Articles written by: Keri Ann

Shut Down Farm Allegedly Mistreating Chickens

A chicken farm in Florida is allegedly abusing its animals, forcing them to live in squalor and threatening the health of both them and the Americans who depend on the farm for food. Sign the petition to demand that the farm be shut down if these disturbing allegations are found to be true.

Use Fossil Fuel Revenues to Save Endangered Species

Thousands of endangered species may be saved with money from the oil and gas industries. Sign the petition and demand that Congress use revenue from these industries to save our nation’s endangered species.

Save Spotted Turtle from Extinction

The rare spotted turtle is rapidly declining in number as its habitat is destroyed by development. Sign the petition and demand that the species be added to the endangered species list so it can be protected from extinction.

Save Endangered Cheetahs from Certain Death

The cheetah population of southern Africa is rapidly receding. More than 90 percent of its habitat has been destroyed. Sign the petition and demand that steps be taken to protect the species from certain extinction.

Stop Destroying Rain Forests Home to Endangered Tigers

Palm oil plantations are killing tigers and other rare and endangered species of Indonesia’s rain forests. Sign the petition and demand that the government take steps to protect the natural environment by putting an end to damaging plantations.

Protect Endangered Snail From Extinction

The extinction of a small snail can have a big impact on our environment. Sign the petition and demand that the San Gabriel snail be given endangered species protection.

Shut Down Deadly Fur Farm

Hundreds of animals are allegedly being tortured at an Iowa fur farm. Sign the petition and demand this fur farm be shut down immediately so that no more animals have to suffer.

Protect Endangered Mouse from Extinction at the Hands of Property Group

A rare, endangered mouse is facing extinction due to a large property group. Sign the petition and demand that the mouse be protected.

Protect Newly Discovered Albino Orangutan

The most endangered ape species in the world has been discovered in Indonesia. However, the species, which has survived for more than three million years, may soon go extinct. Sign the petition and demand that it be protected at all costs.

Shut Down Ranch That Slaughters Endangered Species

A ranch in Texas is profiting tremendously from the killing of endangered and exotic species. The ranch is a giant financial success, with a private runway, luxury cabins, and more land than the island of Manhattan. It is valued at over $200 million. Sign this petition to demand that the “ranch” be shut down before more endangered animals are slaughtered.

Protect Rare Shellfish From Extinction

A rare and unique shellfish is facing extinction due to harvesting and importing. It’s become a trinket to tourists. Sign the petition and demand that it be protected as an endangered species.

Protect Rare Lizard Habitat from Fracking

The rare sagebrush lizard is threatened with extinction due to mining for the fracking industry. Sign the petition and ask that their habitat be protected.

Save Threatened Freshwater Wildlife From Extinction

A freshwater species only found in Washington, D.C. is facing extinction because the Trump Administration refuses to protect it. Sign the petition and demand that the administration side with science and protect the species.

Protect Firefly Habitats by Ending Deforestation

Fireflies and their homes in the forests of Malaysia are threatened by rampant deforestation. Sign the petition and demand that the government bring this deforestation to an end.

Protect Fish Being Killed by Climate Change

Two species of river herring are at an all-time population low due to development and climate change. Sign the petition and demand that they be added to the federal list of endangered species.

Save the Bengal Slow Loris From Extinction

The Bengal slow loris is facing extreme habitat and food loss due to deforestation. If this deforestation does not come to an end, the endangered species will go extinct. Sign the petition and ask the government of Bangladesh to regulate deforestation and protect the slow loris.

Protect Habitat of Endangered Frogs

Frogs in California may face extinction. They are in danger of losing their habitat. Sign the petition and demand that their habitat continue to be protected.

Continue to Protect Endangered Panther

The endangered Florida panther may soon lose its protections. Sign the petition and help protect this animal from extinction.

Save Rare Dolphin from Extinction

A rare white dolphin is near extinction. Demand that the American government step in and classify the species as endangered so that its population can thrive and increase.

Don’t Strip Grizzly Bears of Endangered Status

Yellowstone’s grizzly bears could soon face hunting and other threats to their survival. Sign the petition to ask for continued protections for this majestic animal.

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