter is a dead one!Hunt the hunters! These vile animal murdering bastards must be turned into fertiliser!

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