Animal Conservation

Protect the Endangered Pearl River Map Turtle from Extinction

The Pearl River map turtle has declined in population by over 90 percent due to habitat loss and hunting. Sign the petition to demand that the species be afforded federal protections to save it from extinction.

Catch Poachers Who Gruesomely Decapitated Five Threatened Sea Lions

Five threatened Steller sea lions were brutally decapitated and left on a beach. Poachers are suspected to be responsible. Demand a full investigation into this horrific attack.

Stop Mass Shooting of Endangered Gray Wolves

Innocent gray wolves have been repeatedly shot and killed by cattle ranchers who face no consequences for the slaughter. Demand greater protections for wolves and alternative solutions to protect livestock.

Solve Mystery of Mass Elephant Die-Off

An unknown ailment is killing elephants by the hundreds in Botswana. The nation’s government has done nothing to identify or remedy this rapidly accelerating die-off. Demand that those in charge work for the salvation of these precious natural resources.

End Potential Capture and Smuggling of Wild Birds That Cripples Ecosystems

Thousands of Indonesian birds are likely to have been captured and smuggled for profit, in violation of laws meant to protect wildlife from starvation and abuse. Demand that this activity be investigated, and the offenders charged.

Protect Wolverines from Extinction

Wolverines have suffered from overhunting and habit loss as a result of climate change. Fewer than 300 individuals of the species are living today in the contiguous U.S. Call for wolverines to be protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Stop the Killing of Wolf Pups and Bear Cubs in Their Dens

The Trump administration has rolled back the regulations forbidding the shooting of wolves and bears in their dens, allowing hunters to lure the pups and cubs out with treats in order to kill them. Demand the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reverse this rollback immediately.

Don’t Let Commercial Fishing Destroy Endangered Whales’ Habitat

A marine monument home to endangered whales and deep-sea coral will lose vital protections without urgent intervention. Big commercial fisheries could soon raid the northeast Atlantic Ocean and put millions of animals at risk. Demand the federal government stop destroying these truly important, life-sustaining national monuments.

Don’t Let the Quino Checkerspot Butterfly Disappear

Once the most common butterfly in Southern California, the Quino checkerspot butterfly is now facing extinction. Demand its protection so that it can once again return to the skies.

Protect Pennsylvania’s Hundreds of Bee Species from Extinction

Pennsylvania is home to hundreds of bee species, some not even fully understood yet. However, many of the species are already facing extinction. Demand their protection.

Protect Newly Discovered Monkeys from Extinction

Two newly discovered monkey species are already facing imminent extinction, driven largely by deforestation and palm oil plantations. Demand protection.

Halt Sales of Endangered Fish Species

Fish at risk of extinction are being sold and eaten in restaurants because of a legal loophole. Urge Australia’s government to ensure species like the scalloped hammerhead are legally protected.

Wildlife Slaughtered for Cruel Pranks Deserve Justice

Wildlife are under assault from calculated acts of animal cruelty in Tasmania. Some of the latest victims in this troubling trend include a gull ensnared on a fishhook and a wallaby hung from a tree. Help strengthen safeguards for targeted animals before they become sacrifices of merciless human aggression.

Protect the Floppy-Nosed Antelope from Extinction

The floppy-nosed antelope has seen one of the highest upticks in its population ever, but it is still on the brink of extinction. Ask that the government and conservation groups continue in their protection efforts. This is not the end, it is only the beginning for the species.

Justice for Pregnant Elephant Killed by Exploding Pineapple Trap

A pregnant elephant suffered a long and painful death after her jaw was blown up when she ate an explosive-filled pineapple. The poor elephant suffered for days before finally succumbing to her extensive injuries. Sign this petition to demand authorities devote more resources toward capturing and punishing those responsible for this terrible act.

Protect Flying Foxes from Habitat Loss and Extinction

Over 5,000 endangered flying foxes are at risk due to relocation plans in a blatant violation of endangered species law. Sign the petition to demand their protection.

Don’t Abandon Endangered Species Programs in the Wake of COVID-19

Over 200 American zoos are in danger of shuttering their conservation programs due to financial stress from COVID-19. These initiatives are the only means of protecting and rebuilding populations of thousands of species. Demand that the government bail them out.

Success: Man Who Allegedly Threw Baby Duckling Off High Bridge Arrested

The baby duckling that was allegedly thrown from a high bridge in a video that appeared on Snapchat may soon be given justice, thanks to the hard work of the police. Because they took this case seriously, the accused may spend time in prison and be required to pay hefty fines if he is found guilty of this horrible act of animal cruelty. Thank the police for their part in helping to ensure that this innocent animal gets justice.

Punish Person Who Shot Turtle and Rabbit With Bow and Arrow

A turtle and rabbit were shot with arrows in a shocking act of animal cruelty. The arrows remained stuck inside their bodies for an unknown amount of time. Demand that whoever is committing these cruel acts is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law to hopefully keep more animals from suffering.

Prevent Mass Slaughter of Elephants By Poachers

Poachers went on a killing spree at an Ethiopian wildlife sanctuary, slaughtering six elephants as they drank water. The killers took advantage of lax security and diminished protections for at-risk wildlife. Demand reform of a system that enables these unlawful and greed-driven exterminations.

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