Success: Man Who Allegedly Threw Baby Duckling Off High Bridge Arrested

Target: Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Anderson, Head of MDTA Police

Goal: Thank officers who arrested and charged man for allegedly throwing baby duckling off Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

The unknown individual who allegedly threw a baby duckling off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge has been found, arrested and charged. Thank the officers who worked hard to help bring the accused person, Ethan Fowler, into custody.

Fowler was arrested and brought up on charges of felony aggravated animal cruelty after a video of the alleged incident was posted on Snapchat. Fowler may end up paying thousands of dollars in fines and spending up to three years behind bars, if he is found guilty.

According to experts, a baby duckling that falls from more than two stories is unlikely to survive. However, if Fowler committed this crime, other animals in the area are now likely a little bit safer. Thank the officers who worked tirelessly to find and arrest the person believed to be responsible for this cruel act, as well as activists who took a stand against animal cruelty by signing petitions like this one.


Dear Chief Jones,

Your team conducted a search to find the individual who allegedly threw a baby duckling off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Because you took the time to pursue this case, Ethan Fowler was arrested for the alleged incident and charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty. It is good news that Fowler may end up spending three years in prison and owe thousands of dollars in fines if he is found guilty.

Sadly, the animal likely died, since a baby duckling is not usually able to survive a fall of more than two stories, and the bridge is 75 feet high at one of its lower points. However, other animals in the area may be less likely to be harmed because of your efforts.

We appreciate you taking this thoughtless and unwarranted act seriously. Thank you for pursuing your search and for arresting and charging the person who allegedly committed this crime with the appropriate animal cruelty charges.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Barskefranck


  1. Sentence was passed in August – This fucking son of a bitch got just one year SUSPENDED – and 5 years probation. That’s all. Not even a fine. Big fucking deal. THIS is why animal cruelty continues. Little to no punishment.
    Vigilante justice is the ONLY way to deal with this.
    I hope someone kidnaps him and throws HIM off that bridge.

  2. Beryl Andrews says:

    Any one that is cruel to an animal deserves the same treatment , it will not stop for a fine or time spent in prison , because they have an evil mind , they will do it again, and brag about it to other inmates. Evil is evil.

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