Success: Alleged Shark Fin Traffickers Busted

Target: Bobby Christine, U.S. Attorney of Georgia’s Southern District

Goal: Support prosecution of alleged shark fin and fish bladder international trafficking ring.

Every year, countless sharks are butchered so that their fins can be ripped off and used as a “delicacy” in meals like shark fin soup. This ForceChange petition brought attention to a heinous wildlife trafficking crime that has funded criminal enterprises. Now, the alleged savagery of one of the most prominent purported international crime rings trafficking in shark fins has come to an end.

Twelve suspects in Georgia face charges after federal authorities reportedly confiscated millions of dollars in cash and illegal goods. Apparently included among the discoveries were fish bladders (another sought-after edible overseas) and harvested shark fins. Both the fins and the bladders seemingly came from critically endangered marine life. Investigators believe that these products would have joined untold amounts of similarly trafficked items in netting the apparent criminals a hefty payday from overseas buyers. The arrests resulted from an investigation five years in the making and mark an important win against not only organized crime but also against destructive wildlife trafficking.

Sign the petition below to thank prosecutors for helping take down an allegedly pervasive and long-running trafficking enterprise


Dear Mr. Christine,

Congratulations on the indictments secured against the alleged international crime ring accused of money laundering and drug trafficking. This development marks a significant victory for investigators, but it also means a great deal to animal conservationists battling the continued exploitation of marine life. The shark fins and bladders reportedly confiscated from the site indicate a powerful apparent wildlife trafficking ring has been stopped in its tracks.

Thank you for helping protect the world’s majestic marine life against senseless slaughter.


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Photo Credit: Sebastian Losada



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