Articles written by: Keri Ann

Don’t Shield Animal Abusers from the Law

Iowa has the least restrictive animal abuse laws in the nation. Now, the little protections animals face will be stripped away even more. Demand that animal abusers not be shielded from legal punishment.

Puppy Reportedly Found Covered in Ice and Frozen to Death in Backyard Deserves Justice

A puppy was reportedly found frozen to death on a Texas property. Another four dogs and horses were found, reportedly covered in sheets of ice. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Justice for 6 Puppies Reportedly Frozen to Death in Wire Crate

Six puppies were apparently found frozen to death in a wire crate, having endured brutally freezing temperatures outside for days-on-end. Sign this petition to demand justice.

Rescue Horses From Reported “Farm of Horrors”

Horses have been found reportedly neglected on the property of a woman previously arrested for animal cruelty. Demand that these animals be seized from her farm and be given a second chance before more lives are lost.

Dog Reportedly Kicked to Death by Drunk Who Claimed She “Deserved It” Needs Justice

A tiny terrier named Bella was apparently kicked to death during an unprovoked drunken confrontation. Demand that the man accused of this crime be justly punished.

Dog Who Reportedly Had Tail Cut Off With Knife Needs Justice

A small dog reportedly had his tail sliced off before being violently swung through the air. The suspect allegedly then gave the animal Tylenol and walked away. Demand the man accused of this crime be prosecuted.

Justice for 26 Animals Reportedly Stuffed into Trailer

Over 20 animals were reportedly crammed into an overcrowded trailer and left to suffer. The destinations that awaited these animals are unknown, but they could not have been pleasant ones. Demand justice.

Success: Joe the Pigeon Saved from Death Sentence

Joe the Pigeon, once sentenced to death, has been spared. Thank the Australian government for listening to the public and saving the bird’s life.

Walmart: Stop Selling Coconut Milk Allegedly Produced with Forced Animal Labor

Forced monkey labor is reportedly being used in the production of a popular coconut milk brand. Demand that one big-box retailer stop supporting this horrific cruelty.

Puppy Reportedly Beaten Until His Leg Required Amputation Deserves Justice

A football star is accused of beating and kicking a puppy with such brutality that the victim’s leg had to be surgically removed. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Dog Brutalized With Broomstick by Unknown Attacker Deserves Justice

An innocent dog was brutally beaten with a broomstick in an attack caught on video. Now, the perpetrator is on the loose and the dog’s fate is unknown. Demand authorities capture and charge this dangerous individual.

Chihuahua Puppy Beaten Nearly to Death Deserves Justice

A chihuahua puppy was brutally beaten to the point that her eyes had to be removed due to her injuries. The suspect(s) are still at large. Sign the petition to demand justice for this innocent animal.

Cat Brutally Shot to Death With Crossbow Deserves Justice

An innocent cat was shot with a crossbow and died in agonizing pain. Demand those responsible for this vicious act of cruelty be caught and prosecuted.

Justice for 20+ Cats, Dogs, and Squirrels Found in “House of Horrors”

Cats in cage - Christopher GrossOver two dozen cats, dogs, and even squirrels were reportedly found living in filth in a “house of horrors.” Demand justice for these apparent victims of criminal negligence.

Justice for Puppy Left to Die in Wooded Park

A pit bull puppy was found abandoned, tied around a tree and left to die, its face disfigured by injuries. Demand justice for this innocent animal so cruelly mistreated.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Beaten to Death

An innocent Yorkshire terrier was allegedly beaten to death, with the entire ordeal caught on surveillance video. Demand that the reported suspect be prosecuted to the fullest extent the law will allow so that no other animal endures such abuse.

Dog Reportedly Subjected to Bone-Breaking Beatings and Denied Medical Care Deserves Justice

A dog reportedly suffered beatings that broke his legs, jaw, ribs, and skull, and was then denied medical care. Demand that the individual accused of this sadistic abuse be brought to justice.

Justice for 35 Dogs Allegedly Left Imprisoned and Neglected in Backyard

Thirty-five dogs were found in a backyard, allegedly neglected and malnourished. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Applaud Decade-Long Jail Time for Animal Abusers

Finally, perpetrators of animal abuse will face jail time of up to ten years for torturing and murdering innocent animals. Thank the government of Greece for taking a stand and demanding justice for the voiceless.

Justice for Dogs Who Allegedly Had Ears Clipped with Scissors

Over 30 dogs and puppies were rescued from reportedly deplorable conditions. They allegedly had their ears clipped and their tails docked, a painful procedure. Demand justice for these animals.

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