Advocate for Wildlife-Friendly Road Design and Crossings

Target: Scott Stokes, Director of the Idaho Department of Transportation

Goal: Implement comprehensive wildlife-friendly road design and crossings to mitigate animal fatalities and protect biodiversity.

Idaho’s scenic landscapes are under threat due to the alarming rise in animal fatalities on its roads. The unceasing expansion of transportation networks and highways through the state has inadvertently turned them into barriers, endangering the diverse wildlife that calls Idaho home. These roads are now perilous obstacles to countless animals trying to access vital habitats and breeding grounds.

Every year, the roads claim the lives of countless species, from deer and elk to smaller mammals and birds. This devastating loss not only disrupts the delicate balance of our ecosystems but also poses risks to human safety through collisions with large animals.

Studies confirm the efficacy of wildlife-friendly road design and crossings in reducing these casualties. Such measures provide safe passage for animals and prevent them from becoming roadkill statistics. In states where these initiatives have been implemented, the positive impact on biodiversity and road safety is undeniable.

Sign the petition below to demand the swift implementation of wildlife-friendly road design and crossings across Idaho.


Dear Director Stokes,

The beauty of Idaho’s natural landscapes is an invaluable asset, but it is under siege. The growing network of roads and highways, while essential for connectivity, has unwittingly become a grave threat to its wildlife.

The toll on native species is devastating. Animals attempting to cross these roadways face imminent danger, leading to tragic fatalities. The repercussions ripple through our ecosystems, disrupting the intricate web of life that makes Idaho unique.

Yet, solutions are at your fingertips. Numerous studies highlight the effectiveness of wildlife-friendly road design and crossings in reducing animal mortalities. These initiatives not only safeguard our wildlife, but also enhance road safety for all.

It is time for Idaho to take a bold step towards a sustainable coexistence between humans and wildlife. We implore you to prioritize and expedite the implementation of wildlife-friendly road infrastructure across the state. Let us protect biodiversity and ensure the safety of roads for generations to come.


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Photo Credit: BrianHagan

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  1. The idea of animals bing able to cross a busy road, highway, freeway and more is catching on and I am so happy to see this happening. All over the world this is being done to save animals and humans. Tragedy is averted and peace is restored. Wee are a fast moving society but up until now we have concentrated n our need for speed and convenience. Now we have a thoughtful approach to save lives and even see wildlife passing by. Thank you for doing what is being done in California and so many places in the world. Finally a benefit is seen to treat animals by thinking of their good and bringing them into our plans for everyday modernization.

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