Protect the Threatened Cheat Mountain Salamander

Target: Brett McMillion, Director of the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources

Goal: Ensure the survival and protection of the Cheat Mountain Salamander.

The Cheat Mountain Salamander, a unique and threatened species native to West Virginia, faces an alarming threat to its existence. This remarkable creature, endemic to the Appalachian Highlands, finds itself at the precipice of extinction. Its survival hinges on decisive action to protect its habitat and ensure its continued presence within the ecosystem.

This small, elusive salamander is emblematic of the rich biodiversity that West Virginia holds. Unfortunately, its habitat is increasingly jeopardized by human activities, including deforestation, habitat fragmentation, and climate change. These threats disrupt the delicate balance of its ecosystem and place the Cheat Mountain Salamander on a perilous trajectory toward extinction.

Given the critical importance of this species in maintaining ecological equilibrium, the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources must take swift and comprehensive action. The time for conservation efforts is now before this unique salamander slips away forever.

Sign the petition below to demand that the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources institute urgent and effective measures to safeguard the Cheat Mountain Salamander from extinction.


Dear Director McMillion,

The Cheat Mountain Salamander stands as a symbol of West Virginia’s rich and diverse natural heritage. Its unique presence in our ecosystems underscores the importance of preserving our state’s biodiversity.

We urge you to act swiftly and decisively to protect this remarkable creature from extinction. The challenges it faces, from habitat loss to climate change, demand immediate and effective conservation efforts. By taking proactive measures to safeguard the Cheat Mountain Salamander and its habitat, we can ensure a brighter and more biodiverse future for West Virginia.

We implore you to make the preservation of this species a top priority, working in collaboration with conservation experts, local communities, and concerned citizens. Together, we can secure a sustainable future for the Cheat Mountain Salamander and, by extension, our state’s invaluable natural heritage.


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Photo credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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