Articles written by: Cameron Jenkins

Stop Subjecting Animals to Cosmetic Testing

Animals suffer unspeakable cruelty in laboratories for cosmetic research. Many of these products do not even reach the consumers, so these torturous tests are futile. Speak out against cosmetic animal testing.

Support Backyard Chickens in City Limits

Chickens may soon be allowed in one Canadian city, citing the many benefits that come with having a natural food source and fertilizer in residential backyards. This is an important step towards a better future. Support this monumental idea that has already been embraced by many.

Stop Making People Sick By Feeding Animal By-Products to Chickens

Factory chickens are fed a disgusting mix containing discarded animal by-products. Feeding this waste to poultry is dangerous to human health, and it is an unethical treatment of animals for human gain. Demand that the industry put an end to this animal abuse.

Stop the Cruel Practice of Mutilating Chickens’ Beaks

Thousands of chickens are horrifically mutilated when their beaks are trimmed in hatcheries and factories. The procedure is done without anesthetics or analgesics and it can have lasting repercussion to the birds’ health. Sign this petition to stop chicken producers from disfiguring poultry.

Stop the Mistreatment of Farm Animals at Slaughter Facilities

Animals at slaughterhouses are mistreated, abused, and tortured. Despite humane treatment regulations, they are forced to live in agonizing conditions and die in fear. Call upon the government to step up and stop this appalling and deliberate cruelty.

Stop Abusing and Torturing Great Apes and Elephants for Pleasure

Great apes and elephants are being imprisoned in horrific conditions. Ivory and hunting trophies are brought across national lines in large quantities. Support the Jane Goodall Act and make it a criminal offense to keep or abuse these amazing creatures.

Stop Feeding Dangerous, Unnatural Hormones to Cattle

Raising cows with growth hormones is an abhorrent attempt to manipulate animals for industry profit. Stop this unethical and abusive form of food production.

Stop Cruel Branding of Cattle With Hot Irons

Livestock branding is a cruel and obsolete practice that must be stopped. Sign this petition to stop subjecting cattle to searing pain and long-term damage.

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