Success: Wolves Potentially Saved From Cruel and Horrific Death Due to Strychnine

Target: Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health, Canada

Goal: Support the idea of suspending the use of strychnine to kill wolves.

Every year Alberta sees more than a dozen wolves killed by strychnine poisoning. Government documents allegedly show that the province is failing to obey federal instructions regulating the use of the poison.

Wolves that come in contact with strychnine die a horrible death, enduring several seizures before they finally cease to breathe. It is almost impossible to control the poison in the ecosystem, because it spreads with the help of the dead bodies of its victims. In addition to the wolves, many other animals find a fatal end through this deadly toxin. With petitions like this one on ForceChange and the people supporting this cause, Health Canada will decide this spring on whether strychnine should be used to kill wolves.

The decision to eliminate strychnine as a method to kill wolves will help the wolf population to live in peace, and the environment to recover. Please sign this petition to thank Health Canada for considering ending the cruel poisoning of wolves.


Dear Honorable Mrs. Hajdu,

Thank you for reconsidering the use of strychnine to kill wolves.

The lives of dozens of wolves in Alberta are taken by this poison every year. Because of your willingness to review its use, these beautiful creatures may be saved from a horrible death.

Strychnine has a horrible impact on the environment, and kills not only wolves but every other animal that comes in contact with it. Taking a step forward to abolish this toxin is an encouraging move for a better future.


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  1. Cathy Emerson says:

    Sub humans sit round a table discussing what is the most evil form of death for innocent creatures. Satans followers getting their Jollies.

  2. Angela Wilkinson says:

    Wolves are an important part of the environment/Ecosystem!!!!! To kill these innocent creatures with such horrible poison is beyond cruel. Only ignorant “humans” & greedy farmers who complain about their livestock complain when it comes to Wolves. 🤬🤬🤬

  3. These scumbag wolf killers must be wiped off the planet. We need to band together internationally and enforce thi9s requirement ensuring that these vile bastards endure a slow and agonising death!

  4. Leave the wolves alone!! Man is such a boil on the earth’s butt.

  5. Very preemptive calling this a “success”! No confidence this woman will do ANY right thing. Doesn’t care about human lives or health so why would she care about other animals, either?

  6. Paula Morgan says:

    I am pleased wolves are no being killed by this method however wolves should not be killed in the first place. Wolves and sharks are the directors of where the earth will end up. Both species control the land and sea. So what are humans doing? Killing them all. This is foolish. To kill these species is to destroy the earth. We need predators. Man is the worst predator and humans need to think before allowing killing contests and shark fin contests. People are not wise and feel it is everyone else’s job just not their own. Life is everyone’s job. The earth as well. Humans don’t have foresight to understand we can not survive without these species!

  7. The only good hunter is a dead one! Hunt the hunters and lets turn these evil cretins into fertiliser!

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