Save the Northern Long-Eared Bat From Going Extinct

Target: Martha Williams, Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Safeguard the northern long-eared bat and its fragile ecosystem.

The northern long-eared bat, a crucial pollinator and insect control agent, faces a precarious future. Habitat loss, primarily due to human activities, has placed this species on the brink of extinction. The rapid decline of this vital species imperils the ecosystems, as the northern long-eared bat plays a pivotal role in maintaining ecological balance through insect control.

Despite being listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, the critical habitat designated for this bat remains insufficient to ensure its survival. Human encroachment continues to erode their habitats, and inadequate protection measures have failed to stem the decline. This situation not only jeopardizes the northern long-eared bat, but also endangers the broader ecosystems it supports.

Sign the petition below to demand immediate and comprehensive action from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to enforce and expand critical habitat protections for the northern long-eared bat.


Dear Director Williams,

The northern long-eared bat is more than a species in peril; it’s an ecological keystone. As crucial pollinators and natural insect controllers, these bats contribute immeasurably to our ecosystems. Yet, their populations are plummeting, primarily due to habitat loss caused by human activities.

The designation of critical habitat for the northern long-eared bat, while a step in the right direction, falls short of providing the robust protection this species requires. Continued habitat degradation threatens not only these bats, but also the delicate balance of our ecosystems. We cannot afford to overlook the irreplaceable role these creatures play in maintaining our natural world.

We implore you to take immediate and decisive action by enforcing and expanding critical habitat protections for the northern long-eared bat. The fate of this species, and the ecosystems it supports, hangs in the balance.


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Photo Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region

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  1. This is an alert! This demands our attention and action. We need our pollinators. Birds, bats, and bees.
    Yet the government has mentioned this but has not acted aggressively enough to inform people. And people are busy living with other issues taking up their time. Yet we all need to eat! The climate crises is real, our losses thus far are huge but if we allow animals to go extinct and have a total loss of pollinators we can not recover. Seems strange we still have people killing animals for entertainment as in the killing contests. That’s not ignorance but stupidity. People must be informed as it will be all of us needed to continue to exist.It’s now or Neve!

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